10 Ways to Naturally Tighten Skin After Weight Loss

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10 Ways to Naturally Tighten Skin After Weight Loss

Losing weight is a momentous achievement and ought to be celebrated for sure, but for some having to contend with loose skin as a result of losing a great deal of weight can be disappointing. You may feel like you’ve won in one area and lost in another, but this is not necessarily the case. In fact, there are some natural ways that you can increase your skin’s elasticity and tighten the areas in need over a matter of time. Your results, of course, will depend on how much weight you’ve actually lost, the length of time your skin was stretched out, and your age.

Here are some valuable tips on how you can tighten your skin after weight loss:

1. Monitor your weight loss. It may be time to curb your weight loss just for a bit to allow your skin to get adjusted to the loss. As you maintain your weight, your skin has more of a tendency to shrink to your new size. If you continue to lose weight rapidly, your skin will continue to lose elasticity.

2. Increase your water intake. Drinking a lot of water not only improves your overall health, it also will help your skin to become tighter, smoother, and look more radiant. Be sure to drink at least 6 glasses of water per day. If you can drink more than that, even better. Hydration is wonderful for your skin and certainly helps with the elasticity of such.

3. Participate in weight resistance training. According to Cedric Bryant, chief science officer for the American Council on Exercise, strength training strengthens muscles as it creates a layer of muscle underneath the skin. As a result, your skin will become tighter. It is recommended that you perform strength training three times per week every other day in order to really benefit your muscles and skin. Weight training is especially important if you have dropped your caloric intake significantly, as when you lose fat, you often lose muscle as well. Rebuilding your muscles will help tighten the skin.

4. Moisturize your skin. Use a moisturizer that has vitamin E in it, so that your skin will stay moist, as this allows for new skin cells to grow. Moisturizing also helps with minimizing wrinkles. You can even use coconut oil on your skin. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer and has antibacterial properties to soothe the skin. It is often used in commercial and DIY body lotions, but it can be used on its own as well. You can find here more fantastic everyday uses for coconut oil, or read about these fruit oils for skin care.


5. Belly Toning Exercises. Chances are your belly has some stretched skin if you’ve lost a lot of weight. Tightening the tummy area is much more possible if you take time a few times per week to exercise that area. Commit to belly toning exercises such as crunches, air bike, leg raises, sit ups, side bridges, and pelvic thrusts. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on these exercises either. Simply spending 15 to 20 minutes three to five days per week will help tighten your tummy area. You can find here 8 simple exercises to get a flat tummy, and if you have loose skin on your arms, check these 6 simple exercises to get rid of jiggly arms.

6. Get massages. Who doesn’t love a massage? Head to your favorite masseuse to get weekly or biweekly massages, as they are known to help increase blood circulation that is helpful to your skin. As nice as they are, you don’t necessarily need a massage therapist to massage your skin, as you can do it yourself or have your partner do this for you. You can add to the massage your favorite essential oils diluted in a carrier oil and inhale them to reach new levels of calmness. If you are interested to learn more about essential oils you can find useful information in my e-book Magical Aromatherapy. This book will help you to discover the power of essential oils and the most effective ways to use them.


7. Limit your sun exposure. Too much time in the sun will have a negative effect on your skin’s elasticity, so limit your time sun bathing. This goes for tanning beds as well, as the rays can dry out your skin and damage the skin cells at the same time (you can also watch this video to see what the sun really does to your skin). Also, limit your time swimming in chlorinated water, as the chlorine can dry out and damage skin cells. Spending a short amount of time sun bathing and swimming is alright; just be sure to shower afterwards and apply a natural moisturizer that has vitamins and aloe vera included.

8. Sea salt scrubs. There are some researchers asserting that sea salt scrubs will help with blood flow to the skin and help tighten the skin over time. There are a number of sea salt and mineral scrubs available on the market to choose from. Simply use them in the shower each day as you wash and see how your skin looks and feels after a couple of weeks. Read my article how to use sea salt for your skin, including sea salt body scrub.


9. Visualize tight skin. Visualization is a super interesting tool to use to get your desires to come true. No, it’s not like magic, but there is power in envisioning your desires manifesting. Even some professional athletes use visualization to help improve their games and performances. The way it works is that when you mentally see something, you tend to take more actions toward making your desires come true. When you see your skin tight, you’re more apt to do things like exercise, eat healthy, and follow through with other helpful tips. You have full permission to daydream and take some time each day and visualize yourself with tight skin.

10. Be patient. When dealing with stretched, loose skin, it is important to be patient as your body adapts to your new size. Additionally, keep in mind that depending on how much weight you’ve lost, your skin may not be able to return to its original elasticity. Make a decision to accept this now just in case and affirm that you are pretty awesome even with some loose skin.

It is understandable to become frustrated when you’ve lost a lot of weight and now have to be concerned about loose skin. Fortunately, others that have gone before you have tried all sorts of methods to tighten their skin and happily pass that information on. Keep in mind that what works for one person may not work for you. You can try various ways to tighten your skin and see what is helpful for you.

Additionally, understand that elasticity reacts differently at different ages and stages in life. For the young mom who just gave birth and is contending with loose skin, it may only take a little bit of effort to tighten up the skin and keep it moving. For the 50 year old who has just dropped 75 pounds in a short amount of time, it may take a bit longer for the skin to tighten and it may not get back to its original state due to age. It is important to realize this and accept it wholeheartedly. Reward yourself for losing the weight and accept your skin’s condition in the process of tightening it.

If you have loose skin on your arms and want to tighten and tone it, try these simple exercises for jiggly arms: 6 Simple Exercises to Get Rid of Jiggly Arms

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14 Responses to 10 Ways to Naturally Tighten Skin After Weight Loss

  1. Maggie says:

    Great post. I struggle with loose skin after weight loss. I just wanted to share another site called how to tighten skin here with the readers, thanks again for this post.

  2. shine says:

    Good info. Thank you so much

  3. Sandra Oerman says:

    Nice post. Thank you.

  4. Pauline Edwards says:

    Thanks so much for all these tips they have been really helpful and encouraging for me … P:)

  5. Jon Wolske says:

    I’ve only been using dermelastic serum just shy of a month and I noticed my arms where the skin generally hangs is firmer than it was. This serum also has a delicious smell that makes it even more appealing.

  6. JHall says:

    Jon were do you get dermelastic serum?

  7. Caroline says:

    Awesome post! Very helpful😊 thank-you!

  8. nayan bora says:

    Thanks for your advice

  9. madge 6 says:

    After losing a bunch of weight, I had loose skin also. Better than being over weight. Anyway, I started using the Somaluxe Firming Lotion to combat loose skin, and its really effective. After a few weeks I see a big difference. Skin feels much healthier and looks great. It also smells great.

  10. Jenny says:

    Hi Zachary, I’m sorry that you’ve found the article dumb. You have indeed lost a lot of weight, and in your case it might be that the suggestions won’t work. However there are people who’ve lost a lesser amount of weight and don’t need to take extreme measurements like surgery. For them it might be helpful. Not everything works for everyone. And if it didn’t work for you, it still doesn’t make it dumb. But anyway, I’m happy for you for your success in losing weight.

  11. Alicia says:

    I have used Dermalmd Anti Aging Serum for about 2 weeks and i can already tell a difference in the tightening of my skin and how healthy my complexion looks.

  12. Ella Jones says:

    I found this article to be helpfull, It confirms I am heading in the right direction. I have been doing weight resistance training three days a week for the last 6 months to gain a bit of muscle so when I have a sleeve gastrectomy and have rapid weightloss I will at least have a bit of muscle for my extra skin to cling to.

  13. Anon says:

    Very few of these “tips” will do much good. In general, a young person who loses less than 30% of their weight won’t have a problem with loose skin. However, huge amounts of weight lost will result in loose, flabby skin. Possibly the answer is to lose weight in increments of, say, 20 pounds at a time, always allowing time for the skin to catch up prior to embarking on further weight loss. Building up muscle mass might help fill out the skin to some extent, but if there is a lot of loose skin to deal with, surgery is probably the only resort, other than just learning to live with it. Lotions, massages, serums, magic potions, etc. will only result in a skinny wallet, so don’t be suckered.

    • mike says:

      This particular article shows up in response to looking at natural ways to tighten skin. It does not Recommend surgery for that Particular reason. Most people looking up natural ways to tighten skin has had or will have had already considered surgery as being an option.

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