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Healthy and Natural World is on a mission to empower people to take control of their own health by providing comprehensive, practical and well researched medical information.

This website is written and operated by Jenny Hills who is passionate about health and wellness. The articles use a large verity of authority sources such as medical journals and scientific studies published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) and in the U.S National Library of Medicine.

Our top quality content has been featured or used as a source by leading news sites, medical sites, and medical journals such as:

  • Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
  • Huffington Post
  • The Canadian Global News Channel
  • Medical News Today
  • Dr. Mercola
  • Natural News
  • The Conversation (independent source of news, sourced from the academic and research community)
  • Healthline (the fastest growing health information site)

We are happy to respond to any media inquiry – please contact us directly.

The site has been established by Jenny Hills who is a nutritionist and professional medical author. She has a special interest in holistic healthcare and medical herbalism.

She is a published author of 7 books covering subjects such as nutrition, medical herbalism, aromatherapy and weight loss. Her latest book covers 70 habits for a great health. She has also authored hundreds of extensive medical articles based on a large variety of scientific studies.

Jenny is the leading contributor of content in the site as well as the editorial and research manager.

Jenny’s work has been used as a reference in:

  • Leading medical sites such as Medical News Today, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Axe, and Healthline.
  • Well-known news sites such as Huffington Post, Elite Daily, The Canadian Global News Channel as well as many other well known news websites.

A few words from Jenny:

My mission is to share with you the best information about natural health and health in general. In this website and in my books I write about topics that empower individuals to make positive changes in their health and be environmentally sensitive.

I’ve authored and co-authored hundreds of detailed health-related articles over the years, creating a huge knowledge base of information related to food, nutrition, and human physiology for myself and my online Facebook community of well over 2 million people.

I’ve always been interested in herbal remedies, aromatherapy and in how to improve our health naturally. I’ve been using medicinal herbs and essential oils for many years and I’ve helped many of my friends and family members to treat their ailments using natural methods.

Over the years I’ve learnt and experienced first-hand how nature can help us heal our body and mind.

Here are my trusted medical sources:

HSS agency charged with protecting the public health and safety.

Mayo Clinic
Trusted, award-winning medical and health information resource.

American Cancer Society
American Cancer Society is fighting cancer with research, education, patient care, and rehabilitation.

Merck Manuals
The world’s most widely-used medical guides.

U.S. News
Trusted medical directory that includes 750,000+ of America’s physicians and surgeons.

Department of Health and Human Services
The main governmental agency for protecting the health of U.S. citizens.

Medline Plus
Diseases, symptoms, injuries, and more with photographs and illustrations.

Extensive and trusted resource for medical research in the United States.

The most widely circulated peer-reviewed medical journal in the world.

New England Journal of Medicine
Publishes new medical research findings, review articles, and editorial opinion.

PubMed Central
Free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature.

BioMed Central
Provides open access to hundreds of peer-reviewed medical journals.

Please feel free to explore my website and use the search option to find what you are looking for.

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