Nightshade Foods List: What Nightshades Are, Health Benefits and Concerns

Nightshade vegetables List

Nightshade foods are fruits and vegetables that are healthy for most people to eat. The list of nightshade fruit and vegetables includes tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, and bell peppers. However, many people are concerned about foods in the nightshade family being linked to inflammation, autoimmune conditions, allergies, or sensitivities.

Wandering Jew Plant (Tradescantia or Spiderwort): Care, Types, Images and More

Wandering Jew Plant (Tradescantia or Spiderwort ): Care, Types, and Growing Tips

The wandering Jew plant is a common name for different species of plants that belong to the Tradescantia genus. There are around 75 different types of plants in Tradescantia genus and some are called inch plants, spiderwort, stiped wandering Jew, Boat Lily, or Purple Queen. Wandering Jew plants are great house plants because they are relatively easy to care for. They are also easy to grow because the wandering Jew plant propagates easily from cuttings.

Horny Goat Weed: Benefits, Uses & Horny Goat Weed Tea Recipe

Horny Goat Weed: Benefits, Uses & Horny Goat Weed Tea Recipe

Horny goat weed is a natural aphrodisiac that is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Known commonly also as Epimedium, this natural herb has benefits in helping to improve symptoms of osteoarthritis, bronchitis, osteoporosis, depression and low libido. You can make horny goat weed tea by putting a few of the leaves in a cup of hot water, or you can take it as a supplement.

Types of Fruits: List of Fruits with Their Benefits, Pictures and More

List of Fruits: Categories, Benefits and More

Many of us are familiar with the benefits of eating various kinds of fruits. Fruits are among the foods that rank high in nutritional value and have many antioxidants that are essential to our health. The 5 main types of fruits contain many vitamins, minerals, fiber and nutrients that we need for a healthy diet. If you also include tropical fruits as a type of fruit, then there are actually 6 types of fruits.

Red Wine Vinegar: Benefits & Red Wine Vinaigrette Recipe

Red Wine Vinegar: Benefits & Red Wine Vinaigrette Recipe

Red wine vinegar is made by fermenting red wine until it becomes sour. Red wine vinegar is a flavorful ingredient used to make vinaigrettes, salad dressings, or marinades. Apart from adding a zingy acidic taste to salads, red wine vinegar has many health benefits. You can easily make healthy and delicious red wine vinaigrette salad dressing to help boost digestion, control blood glucose levels, and even help lose weight!

Parts of Flower and Plant (Pitsil, Sepal, Stamen and More)

Flower and Plant anatomy

There are many different types of flowers but most of them have the same basic parts. Plant flowers contain female parts called pistil and male parts called stamen which allow the plant to reproduce. The flower is attached to the stalk which is a central shoot that also holds the leaves. The function of the stem is to support the plant and transport nutrients to the leaves and flowers.

Giving your Child a Smartphone is “Like Giving Them a Gram of Cocaine” Says Top Addiction Expert

smartphone linked to depression

Giving your child a smartphone is like “giving them a gram of cocaine”. This startling statement was made by an addiction therapist in the United Kingdom because of the increasing problem of smartphone addiction among teens.

Does a Potato Bug Bite? All the Facts about Potato Bug (Jerusalem Cricket)

Does a Potato Bug Bite? All the Facts about Potato Bug (Jerusalem Cricket)

Potato bug bites aren’t poisonous but they can be very painful and sore. The potato bug is also called Jerusalem cricket or child of the earth bug and it lives in the western United States and Mexico. These nocturnal large insects can get into your home and usually inflict a nasty bite if they feel threatened or cornered.

Molasses 101: Types, Proven Benefits, Uses and More (Science Based)

Molasses 101: Types, Is It Good for You and More

Molasses, also called treacle, is a thick dark sweet syrup that is a byproduct of the sugar making process. It is used to sweeten drinks and flavor many foods. Molasses contains many vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are good for you. There are different types of molasses with blackstrap molasses being the healthiest and most popular variety.