Small or Dwarf Weeping Trees for Landscaping (With Pictures)

Small or Dwarf Weeping Trees for Landscaping

Small weeping trees add grace, elegance, and tranquility to large and small landscaped gardens. Weeping trees with their long cascading, drooping branches are good landscaping choices as specimen trees to create a focal point. If you have a small front or backyard and garden space is limited, then small or dwarf weeping trees will add a dramatic look.

Small Trees for Landscaping Backyard, Front Yard, Small Spaces

Small Trees for Landscaping Backyard, Front Yard, Small Spaces

Small trees are perfect for landscaping small yards where space is limited. Having trees in a small yard provides more than just ornamental value. Many types of small trees provide shade, privacy, colorful flowers, attract wildlife, and give plenty of fruit. Some species of trees are specially grown to have a small stature and not grow very tall. Examples of small trees for landscaping a backyard include crabapple, red buckeye, gray birch, and cockspur hawthorn.

Cottonwood Trees: Facts, Identification, Pictures, Problems, and More

cottonwood trees facts and problems

Cottonwood trees are huge deciduous trees that have large green leaves and thick foliage. One of the common features of all types of cottonwood trees is the fluffy cotton-like strands that appear every June. Cottonwood trees are common in North America, Europe, and some parts of Asia. Some reasons why cottonwood trees are popular are that they are fast-growing, their timber is cheap, and they thrive in wetlands and arid environments.

Types of Stingrays: Different Types of Rays (Including Skate Facts)

Different Types of Rays

Stingrays are some of the most majestic and fascinating fish in the oceans and seas. With their broad pectoral fins, flat round shape, and long tails they seem to effortlessly glide through water. Most species of stingrays are found in tropical and subtropical marine environments. However, some types of sea rays live in colder waters, and there are also freshwater stingrays.

Types of Sharks: Species and Breeds (With Names and Pictures)

Types of Sharks with name and picture

Sharks are among the largest types of fish that inhabit the oceans of the world. Species of sharks such as the whale shark, basking shark, and great white shark can outsize other fish by many meters. Some types of shark are quite small species of fish. Most types of sharks are fearless hunters that top of the oceans’ food chain. Although the names of some sharks such as the “great white” can instill fear, many species of sharks are placid, calm fish.

Yellow Caterpillars with Identification Guide and Pictures

Yellow caterpillars are larvae that turn to stunning moths or butterflies. Some types of yellow caterpillars are fuzzy-looking and others have smooth segmented bodies typical of many species of caterpillars. Sometimes, yellow fuzzy caterpillars can be poisonous. Although they are not toxic enough to kill you, touching them can cause skin irritation.

Horned Caterpillars: Tomato Hornworm, Dragon Headed Caterpillar, and More

Caterpillar with horn

Horned caterpillars are crawling insects which are the larvae of moths and butterflies. The “horns” on some types of caterpillars are used in defense to ward off potential predators. Some types of hornworms have a horn-like tail that they wag to frighten other animals. Other horned caterpillars have spiky-looking structures giving the grub a horned appearance.

Types of Oysters with Their Flavor and Picture (The Complete Guide)

Oysters are a seafood delicacy enjoyed by people all over the world. If you are looking to buy oysters to eat, you will find that they are not all grouped under one general name. There are many varieties of oysters, all with their own unique taste, texture, and size. The common names of oyster species generally come from the seas where they are harvested. Pacific oysters (including blue point oysters, Shigoku oysters and Kumiai oysters), Japanese oysters, and Atlantic Eastern oysters are some of the most popular types of oysters.

Tropical Rainforest Animals and Plants with Pictures and Names

Tropical Rainforest Animals and Plants

Tropical rainforests contain rich biodiversity of animals and plants, many of which are unique to these ecosystems. Animals in tropical rainforests can be as diverse as exotic birds, colorful frogs, large insects, and large cats. Rainforest plants such as large trees, beautiful orchids, strange-looking flowers, and tasty fruits just add to the rainforest biome.