Types of Onions: Varieties of Onions and How to Use Them (Including Pictures)

Types of Onions: Varieties of Onions

There are many types of onions that can add flavor and wonderful aromas to any dish. The main different types of onions are the common yellow onion, red onions, and white onions. However, other kinds of onions such as scallions, leeks, and shallots are widely used in the kitchen. Even though onions are a pungent type of vegetable commonly used in cooking, there are also many sweet varieties that you can enjoy eating raw.

Types of Cucumbers: Varieties from Around the World (Including Pictures)

Varieties of Cucumbers

Cucumbers are a delicious and refreshing type of vegetable that are great eating fresh or pickled. Varieties of cucumbers that you eat fresh are classed as slicing cucumbers and cucumbers with thick bumpy skins are better for pickling. Different kinds of cucumbers are also classed depending on whether they grow on vines or bushes.

14 Types of Cacti for Indoors and Outdoors (Including Pictures)

Types of Cacti for Indoors and Outdoors

Many types of cactus plants are easy to grow and care for and can make great houseplants. There is a wide variety of cacti to choose from if you want to grow this type of plant. Cacti come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and some house cacti look stunning when they flower. Lots of different types of cacti also thrive outdoors where the climate is hot and dry. Some cactus species also thrive in tropical climates where they require a warm humid environment.

Types of Cherries: Amazing Varieties of Sweet and Tart (Sour) Cherries

Types of Cherries: Varieties of Sweet, Sour and Tart Cherries

Cherries are a type of summer fruit that come in delicious sweet, sour, and tart varieties. Sweet cherries have red, dark crimson, or yellow color and can be eaten straight of the tree as a snack or used in desserts. Varieties of tart cherries are usually too sour to be eaten fresh and are a great ingredient for cherry pie.

How to Make Lavender Lemonade to Get Rid of Headaches and Anxiety (Evidence Based)

Lavender Lemonade for Headaches and Anxiety

Lavender is a well-known healing herb that helps soothe away tension, headaches, and stress. One effective way to use lavender for its amazing healing properties is in homemade lemonade. You can combine the therapeutic action of lavender with lemon to make lemonade for anxiety and stress.

How to Tell the Difference Between Good and Bad Ladybugs

Types of Ladybugs (Including Asian Lady Beetle Vs. Ladybug)

Ladybugs are a type of beetle that usually have a red, oval-shaped body with black spots. The proper classification for ladybugs (also called ladybirds) should be lady beetles as they belong to a family of small beetles called Coccinellidae. Although the most common color of ladybug species is red, some types of ladybugs have yellow, orange, grey, or even pink body.

18 Purple Perennial Flowers to Give Stunning Color to Your Garden (Including Pictures)


Flowering purple perennial plants add wonderful shades of lilac, violet, blue, and lavender to your garden. Purple perennial flowers vary in size from beautiful large blooms on a phlox to delicate violet petals on irises. Planting purple flowers is also a great way of attracting pollinating insects as the various purple shades attract bees and butterflies.

17 Great Ground Cover Plants for Full Sun (Including Pictures)

Choosing the right types of ground cover plants that thrive in full sun is essential for any landscaped garden. Flowering ground cover plants for sunny conditions enhance your garden with an array of stunning colors. Many creeping perennial ground covers that withstand bright sunshine also provide year-round green cover for your landscaping solutions.

18 Great Ground Cover Plants for Shade (Including Pictures)

Ground Cover Plants for Shade, Including images

Many types of ground cover plants are perfect for planting in the shade. Ground cover plants for the shade help to provide greenery to areas where other plants don’t grow well. Creeping, clumping, or trailing plants are good landscaping solutions that generally require little maintenance. For extra color, you can also choose ground cover plants that flower in the spring, summer, or fall.