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Types of Butterflies with Identification Guide to Butterfly Species (Pictures)

monarch male and female

Butterflies are one of the most graceful and beautiful types of flying insects you will find in your garden. All types of butterflies are beneficial insects because they pollinate flowers and feed on common garden pests. Most people are familiar with the monarch butterfly. However, there are some 18,500 species of butterflies in the world that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. From the many thousands of butterfly species in the world, about 700 are native to North America.

Types of Guppies (Including Fancy Varieties) Plus Guppy Care Guide

Poecilia reticulata

Guppies are a type of freshwater tropical fish that are very easy to care for in aquariums. One of the attractions of keeping guppies in a fish tank is that they come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and patterns. Some ornamental species of guppies have showy tails, fancy types of guppies have brightly colored bodies, and some have striking tiger-like patterns.

Types of Insects with Pictures and Names for Easy Identification

There are so many types and species of insects that they are the largest group of animals to inhabit our planet. Insects are a diverse group of arthropods and include among others ants, butterflies, caterpillars, fleas, bees, and ladybugs. Although we think of some insects as pests, all kinds of insects have an important role in our ecosystem.

Types of Spiders and How to Identify Them (Pictures, Names, Identification Chart)

Types of Spiders and identification

Many types of spiders can instill fear as they scurry across a room or jump out from a dark corner. Even though most species of common house spiders are harmless animals and don’t bite, few people like seeing them. The most common 8-legged arachnids that live in houses are brown spiders. Among the more than 48,000 species of spiders are black spiders, brown and black spiders, little red spiders, and even white spiders.

Types of Animals: Classes, Species, Categories and More

There are many different types of animals but no one knows the exact number of animal types. Categorizing all the different types of animals into classes makes it easier to study them and learn more about the animal kingdom. There are six animal classes and every animal in the animal kingdom belongs to one of them. We can also group similar types of animals into orders, families, genera, and species. This also helps to see the relationship between different species and families of animals.

Types of Striped Caterpillars with Pictures for Easy Identification

Striped Caterpillars with Picture and name

Caterpillars are larvae in the class Insecta that turn into beautiful moths or butterflies. Striped caterpillars are some of the most striking caterpillars you will find in your garden or in the wild. Different species of caterpillars with stripes can be identified by their vibrant colors, hairiness, number of spines, or size. Some of the most interesting striped caterpillars have black, white, and yellow stripes and long horns.

Stinging Caterpillars Identification Guide With Pictures (Including Poisonous Caterpillars)

Spiny Oak Slug

While most types of caterpillars are harmless, there are some species of stinging caterpillars. Caterpillars that are toxic and sting are generally hairy or have spikes on their bodies. Handling one of these dangerous caterpillars could leave you with a nasty sting similar to a bee’s sting. Before picking up any kind of caterpillar, it is important to identify the species to know if it is harmless or not.

Types of Green Caterpillars with Identification Guide and Pictures

Types of Green Caterpillars with Identification Guide

Green caterpillars are some of the most commonly recognizable crawling insects in the wild. All types of caterpillars, including green ones, gorge on a diet of plant and tree leaves. Some of the largest and fattest insects in the Lepidoptera order are green caterpillars. Green caterpillars are identified by their size, specific markings, spines or spikes, and plant food they feed on.

Black Caterpillar Identification With Pictures (Including Black Fuzzy Caterpillars)

Black Caterpillars

Black caterpillars are insects that come in all shapes and sizes. All species of caterpillars belong to the order of insects called Lepidoptera. After hatching from an egg, caterpillars gorge on a diet of plant and tree leaves. Many types of black caterpillars are interesting to look at and some look quite scary. Some species of caterpillars are black and fuzzy with hair-like spines. Other common black caterpillars have vibrant orange or yellow markings.