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How to Get Rid of Ants Cheaply and Naturally

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How to Get Rid of Ants Cheaply and Naturally

Did you know that you can get rid of ants naturally and cheaply, using ingredients that you may already have in your cupboard? You can use natural ingredients such as peppermint oil, vinegar, lemon juice and coffee grounds to repel ants from your home and garden.

You can also use other natural ingredients such as baking soda and diatomaceous earth to completely get rid of any kind of ant (such as sugar ants and carpenter ants).


Ant pesticides contain chemicals that are harmful to humans and the environment, so it’s best to try natural ways to control ants and prevent them from coming back.

There are thousands of species of ants in the world and we have all heard the horror stories about ants invading into houses, devouring everything in their path! Fortunately only a small number of ants invade our homes in search of something tasty or perhaps water.

Some of the things ants do are good for us and the environment, such as feasting on the larvae of fleas, bedbugs, silver fish, flies and spiders.

Ants are, however, very persistent and it’s not at all easy to rid your home of these creatures. Resorting to the use of pesticides in spray cans to kill the ants is not the ideal solution. You would most likely go through a couple of cans a week, and still not solve the problem. In addition, you would be guilty of doing your share of damaging the environment and risking your pets and family.

A natural approach to ward off, or eliminate ants from your home, would be infinitely better and have no harmful effects on the environment.

The Best Natural Ways to Get Rid of Ants

Some of the following natural solutions will deter ants while other can kill the ants. While I don’t like the idea of killing ants, sometimes you have no choice. For example, if you have a nest of fire ants that can attack your child or other venomous ants whose sting can cause a great pain. The choice is yours.

Here are some of the best natural ways to get rid of the ants infesting your home and garden.


Peppermint Oil Ant Repelling Spray

Ants don’t like the smell of peppermint, as it may interferes with how they communicate via pheromone markings.

Peppermint is a natural insect repellant. Many people like to grow a peppermint herb around their house to repel ants but you can also use peppermint essential oil as a natural ant repellant.

To use peppermint oil for ants simply mix peppermint essential oil and water to make an ant repelling spray.

How to use peppermint essential oil to repel ants

Make a peppermint essential oil ant repelling spray by mixing 8 oz. of water in a spray bottle with 1/2 teaspoon natural soap, and 12 drops of peppermint oil. Remember to shake the bottle before each use and spray the peppermint oil mixture on door frames, baseboards, and entryways to get rid of ants.

You can also use peppermint oil for ants by putting a few drops of the essential oil on a cotton ball and using it to wipe baseboards, entryways and garbage areas to repel ants.

You can also leave a peppermint oil-infused cotton ball in cabinets and other areas to get rid of ants in the kitchen.

Use Vinegar as a Natural Ant Repellant

Vinegar has many household uses, but did you know that vinegar is a natural ant repellent? Its strong smell discourages ants from entering your house and scrounging in your kitchen. Vinegar is also a one of the top natural ways to get rid of flying ants, and it’s also beneficial for eliminating gnats.

To make your own natural vinegar ant spray mix equal parts of water and of white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the vinegar solution at all the entry points of the ants and along the pheromone trail, a chemical factor secreted by the ants, which is recognized by the others ants and followed by them.

Once the vinegar dries, repeat the process for a couple of days. This will discourage the ants from getting into your home and they will eventually move on.


Soapy Water can Help Get Rid of Ants

Soapy water is one of the most popular and easiest ways to get rid of ants (it is also one of the best ways to repel cockroaches).

Simply fill a spray bottle with some dish-washing soap and warm water. Soapy water kills the ants and destroys the pheromone trail. It only works when wet so you will have to reapply for a few days.

Lemon Juice is a Natural Ant Repellant

Lemon can be used in many ways to enhance your health but it also works well as a natural ant repellent with an added nice, fresh smell to your home.

To make your kitchen and other areas of your house ant-proof, spray equal parts of water and lemon juice around these areas as well as all the openings. You will be surprised how the acid in the juice seems to mess up the ants’ sense of tracking.

Lemon juice is also effective in getting rid of sugar ants.


Amazingly, ants will not cross chalk lines! Nobody seems to know why, but it is an excellent way to put an end to ant trails heading for your home. All you need is some ordinary white chalk, so if you don’t mind chalk lines all over the place, go ahead and draw!

Baby powder 

Baby powder can also keep ants away and it has the same effect as chalk. Sprinkle some at any entrance points to block the ant trails.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) can Kill Ants

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is an amazing, multi-purpose remedy that helps us to kill ants naturally as well as all sorts of other bugs such as waterbugs bedbugs, German cockroaches, and fleas.

You can use diatomaceous earth outside by sprinkling it around the perimeter of your house, and also use it quite safely inside wherever you see ants. Diatomaceous earth does not kill the ants instantly, but it should solve ant infestation problem within a few days. The fine powder absorbs lipids from the waxy outer layer of insects’ exoskeletons, causing them to dehydrate and die.


Remember not to wet the DE, or it will not work. So if it rains, it would be a good idea to redo the outside area. Always use the food-grade DE as it is completely safe should one of your pets decides to eat some of it. You can read more about DE in my article about the most extraordinary diatomaceous earth uses and benefits.

Boric Acid Ant Bait

Boric acid kills ants when they ingest it and it also damages the ants’ outer layer the same way diatomaceous earth does.

Boric acid is a natural white, crystalline substance that is used in various pharmaceutical products. It comes in a powder form that you can sprinkle near entryways to get rid of any kind of ant such as sugar ants and carpenter ants. You can also use it to make a bait for eradicating termites.

Boric acid should be treated with respect because it is toxic. It is a pesticide/insecticide and can cause harm if it is ingested so keep it away from children and pets.

You can make an ant trap using boric acid and honey to kill any kind of ant such as sugar ants and carpenter ants.

Mix 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of boric acid in a small bowl. The consistency of the ant bait should be sticky like a paste, so adjust the amounts if needed.

Spread the ant bait paste with a knife or a spoon over a piece of cardboard and put where you see ants.

Soon the ant bait will attract the ants who look for the sugary food.

The ants will not die immediately but they will carry the boric acid to the nest, killing other ants. Make new traps every several days.

Remember: while boric acid is a natural substance, it should not be ingested by people or pets because it is toxic.

Coffee grounds

For some reason ants don’t like the smell of coffee so it can be used as an effective ant repellent. If you sprinkle used coffee grounds around the edge of your home, and at any entry points you find, the ants will not venture any further. Coffee grounds sprinkled in the garden will also keep ants away from the plants.


Corn meal 

Corn meal is a natural ingredient that can help you kill ants. Ants love corn meal and carry it back to the nest to eat. But because they are unable to digest it, it eventually kills them, as their stomachs expand and burst, resulting in a rather unpleasant death. This seems something of an unusual way to deal with ants, and the popularity of the method has not been documented.


You can try to use regular salt to get rid of ants. While salt does not kill ants, a salt solution is used as an ant deterrent to stop ants coming into the house through cracks, holes and over windowsills.

The ants will not walk over or through any area sprayed with a salt solution. You can also sprinkle salt along cracks in the driveway or along the sides of the house where ants are present. Make sure that areas are dry before applying the salt.

Essential Oils to Repel Ants

You can make your own natural ant spray by using the power of essential oils. Good essential oils to repel ants are peppermint, tea tree and lemon, although other essential oils can be used, such as eucalyptus, lavender or cedarwood. As an added bonus, you can also use these oils to make an effective bed bug spray.

Try mixing 8 oz. of water in a spray bottle with 1/2 teaspoon natural soap, and 12 drops of one of the above essential oils – remember to shake the bottle before each use and repeat every few days until the ants are completely gone.

Another option is to place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a cotton ball and wipe on baseboards, entryways and garbage areas to repel ants.

You can also leave an essential oil-infused cotton ball in cabinets and other areas as needed and this is an excellent way to get rid of ants in the kitchen.

If you are interested to learn more about essential oils you can find useful information in my e-book Magical Aromatherapy which will help you to discover the power of essential oils and the most effective ways to use them.

Other Natural Ant Repellants

Apart from coffee grounds or chalk which the ants don’t like to cross, you can try other natural substances such as cinnamon, cayenne pepper or lemon peels to repel ants.

How to Prevent Ants From Infesting Your Home

In spite of measures you may take to make your home ant-proof, somewhere along the line they are bound to get in.

You will have to outsmart them by keeping all your food sealed. Food items such as honey and jam jars attract ants so you can stand them in a saucer of water to prevent ants from reaching the food.

Ants are very partial to pet’s food, so keep the bowls in the fridge overnight, or place each one in a larger bowl containing a little water.

Do you have any other ant control suggestions? Let’s hear them in the comments.

If you want to get rid of flying ants, make sure to read my article: How to Get Rid of Flying Ants Quickly and Naturally.

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107 Responses to How to Get Rid of Ants Cheaply and Naturally

  1. VAL FISHER says:


    • Dolores Trousdale says:

      cinnamon will repel ants

      • Jeannette says:

        I tried cinnamon, they just walked right over and through it. They didn’t care at all.

        • K says:

          Depends on the grade of cinnamon … most store bought cinnamon containers are cut with a filler. Flour, meal, sawdust, all okay by the fda.

    • Rita says:

      Table pepper at the entry points keeps them out

    • Brittany Barbee says:

      Found this article and might try some of these later, but I was wondering if you might know what the best way would be to get rid of a colony that has made its home in a potted mint plant… I still want to use the mint in desserts/drinks and such and don’t want to use any commercial poisons. I don’t necessarily like the idea of having to kill them considering there’s tons just crawling around on it. I didn’t think they’d bother it though since I’ve heard ants HATE mint. I just don’t want to use anything that could potentially harm or ruin my mint. Any suggestions?

      • Leah says:

        I love mint too.Cinnamon works kind of okay but the ants are in the cupboard.they went from the food to the dishes.Im going to try Bay leaves and Baking soda with sugar next. maybe baby powder too.

      • feroza says:

        I usually put cloves into cracks and it keeps the ant away for awhile even in my spice jars it keeps ants n pesty fruit flies out

    • Cindi says:

      Try mixing powdered sugar and borax.. Works like a charm.. I had pesty tiny tiny black ants where nothing else worked.. It’s amazing…

    • mayda says:

      Bay leaves

    • janice nelson says:

      I have removed large hills and colonies of ants all around my cabin and yard. I use club soda and pour a whole bottle of it on the big hills or just a cup or two on smaller ones. It does kill them.

    • Gary says:

      Eucalyptus essential oil is toxic to cats, dogs and horses according to ASPCA.

  2. virginia reyes says:

    I lived in an apartment that was infested with ants. I tried my best to get rid of them. After weeks of no results I made ant traps using honey. I bought those sticky traps and in the middle of each one I used a drop of honey. Because I had so many ants I used the rat trap sicky boards. I did this for a month. I even used the traps on the tree that they were using to get into my apartment as I lived on the second floor. I saw less and ants and my dog was safe from wanting or getting into the traps.

  3. Alisa fiore says:

    I love you page!!

  4. Tom Schaiper says:

    I have found that mixing baking soda and confectioners sugar together works great for getting rid of ants. The ants are lured by the sugar and in the process will be eating the baking soda as well. As stated above, they can’t digest baking soda, so they explode. It works extremely fast and is really cost effective.

    • Dan Ruthenberg says:

      Just read Tom Schaiper’s comment .Tried the Baking soda route .It does not work.Pity you can’t see my patio. The bricks have collapsed and there is tons of sand all over. Have now drawn chalk around the holes and that does not seem to work either. This has been going on for 5 years now.

      • Cindi says:

        Try borax and powdered sugar..

      • trish says:

        get a little equal I use the single packets sprinkle it all around the hole then a little over the area. Don’t know why but within 24 hrs. the little buggers are gone!! very rarely do they return to that spot. It’s safe around kids and pets

  5. Gary Steinberg says:

    Use a propane torch to burn them up.

  6. Kristi says:

    Awesome tips! I’ve been spraying peppermint and tea tree oil where the ants like to congregate. Works like a charm, and repeat as needed.

  7. linda says:

    I use grits..regular and instant mixed.. make sure it will not rain for a few days, then just sprinkle around your home etc.. they take it back to their nests, feast and when they drink water they explode. better and faster than the cornmeal.. all gone 3 years and counting…

  8. Angie R says:

    I use sugar, borax and water. Buy cheap plastic containers with lids. Drill small holes in each side. Mix 2/3 sugar and 1/3 borax. Add water to make into a syrup. Put around your house and inside if needed. Be sure pets don’t get into it. You can also mix in some peanut butter but it works fine without it. Be sure to check and add water if needed. Also, if you let some drip out of one of the holes the ants find it faster.

  9. DelVita Ahmed says:

    Unfortunately, the ants in my home love onions and cut lemons. 🙁 They are on everything everywhere in my home. I hate them.

  10. Linnell says:

    I’ve been using vinegar at the entry points for years and it’s amazing! I’ll try your other ideas too. Thanks.

  11. Sandy Simoneaux says:

    Do you have suggestions for ants in the garden and in fruit trees? I will try the coffee grounds. Many coffee shops (Starbucks) give away large bags of used coffee grounds for use in the garden. I will sprinkle them around the base of trees and see if it works. Thanks!

    • wayne says:

      Soak orange peel in water for 2 to 3 hours then pour on ants worked fine on 2 mounds and am working on the 3rd.

  12. mike says:

    confectionate sugar and baking soda mixed this works like the cornmeal does they cannot digest it and blow up

    • tennille medbury says:

      Having problems with the sugar/borax method in my gardens. We have had so many ants this year! I get bit every time I weed or water. The Mixture works But seeminly for only 2 weeks! The nest Have been huge judging from the amount that bubbles out of the ground when I water. I need them Gone ,so far no house problems but the flower beds are infested!

      • Cassandra says:

        Boil Water and dump it down the mound slowly. It will kill them all. Repeat as needed, it is best to start before you plant your garden so you don’t kill the plants. If need be soak the entire area with boiling water. Works like a charm.

  13. Liz says:

    I have found that for small red ants dusting the entryways with cinnamon is cheap, easy and works quite well.

  14. Jene' says:

    I call b.s. on the coffee grounds. I had those tiny little black ants come in through a window sill and completely take over my keurig coffee maker. They were all inside the used k cup that was in it. The coffee seemed to have no affect on them except they were loving life inside my coffee maker. Lil boogers!!

    • tom says:

      I had this problem and found they were nesting in the coffee maker , i think they were attracted to the moisture and water left behind , changed to a percolator problem solved.

      • Joanne says:

        I had one of those “under the counter” coffee makers. Two years in a row, I had a ton of ants in my kitchen. Couldn’t find where they were coming from. Here they were inside the coffee maker laying eggs and everything. It had a clock on it and the heat from the light, and the moisture from the water attracted them. Took that thing down and it is not going back up EVER! And I liked that coffee maker too…… 🙁

    • Rani says:

      The nitrogen causes the ants legs to burn. I think they liked the water left in the keurig. I just put it on my driveway i’ll report back on what happens.

    • Cindi says:

      The only thing that worked for me was powdered sugar and borax…

    • Cindi says:

      Borax and powdered sugar…

    • Nani says:

      Lol!! My Ants seem to love my coffee maker too. It’s getting to the point that I’m starting to feel like their personal barista.

  15. Karen says:

    I sprayed orange glo along the edges of the baseboards and the ants haven’t came back. It makes the house smell great.

  16. Kitty says:

    I just use Baygon chalk to get rid of them. There’s a saying though that it’s better to have ants crawling than have termites in your house. Ants are not so harmful, just annoying.

  17. Jen says:

    My parents had a huge problem with ants getting in behind their sink. I made a spray of water, witch hazel, peppermint essential oil, orange essential oil and lavender essential oil. It worked like a charm. I gave it to them on a Friday and by Sunday, no more ants. They haven’t had a problem since.

  18. Dolores Trousdale says:

    Splenda works good also

  19. Pam L says:

    Dealing with ants now. Tried the cornmeal and it worked like a charm!

  20. Dean Smith says:

    Love the articles, got any ideas to keep cats out of the flower garden and stop using it for the kitty pan?

  21. Roxy says:

    leave the seeds of a hot pepper.. rub the hot pepper on corners and entries and leave the seeds to dry in there ,,, Good bye ants! they don’t like it at all!

  22. marsha says:

    I have used cucumber peels for years, placed along the path of the ants they will not cross. I don’t know why it works but it does!

  23. Mark says:

    Peppermint Oil will clog their breathing tubes and kill them.

  24. Joy says:

    I have tried everything on our mounds outside. They just start over and build larger ones somewhere else in the yard. Any outside mound ideas to kill the queen?

    • Cassandra says:

      Boiling water. Pour it down the mound and repeat once a week. Grass might die, but it will grow back quick enough. Boiling water cooks them where they are and should do the trick.

  25. Clara Toney says:

    Don’t make it easy on the critters…Many household bugs do not like peppermint oil – ants, aphids, beetles, plant lice, mice and cockroaches try to steer clear of peppermint. Just add to water in a spray bottle and spray where you think pests grace you with their presence. Peppermint will also stop ticks from burrowing by applying several drops to a cotton swab and giving it a nice bath, then remove it’s head and then it’s yours.

  26. SHAMSUN NAHAR says:

    Thank you all i have suffering with my drive way ,Im trying lot of ur ideas it is working ,i wil post you the final result.

  27. michael n mcdaniel sr says:

    one could try the sweeteners with aspartame in them since that is the main ingredient in most regular store bought ant poisons on the market today.

    • Jeannette says:

      I tried that, it didn’t seem to work. So far what is killing them the best is pwd sugar/bk soda and water. They love it but eat it and die. But it doesn’t seem to keep new ones from coming in.

  28. Evelyn says:

    Another way to get rid of ants is Bay Leaf….either the whole leaves…or by powdering it, and spreading it where the ants come in…the hate the stuff…you can practically hear them say….run for the hills….bay leaf…..yuck….and they also hate Cinnamon..just the plain not the sugared version…the above two versions are not harmful to animals…

  29. Jana says:

    Sprinkle grits around the mound. Don’t remember where I heard it, but I tried it and it works!

  30. Katrina says:

    Diatomatious earth and chalk lines. Works well.

  31. Ellen says:

    Good to know how to kill ants.That’s my big problem now it’s rainy season here already.And they are coming inside the house.And my dogs screaming.I don’t see them day time much.But at night time until early in the morning they are attacking my foot every time I go out.And even on my clothes!

  32. Rhonda says:

    about a month ago we began to get a huge pile of what looked like pollen or wood shavings with webs, enough to sweep up every day first on the back screened in porch then inside. I don’t know what kind of ant as they are more than 1/4″ but they were destroying my house. We took the RV on a vacation and they had a huge residence set up under the booth (which is where I sleep). I woke up with them crawling on me as we continued to try and destroy their happy home. I sprinkled cinnamon (lots of it) they won’t cross that line but will find away around it. I have resorted to the squishing method. They have me outnumbered.

    • Dee says:

      Try the sugar and borax and water solution make a sort of syrup put on cotton balls and place where the ants are make sure no animals can get it because it is poison.

  33. trish says:

    I tried the powdered sugar/soda. After 5 hrs the numbers were less but I still couldn’t cook with them crawling on me…! Lemon juice worked only as long as it was wet. Finally mixed powdered sugar, borax and a little cooking oil. They flocked to it and now a day later I can finally work in my kitchen again!

  34. john says:

    I have used plain granulated sugar and dry laundry detergent, mixed together and set out in little, low containers either by the food source or the ant ‘trail’. The ants eat it, carry it back to the nest, and that ends the Ant problem. Takes a little time, but it works.

  35. Wilson Chan says:

    how about termites (remnants but making a comeback), will these remedies also work on them?

  36. Ann Moran says:

    Funny about the ants not liking coffee – i just spent Sunday afternoon trying to get rid of big sized black ants playing around the coffee brewer inside my automatic coffee machine.

  37. Barbara says:

    I mixed 10 drops of peppermint and 10 drops of wintergreen oil into a spray bottle with water. It kills them and makes the house smell fresh. It seems to deter them for a few days.

  38. Beth Brewer says:

    I use peppermint extracts and water in a spray bottle. (About 1tsp. Per each cup of water.
    I had tried everything and nothing worked. Then I tried this and the ants disappeared. Spray around windows and doors.
    Try it, it works!!!!

  39. hws1984 says:

    cumin powder tops them all and lasts for months. simply get cumin seeds and grind them. sprinkle on the places they usually tread and around their nest’s entrance and they will say never again here!

  40. Vi says:

    Mom used borax. Put some on a slice of potato and set where pets or kids can’t get to it. Bugs will find it, eat and carry some home where others will ingest it. Poof!

  41. Iris moebius says:

    I live in the South. Red Ants are especially bad this year. One of my friends has told me that the best method is to get a shovel and scoop a good chunk of one mound and place it on top of a neighboring mound. Ants will fight to the death. They are able to get way deep into each other’s mounds and kill the Queen. The gardener acts as an “Agent Provocateur”, much as we humans do in real life.

  42. jess says:

    In the home: Windex directly on an ant will drop them instantly. Outside: Use cooking spray in their path along the base of the house. I’m learning but I have those two working well. Now I need to kill the nest!

  43. Anne says:

    Any tips on fire ants that won’t harm dogs?

  44. Hank G. says:

    According to the show Supernatural, ghosts will not cross a salt line either, so you could kill two birds with one stone!

  45. Sharon says:

    I have ants around my foundation an going under my siding. Few yrs ago we had to replaced some siding and you could see the the indention path of the ants on the styrafoam insulation even some 15 ft. high. There was so many coming out of my electrical plug that the GFI breaker kicked off. What do you do about them being under the siding…

  46. Chris says:

    I had ants around my cat’s food dish and tried all sorts of things to get rid of them, then someone told me to try a bay leaf. I put one near the food dish and the ants disappeared. It also works in cupboards and drawers.

  47. dorman says:

    I really appreciating your idea’s..keep it up……

  48. dilynn bode says:

    What about German roaches is there a good home remedy for those. The chemicals are hazard for my elderly mom. Thank you

  49. Johnny Aaron says:

    I actually used Morton salt & they were gone the next morning.

  50. Hamid Khan says:

    I actually used Morton salt & they were gone the next morning.

  51. Hamid Khan says:

    will you tell me how to get rid bees going inside the house

  52. Sandy Hines says:

    We used to have huge invasions of ants every year until I started putting out a small pile of sugar and a very small piece of fatty cooked meat outside on the ground, under the eaves of our house. [where the rain can’t get it wet] We did this several years ago and have never had another invasion in our house. We have one in the back and in front of house. I replenish the sugar and meat about every 6 or 7 days. They are just hungry so why not feed them. Problem solved

  53. Chris Milas says:

    All the above mentioned tips are working for me, really amazing. Can you share some tips for fleas?

  54. Darlene says:

    My friend had a heavy trail of red ants trapsing across his walkway close to his house. I read that Cayenne pepper would make them move on…….it worked…..we spread it heavily over the trail and no more red ants. You might like to try this method.

  55. Elaine says:

    Bay leaves worked for me, after vinegar spray and cinnamon both failed to dissuade the small ants inside the house. I didn’t want to kill the ants, so this appeared to be a great, nonlethal solution.

  56. Ted says:

    I wonder if making a mixture with ghost peppers might do the trick for the outside of the house and under the house. I made a solution to kill aphids on some plants. It killed them alright. It killed the plants to. Surely the aunts wouldn’t tolerate it. Cayenne has nothing on a ghost pepper. Just a thought and might just have to try it.

  57. aajayunlimited says:

    If you have the tiny black ants, put cayenne pepper powder down heavily so that they are sure to crawl through it. They’ll keep crawling through it until they disappear. SO, BE PATIENT! It could take 2 weeks(guess). I had a major infestation and it took less than a week! My theory is that most animals that eat or drink can’t(or won’t) tolerate very hot foods! This is the only SAFE thing that I’ve tried that has worked on them! Water works better than on the bigger ants, but it doesn’t keep them away nor does anything else SAFE get rid of them. I had the chance to try bleach on them and that did not keep them away! They were so determined that they kept coming despite the massive, incredibly offensive odor of the bleach! Cornmeal did not work, either.

    From what I could tell, cayenne powder does not work or work nearly as well on fire ants. On fire ants: 1. if indoors, look for where they come in or where there’s a large number of them together. Pour rubbing alcohol on them and allow it take effect. It has to be a liberal amount–enough to keep the area wet for a long time, because it does evaporate if only a little is used. If on the outside, simply use gas on the mound; it works wonders. It may be good to dig an area close by around the bed and put you some gas and water there to cut off any esçape route, then–for the coup de grace–attack the mound or ant bed in a way that they will not get to you(PAY ATTENTION AND BE CAREFUL) and pour gas all over it. I’ve found no other SAFE things that work better than those two for fire ants(alcohol is easily cleaned up and gas is outdoors and no kid or animal will touch it initially, but–by the time it becomes odorless–it has little effect; it’s not like those elemental poisons that are tough to remove. Gas–as alcohol–evaporates).

    My guess is that cornmeal works for all other kinds of ants; it worked for fire ants once(I think there are at least 2 different kinds). And it may work for one breed of fire ant, but not another. For instance: one breed loved honey, but another loved peanut butter/meat and wouldn’t touch honey. The cornmeal bait worked for the one that loved honey, but not the more aggressive one that loved peanut butter and meat. They took the bait, but it did not work. For starters, clean the area of food in a way that the ants cannot tell anything different is about to happen. If your ant will take the cornmeal directly, then set it down where they are feeding. If they do not, mix it WELL with something that they like that does not contain water. Powdered sugar may work, peanut butter/meat juices may work(if you use it, then be ready to kill the aggressive fire ants, too; refer to earlier; still, some ants love proteins and not sugar and you have to do something SAFE to get rid of them), and a honey bait will work for ants that love sugar for which the cornmeal bait will work. A LOVED bait might work even faster, because they “jump” on it. DO NOT GET IT WET IN ANY WAY OR ADD INGREDIENTS THAT CONTAIN WATER.


  58. Jen says:

    Can someone please advise how in the world you find the best or colony? Initially, I thought they were in the corner of my flower bed. I sprayed and sprayed and not kidding, I had piles of corpses, probably over a million. Never seen so many ants in my life. A couple days later, I noticed more along the side of my flower bed in a few spots. I sprayed again but not even close to the same effect. My neighbors have the same problem and they are all over the sidewalks as well. I have absolutely no idea exactly where they come from. I have also killed two queens which I found it unusual that they were out of the nest and even remotely close to one another. I just have a bad feeling that this colony or multiple colonies are absolutely ridiculous in size. Any help locating them would be very much appreciated.

  59. John says:

    I sprinkle corn meal on the mounds that pop up (sunny days are required obviously)…2-3 days the mound & ants are gone!

  60. Howard Rudy says:

    I used a solution of equal parts vinegar and water with a few drops of essential peppermint oil to douse Mt concrete patio tiles after Hurricane Harvey. Now there is a white residue around the edges of some of the concrete tiles. Did the vinegar solution cause this and are the tiles damaged?

    • Jenny Hills says:

      I have read that since vinegar contains acetic acid, it can damage and etch natural stone or concrete tiles. The floor however can be reground, polished and sealed by a professional.

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