How to Get Rid of Spiders Naturally

How to Get Rid of Spiders Naturally
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I don’t know about you, but I hate spiders. I’ve always used chemical spider sprays at home or outside that have very unpleasant odors and contain harmful chemicals. However there are several natural spider sprays that contain ingredients that repel spiders. These natural ingredients will not harm you, your family or your pets. Natural spider spray has to be applied more frequently than commercial pesticides, but these are safer and they usually have a better smell.

All spiders have their taste buds on the tips of their legs and there are certain scents they hate, so using those scents will repel the spiders both inside and outside your home. It’s best to spray these natural repellents around your doors and windows and in room corners.


Below you can find the best natural spider pest control methods:

1. Essential oils – Add up to 10-15 drops of essential oil and up to 10 drops of natural dish washing liquid to 1 qt. (1 l) of water. The following essential oils work well as spider repellents, especially citrus but also tea tree, lavender, cinnamon, mint , neem, peppermint, spearmint and citronella. Some people suggest to add vinegar to the mix.

The dish washing liquid breaks the essential oil molecules in the water, thus making the mixture more consistent. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and shake it well. Reapply the natural spider spray once a week until all the spiders are completely gone.

If you are interested to learn more about essential oils you can find useful information in my e-book Magical Aromatherapy. This book will help you to discover the power of essential oils and the most effective ways to use them.


2. Garlic – Put a few cloves of garlic in a spray bottle and add water.

3. Tomato leaves –  Blend tomato leaves and mix with 4 pints of water and one tablespoon of cornstarch. Put the natural spider spray in a spray bottle.

4. Citrus juice – Many spiders and insects hate the smell of citrus. You can buy citrus juice (sugarless) or mix any citrus juice with water and put the natural spider spray into a spray bottle.

5. Spicy spider repellent – suitable especially if you don’t mind the the smell. Add 1/2 cup of vinegar and 2 tbs. of chili powder or hot chili sauce to 1 qt. (1 l) of water and shake until the ingredients are well mixed. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. This is a very effective natural spider spray.

6. Chewing tobacco – Get a package of chewing tobacco, soak it in a gallon of boiling water until it cools. Put a cup of tobacco juice and 1/2 cup lemon dish soap into a spray bottle.

Hope you have a spider free zone!

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18 Responses to How to Get Rid of Spiders Naturally

  1. Floyd Gary Thacker says:

    Definitely not my favorite creatures. Thanks for posting

  2. Dawn Giesman says:

    My only question is, do these spider repellants collect other bugs? I would like to keep them all away, not just one…

  3. admin says:

    Different insects are repelled by different chemicals, so you’ll get a more effective repellent if you combine a few different insect-repelling natural oils, such as in method 1. Also method 4 should be effective against other bugs, but it’s all a matter of trying and seeing according to the results.

  4. Deb says:

    Where are you supposed to spray these recipes?

  5. Karen Anderson says:

    I found a natural spider killer that uses 1 cup vinegar; 1 cup of pepper; 1 teaspoon each of oil and liquid soap. 1 cup of pepper seems like a lot and it does not specify what type of oil or liquid soap. What is your take on this? Can I use less pepper? And should the oil be of the essential oils or will vegetable oil work?

    • admin says:

      1 cup of pepper seems to me a lot. I think 2 tablespoons will be enough. Use few drops of essential oil as I mentioned in the article. Any dish liquid soap will do the work.

  6. Brenda Bodenhamer says:

    Thanx for the tips but if u have cats some essential oils are not good for cats @ all so make sure to dbl check before u decide on the oils plz?

    • Jenny says:

      Some essential oils are not good if applied topically on pets (such as tea tree oil), but here they are not applied topically. However there may be some smells of the essential oils that may put off your pets.

  7. Renoo says:

    How to get rid of lizards and cockroaches?

  8. Bharti says:

    I’ve suddenly found Lizards on the kitchen countertop at night. Please suggest a natural repellent for them since I read somewhere that they carry salmonella so its very unsafe

    • Jenny says:

      I’ve seen several references that use a mixture of water and pepper or Tabasco sauce or onion juice or minced garlic to make a lizard repellent spray. Or you can try the essential oils mentioned in the article. They might be useful too.

  9. Angela says:

    Do you spray the repellent in the interior or on the exterior of your home or both? It’s raining so much where I am I’m not sure that outside would last and if you spray inside, well they have to get in to smell it right? Do you know if Borax worlds against spiders? A lot of people where I live use Borax mixed with sugar for ants. Thank you.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Angela, it is best to spay it around windows and entrances both outside and inside as it best deters the spiders. If the eaves are not long enough to form an overhang to prevent water from washing it, then there is no point to spray outside around the windows or entrance on rainy days, but hopefully if you spray it on the windows and entrance from the inside (as close as possible to the outside), it will deter the spiders from entering. Read more about borax and spiders here –

  10. Bonnie says:

    you mention repelling spiders, but how do you KILL them without chemicals? I have spiders everywhere on all the ceilings, corners of ceilings and floors. they are EVERYWHERE !!!!

    • Jenny says:

      I’m actually not sure. I’ve tried to find natural killers but the references call it “repellants”. Probably if you have such a big spider infestation, you will need to have it commercially sprayed, but I don’t know if there are more environmentally friendly commercial spray options.

  11. Nycitypestcontrol says:

    This article was very useful. Have you had any success getting rid of spiders by following any of these natural remedies? Can you tell me which one was particularly effective?

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