How to Use Diatomaceous Earth (DE) to Kill Fleas

How to Use Diatomaceous Earth (DE) For Fleas

If your dog or cat has been scratching lately and you think they may have fleas, you can use diatomaceous earth (DE) as a natural, safe insecticide to get rid of fleas. Fleas are so tiny that they are very difficult to catch and destroy. Many chemical treatments for flea removal from the home can be harmful to your pet, your family members and the environment. The benefit of food grade diatomaceous earth is that it is safe to use around the home and is an effective home treatment for killing fleas. Diatomaceous earth powder kills fleas by causing them to dehydrate when the abrasive powder gets onto their outer shell (exoskeleton).

Flea bites are very itchy and they can also cause you a lot of discomfort, so getting rid of these blood-sucking pests is a priority. Fleas lay eggs on the host (in this case your pet) which in time fall off onto your pets bedding, carpets around the home, and in your yard.

Taking into account that one flea can lay up to 40 eggs a day, you need to use an effective natural insecticide to get rid of fleas and their larvae fast.

In this article, I will look at why diatomaceous earth powder is such an effective natural flea killer. In fact, you can also use DE as a natural pesticide for getting rid of ants or any other kind of annoying insect like ticks, bed bugs, and roaches.

You will also find a step-by-step guide on how to use diatomaceous earth for flea control to both prevent fleas infesting your home and get rid of them for good.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring soft rock that formed from the fossilized remains of algae. According to the National Pesticide Information Center, food grade diatomaceous earth isn’t poisonous and doesn’t harm humans or animals if it is breathed in. So diatomaceous earth is safe to use on dogs and cats as a natural pesticide. When using diatomaceous earth for flea control around the home, you should always use “food grade” diatomaceous earth.1

Food grade diatomaceous earth has many other uses which you can read about in my article: The Most Extraordinary Diatomaceous Earth Uses and Benefits.

How Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Kills Fleas

Diatomaceous earth is abrasive to the exoskeleton of fleas,bed bugs, ants and other insects and kills these pests by absorbing the oils from their outer layer. This causes the insects to dehydrate and the fleas die. Because no chemical reaction is involved, fleas, aphids, ants and similar pests don’t develop immunity to diatomaceous earth.

The effectiveness of diatomaceous earth in killing parasites is also backed up by research and studies into its action on pests.

The Journal of Field Ornithology published a study by an ornithologist who used diatomaceous earth to rid bird nests of fleas. He sprinkled a fine layer of diatomaceous earth powder in the nest of swallows. He discovered that over 2 years the fleas in the nests were almost eradicated, but no harm was done to the birds or chicks.2 The study concluded that diatomaceous earth is an effective way to reduce the population of parasites.

Diatomaceous earth is also a natural and effective way to eliminate internal parasites. The journal Poultry Science found that when diatomaceous earth was added to the diet of hens, they had fewer parasites and their eggs contained larger yolks. DE was also effective at killing mites living in the feathers of hens.3

To make sure and get rid of fleas for good from your pets, home, or yard, it’s important to understand the life cycle of a flea.

Understanding the flea life cycle

Fleas have 4 stages in their life cycle and depending on the environment the fleas live in, they can live from a few weeks to many months. Doctor of veterinary medicine, Dr. Jennifer Kvamme describes the life cycle of fleas as follows:4

  1. Eggs. Adult fleas suck blood from your pet before they can lay eggs. An adult female flea can lay up to 40 eggs a day. They will fall off your pet as he/she moves around the home or yard. Depending on humidity and temperature, eggs will take between 2 days to 2 weeks to hatch.
  2. Larvae. Larvae will find dark places away from any light to continue growing. They will start spinning cocoons between 5-20 days after hatching.
  3. Pupae. It will take several days to a few weeks before the adult flea is fully developed in the cocoon. However, depending on the conditions, it can even take years before the adult flea emerges. Cocoons are usually sticky and are difficult to vacuum from carpets.
  4. Adult. Adult fleas feed on their host and will start breeding and laying eggs after their first “meal.” This continues the life cycle of the flea.

To get rid of fleas for good, it’s important to vacuum regularly and wash bedding regularly for several weeks to break the flea life cycle. Installing a humidifier will help to speed up the hatching and development of fleas so that you can eliminate them quicker.

It’s important to be vigilant and remember to treat all areas with diatomaceous earth where your pets spend time, even if this is the yard or the car.

How to Use Diatomaceous Earth for Flea Control

Food grade diatomaceous earth powder can be sprinkled on carpets, bedding, on sofas and soft furnishings, and in the yard to control fleas. Because the abrasive action of diatomaceous earth kills fleas, you don’t have to worry that the powder will lose its flea-killing effectiveness.

However, wet surfaces and dampness make diatomaceous earth less effective, so if you sprinkle the powder on grass, soil, or paving, the surfaces must be completely dry.

Diatomaceous Earth for Killing Fleas – Step by Step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use diatomaceous earth as a home remedy to eliminate fleas:

  1. Thoroughly vacuum areas where your pet spends time to get rid of any flea eggs. Diatomaceous earth doesn’t destroy eggs laid by fleas. Also, check that the area is absolutely dry.
  2. Use a sieve or similar object to lightly dust the area with food grade diatomaceous earth. Make sure that your pet’s blankets and bed are lightly covered with the powder.
  3. After 2-3 days, vacuum the area again to remove any dead fleas, eggs, or larvae.
  4. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth on your pet’s bedding 2 times a week to help completely get rid of fleas for good.

Some people use diatomaceous earth directly on their pets to control fleas. But a few words of caution are needed here – DE is very drying and may dry out your pet’s skin. When applying diatomaceous earth on your pet’s skin, don’t use large amount and don’t use it on a daily basis. Also make sure to protect your pet’s eyes, nose and mouth and shampoo your pet within 12 hours.

Even if you don’t use diatomaceous earth directly on your pet’s fur, give your pet a thorough bath, using a moisturizing shampoo. This is because the diatomaceous earth that was sprinkled around the home can dry out the skin of your pet. Once your pet is dry, use a flea comb to remove any dead fleas and eggs from your pet’s fur.

Continue the diatomaceous earth treatment for fleas for 2-3 weeks to make sure you break the life cycle of fleas to get rid of them.

Precautions When Using Diatomaceous Earth for Insect and Flea Control

Food grade diatomaceous earth without added chemicals is safe to use around the home and is non-toxic for children and pets alike. However, there are still a few precautions you should take into consideration when using diatomaceous earth for controlling fleas.

Diatomaceous earth can dry out your skin and your pet’s skin. Therefore, it is best to always wear gloves when handling DE. Also, don’t use it on your pet’s skin on a daily basis, and when you use it, apply a small amount.

Diatomaceous earth powder is very fine, so you should use a good vacuum cleaner to remove it from carpets and bedding and wear protective mask when applying it.

Always use “food grade” diatomaceous earth for flea control and elimination.

When sprinkling diatomaceous earth powder on carpets, make sure there isn’t a draft or a household fan working because this will blow the powder onto other surfaces which can be difficult to clean.

Make sure that all areas that you treat with diatomaceous earth are kept dry. Diatomaceous earth is an effective natural pesticide only when it is completely dry.

Where to Buy Diatomaceous Earth?

When buying diatomaceous earth, make sure to look for a brand that is food grade, meaning that it is safe to ingest (here is one example).

You can find diatomaceous earth in many gardening stores such as Walmart, Lowes and Home Depot. But if you plan to ingest diatomaceous earth, buy your product from a credible source like your natural health food store.

So, if your pet has brought those tiny pests into your home, diatomaceous earth is a natural, safe, and effective home treatment for fleas that gets rid of them quickly.

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