How to Tell If You Have Intestinal Parasites and What to Do About That

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How to Tell If You Have Intestinal Parasites and What to Do About That

There is a misconception that intestinal parasites only exist in underdeveloped countries. Indeed they are more common there, but they are much more common than you think in developed countries as well. It’s not a very nice thought to know that you are a host to a colony of intestinal parasites, but you are not alone. According to the World Health Organization you are one of more that 3 billion people who suffer from some type of intestinal parasites, and not all these people live in undeveloped and poor countries.

What are intestinal parasites?

Parasites in general are classified into many groups, but the two main types of intestinal parasites are helminths and protozoa. Helminths are worms with many cells that cannot multiply in the human body, such as tapeworms, pinworms, and roundworms. Protozoa, on the other hand, have only one cell and can multiply inside the human body and can cause serious infections.

How do you get intestinal parasites?

Intestinal parasites are usually transmitted when a person comes in contact with infected feces (for example, through contaminated soil, food or water). There are other things that can increase your risk for getting intestinal parasites, such as visiting an area known to have parasites, poor hygiene and sanitation (for both food and water), having a weak immune system, handling animals and age factor (children and the elderly are more likely to get infected). Once you are infected with parasites, it is contagious and can be easily passed to other people.


Why are intestinal parasites dangerous?

As the name of parasites suggests, they live inside us and feed off us. In places with high hygiene levels parasites don’t cause a great threat, but in poor countries and places where hygiene is low and sanitary conditions are poor, parasites can pose a real life threat. When our intestines become a host to parasites, even the high levels of acid in the digestive tract cannot protect our body, so our body tries to defend itself through our immune system, and the gut can become inflamed.

The intestinal parasites prevent from the food we eat to be absorbed properly by the body and release toxins into the bloodstream and lymphatic system. Severe infections can cause a bowel obstruction when your intestine is partly or completely blocked. The blockage prevents food, fluids, and gas from moving through the intestines in the normal way. Severe infestation can also cause anemia as it can cause bleeding in the intestines.

The problem is that because there are so many types of parasites, they may cause a wide range of symptoms, and only a few of them are actually digestive in nature. So if you have tried various treatments to relieve your symptoms without success, you may have intestinal parasites that can be the hidden cause of many unresolved health issues you have.


key symptoms of a parasite infection in the body

1. Excessive food cravings or alternatively loss of appetite
2. Weight loss
3. Stomach pain
4. Constipation, diarrhea, gas, or other symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
5. Blood sugar fluctuations
6. Skin disorders, such as acute itching or pain around the rectum and other body parts, rashes or other skin irritations
7. Anxiety and depression
8. Sleep disorders
9. pain or aching muscles or joints
10. Fatigue and exhaustion
11. Iron-deficiency or anemia
12. Immune disorders with excessive number of bacterial, fungal or viral infections
13. Diminished libido
14. Bloody stools or light colored stool
15. Nausea or vomiting
16. White specks in stool
17. Sulfur burps

How to treat intestinal parasites

The treatment for getting rid of intestinal parasitic infections can be done through conventional medication or through the use of alternative medical treatments.

Conventional medicine

If you suspect you have intestinal parasites, your doctor will be able to do a stool test to confirm it and use prescription medication that is most effective against your intestinal parasite.

Alternative Medicine

1. Herbs – some of the more commonly prescribed herbal treatments include: garlic, goldenseal, barbery, anise, Oregon grape, wormwood, wormseed, black walnuts, curled mint, cloves, oregano, thyme and olive leaf. Consult a physician before taking any anti-parasite herbal supplement. You can learn how to use Herbal Medicine effectively to heal away disease & illnesses in my e-book The Herbal Remedies Guide.


2. Supplements – consult a physician before taking any supplements to make sure they don’t interfere with current medication you take.

Probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacilus plantarum, Saccharomyces boulardii, and bifidobacteria help keep your digestive tract healthy and this discourages parasites. I have already written in the past about the 9 reasons to take probiotics and why they are so good for your health.

Digestive enzymes help to restore your intestinal tract to its normal state, which makes it inhospitable to parasites. Papain is an enzyme from the papaya plant that may help kill worms when taken 30 minutes before or after meals. Papain is also one of the main ingredients in my Digestive Enzyme Detox Smoothie.
Vitamin C – supports the immune system.
Zinc – supports the immune system as well and also used to heal stomach ulcers.

3. Homeopathic treatments – homeopathic remedies for parasite infections may include: Cina; Indigo; Spigelia; Podophyllum; Cuprum oxidatum nigrum; Teucrium; Sabadilla; Stanum.


4. Diet – A diet rich in raw garlic, pumpkin seeds, papaya seeds, pineapple, carrots, beets and pomegranates can help to kill parasites.
– In one study, researchers found that a mixture of honey and papaya seeds with plenty of water are good to flush the system.
– Consuming more fiber may helps the body get rid of worms.
– Avoid simple carbohydrates, such as refined foods, sweetened juices and sugars.
– Drink plenty of water to aid fecal elimination.
– Temporarily avoid coffee and alcohol.
–  Consume foods rich in beta carotene, a precursor for vitamin A, such as carrots, sweet potatoes and squash. Vitamin A is thought to increase resistance to the parasites.
– Add spices such as turmeric and cloves that can help fight parasites.

5. Intestinal cleansing – This is a popular alternative approach that involves the use of a high fiber diet and supplements such as psyllium husks, citrus pectin, papaya extract, bentonite clay, activated charcoal, pumpkin seeds, beet root and flaxseed. If you are interested in detoxifying your body, you can find more useful information in my e-book The Detox Guide. This guide will teach you how to cleanse and energize your body, increase stamina and improve your body’s digestive process.

6. Food grade diatomaceous earth (DE)Food grade diatomaceous earth is also a natural and effective way to eliminate internal parasites. A study published in the Journal of Poultry Science found that DE has the potential to be an effective treatment to help control parasites. Some people like to take a mixture of clove oil and wormwood along with food grade diatomaceous earth to kill intestinal parasites. When buying diatomaceous earth, be sure to look for a brand that is food grade, meaning that it is safe to ingest.

Preventing infection

We’ve already mentioned that parasite infections is very contagious. You can easily pass parasites eggs onto anything or anyone you touch. Therefore it is important to wash your hands and maintain good hygiene habits to reduce the chances of further transmission. Wash your hands after going to the restroom and before eating or preparing food. If you travel overseas, pay attention to the quality of drinking water and the hygiene of the food you consume and wash fruits and vegetables well.

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54 Responses to How to Tell If You Have Intestinal Parasites and What to Do About That

  1. Phathai Oduyemi says:

    Highly educating.

    • Xemu X Xenu Jr says:

      A very interesting article but suddenly when I saw this: “3. Homeopathic treatments” I dropped you like a hot rock! When you employ pseudo-science without disparaging remarks many folk will seek the comfort of this totally useless junk known as “Homeopathic Treatments” and avoid conventional medical care backed by evidence of effectiveness. Homeopathic Treatments fare no better than placebo or nocebo treatments.

      • Jenny says:

        The fact that homeopathic treatments haven’t been researched doesn’t mean they are not effective. Generally speaking, many alternative treatments have not been scientifically proven because lack of interest from the drug companies that don’t want to promote them from obvious reasons. The fact is that sometimes conventional medicine (which I greatly appreciate and also use) is unable to treat certain health issues and many people do find relief in alternative medicine that haven’t been (still) scientifically proven.

        • Sherry says:

          The reason the drug companies won’t get involved with almost all of the homeopathic drug treatments is b/c they’re unable to be scientifically cleared in experiments or show very poor/negative results. They are considered more of a mental treatment- placebo drugs and the FDA requires scientific proof in order to get FDA approval. Since they’re not able to get FDA approval most Drug Companies gave little interest in marketing the next “Gimmick” food grade, homeopathic “fad” drug- that showed poor to little results in an experiment when compared to its placebo drug. Especially with all the quick buck diet pills, energy boosters, and miracle meds coming on the market that just can’t seem to get FDA approval, but are AMAZING and 100% effective and safe…. :/

          • Cindy says:

            homeopathic heals, where Big Pharma kills. They don’t want us on it because we will get better, than that would put out Doctors who shake hands with the Devil aka Big Pharma-EVIL. Homeopathic has been around longer than western medicine, it heals from the inside out, where western medicine just puts band-aids on us. So for anyone to not educate themselves, keep going to your doc. he’ll put you on as many meds to create a revolving door of fat cash to pay for all his toys. I’m not saying that all medicine is bad, but the majority is. AND, stupid, just because the FDA approved it, doesn’t mean a thing. Ignorant people make me laugh. Peace out.

          • Militia says:

            My grandmother took a pharmaceutical drug, approved by the FDA, for bone density growth. Well, instead of making her bones stronger, the drug made her bones hollow like bamboo shoots…

            She would never have known until she was getting into bed and SNAP went her femur, and as she was falling, SNAP went her other femur. Two rods later, she doing better than most, but finds it painful to care for 5 acres of land..

            Did I mention that it was approved by the FDA?

            My point is, that in my personal experiences whether approved by this person or that person, we should research and evaluate anything we put into our body and use on a daily basis. What is good for one,may not be good for another.

          • Ben_Franklin_II says:

            Do you really think those are the reasons pharma companies don’t want to get involved in natural treatment, or is the profit motive just a bit more likely? It is next to impossible for FDA to make such substances as garlic, papaya seeds etc. into prescription drugs and if they succeeded people would buy them elsewhere rather then go through the usual C.F. of doctors visits and getting scripts written and all the rest. It seems obvious to me although I’m not saying you could be right.

        • Angela says:

          The reason they haven’t been proven because FDA can’t regulate things that grow naturally. Most things we consider weeds are actually medicines. Take for instance red top clover, grows all over, read what all red top clover is good for. I prefer more natural, GOD gave it to us for a reason. FDA will give you crap that is for one thing but cause 10 other health issues. The FDA stays in business as long as people stay sick, if they heal themselves naturally then they will no longer be in business

      • S French says:

        The Royal Family in England has a Homeopath.

      • p a trizia says:

        Where you think most meds are deprived from? Please do the research before making such a blanket statement.

        • Zach Owen says:

          Pharmaceuticals are mostly petroleum derived. They can synthesize a natural substance and alter it slightly so it is patentable. When they alter it they will say it’s better than the natural substance, to justify the alteration.

        • Pamela K Sibley says:

          you mean to say “derived” from. Saying “deprived” from means the opposite, that most meds do not come from natural sources.

      • Dodi says:

        I would rather use nature and natural products than chemicals put together in a lab.

        • Sherry says:

          Where do you think chemicals come from?? Do you think a genie comes and poof! I hate when people say I like “natural” stuff, from nature. First of all, natural means nature made products…. we got it. Secondly everything is derived from Earth in some way shape and form. In particular though, chemicals are found in nature and combined in labs to make compound chemical/chemical mixtures.

          • Katey says:

            There is a HUGE difference between a natural substance from the earth, such as an herb, and a substance manufactured in a lab using some tiny, minute essence of the natural derivative. The chemicals in our food and medicines are anything but natural. Our bodies don’t even begin to process them in the same way. The healing properties of plants are, for the most part, bioavailable to our bodies. Substances manufactured in a lab are definitely not.

          • Mary says:

            Many pharmaceuticals are derived from natural plants. the problem occurs when these healing compounds are concentrated and isolated into a pure form. That is where the harshness and side effects come into play. In nature these compounds are also present but in milder form, meaning they heal more gently without the damaging reactions the concentrations create. One example is white willow bark, which yields the concentrated salicin of aspirin. White willow is safer than aspirin but at its core is the same substance, just in milder form. It takes longer for the pain relieving effects to occur but you lose the dangerous side effects as well. The same is true of many other drugs, and more and more people are using the natural form to get relief more safely.

          • April says:


      • Dizzle says:

        hahaha…well there goes mother nature at her finest!!
        Dig into your roots bredren… will learn much and go far.

      • Rebbeca says:

        Do your research. Almost if not all conventional drugs use natural substances found in nature!!! But conventional drugs are mixed with man made synthetic substances that are highly toxic (poisonous). Natural substance can be, but need to explore have experience the dosage to be used. Chinese have recorded like many other cultures on past experience on how to use things found in nature. The USA is the only country that does not give two shits about us. Wants us nearly dead. That is how these top industries wants us in order to rack up $$$$$. Sad but true. Why do you think they don’t know crap about proven natural medicines that has been proven for thousands of years? If this wasn’t true than as a human civilization would have been wiped out already!!! Keep in mind, other countries even their governments are refusing garbage foods for their people. Right now as we speak Russia as other countries have banned GMOs!!! It is very logical when you research why MONSANTO is doing to us and for what purposes. And why USA government accepts this crap they feed us. OUR SOCIETY is very ignorant about nutrition and is and will be suffering greatly with their health. Why sooo much illness and disease? Cancer on the rise dramatically? Our children are now being practically born with cancers? And heard in another 5 years will increase horrendously? My dear fellow patriots. Wake up, our new generations don’t know nothing about nutrition. I grew up hearing that their dinners came from opening up cans of vegetables, fruits and meats like spam, etc,.. And TV dinners!

      • Ayperi says:

        Ignorance breeds ignorance. You need to educate yourself on homeopathic and natural medicine. Either you are ignorant, or you are a high level executive at a drug manufacturing company pushing destructive chemicals on humans. Today’s chemical medicines are not made to “cure” anything. All they do is “maintain” or “mask” symptoms, all the while causing another health problem in the body. I know; I worked in the pharmaceutical industry. I saw what is done only in the name of “major profit”.

      • arne says:

        Your loss!!LOL what do you know about Homeopathy? have your researched it? on what basis do you junk it???!! ‘useless junk’ You come across as a dumb creature.

      • Vic says:

        Homeopathic.. pseudo science..

        Medicine has been “Homeopathic” since it began..

        Mocking Homeopathic Medicine is simply mindless. The AMA represents but one medical discipline, Ayurvedic.. Chinese Herbalism. Acupuncture.. The list is quote long. There has never been an in depth system wide scientific analysis of the effectiveness of one medical discipline over the other and that study would have to drill down to specific treatments for specific illnesses to have any validity..

        AMA and Western Pharmacology are but one route to health certainly not the only one nor the only effective one..

  2. Shalendra says:

    I have a spastic colon, what can I use

  3. lachumba says:

    This article is educative,i work where diarrhea is common and ave been practising some.

  4. kenneth says:

    diatomacious earth 2 tablespoons with water the sharp points and edges of microscopic diatoms slice the parasites apart and they are eliminated. also you get a good dose of silica. not medical advice just what works. same as any other free advice.

    • Jurgen says:

      Important not to use the diatomaceous earth that’s used in pool filters, as this one is poisonous. Instead use food grade ” fossil flour”

    • john rothwell says:

      diatomacious earth? is that bentonite?

      • Jenny says:

        No, it’s not the same. The first substance (DE) is a natural substance made up of the powdered remains of fossilized algae and is used among other things as a natural insecticide. There is DE which is food grade that can be taken orally to for detox purposes. Bentonite clay usually forms from weathering of volcanic ash, most often in the presence of water. Bentonite clay has some antibacterial properties that help to combat acne conditions and is a powerful detox agent. You can read more about clay and types of clay in my article how to use clay for body detox and grate skin –

    • Tara says:

      Make sure it is FOOD GRADE Diatomacious Earth (DE). I have found it works well for internal parasites. However, I’ve read that processed pool grade DE can kill you, and you don’t want to ingest the non-toxic garden DE pesticide either. Also, whatever will slice up crawling bugs in your garden and parasites in your gut can’t be that friendly for the very delicate tissues in your lungs. Don’t let it get airborne. Never, ever, Ever, EVER put it under your carpets or in your bed to get rid of bed bugs etc. The particles are sooooo small that your vacuum cleaner will just spit them out the other end – even HEPA filters won’t get all the particles – but your lungs will! You do NOT want to inhale DE, whether it contains silica or not. Again, not medical advice, just common sense.

  5. JD says:

    Is this stuff available at local markets?

  6. Mary says:

    Try Aloe Ferox Bitter Crystals or Fabulous Fibre Bitters. Both are anti parasitic, anti inflammatory and anti viral and will help eliminate parasites.

  7. Hetal Mashru says:

    hi. my daughter is complening stomch pain after drinking milk always. Is there matter of worring please reply me thanks

    • Jenny says:

      It might be that your daughter is lactose sensitive. Talk to your doctor about it so he/she can check it out.

    • Cheryl says:

      If she is lactose intolerant like me

    • Dana says:

      She may also be allergic or sensitive to the milk protein casein. Anything with milk will have it, but sometimes it’s just listed as casein or casenate. Dp a cleanse for a little while, but strictly avoid this over 6 month to be sure existing traces are flushed from the body and observe any positive or negative changes. She may loose weight, have better hormonal balance, eliminate stomach pain, help bowel movements, and probably resolve seemingly unrelated issues. Not medical advice, just offering my personal experience. Check for gluten sensitivity as we’ll. good luck!

  8. JIll says:

    all this sounds like menopaus symptoms?

  9. marie says:

    There’s no need to go to a conventional doctor who, if he even knows about non third world caught parasites, will just give you pharmaceutical drugs. Taking a mixture of clove oil and wormwood along with food grade diatomaceous earth will leave no parasites alive. Everyone who has a pet is exposed to parasites. Do your research on diatomaceous earth and you’ll want to take it for it’s many benefits besides parasite shredding.
    Except in the case of traumatic injury, conventional medicine should always be your last resort.

    • Jo Watton says:

      Marie when you say this mixture leaves ‘no parasites’ alive does that mean ALL parasites or just intestinal parasites? also what is the measurement for the mixture of clove oil wormwood and diatomaceous earth please? thanks in advance

    • Sherry says:

      “Conventional medicine should be a last resort always”??? REALLY?? WOW! That has to be one of the most ignorant comments I have ever read. Unless you are a Doctor of Medicine and spent 8 years in college getting your doctoral degree, then another 6 years or more as a resident practicing medicine, than your knowledge of the human body, diseases, and general health is INFERIOR to theirs. Trying to diagnose and treat yourself from a health issues is a great way to make yourself sick from possibly unnecessary treatments or to possibly misdiagnose yourself and in the process you leave the real medical issue unattended/treated to get worse. Trying to be a doctor yourself without having the knowledge or skills is how you get yourself or others sick. Doing research online and believing whatever you read is does not qualify you to advise others on their medical treatments and diagnosis. If someone is naive enough to ask and listen to someone online giving treatment advise without a medical degree or experience, and that person states that conventional medicine should be a last resort, then that’s on them.
      I also find it quite amusing that you state everyone who has a pet has been exposed to parasites. Not all pets have parasites if vaccinated as kitten/puppies and kept up to date, also most of the parasites that live in or on your pets do not or cannot cross species to live inside a human, so even if you were exposed for example to a heartworm, you’re not going to get heartworms. That statement was overall naive in the fact, we are all exposed to parasites repeatedly throughout our life. We are often protected and do not contract them b/c of our antibacterial soaps, handwashing, cleaning products, hand sanitizers, and other protections we take to avoid the spread of germs and infections.
      Jo, Marie is not a doctor and could not possibly tell you if that kills ALL, parasites as I doubt she knows every single one. After all that’s what a DOCTOR is for. I am not saying there is any harm in trying her mixture, but if your or the person experience medical problems does not experience any relief, symptoms get worse or new symptoms appear- you should contact your physician’s office immediately or go to the ER/Call 911. There can be an underline cause for the symptoms you were unaware of and left untreated, you may become ill.

      • Angela says:

        Well if I would have listened to a naturopathic doctor years ago, I would not be in the shape I’m in. I had Graves disease and was told that RAI was my only resort to heal my thyroid. I now have no thyroid and was put on synthroid for 16 years and suffered with at least 20 different health issues because of RAI and Synthroid. If I would have just used iodine for my thyroid I would have gotten better. If Dr’s would have treated my thyroid after RAI with NDT I could have been living a almost normal life for the last 16 years. But now I am feeling so much better that I found a naturopathic Dr who is treating me with NDT. And you know what, my problems are starting to get better and I don’t feel as bad.

      • T. Bacon says:

        Why are you such a jerk? People aren’t on here for Sherry, in my opinion you are a person that gets off on bashing others for their opinions. You don’t personally know these people to have such strong language about their posts. But I surely can tell from your ignorant post what type of person you are, so you should go finish destroying your love ones life and leave people alone for their opinions because frankly your mindset isn’t conventional or natural, you just like downing others. So you have a nice and miserable life with your negativity.

      • T. Bacon says:

        And p.s. no one asked you for your input or your ignorance.

      • David says:

        A doctor only has knowledge of what they are taught, for example they have no knowledge of chinese medicine, yet chinese medicine has been effective in china for years, they will have very little knowledge of acupuncture, yet acupuncture has been shown to be effective, and doctors often have very basic knowledge of nutrition, yet it has been proven that correct nutrition can prevent many health problems from occurring in the first place, which is far better than getting ill and taking pharmaceuticals, I know this myself because I am qualified in nutrition. You are being extremely naive to think western doctors are the be all and end all of health matters, especially when Japan, the country with the longest life expectancy in the world uses methods which western doctors have no knowledge of whatsoever.

      • Rebbeca says:

        Yes! Conventional medicine should hardly ever be used. Everytime you turn on the TV you constantly see law firms wanting you to sue due to deaths or physical…. Damages due to our prescious poisonous drug industry!! You wouldn’t get sick in the first place if you ate what God has created for us to eat. For thousands of years humans survived using earth remedies, natural foods found in nature!!! Honestly, please use your brains. Think! I honestly am so tired of people who can’t think rationally. Or do research on their own. Don’t you know that the drug industry uses natural substances found in nature and mix it with man made substances! Which poisonous. Than we have to call a law firm to sue. Even most of our vitamins are man made synthetics and our raw foods are GMOs that even Russia Government is banning GMOs in their country? Do research please!

  10. Stacy Hale says:

    It has to be a comprehensive stool test. The regular test will miss it! The parasites if dead in stool are missed. Only one percent of all stool samples caught parasites. Also there is a parasite that’s called Draco archon that is spreading like wild fire. It’s in your blood and brain causing all sorts of mental and physical problems. And the government knows this just don’t want people to panic.

  11. mick says:

    Thank you for this info. Like so many others, I can’t afford insurance or a doctor.

  12. Vanessa R says:

    every single american has parasites. unless your vegan and have been detoxifying. underdeveloped countries have parasites from hygiene issues. america and “developed” places have parasites because it is made in the gut from bad food. junk food. food made with stuff our bodies cannot digest. the same way maggots grow on organic matter when left alone in a humid area is comparable to what happens inside of us. if y=our body cannot digest it, then it sits there, always poisoning us. this is why humans were born vegan. eating animals is the worst. we cannot and are not built to digest meat. overtime your flora dies cause the ignorant abuse not because of old age or whatever myth you all want to swallow. physically remove the crap you cannot digest with a gentle natural colonix program from drnatura while going vegan the right way. then sit back and get ready to get rid of all your health problems. trust me i would know… i wouldnt be here now if it wasnt for what i have learned about the truth of humans. its all in the food. watch what the health on netflix or for free on youre very welcome

  13. Ash says:


    I have read all the comments and have tried everything. Docters could not detect any parasites because there is a major flaw in the method.

    I do not know if this flaw that exists within all the Medical Industries of the world is intentional however it is suspicious that the failed method has existed for years without it being addressed.

    However i having said this Anti Parasitics from Big Pharma is definitely the most effective way of treating these pests.

    Homeopathic remedies such as, DE Earth, CLoves, Bentonite Clay, Activated Charcole Origano, Garlic, Woodworm take a very very long time to fix the problem and that is if you are lucky.

    Turpentine is prob the best alt remedy one can use however again it is a hit and miss.

    I speak from Years of experiance and Research.

    Good Luck

    God Bless.

  14. janet says:

    very true. 10 years ago, i came in for migraine, i was prescribed, anti depressant and pain killers, for the last ten years, i was diagnosed with lupus, RA, chronic back pain, depression (morepills) i have taken so many pills, i became addicted to pills until one day my kids pointed out to me that the meds is making me sick. One day i was grocery shopping, when a lady saw holding my stomach because it was hurting, it turns out shes a natural homeopathic doctor, i followed her to her office and diagnosed me with leaky gut (from taking medications the lining of intestine was infammed) and parasite. Even if i change my diet to healthy, workout, parasite still inside me killing me little by little. I did colon cleanse, follow by para cleanse which im on my 6th months. its crazy parasites still coming out of me after 6 months, and all from natural herbs. So yes, pharms kills, natural lives longer.

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