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Get a Flat Tummy at Home with These 8 Simple Exercises (With Pictures)

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Get a Flat Tummy at Home with These 8 Simple Exercises

Being physically active is a key to losing belly fat and should be combined with healthy nutrition. I’ve written about the best foods that help fight belly fat and I’ve mentioned that a proper nutrition is just part of the picture.  Most of belly fat is a consequence of unhealthy lifestyle – being physically inactive and consuming too much calories. You will see much quicker results when you eat foods that target belly fat combined with exercising.

While finding an activity that you enjoy and do on a regular basis, such as walking, running or biking is great, it’s also recommended to target the specific area of the belly to tone the muscles and give the area a better definition and shape.  And here come several simple belly exercises that you can easily do at home.

The abdomen (which is less formally called belly, stomach, or tummy) is the part of the body between the chest and the pelvis. The abdominal muscles assist in the breathing process, provide flexibility and movement, protect the inner organs and are a key element for supporting the spine and they also provide postural support together with the back muscles.


In the front of the abdomen, there is a major muscle called the rectus abdominis, also known as the “abs” and “lower abdominals”, it is a paired muscle running vertically on each side of the anterior wall of the human abdomen.

The obliques are the muscles on the side of the upper body that assist in turning the body from side to side. This is the area of the body which is also called “love handles”. It is important to properly work your obliques as toning them can help create a nice looking waist and better movement.

When we do the basic sit-ups and crunches (see exercise 1), we only do up and down movement so we work on the “6 pack” area, but when we crunch and twist (exercise 2), we work the oblique muscles as the twisting movement is the one that work your obliques.

Note: My e-book Blast Your Belly Fat – covers in great detail how to get rid of belly fat and it has all the information you need for getting rid of belly fat (including a detailed nutrition plan and exercise plan).

8 Flat Tummy Exercises at Home (With Pictures)

1. Crunches / sit ups

This exercise is beneficial for your upper abdomen. Lay on the floor and hold your hands by your ears rather than behind your head to prevent a neck strain. Bend your knees with your feet on the floor. Then lift your shoulders and upper back up and away from the floor with your face pointing toward the ceiling. Exhale as you come up as far as you can, hold for a second, then inhale as you return to the starting position. Repeat 15-25 times.



2. Crunch and twist

This exercise works the obliques (also known as love handles). Start with the same position as the above exercise (crunches), but this time raise yourself up slowly then twist your body from the waist (not back and shoulders). Try to touch your left knee with your right elbow, untwist and go to starting position. The next time do the opposite side and try to touch your right knee with your left elbow. Repeat on each side 10-15 times.

crunch and twist

3. Pike and Extend

Lie on the floor with your legs extended over your hips (see the left image). Then crunch up so your hands reach towards your feet. Then bring your arms back overhead while at the same time you lower your left leg towards the floor. Then crunch up again while your hands reach both your toes, but this time when you bring your arms back overhead, lower your right leg towards the floor. Repeat 20 times alternating sides.

pike and extend


4. Front Bridge exercise (planks)

This exercise is great for strengthening your core muscles and is also good for the back (read my other post for more great exercises to strengthen your back). Suck your belly button and keep your body as straight as possible without locking your knees. Continue to breathe and don’t hold your breath. Hold yourself in this position as long as you can, then rest. Repeat 2-3 times. Gradually extend the time of holding yourself in the position.

Front bridge up

Also make sure to read my article on how to use planks to transform your entire body.

5. Hip lifts

Lie on the floor with your arms by your sides. Your palms facing down and your legs over your hips at 90 degrees. Feet are flexed. Then lift your hips off the floor using your core muscles while your legs are reaching towards the ceiling. Then return to the starting position. Repeat 15 times.


Hip lift

6. Crunch Chop And Crunch Chop Twist

Lie on the floor while your legs are over your hips at 90 degrees and your arms are overhead. Take a deep breath, and when you exhale, lift your head and shoulders off the floor, and as you crunch up, open your legs so your arms chop through your legs. Repeat this movement for 1 minute.

When you want to work your obliques, chop each hand through the opposite leg, for example, when you lift your head and shoulders off the floor, chop with right hand through your left leg and alternate between the sides.

tummy exercise

7. Side Plank

This exercise will not only help you get a flat tummy, but it can also help you get a firmer, rounder butt. Lie on your right side while your legs are extended and your feet and hips resting on the floor on top of each other. Your right elbow should be directly under your shoulder as per the illustration. Then contract your core muscles and lift your hips and knees off the floor. Hold for as long as you can and then return to the starting position. Then do the other side and repeat.

side planks

8. Leg Drop

Lie on the floor while your legs are over your hips at 90 degrees. slowly lower your legs as low as you can without touching the floor, but make sure not to lift your lower back. Then raise your legs to the starting position. Repeat 10 times.

 leg drop

Find more information on how lose your belly without counting calories or starving yourself in my book “Blast Your Belly Fat” – this is the ULTIMATE guide for losing belly fat FAST.

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  5. andrew john says:

    really good but I want to know if
    I suppose to have all of those tummy exercise at a time?

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Andrew, you don’t have to do all of them at one time. You can choose only some of them, but make sure to alternate between them so you get to work on both the abs and obliques and for diversification.

  6. Ajiripghene says:

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    I am 98 kgs now.When I am trying to reduce my weight with my diet and exercise.I am ok with the diet but while doing exercise feeling heavy pain whole body and also chest is paining too.Then,feeling like not doing exercise.

    • Jenny says:

      The heavier you are, the more difficult it is to exercise, but you have to start from somewhere. Focusing on diet only is not enough. Start from mild exercise and gradually build it, and as time goes on and you start to loose weight and develop your fitness, it will become easier.

      • Faizan says:

        Hi jenny ,

        I have back muscles spasm and i am doing back excersise and it is getting better but can i do these exceesises as i informed you i am having back spasm and can i do on tredmill ?

        • Jenny Hills says:

          Hi Faizan, I’m not a physiotherapist so I cannot give specific advice. Generally speaking, you need to listen to your body. If certain exercise or exercises cause you to feel pain and discomfort, then don’t do them until your back feels better. Same with treadmill – walking is very good for you but you need to adapt the pace to what feels comfortable and manageable for your current situation.

  10. naoemi ignacio says:

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    • Jenny says:

      I’m not really sure to be honest. Have you ever done before ab workout? did it happen then? Maybe it worth to try doing crunches on the big exercise ball so your upper body is elevated rather than when all the body is lying on the floor. Maybe it will ease the uncomfortable feeling.

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    Im doing this routine for almost two weeks now. And I am happy for the results that I get. I feel that my tummy becomes flat.

  28. jummy says:

    thanks very much can i do the exercise before eating or after eating.secondly how can i cure broken heels and feet

    • Jenny says:

      Do the exercises before eating. I’m not sure about your second question – best to consult with a doctor or podiatrist.

  29. Evelyn says:

    How long do we have to invest in these exercise and any foods to be taken to enhance the effect?

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    What is the right time to exercise and how manny times a day?

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Suzzane, don’t exercise straight after eating (wait for an hour afterwards). Other than that you can exercise whenever you want – you need to fit the time into your own schedule. You can exercise several times a week, for example every other day.

  34. suravi says:

    Hi jenny, im working in a tight schedule, so what should be the right time for doing these excersises.?
    And what should be the diffence of timing between a meal n exercise.

    • Jenny says:

      You need to be flexible and fit the exercise according to your own schedule. These exercises can be done at any time of the day, but don’t exercise straight after a meal (wait for at least an hour afterwards).

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    • Jenny says:

      Hi Danette, you need to do whatever you can and listen to your body. Bent knees is better than nothing. It’s like the common exercise of “push ups” that many people cannot do it with straight legs and do it with bent knees.

  38. sanchita says:

    Hi jenny. I read ur article, nd all comments, jenny plz tell me that how can i start these exercises, with some body warming,or direct floor exercises

    • Jenny says:

      I start my day with gentle stretching exercises for a couple of minutes to warm up a little bit and then do the floor exercises. It’s always a good idea to warm up a little bit before exercising.

  39. sanchita says:

    Jenny plz recommend me some best diet also,which help me burn belly fat fast

  40. anne says:

    after the 1st day of exercise i feel sore. shoul i still eork out the next day?

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Anne, start gradually and listen to your body. Start with only 3 times a week so you have a day gap between each exercise. Do it for a while until you build some strength and then you can gradually increase the frequency when you feel ready for that.

  41. Modipadi says:

    I’ve 9 weeks given birth , are those exercises safe for me ?

    • Jenny says:

      You need to listen to your body and see how it reacts. Everyone is different. You can start with only 3 times a week and see how you go. Than you can gradually increase the frequency.

  42. Mary says:

    I really love this tips, but I ve just given birth about five weeks now is the exercise safe for me?thanks

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Mary, everyone is different. Some people feel they can gradually return to mild exercise while others need more time. It’s always a good idea to listen to your body. The best thing to do is probably to start gradually from few minutes 3 times a week and see how you go. Then you can always gradually increase the time or frequency as time goes on.

  43. ahsan says:

    i have a lower back problem…
    to do these exercises are safe for me????????

    • Jenny says:

      Generally speaking, if a person has a bad back, strengthening their abdominal muscles and core muscles is a great way to combat common back pain. However each individual is different and has a specific condition, and since I’m not a certified health practitioner I believe the safest thing for you is to consult with a physiotherapist or a certified fitness trainer that can have a look specifically about your case and recommend you which exercises are the best or safest for your condition.

  44. janie says:

    how can i make my breasts firm and less soft

    • Jenny says:

      Training your chest muscles will build muscle underneath the fat that makes up your breasts and tone the area giving a firmer look to the breast. There are many chest workouts in the web, for example: Wikihow (part 2), here and here.

  45. Conscience says:

    I really like this but some of them i am finding it quite difficult to do,espcially lying on the floor stuff. What should i do

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    is it good to take the exercises while on bed?

    • Jenny says:

      I can understand that exercising on the floor/carpet, even with an exercise mat, can be uncomfortable. However exercising in bed depends on the softness of your bed surface. Inadequate support from a sagging mattress platform can also cause back strain and discomfort. If you decide to exercise in your bed, your mattress should be firm and flat without obvious sagging springs.

    • Sekedi says:

      Won’t advise one to use this method, it is not challenging.

  50. vinic says:

    hi Jenny?I fill so painful especially along the abdomial area….this started to happen after doing the sit ups…is the pain to end or I will be experiencing such pain forever?I fill uneasy to do the situps anymore.. tell of what to do pls…

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Vinic, the pain will subside eventually. When you haven’t exercised a certain muscle for a long time it is common to experience pain. Go easy on yourself and do the exercises gradually. Listen to your body and if you feel that a certain exercise is not good for you, just do other ones. You don’t have to do all of them.

  51. Saviour says:

    Am having problems with my abdomen, its big, can this exercise make it flat? please i need answers

    • Jenny says:

      If you are overweight and have large belly, then a proper diet and exercising are important to improve the situation. These exercises can help, but will not do the job alone if you are not active and eat unhealthy nutrition.

  52. vinic says:

    for how long does somebody start seeing the results?and for what period am I to exercise? is it advisable for somebody with ulcers to do the exercises?

    • Jenny says:

      I can’t give you exact period of time as everybody is different and it takes time to see results, but I believe several weeks. There are no “hard rules” as for how long to exercise, but I guess 10-15 minutes 3 times a week is fine. I’m not sure what about doing these exercises when having ulcers (I’m not a doctor). I believe you need to listen to your body and if there is time when you feel uncomfortable doing the exercises, then stop doing them.

  53. Naomi says:

    When do I take water. Should it be before or after the exercise?

  54. Salman says:

    Could you maybe give me an abridged version of this routine, which is still as effective.. since i’m making this a daily thing.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Salman, you don’t have to do all the exercises every day. You can choose just a few and rotate between them.

  55. prabhjot says:

    Hi..i have slight belly .like its not that I have so much weight on my stomach.but the thing is I used to have flat belly last year.but I have gained some fat over my belly this year.maybe due to some bad eating habits .will you please tell me which exercise out of these will work better for me.thanks

    • Jenny says:

      It’s best to rotate between them so each time you choose different exercise/s. That way you make sure your body doesn’t get used to the same exercise all the time, you work on slightly different muscles and you don’t get bored.

  56. Nankelly says:

    I am so happy seeing these tips, I will start doing them immediately but I want to ask, can one wear tummy trimmer to do all these exercises, is it advisable?

    • Jenny says:

      I think it will restrict your movements and might be uncomfortable, so perhaps best to remove it while exercising, but it’s really up to you.

  57. David Bloomquist says:

    I’m also doing exercises for the back, and If I add all of these to my routine, I simply do not want to take the time required to do them all. Can you pick two or three (or four if you must) out of the eight which are the most effective. I’d like to do two or three and get rid of my stomach fat. Eight is way, way too many. I do not think many people will stay with this program very long if they try to do them all.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi David, you can choose only 2-3 exercises a day and rotate between them. You don’t have to do them all.

  58. Merrcy Osei says:

    Very useful. Thanks.

  59. Mbalentle says:

    i really want to have a flat belly i guess this could help me

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    I am really skinny but my belly is fat what do I do?

  63. slss says:

    oh tried one and it worked.tho i feel pains in my abdomen.jenny my stomach is kinda getting harder.i hope its alright.

    • Jenny says:

      If you didn’t do tummy exercises for a long time, it is natural to feel a slight pain in the tummy area after doing them. The idea is that you’re basically creating a micro trauma in the muscle, and when the muscle recovers, it’s going to become stronger and denser than it was before. So that soreness you feel the day after the workout is good (I’m talking about normal workout and not aggressive workout).

  64. yemmy says:

    I pray it work if i start. Must i do all the excercises

    • Jenny says:

      No, you don’t need to do all the exercises. Every day choose 2-3 exercises and alternate between them so every day you do different exercises for variation.

  65. Harika says:

    Haii jenny..

    Do u have any exercises that slims arms without using dumbells please.. And give me some tips for quick weight loss results..

  66. Grace will says:

    Thanks, this routine has really helped me and am seeing results

  67. Romanesse says:

    Hi…. I was thinking if what will happen if I will repeat this exercises the whole day and will only stop if I will eat my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Will I get the results? I’ve ABSOLUTELY nothing to do the whole day tomorrow and I desperately want to get rid of this belly fats…. I hope of getting a reply….

  68. Akhilesh says:

    am a 3rd year architecture student
    thank you so much for the tips.
    before seeing your page I’ve done exercises like these but..found the size of my belly increased a bit!!!:(
    I think it was because the wrong way I was doing or the way I was taking in and out the air was wrong!
    can you help me out how to do the breathing during exercising!?

    that would be really thankful!:)

    • Jenny says:

      I don’t think the way you breathe affects your tummy, but here are some breathing guidelines for the exercises:
      For the crunches (exercises 1-2) – breathe in when you go down to the floor. Breathe out when you lift yourself to do the crunch. Same for exercises 3 and 6.
      Exercises 4 and 7 – continue to breathe regularly and don’t hold your breath.
      Exercise 5 – breathe in when your bottom is on the floor. Breathe out when you lift your bottom up.
      Exercise 8 – breathe in when your legs are over your hips at 90 degrees. Breathe out when lowering your legs.

  69. Pkd says:

    In a week do i have to do daily excercise to shape legs and butt and can i make abs at home without any equipment?

    • Jenny says:

      You don’t need to do it daily, but several times a week is recommended (for example every other day so you give time for the muscles to rest). It’s also good to alternate between the exercises for diversification. As for the abs – the exercises in this article don’t require any equipment and you can do them at home.

  70. Nicholas says:

    please is there an exercise on how to reduce man boobs? It makes me feel uncomfortable when I put on my shirt but am also not obese or fat. I don’t take in alcohol or any drug. It developed when I was an adolescent and has refused to go since then. I am 24years old now

  71. dara says:

    hi….thanks for the tips, I really need it….

  72. Dinesh says:

    Hi I’m 23yr old. My weight is 74kg.
    Having tummy issue, actually I spend most of time in front of computer but I jog daily and do 5minute cycling and 50 crunches and nowadays I also minimize eating fast food(only once in a week), but still there is no improvement!!!
    Any advice?

  73. Selina says:

    can i excercise early in the morning and also at night before going to bed

    • Jenny says:

      Many people find that it’s not good for them to exercise before going to bed as it disturbs their sleep. However I’ve found a research from 2013 that challenged this idea (see more information about it here). It was suggested by Jessica Matthews, a fitness instructor and a spokeswoman for the American Council on Exercise, that it’s become clearer that different times work for different people. She suggests people who want to try late-day exercise to give it go and play around with the timing, intensity and type of workout to see what feels right for them.

  74. Yash shah says:

    I really felt this helpful for my body…..I just want to suggest me proper way to tighten my loose skin
    I had lost around 20 kgs in almost 3 months with having diet and exercise too but I dont know how my skin became soo loose…..please suggest me with some exercises….

  75. Megan says:

    Hey Jenny! Love your website! Im 15 years old and I’m looking to get toned before spring break! This isn’t for anyone else, simply myself so I can feel confident in a bathing suit. Im not overweight or anything, I’m 125 pounds and 5’7 so I figure thats average. Would doing this entire exercise every other day during the week days be good? (the days I’m not doing this I’m doing a different exercise routine to target a different area of my body) Thanks in advance!

  76. Priya says:

    Hey Jenny! I’m 17 years old. I actually had a very flat stomach till a little over a year ago. Once I had turned 15 I had become more of a junkie and had food from outside every single day, of which I can see the effects now. I have a bit of a tummy which is kind of embarrassing and stops me from wearing crop tops. Its not much but I would like to have the flat stomach again. How many times in a day/week should I do these exercises and how long would it approximately take to get back in shape?

    • Jenny says:

      You can do it several times a week, for example every other day (one day on, one day off). I can’t give you exact period of time as everybody is different and it takes time to see results, so patience is required. It took you time to get the belly fat and it will take time to lose it. You need of course to combine the exercise with a healthy nutrition to get the best results. I believe you will start seeing improvement within several weeks, and as you continue, your belly will be more toned.

  77. stainless says:

    does this exercise give a lady a manly structure??

  78. nompilo says:

    I am thirteen years old n I’m a little overweight and I really want to loose weight before I go to high school…so would this help me loose weight?

    • Jenny says:

      For best results you need to combine both physical activity and healthy nutrition. You can find in my website various of exercises (including illustrations) for various areas in your body (use the search option) and you can combine it with a cardio workout, such as walking. In addition to that, make sure you are eating healthy and balanced diet which includes wholesome foods and avoid as much as you can junk food and processed foods (also read my article about 12 Simple Tweaks for Weight Loss and Great Health).

  79. Alice says:

    Its very helpful,,, thanks.

  80. nompilo says:

    my name is nompilo I’m 13 years old and I want to loose weight before I go to high school next year could you pls suggest me some exercises

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Nompilo, I have various exercises in my websites for various areas in the body including exercises target multiple muscle groups. You can use the search option in the website or through Pinterest. You can also combine walking (see more information here). If you keep being active and maintain a healthy and balanced nutrition with no junk food you will see results.

  81. Leo says:

    Dear Jenny,
    I can’t seem to be able to lift my legs over my hips in the pike and extend but I try to do it in original crunch position. Will I still get s good result? Will it be as effective?

    • Jenny says:

      You can only do what you can. You need to listen to your body and not force things, otherwise you can create more damage than good. It takes time to build flexibility and strength. If you persevere, you will find that along time you will improve. Start with exercises that are easier for you and build gradually your flexibility and strength.

  82. Leo says:

    Dear Jenny,
    Is there an easier way to do the crunch chop and crunch chop twist?

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Leo, if you feel that this exercise is too difficult for you, do instead the regular crunches and crunch & twist (the first 2 exercises) which are similar but easier. Once you build up you muscles, you can always try back crunch chop and crunch chop twist.

  83. Samiee says:

    Jenny, I am going well with the exercises, is it advisable I do them everyday? also, when is the most convenient time for these work outs?

    • Jenny says:

      You don’t need to do them everyday as not to over-train your muscles. You can do them 3-4 times a week every other day. You also don’t need to do all of them. Every time choose 2-3 different exercises and rotate between them. You can do the exercises any time of the day that suits you, just not after eating a large meal.

  84. Tiwonge Manda says:

    Hello jenny, thanks for the tips I really need a flat it possible to donit in the afternoon after my classes?

    • Jenny says:

      I’m not sure which classes you refer to. Generally speaking you can be flexible and exercise whenever it’s suitable for you and adjust it to your own schedule.

      • Geline Pabon says:

        Do exercise have a perfect time?
        Or we can just do it any time of the day?

        • Jenny Hills says:

          You can fit them into your own schedule and do them whenever it’s suitable for you. Just don’t do them after you’ve eaten a big meal. Also some people find that exercising late in the evening may affect their sleep, but it’s really up to you.

  85. vera says:

    I used to have a very flat tummy, but after giving birth to two it has really become very big….will these tips really help me out? sake of this am now somehow shapeless

    • Jenny says:

      The best way to get back into shape is to combine both healthy nutrition and being physically active, and targeting specifically the problematic area. It also takes time for the body to get back to it’s previous shape, so patience is required.

  86. llhorrey says:

    I am working on these exercise but do u have any work out for big butt

  87. Sidhiniwe Hokonya says:

    I think I have to try this my tummy is big

  88. john turner says:

    i have people i am working help them achieve a flat tummy…..i need a stronger program i can use on them to make it faster…and also the kind of food they are too eat

  89. daisy doodle says:

    does it matter how big your stomach is? mine is pretty chubby, not quite biggest loser chubby, but nowhere near close to ‘almost flat’ either. i’ve noticed most people here seem to only have a bit of a tummy and i’m just wondering if i’d need to have a more intense workout?

    • Jenny says:

      To get better and faster results you need to combine physical activity with a proper nutrition/diet. It’s good to combine these exercises with other form of exercise such as walking or exercises for other body parts which I have in the website (use the “search” option). Combining both cardio workout (such as walking, bike riding, swimming, rowing, aerobic workouts) as well as resistance training (such as dumb bells, resistance bands or your own body weight) with good eating habits will give better overall results. You can also try the interval training method which you can start very gradually as it’s very intensive.

  90. preeti says:

    These are really useful.

  91. sanga says:

    Thank u very much jenny for the tips

  92. Aly says:

    Hi Jenny.Thanks so much for this tips.I have some spots on my skin,and its been for a long Time.Do u know any way that i can get rid of it?Am nt really comfortable with my skin.Thanks

  93. Alexedward says:

    A diet too high in carbs & too low in protein will make you gain excess water weight.
    Too much fat in the diet will keep you bloated longer by slowing down digestion keeping food in your stomach longer.
    When 30% of your diet is protein you’ll lose weight faster.

  94. Naveen says:

    Hi, now am 75kg i would like to reduce weight around my waist. if am folowing ur suggested workouts, within how many days i will see the change. And also can you suggest me some diet plans for that

    • Jenny Hills says:

      I cannot give you a specific time frame as every person is different, and results vary between different people. Also each person has other factors that affect his weight loss rate, such as metabolism, physical activity and nutrition.

  95. Ma Gina Abellar says:

    Hi Jenny,
    Am 43 turning 44 this year, I used to be a skinny, flat belly after my miscarriage bout year and half I got fat not bad but my belly is getting big ish ,getting insecure now I wanted to try exercise who could help me back my size, flat belly too. Just am always busy at work sometime too tired to do it, it is okey if I do it in different time plus I love cookingand eating. Please give me advice banks gina

    • Jenny Hills says:

      Hi Gina, you can exercise any time of the day that fits your schedule. Flexibility is important if you want to sustain it for the long term. You can find in this website exercises for various areas of your body which you can do at home. Combining this with aerobic exercising such as walking, will optimize the results. As for your love to cooking and eating – losing weight only by exercising is difficult if you don’t pay attention to what you eat. It’s the combination of both healthy nutrition and being physically active that gives the best results. You can still enjoy cooking and eating a healthy food that will give your body the nutrients you need, and there are plenty of healthy and tasty recipes that you can try at home. You can also find some simple tweaks that will help you to lose weight in this article.

  96. aisha says:

    Is this really helpful
    i just want flat tummy no abs
    is this possible in all this exercise

    • Jenny Hills says:

      Yes, it really works but only if you are persistent, patient and change lifestyle habits such as adhering to healthy nutrition and being physically active.

  97. lisha says:

    Well I dont exercise that much , but when I tried those exercises , I felt pain and tiredness. Is it because my body is not use to it? What should I do?

    • Jenny Hills says:

      Building fitness takes time. When you start exercising after being inactive, it’s quite logical to assume that your body and muscles are not used to that and get tired and painful relatively quickly. I believe that if you haven’t exercised before, you need to start exercising gradually and always listen to your body. You don’t have to do all the exercises at once. You can only start from 2 or 3 exercises and alternate between them, and gradually increase your exercise time (while also working on other parts of your body to increase overall fitness). I believe that after several weeks and once your level of fitness has improved, you will feel more energized and your abdominal muscles will be less painful.

  98. poonam says:

    I think these excercise very simple everybody should do this I like it I want to do also so I will start also .

  99. Brendah says:

    The exercises are good am gonna try them and give u the feedback but do I have to do all of them at once or?

    • Jenny Hills says:

      No, you don’t need to do all of them at once. You can choose only some of them, but make sure to alternate between them so you get to work on both the abs and obliques and for diversification.

  100. mathilda maphanga says:


    I love my lower body (hips and butt), just want to get rid of my big tummy. Please help

  101. mercy says:

    hi Jenny,
    Am skinny but with big belly. which are the best exercise to lose tummy but also get wider hips

    • Jenny Hills, Medical Writer and Researcher says:

      I’m not entirely sure as per how to get bigger hips, but for the tummy any exercise from the list will do the job – It’s good to alternated between them rather than do the same exercise all the time.

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