How to Get a Bigger Butt: Easy Ways to Get a Rounder, Firmer Butt

How to Get a Bigger Butt: Easy Ways to Get a Rounder, Firmer Butt

Getting a bigger, firmer butt is possible with the proper type of exercises, diet and lifestyle choices. A rounder, firmer butt is attainable if you are willing to put in enough physical activity to train and firm your buttock muscles. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to getting a “bubble butt” that looks bigger, rounder, and more desirable.

As well as knowing about the best exercises to get a bigger butt, it’s also important to know which foods help to tone your butt muscles. That is why an exercise program that targets, strengthens and enlarges the muscles in your buttocks should incorporate the right amount of protein and healthy carbs. However, if you stick to the butt building program in this article, you will quickly see that your butt is firmer and has the toned, round shape you want.

In this article, you will learn how to tone your butt muscle to get them rounder and bigger using only natural methods. You will also find out which foods to eat to get a bigger butt naturally.

You Need to Tone Your Butt Muscles to Get a Rounder, Bigger Butt Naturally

Your butt can only get bigger as it gets stronger and as the muscles in your buttocks get properly toned.

The main muscles in your buttocks that give them their shape and strength are the gluteal muscles, or sometimes just called the glutes. According to a sports injury clinic, the main muscle in the buttocks is the gluteus maximus and it’s this muscle that gives your buttocks their rounded shape. This is also one of the strongest muscles in your body. Your butt also contains gluteus medius and gluteus minimus muscles.1

Therefore, if you want to get a bigger and rounder butt, you need to exercise and strengthen these muscles to make them grow.

Getting the perfect rounded butt that looks bigger calls for more than just exercising to tone the butt muscles. Dr. Pamela Peeke on WebMD says that your glutes are covered by a subcutaneous layer of fat. This layer of fat also affects the appearance of your butt. So, in addition to exercising your butt muscles, you also need to have a good diet regime to lose unnecessary fat from your rear end to make it firmer.2

In the end, Dr. Peeks says that toning your butt muscles to get them rounder and bigger naturally requires a proper diet of healthy food and nutrition and a robust cardio and strength training program.

Many of the butt-enlarging exercises involve short bursts of high-intensity exercises with intervals of moderate recovery periods (HIIT training). HIIT exercises help burn fat from your butt and the rest of your body and also boost your metabolism at the same time.

The Best Exercises to Get a Bigger Rounder Butt Fast (including illustrations)

First of all, let’s look at some of the best exercises to help you get a bigger rounder butt fast.

How to get a bigger butt at home with squats

Squats are a great way to get a bigger butt quickly because they help to tone and strengthen your glutes.

Doing weighted squat exercises to help firm your butt muscles will also help you strengthen your athletic ability and has added cardiovascular benefits. In fact, according to Dr. Pamela Peeke on WebMD, squats are a great butt-shaping exercise that are easy for most people to perform.2

How to do squats to get a bigger, rounder, and firmer butt

For this squat exercise to make your butt bigger and more toned, you will need weights like dumbbells for each hand. This is what you should do:

  1. Hold a weight in each hand and stretch your hands forward for extra balance.
  2. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and stick out your butt backward.
  3. Bend your knees as if you are sitting on a chair, keeping your body as straight as possible, and looking straight ahead. (Your thighs should be parallel to the floor).
  4. Hold the sitting position for a few seconds to strengthen your glutes.
  5. Clench your butt muscles and push upwards.
  6. Repeat 3 sets of 15 repetitions. (Have a 10-15 seconds rest between each set).
  7. Repeat the butt-strengthening squats 2-3 times a week to get a bigger firmer butt.

Get A Bigger Butt with Squats

If you don’t have a set of dumbbells, then a milk jug or water bottle securely sealed will act as a good weight for your butt squats. As your glutes strengthen and your butt gets rounder, you may need to increase the weight of the dumbbells or kettlebells.

To get a bigger rounder butt quicker, you will need more than just squat exercises. Read on to find out other exercises that help to progressively make your buttocks larger and stronger.

Butt bridge exercise to get a bigger butt faster

Another great way to get your butt in shape and have it looking rounder and firmer is by doing butt bridge exercises.

Sometimes, called the glute bridge exercise, this method helps to strengthen and shape weakened glutes. Butt bridge exercises will also help to strengthen your lower back and prevent lower back pain.

How to do the butt bridge to firm your buttocks

This is an easy exercise that you can do at home to strengthen weak glutes and get your rear end looking round and firm. This is what you should do:

  1. Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the ground, and arms by your side.
  2. Lift your hips off the floor by pushing from your hips, not your heels.
  3. Push as far as you can so that there is a straight line from your shoulders to your knees.
  4. Squeeze your butt muscle as much as you can.
  5. Hold for a few seconds and gently return to the starting position.
  6. Repeat 2 sets of 10 repetitions with a 10-15 rest between each set to get a bigger butt.

Butt bridge exercise to get a bigger butt faster

You can also make the butt bridge exercise a little more difficult to help strengthen and tone your butt muscles even more. This is what you should do:

  1. Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the ground, and arms by your side.
  2. Raise one leg until it is stretched out.
  3. Then, using the other leg for support, push from your hips to lift your butt in the air.
  4. You should have a straight line from your shoulders to the foot of the raised leg.
  5. Lower yourself and repeat with the other leg.
  6. Repeat the exercise 10 times for each leg to get a bigger butt.

bridge pose 2

Clamshell workouts for a firmer bubble butt

One way to get that amazing bubble butt looks is to do the clamshell exercise to strengthen your glutes.

The clamshell exercise will help you get that bubble butt you are looking for because it will tighten, tone, and strengthen your buttocks. In fact, according to a study published in the Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy, the clamshell is one of the best exercises for strengthening the glutes, hips, and pelvis.3

How to use the clamshell exercise for getting a bigger butt fast

If you want to help give your butt a firmer, athletic and sexy appearance in under 30 days using the clamshell exercise, this is what you should do:

  1. Lie on your left side on the floor and bend your hips and knees at a 45-degree angle.
  2. Keep your right foot in contact with your left foot and raise your knee as far as you can without moving your pelvis.
  3. Hold the position for a few seconds and return to the starting position.
  4. Repeat 10 times to help improve your buttock strength and make it firmer.
  5. Turn on to your other side and repeat the clamshell exercise to help increase your butt size.
  6. Use the exercise 2-3 times a week to improve the tone of your buttocks.

Clamshell workouts for a firmer bubble buttTo make the exercise more challenging and get a bigger butt faster, you can put a resistance band around your legs just above your knees.

Hill sprint workout to get a bigger butt without weights

One of the best cardio workouts that also firms your glutes to give you a bigger butt is hill sprinting.

High-intensity interval sprinting is a must if you need to shed extra fat off your buttocks and get a great looking butt. In order to get your butt muscles toned, it is best if you sprint up the stairs or a hill. In fact, studies have shown that running up and down stairs is more effective to your overall cardio health than just running.4

How to get a bigger rounder butt by sprinting

To get a bigger butt by sprinting or running up the stairs you should ideally find a running track with bleachers. This is what you should do:

  1. Warm up by jogging around the track for about 3-5 minutes making sure to flex your arms while jogging.
  2. Sprint up the stairs as fast (and as safely) as you can for 20 seconds.
  3. Gently jog down the stairs about half the speed as you ascended them.
  4. Again, sprint up the stairs at 100% intensity for 20 seconds, then gently descend the stairs for 10 seconds.
  5. Repeat until you can run no more.

If you don’t live near a running track, then try to find a large flight of stairs.

Planks for Firmer and Rounder Glutes

Planks are a great way to tone your butt muscles and help you get a rounder butt fast.

There are many physical benefits to doing plank exercises as they also strengthen your core as well as getting your butt into shape. According to the Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine, plank exercises, especially side planks, are effective exercises you can do at home to strengthen gluteal muscles.5

How to use plank exercises for a firmer and rounder butt

There are many variations on the plank exercises, but here are instructions on how to do the side plank if you want to get a firmer butt faster:

  1. Lie on your side on a mat with one leg on top of the other leg.
  2. Place your forearm under your shoulder so that your upper body rests on your elbow.
  3. Clench your butt muscles and core muscles as you hold the position for as long as you can.
  4. Lie on your side again and rest for a minute.
  5. Repeat the side plank exercise 3 or 4 times to help strengthen your buttock muscles and get them firm.

Plank exercises for a firmer and rounder butt

What to Eat to Get a Bigger Butt

When undertaking an exercise program to get a bigger butt, it’s important to eat plenty of protein and cut out unnecessary fat from your diet. This will help to lose excess fat from your backside and help define your rounded butt shape much better.

Here are ways to make sure that you eat the right kind of food so that your butt gets the shape and appearance that you desire.

Lose extra pounds of fat to make your butt look rounder and more defined

Because fat around your waist and rear end define the appearance of your butt, it’s important to shed extra body weight.

There are many ways to lose a lot of weight in a short space of time and lose fat from your backside. Although it will take you longer to lose body fat rather than water weight, a healthy weight-loss program will help you get rid of butt fat and improve the look of your rear.

For example, according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, you should cut your daily calories intake by 500 to 700 calories to lose weight quickly and safely. This includes eating more fruits and vegetables, choosing lean protein, and cutting down on portion sizes.6

Consume protein to get a firmer butt faster

When choosing foods to make sure and strengthen your butt muscles, it’s important to choose good sources of protein.

Protein is the building block for muscles, cartilage, and bones and is needed to help muscles repair themselves after intense training. Doctors from the Mayo Clinic say that protein consumption should be limited to 0.8 grams per 2.2lbs of body weight. However, if you exercise regularly, you may need about 1.1 to 1.5 grams per 2.2lbs of body weight.7

This means that a woman weighing 130lbs would need to consume up to 90 grams of protein daily. However, Dr. Gary Vogin on WebMD says that adding more protein to your diet has to be combined with an exercise program to prevent excess weight gain.8

This means that, in order to get a firm rounder butt by exercising and dieting, you should eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and not overload your body on protein. In fact, Dr. Vogin says that you may already be getting enough of your daily protein intake.

Doctors from the Mayo Clinic also recommend getting more of your protein intake at breakfast time rather than supper time. One way to do this is to consume more eggs for your breakfast as they are rich in protein. Don’t be put off by worries about cholesterol, because there are many health benefits to eating eggs that you may not be aware of.

Reduce your carbohydrate intake for a bigger, rounder, firmer butt

Cut out simple carbs like sugar, white breads and pasta, and pastries if you want to get a bigger, rounder, and firmer butt.

Not all carbohydrates are bad for you and not all carbs add inches to your waistline. According to researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health, foods high in complex carbohydrates are an important part of your daily diet. Good carbs can give your body energy (which you need if you are exercising) and provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber.9

The best kind of carbohydrates to consume are those that are processed the least. This means that whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and beans are important carbs in your healthy diet to lose weight safely. If you are thinking about going on a low-carb diet, then please read my article on what you need to know about low carb diets.

Avoid junk food and sugar to get a bigger, firmer butt

To get your butt looking bigger and in the firm shape that you want, you should avoid junk food and sugar.

Both sugar and processed food contain high amounts of calories with little nutritional content. The kind of large butt you will get by consuming too many sugary sodas or processed foods will definitely not have the round firm appearance you desire.

Too much added sugar can also be detrimental to your health. For example, the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings stated that fructose (a type of added sugar in many processed foods) has been shown to contribute to an increase in diabetes. Reducing to minimum food with added sugar has many health benefits.10

Also, the New England Journal of Medicine stated that consuming sugar-sweetened beverages and processed foods can make maintaining a healthy weight very difficult. The researchers concluded that to boost lean muscle mass, it’s important to target specific food groups that cause a calorie imbalance that adds to weight gain.11

Other Ways to Make Your Butt Look Bigger Without Exercise

Doing regular intensive exercises that target your glutes and eating a healthy, well-balanced diet are the best ways to give you a bubble butt.

However, there are other ways to help you enhance the appearance of your butt naturally to make it appear larger and rounder.

Wear the right clothes for a bigger butt. Higher-waisted jeans are great to make your butt look bigger and firmer because they make your waist look smaller. You could also wear leggings or yoga pants that will accentuate the curves of your butt. Try to choose pants or jeans that have a tight (but not too tight) snug fit.

Wear a large wide belt that is tied at the smallest part of your waist. This will enhance the appearance of your rear while at the same time making your waist smaller.

Change your walk to make your butt look bigger without exercise. One way to enhance the appearance of your butt is to walk like a catwalk model. This means putting one foot in front of the other in an imaginary straight line. This will accentuate your buttocks when walking.

Wear heels. Wearing higher heels cause your butt to stick out more. However, this is not practical if you walk long distances every day, but you could wear heels when you really want your butt to get noticed.

Keep Realistic Expectations about Getting a Bigger Butt Fast

Although you might want to get a bigger, rounder butt in a week or in a short time, it’s important to keep your expectations realistic. Keeping to a strict butt-enhancing program through exercising that target your glutes and eating to build muscle mass will help you get a bubble butt in the fastest possible time.

It is also good to remember that every person’s body is different and genetic makeup can have an impact on the shape of your butt and how quickly you can lose extra pounds. However, with determination and perseverance, you can greatly enhance the appearance of your butt in seemingly no time at all.

Is it Possible to Get a Firmer, Rounder Butt in 30 Days?

Yes, it is certainly possible to get a firmer, rounder butt in 30 days. However, to do so means sticking to a strict intensive exercise regime and a proper diet. If you are serious about getting a bigger butt in 30 days or less, you should speak to a professional trainer at a reputable gym who can advise you on using weights and other techniques to target your glutes and enlarge your buttocks so they are more toned.

Precautions When Trying to Get a Bigger Butt

When undertaking any new exercise program, it’s important to take into consideration your current health condition.

According to the Victoria State Government, training too hard or too fast is a common reason for exercise-related injuries. To prevent injuries while exercising doctors recommend the following:12

  • Always warm up and stretch properly before every exercise session.
  • Use the correct equipment and the proper footwear.
  • Stop exercising if you feel pain or discomfort.
  • Have at least one or 2 recovery days every week.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

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