Belly Fat Burning Foods – What To Eat To Get Rid of Belly Fat

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The best foods that help fight belly fat

Belly fat is linked with higher risk for developing various health issues, but belly fat burning foods can help you lose belly fat when combined with exercise. It is normal for every person to have some belly fat, even for people with flat abs. A healthy body needs some fat which contains essential nutrients. Our body uses fat to make tissue and create biochemicals, such as hormones.

Some of our fat is close to the surface right under our skin. Other fat can be found deeper inside our body around the organs, such as around our heart, lungs and liver. This deeper fat is called “visceral” fat and too much of it can affect our health.

Why belly fat is dangerous

Too much belly fat (or what is called the “apple” shape) increases the risk of many health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and even certain types of cancers.

The ironic thing is that even slim people can have hidden belly fat that is folded deep inside the belly around the stomach organs and is visible only by medical imaging. This might be due to genetic issues, unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercising and puts them at risk just like the other people with a more visible belly fat.

Men tend to store more belly fat than women and it’s one of the reasons men have more coronary disease than women. Women tend to be protected before menopause, when their fat tends to be stored on the buttocks and thighs (the “pear” shape”). At menopause, however, women’s fat tends to settle in the belly, and this fat is much more dangerous than buttocks fat and greatly increases a woman’s risk of death from heart disease.

Diet is just part of the picture

While your genetics may play a role in belly fat, this is just part of the picture. Most of belly fat is related to unhealthy lifestyle –  being physically inactive and consuming too much calories.

Being physically active is a key in losing belly fat and should be combined with healthy nutrition. If you only eat foods that seem to target belly fat without exercising, you will see much slower results.

Find activity that you enjoy and do it on a regular basis, such as walking, running or biking. It’s also good if you can find a support group to help you with moral support to maintain the results. You can also refer to my previous article about 8 simple exercises to get flat tummy that you can do at home. These exercises specifically target the belly and help to tone this area.

Another part of the picture is sleep. I’ve written in the past about the dangers of sleep deprivation which one of them was weight gain. When we maintain enough hours of sleep we burn more calories. Recent studies (both in humans and animals) have linked insufficient sleep and a tendency to gain weight.


Sleep duration affects the hunger and satiety, as well as the production of various hormones and has a direct effect on the metabolism of the body. In addition, it was found that people who don’t sleep enough are less active the next day and burn fewer calories. It was found that 8 hours of sleep provide the best metabolism. Some even claim that stress is part of the picture as we all know how emotional eating affects our diet.

What is the common link between the various lists of foods that fight belly fat?

Looking at various websites with lists of foods that fight belly fat can be quite confusing. The lists vary quite significantly in the length and content. It’s hard to know where to start from. After all, there is no magic diet for belly fat, but when you lose weight on any diet, belly fat usually goes first. So here I would like to concentrate in food categories that will help you to better maintain your weight over time:

1. Fiber rich foods

Research shows that eating 10 grams of soluble fiber per day helped to build less visceral fat over time. This is why many lists contain fiber rich foods, such as beans, legumes, various fruits and vegetables with the skin, whole grains and oats. Try to include soluble fiber in every meal and snack throughout the day.

If you’re not used to eating this much fiber, add it gradually to avoid gas and diarrhea and be sure to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. Some of the fiber rich foods are true superfoods that are also featured in my e-book about superfoods which is part of the Natural Health Revolution Program, a program that will help you to achieve your health, nutrition or weight loss goals.


2. Foods containing protein

Protein keeps you satisfied for longer and takes longer to digest. The reason for this is that protein molecules are long chains with strong links which are harder to break down, and the whole process is more time consuming.

It has been calculated that to obtain 100 calories from a protein food, the system must use 30 calories (but only 12 calories for fat and 7 for carbohydrates).

This is why many lists contain low-fat and low-sugar yogurt, skim milk, lean meat, fish and eggs, or plant based proteins such as beans, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds and certain vegetables. 1 egg, for example, contains 7 grams of protein. 1 cup of quinoa has 8 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. Tabouli is also high in fiber and protein.

Also nuts are high in protein, fiber and healthy fats, so if you eat them in moderation, they are excellent to curb hunger between meals. You can also refer to my article about 13 surprising sources of meat-free protein. Eating more proteins is also one of the 70 habits featured in my e-book 70 Powerful Habits For A Great Health which will guide you how to take positive steps to improve your wellness and overall health.

3. Foods that are high in water content


These foods take up more space in the gut which signals the body that you ate enough so you have less room for other foods. Many fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water and nutrients, but are low in calories, and this is why they appear in many lists, especially watermelon. Other fruits with high content water are berries, grapefruit, melons, oranges, apples, pears and more.

Vegetables that have high water content are cucumber, lettuce, celery, radish, zucchini, tomato, cabbage and more. What’s good in general about fruits and vegetables is that these foods are generally full of water and they are also a good source of fiber and many other nutrients and antioxidants. Fruits have other benefit – being sweet, so can satisfy your sweet tooth for much less calories than cookies or other sweets.

Vegetables, on the other hand, satisfy the desire to crunch and can be a healthy snack and a substitute to other unhealthy snacks. Try to munch on carrot and celery sticks or a sweet potato instead of chips, or make an interesting salad (but be careful about the dressing). In addition to eating foods that are high in water content you can drink fat flush water to melt your fat.

4. Hot foods

Hot foods can be of a  high temperature or spicy (or both). Hot food takes longer to eat and with added bonuses such as fiber and water content that make you feel full. This is why oatmeal can be found in many lists, or homemade soups (broth based and not cream based).

Also cayenne peppers appear in some lists as people tend to eat less when their food is spicy, and because they are believed to increase metabolism.

5. Foods that increase metabolism 

I’ve written in the past about the top foods to increase your metabolism. Some of these foods are green tea which has a phytochemical called EGCG that promotes weight loss by promoting the internal heat of the body and fat oxidation.

Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin which is known to increase metabolism. Capsaicin increases the internal heat of the body, and in order to increase heat, energy is needed, and thus cayenne pepper contributes to increase metabolism. Also some studies suggest that vinegar may help the body break down fat, hence you can find it in some lists.

I know there are probably other foods that can get into the list, but I think you’ve got the idea. There are no miracles in how to lose belly fat. Lifestyle changes are key to a long term success. On the other hand, you also need to know what foods to avoids when you do your shopping, so you may be interested to read my article about the top 8 Worst Foods to Avoid to Keep Belly Fat Away.

If you want to lose weight from your face, read my article: Simple & Effective Ways to Lose Weight from your Face.

Find more information on how to lose your belly without counting calories or starving yourself in my e-book “Blast Your Belly Fat” – this is the ULTIMATE guide for losing belly fat.

Learn How To Blast Your Belly Fat

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      Hi Fredericka, the books are only available in e-book format and not as a hard copy in order to keep the price low and affordable.

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    I need to lose belly fat and neck fat and thighs and arms…. I need to lose the weight fast, drug free, and no killing myself at the gym…. I’m tired of people coming up to me and asking “when’s it due?” I’m tired of being ashamed of what I look like I need a diet that’s mainly cheap I have a horrible job with little pay I need to find something that works for my schedual and my wallet…

    • Melissa says:

      @Tiffany Kimbrell
      1. Your eating habits, no soda and no coffee doused with cream and sugar. No deep fried foods. Go for low calorie foods. Sadly, what tastes really yummy, most of the time, it’s not good for you.
      2. Your sleeping habits, at least get 7 hours of sleep. Try to go to bed at 10pm, of course if you work a 2nd or 3rd shift that’s impossible, but 7-8 hours of sleep is important.
      3. Water… Water… Water… it’s extremely important to drink water, try 64 oz. a day.
      4. Snacking is something everyone does, but you can snack healthier. Instead of chips or chocolate, head to the fruit and veggie aisle. Celery and baby carrots make a good snack. Also, apples and grapes, for a lower cost or try granola. And instead of processed sugar try honey or agave.
      5. Exercise is VERY important. You can go on a perfect diet, but without exercise, it’s pretty hopeless. Try Googling exercises that aren’t hardcore. THERE IS AN EXERCISE FOR EVERYONE.
      Hang in there girl, it takes determination to lose weight and no one gets fat overnight, so obviously you won’t lose the weight overnight. Also, try green tea and other herbal teas. Drnk them hot and no processed sugar.

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    Until my divorce I worked hard everyday managing the small farm, acreage, household, home-schooling 4 girls, errands, leading 4-H, teaching sunday school etc…my world collapsed, shortly after I found I had ground down my femur at the hip and needed a replacement, before I could do that I developed a perforated ulcer, suddenly from relative health to within a few years 2 major surgeries, then had surgery on one of my arthritic feet. Obviously, inflammation is something I don’t want but few seem to know anything about it and the causes, so I try to “keep it simple” and pay attention to how my joints feel after eating and added cartilage, glucosomine/MSM, nettle leaf, and cod liver oil capsules to my daily supplements. However, as the inactivity due to pain, continued to some degree after the surgeries I continued to gain weight, especially after I was starved after my ulcer surgery. My doctor said, “stop eating.” I know that most of the time I eat a very healthy diet so I eliminated the occasional ice cream, and reduced my carbs, keep it lean, lots of cooked frozen vegies, but what can one do if vigorous aerobic activity is difficult or some days to pull off? Can you help me to figure out how to get rid of the “fat belly” when aerobics is tough to do? Thank you

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Vicky, the best workout for losing weight is a combination of cardio workout (aerobics) and resistance workout (such as weights, bands, your own body weight). Cardio is any movement that gets your heart rate up and increases blood circulation. Most people exercising cardio are using it to burn off excess calories, but there are various forms of exercising cardio, and vigorous cardio is not necessarily one of them. You can do a milder form of aerobics, for example walking but not very fast, or if you go to the gym, the aerobics machines have adjustable levels from easy to hard. You can only do what you can do and you need to adjust the level to your ability (for example shorter walk at a slower pace). If there are times when you cannot do aerobics at all, concentrate on resistance workout. The benefits of resistance workout include improved muscle strength and tone, healthy weight, increased bone density and strength. As you gain muscle, your body burns more calories when at rest. Again, adjust the level of resistance to your abilities and don’t over-do it to avoid extra stress on the body. You can find exercises that you can do at home in my website, for example, exercises for tummy, back, butt and legs and more (use the “search” option).

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    The best practice in getting rid of the excess poundage was combining good eating habits, exercise, proper sleep, and stress reduction. Melting away belly fat can help you lead a longer, healthier life.

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