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13 Health Benefits of Turmeric Golden Milk According to Science & Golden Milk Recipe

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Turmeric Golden Milk - The Ancient Drink That Will Change Your Life

Golden milk is a delicious drink made from turmeric and it has many health benefits for the whole family. The two main ingredients in the golden milk recipe are turmeric and black pepper which are combined with water to make a yellow paste. Virgin coconut oil is added to the golden milk paste before incorporating milk (or coconut milk) into the mixture.

Golden milk is used as a natural remedy for a wide range of health issues. Some of the health benefits of this delicious golden liquid can help to reduce inflammation in joints, boost your immune system, maintain a healthy heart and cardiovascular system, help lose weight, and keep blood sugar levels in check. There is also evidence that turmeric has anti-cancer properties.

In this article, you will find one of the best recipes for golden milk along with some variations on how to adjust the yellow milk recipe to your taste.


First of all, let’s look at the many health benefits of turmeric and coconut oil and see why the combination of these ingredients makes golden milk so healthy.

Why Golden Milk is so Healthy

All the health benefits of golden milk are mainly found in turmeric and coconut oil.

Turmeric is a wonderful spice to cook with and adds color and taste to many dishes. The healing power of turmeric is found in the compound curcumin. Turmeric has also been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antiseptic properties.

Black pepper is used in golden milk to boost the amount of curcumin the body absorbs. In fact, one study showed that by adding piperine (black pepper) to curcumin, the bioavailability of curcumin is increased by up to 2000%!1

The addition of virgin coconut oil to the golden milk recipe helps to boost the healing power of turmeric and helps the body absorb even more of the curcumin.

However, coconut oil also has many health-boosting benefits of its own. It is antibacterial and antifungal and coconut oil can be used to treat many ailments. Coconut oil is a natural source of energy that helps to speed up metabolism.

Benefits of Golden Milk

Let’s look in more detail at the many health benefits of golden milk and see what scientific research says about the healing power of turmeric and coconut oil together.

Anti-inflammatory properties

The anti-inflammatory properties of golden milk are useful for treating many arthritic conditions like reducing joint inflammation and pain naturally.

A report in the journal Advances in Pharmacological Sciences found that curcumin reduces joint swelling and pain and can help treat rheumatoid arthritis. Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties also help to soothe the digestive tract and ease indigestion.2


Research into coconut oil has found that it contains therapeutic properties to reduce inflammation. In fact, the consumption of coconut oil has shown that it is a food with anti-inflammatory properties in the body.3

Boosts digestive health

One of the golden milk benefits is that it helps improve digestive health. Turmeric can help to reduce the symptoms of many gastrointestinal disorders like acid reflux (heartburn) and indigestion. Coconut oil also helps to soothe your digestive tract and relieve constipation when consumed.

The benefits of consuming turmeric extracts for digestive health were confirmed in a review on the therapeutic effect of curcumin. Researchers found that turmeric can help reduce abdominal cramping, stomach pain, and other symptoms of gastrointestinal diseases and bowel disorders.4

Improves cardiac function

One important benefit of combining turmeric and coconut oil to make golden milk is its potential to improve cardiac function.

Some of the reported cardiac benefits of turmeric include reducing the risk of blood clots, having an antioxidative effect on blood vessels and your heart, and helping to keep a regular heartbeat.5

But that’s not all, both turmeric and coconut oil have proven heart benefits in helping to reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and improve blood circulation.

Better blood circulation

Drinking turmeric golden milk will also help to improve blood circulation and keep your veins and arteries healthy.

A study published in the journal Nitric Oxide found that, in clinical trials, curcumin helps to boost blood flow and keep the cardiovascular system working effectively. Turmeric extracts also help to reduce oxidative stress, which is a contributing factor to heart disease.6

Other studies into the beneficial effect of coconut oil on cardiovascular health have shown similar effects. For example, research has shown that virgin coconut oil helps to improve blood flow and thus reduce hypertension.7

Reduces blood pressure

You can help control your blood pressure naturally by regularly drinking golden milk. The combination of coconut oil, turmeric, and black pepper in the yellow drink reduces hypertension and can help prevent strokes.

Clinical trials into the effects of curcumin and coconut oil have shown great potential to bring down blood pressure. For example, in one study supplements of curcumin and black pepper helped to prevent an increase in blood pressure and can prevent hypertensive disease.8 Also, coconut oil along with physical exercise helped to regulate blood pressure and keep it at healthy levels.9

Reduces cholesterol

An important health benefit of golden milk made with turmeric and coconut oil is to reduce cholesterol. High levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and low levels of HDL (“good”) cholesterol can clog your arteries and cause cardiac disease.


According to the American Heart Association, HDL cholesterol helps remove a buildup of plaque in your arteries and help prevent heart attacks and stroke.10

A study into the benefits of curcumin on cholesterol levels found that by regularly supplementing your diet with curcumin, “bad” cholesterol level can be reduced significantly within 4 weeks.11 Also, coconut oil was shown in one study to reduce LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol levels within 45 days.12

Controls blood sugar levels

If you control diabetes by diet, then regularly drinking golden turmeric milk can help control your blood sugar levels. A regular intake of turmeric and coconut oil prevents spikes in insulin levels and can help to manage symptoms of diabetes.

Maintaining healthy blood glucose levels if you have diabetes is very important. The anti-inflammatory properties of golden milk can help suppress glucose levels in your blood. For example, the International Journal of Biochemistry and Biology reported that curcumin can induce hypoglycemia (lowered blood sugar levels) and increase plasma insulin levels.13

Also, clinical trials have shown that coconut oil helps to reduce insulin resistance and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.14

Improve brain function

One of the many golden milk benefits is improving brain function. The antioxidant effect of turmeric helps to prevent degenerative brain diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It can also help boost memory and reduce symptoms of anxiety.

Coconut milk contains fatty acids called medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). These are quickly metabolized in the liver for energy and help ‘feed’ the brain.

Studies into both turmeric and coconut oil have confirmed their health-boosting benefits for the brain. Research published in the Journal of Research in Ayurveda found that regular supplementation of turmeric in the diet helped improve symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in patients.15

Also, the journal Neurobiology of Aging reported that MCTs help improve brain function in people with memory impairment.16

Natural antidepressant

Golden milk may even help to relieve symptoms of mild depression and anxiety. Turmeric extracts have antidepressant properties that can help to boost your mood and help you cope better with negative thoughts and feelings.

A study published in the journal Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior reported that curcumin supplements stimulated the brain’s neurotransmitters to produce more serotonin and increase dopamine levels naturally. The researchers concluded that curcumin and piperine are effective in the treatment of depressive disorders.17


Reduces stress

Another way that golden milk can make you feel better is due to its ability to relieve stress and lift your mood. Stress is something that we all have to cope with in our daily activities but too much prolonged stress can also have a negative impact on your health in general. The anti-stress effect of both turmeric and coconut oil in the golden milk recipe can help boost your brain’s function.

The journal Brain Research published studies on the stress-reducing effect of curcumin. Researchers found that curcumin helped to reduce the symptoms of chronic stress by stimulating the brain’s neurotransmitters.18 Also, research into coconut oil has found that the MCTs have anti-stress properties and increase the serum antioxidant SOD enzyme level in the brain.19

Boosts your Immune System

Drink turmeric golden milk with coconut oil to give your immune system a much-needed boost. If you regularly drink this yellow milk, you can help prevent infections and keep your body healthy.

The Journal of Clinical Immunology reported that the benefits of turmeric for keeping your immune system are a lower risk of developing allergies, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes.20 Because coconut oil is antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory, it also gives your immunity an amazing boost.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

One of the many reported health benefits of turmeric is its role in cancer prevention. It seems that the anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin can be effective against various cancers.

The anticancer properties of curcumin were reported in the journal Molecules. Researchers found that the antioxidant power of curcumin helped to “suppress initiation, progression, and metastasis of a variety of tumors.”21

Helps with weight loss

If you are trying to lose weight, try drinking the yellow milk regularly to help slim your waistline. The combination of coconut oil and turmeric in golden milk can help shed extra pounds because it boosts your metabolism, reduces hunger pangs, and helps burn fat quicker.

One study from 2015, showed that regularly consuming turmeric helped reduce body fat in all participants and there were no reported side effects. The researchers concluded that curcumin can positively help with weight management in overweight people.22  

Coconut oil can also help boost your efforts to get rid of extra pounds and look slimmer. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that the fatty acid content in coconut oil helped to reduce food cravings. For example, participants who took coconut oil in the morning ate smaller lunches. There were also reported positive effects on insulin response.23 Other studies have shown that coconut oil actually helps the body burn off fat quicker.24

Golden Milk Recipe

After examining the many health benefits of regularly consuming golden milk, you will no doubt be wanting to know how to make your own “wonder tonic.”

First of all, you start out by making a golden paste from turmeric, black pepper, and water. The next step is to mix the golden paste with coconut oil and milk to enjoy a health-boosting drink.

Golden milk paste recipe

For the golden milk paste you need the following ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup of clean water
  • 1/4 cup of turmeric powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper

To make the golden paste, please do the following:

  • Put the pan with water in it on a medium heat setting.
  • Add turmeric and black pepper and stir well to create a smooth paste.
  • Cook gently for 7 to 9 minutes to get the paste properly cooked.
  • If the yellow paste becomes too dry, you can add some more water.
  • Allow the golden paste to cool and store in a glass container with an airtight lid.

The paste should keep in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks. After that, it develops a metallic taste and should be discarded.

Please remember that turmeric has a very strong pigment and can easily stain clothes and work surfaces. So protect your clothes in case it bubbles out while cooking it.

For good pain relief, some people just use golden paste directly, without making it into a golden milk. To use golden paste to reduce pain and inflammation, please do the following:

  • Take 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of turmeric paste.
  • Consume the yellow paste every day until pain subsides (should take 3 to 4 days)

Alternatively, you can make an anti-inflammatory and pain relief ginger turmeric tea.

Golden milk recipe

To make golden milk from the turmeric paste, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric paste depending on your taste
  • 1 cup almond milk or coconut milk (you can also use organic cow’s milk or other milk substitutes such as hemp milk, rice milk or oat milk)
  • 1 teaspoon of unrefined virgin coconut oil
  • Some honey (or use another natural sweetener such as maple syrup, stevia)

The recipe for making golden milk is as follows:

  • Put milk and turmeric paste in a pot and cook on medium heat.
  • Heat the mixture until steaming but not boiling. Some recipes call for boiling the mixture but prolonged heat can destroy the active ingredient curcumin (please see my article on how heat and cooking affect turmeric to find out why you shouldn’t boil the golden milk mixture).
  • Remove from heat and allow the yellow milk to cool down
  • Add honey and oil.

The addition of oil boosts the health benefits of golden milk by supplying you with healthy fats and helping with joint lubrication and promoting cellular function. The oil also further increases turmeric absorption.

The drink has a nice golden yellow color, hence its name – golden milk.

Precautions with Using Golden Milk

A very small number of people have reported allergic reactions to turmeric. If you’ve never eaten turmeric, start with a small dose and observe your body’s reaction.

Turmeric is generally safe to consume in normal doses. However, because turmeric prevents blood clots and reduces blood glucose levels, you should consult with your doctor if you are taking medication for diabetes or to thin your blood.

For more information, please see my article on why turmeric should be avoided by these people.

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Here is a video showing how to make the turmeric golden milk.

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99 Responses to 13 Health Benefits of Turmeric Golden Milk According to Science & Golden Milk Recipe

  1. kathleen heeley says:

    ive been reading all comments on tumeric drinks ,and i just wondered is it alrite to drink it whilst on strong meds like dmards or biolojics and steriods

    • Jenny says:

      Turmeric can interact with certain medications, so it’s best to consult with a doctor about the right amount of turmeric that is suitable for you.

  2. Loretta says:

    I don’t even know what to say…I have had osteoarthritis in my knees for the last 6+ years. I am overweight and the more my knees hurt, the less active I am, the more weight I gain and the closer I come to not being able to keep working. I am at my wit’s end. Because it is so painful to do much physical activity, my health has very greatly declined and I have been getting more and more scared of what my future holds.

    I heard about using turmeric for pain and inflammation, so I got doing a little research. Just tonight, I found this page and decided to make up a batch of Turmeric Paste. Once it was cooled down, I rubbed a bit on my knees.

    Now…I am sitting here, literally stunned. I stood up, after a day of quite bad pain, and there was almost NO pain! I mean, I can still feel some twinges, of course, but I could walk without limping and walked from the living room to the kitchen without needing to find a chair to sit down and relieve the pain.

    I know it’s still early on and I’m not sure what to expect in terms of long-term pain relief (ie: Do I have to apply it often? Do I only get relief for a while, then back to Tylenol? Can I walk again without feeling like I’m going to pass out from the pain?)

    I can’t even begin to say how much this has affected me. I’m writing this with tears in my eyes because I feel like there might be some hope. I would give anything to be back to normal and back to being active and not always having to worry about being embarassed because I can’t do anything physical. THANK YOU!

  3. Loretta says:

    I should add, I am quite prepared to walk around all summer in shorts, showing off my yellow knees. If people want to laugh, they can bite me! If I can walk, I don’t care if I look like Big Bird!

  4. Tricia says:

    Congratulations Loretta I am so excited for you. I am a new believer of Tumeric myself and love the smell of it and the way it makes me feel inside. Thanks for sharing your happiness with us. Keep it up.

  5. laila nadeem says:

    Taking turmeric powder internally as golden milk also helps a lot with additional benefits of internal healing e.g.ulcers and swelling of the liver minus the yellow colour on the knees or limbs .Saying that from personal experience!

  6. Shelly Anderson says:

    Do you have to cook the turmeric? I have been taking 1/2 tsp. turmeric powder with 2 tsp. of Apple cider vinegar and 2 drops of lemon oil and water every morning for 2 months now and after 3 weeks my knees stopped aching.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Shelly, no, you don’t have to cook turmeric. Traditionally golden milk is served warm, but you can consume turmeric in other drinks or smoothies that don’t need any warmth.

  7. magda says:

    Is turmeric in big quantité harmfull for Our livre.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Magda, generally speaking, webMD website recommends to avoid taking excessively large doses of turmeric (see more information here). According to the University of Maryland Medical Center website, taking large amounts of turmeric for long periods of time may cause stomach upset and, in extreme cases, ulcers. So I’m not sure about damage for the liver, but in any case it is not recommended to take a large amounts of it for a long period of time. It can also interfere with certain medications, so if taken in a concentrated form (like a supplement), talk to your doctor first before consuming it.

  8. Sage says:

    Hello there.

    Does golden milk have any dangers for the frail elderly – with digestive issues?

    My grandmother has quite severe digestive issues and also onset dementia. When i gave her the golden milk, she looked exhausted.


    • Jenny says:

      Hi Sage, I believe that people with severe digestive issues should talk to their doctor before consuming it, as some people find that particular foods cause problems such as lactose in milk. It’s best to stay away from foods and drinks that trigger your digestive symptoms.

  9. Sheeba says:

    Hi jenny,
    Just want to ask I’m mother of 2 kids right now lactating 3 months. Have been prescribed to take 5mg steroid as diagnosed by lupus strongly positive SLE 68 & 57. RA positive
    Any treatment can it be cured completely, I’m shattered full body pain & especially at shoulder feel like I have cervical spondylitis

    • Jenny says:

      I have read in Healthline website that Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease and and there is no cure for it (find more information here). Once you have been diagnosed with lupus, your doctor will develop a treatment plan based on your age, symptoms, general health, and lifestyle (find more information here). Another source you have a look at is WebMD website.

    • TeaLeafMommy says:

      Doing a green juice fast cures chronic disease by eliminating inflammation, clearing clogged arteries, nourishing the body on a deep level, and relieving the immune system of excess burden so it can handle the bodies needs. Your Lupus will go completely.

      Steroids will kill you as it is an immune depressant and affects all organ systems of the body.

      Juicing is much cheaper than meds and you will feel young, beautiful and happy again. Check with your doctor, buy a wide-mouth Breville juicer for $150 and start juicing: cucumber, celery, lettuce, kale, ginger, lemon (no peel) green apple(no seeds). Carrot/ginger juice for a treat. Wash but don’t peel veggies. You don’t even have to cut them. Some people have juiced for over 100 days and had miraculous results. I’m on day 8, feel fabulous, drink juice whenever I start to feel hungry, am NOT losing muscle, in fact I feel I am gaining muscle and loosing toxic fat. Drink at least as much water as juice to help detox and brush and floss as your teeth will feel furry.

      When you are done follow a delicious whole food plant based vegan diet (oh How She Glows Cookbook is the best) half raw and half cooked foods, and you will THRIVE and be BEAUTIFUL. Some people continue doing juice breakfast and lunch and eating a plant based dinner. You can do mini juice fasts whenever you need to pick yourself up.

      Drugs create deeper levels of disease. Plants cure.

      Don’t say you can’t just drink juice, because you can. Juice is delicious and you are strong. Do it for your yourself and your children. What you can not do is continue on med’s and suffering.

      Good luck and much love,
      TeaLeafMonmy, Homeopath

  10. Marge says:

    Im suffering from a pinched nerve after sciatica ,have terrible lightning pains mostly at night i do drink the tumeric drink but not everyday do u think it wud help me tho

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Marge, as a person who suffered from pinched nerve and sciatica, I know how terrible the pain is. I honestly don’t think that golden milk is suitable for such condition. When I had a pinched nerve, the only thing that helped me was going to the best chiropractor in town who fixed my back.

  11. mercedes says:

    I’m 34 and recently got dx with RA as well as other medical issues. I’ve read alot about the benefits of tumeric and have been adding to all my food. I haven’t consulted with my Rheumatologist but I’ve notices that in such a short period of time it has help eliminated some pain. I’m literally disabled with a 4yr old son. Do you recommend that I start introducing tumeric to him since RA Dr. says he’s more likely to develop my medical conditions as well. Also will it interact with any specific medication you might know of hand. I take approximately 35 pills daily including infusions and nsaids….Thank you for giving us hope in not depending so much on opiates and toxic medications that help one aspect of your problem but contributes to another…God Bless!

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Mercedes, turmeric can interfere with some medications. You can see more information about turmeric interaction in WebMD, RXList and The University of Maryland Medical Center. As I’m not a doctor, it’s always a good idea to consult with your doctor if you take medications or suffer from a special condition to be on the safe side of things.
      You can give your son turmeric in normal food quantities, but don’t give your child turmeric in concentrated form like turmeric supplements without first consulting with a qualified doctor. Also if your son has any special condition, best to consult with a doctor first.

  12. cassie says:

    Hello, first thank you for sharing. I love the taste of the milk, I have recently started drinking it. My question is, can I use other oils besides the ones mentioned, like olive oil?

  13. Ai says:

    Dear Jenny, you mentioned ground pepper as par of the golden turmeric drink. What type of pepper? Can it be ground black pepper or white pepper or none as the recorded video on making the paste did not mention pepper.
    Thank u for the latest avocado article about eating the seed. I am looking forward to trying it as i eat avocado daily.

    • Jenny says:

      Piperine is found in black pepper (you can use ground black pepper). The lady in the video didn’t add black pepper probably because she added oil to the mix in the second part of the video. Both piperine and oil help turmeric absorption (read more in my article about How to Optimize Turmeric Absorption for Super Boosted Benefits) so you can add either piperine or oil to aid turmeric absorption. If you don’t add black pepper to the paste, make sure to add it or oil when you prepare the drink.

  14. Emily says:

    Does it matter if the pepper is white or black?

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Emily, that’s a good question, because so many references I was looking at associate piperine with black pepper. However I’ve seen that white pepper also contains piperine (see here). I’ve also seen a reference in which white and black pepper have about the same amount of piperine (see here). I guess that looking at wikimedia under “black pepper”, gives more information about this subject – when black pepper (Piper nigrum) is dried, the fruit is known as a peppercorn. It is said there that “Peppercorns, and the ground pepper derived from them, may be described simply as pepper, or more precisely as black pepper (cooked and dried unripe fruit), green pepper (dried unripe fruit) and white pepper (ripe fruit seeds)”. From that I can assume that when saying “black pepper”, it refers to Piper nigrum which can become either black, green or white pepper. I don’t know if indeed the content of piperine is the same in black and white pepper as the previous reference suggests, as I was unable to confirm it with other references.

  15. Chrissy says:

    I have and I am taking medication for insulin resistance and thyroid . I am taking metformin and Euthyrox .can I drink golden milk if I am taking these meds?

    • Jenny says:

      I have an article about groups of people that should avoid or limit turmeric consumption (see here). However since I’m not a doctor, it’s always best to consult with your doctor to be on the safe side of things.

  16. Lisa says:

    I’ve been drinking warm turmeric milk for a couple weeks now but I’m having trouble with the drink being very gritty. I normally just add the powered turmeric, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon to warm almond milk and whisk over low heat for up to 10 minutes . I even blend it in the blender but its still very gritty and not smooth. Its almost as if it doesn’t dissolve properly. Am I doing something wrong? Will the turmeric in paste form make a difference? Also does it matter for health benefits if fresh turmeric is used or powdered turmeric? How much pepper should be added to approximately one cup of this for the best benefits? Thanks in advance for your advice!

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Lisa, when you use the spices in their powdered form, you will have them as a sediment that eventually sinks at the bottom of the cup, so while drinking it you can occasionally gently stir it, or what I do is just slightly shake/swirl the liquid in the cup with my holding hand when it’s not full and while drinking it so the sediment is evenly spread in the drink rather than sinking at the bottom. In this case you don’t end up with a last sip full of grittiness. You don’t have to use fresh turmeric. The powdered form is also good – you just need to use smaller quantity as it’s more concentrated (usually third of the amount of fresh herb). The amount of black pepper can be very small – I’ve seen one reference that said around 1% by weight. I had a look at supplements sold at Amazon and saw one product that indicated on its ingredients 500mg Organic Turmeric (Curcuma longa) – 5mg Black Pepper, which is 1%, so probably around this amount. For a cup of drink a pinch of black pepper will be enough.

      • Janet says:

        I made the turmeric paste as described above and have been making the golden milk, but find the grittiness a little bit unbearable. If I strained the milk to remove the grit, will it still have the same benefits?

        • Jenny Hills, Medical Writer and Researcher says:

          You can strain the milk to remove the grit if it bothers you. The benefits of the turmeric have been infused to the milk.

  17. V K says:

    Golden milk should be taken in the evening. Because as per Ayurveda water is morning drink. Butter milk is afternoon drink and milk is evening drink. I think people with lactic allergy should take golden butter milk. Butter milk (Takra or Mattha) is regarded as next to Amrita.

  18. pervez says:

    I suffer from restless leg syndrome and arthritis. Do you think Golden milk will help ?

    I have to stand and keep awake for hours at night as the minute I lie down my legs start jumping and paining and burning. I get the most awful sensations. Finally I fall asleep around 5.00 a.m. exhausted. Standing up and walking helps. Also taking magnesium, potassium, zinc etc..

    Taking tumeric but not in the way of golden tumeric milk

    Have tried everything and been to so many doctors and specialists – to no avail.
    Taking huge amounts of painkillers – hardly helps.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Pervez, while golden milk has many benefits, it’s not a magic remedy. Also what works for one person may not work for another person. Bear in mind that in many cases a person may need a combined treatment of several remedies to target the problem. Turmeric is indeed one of the suggested natural remedies to treat arthritis as it reduces joint pain, inflammation, and stiffness related to arthritis. But it may not work for you. As for restless leg syndrome (RLS) – you can have a look at the causes of it in WebMD website. They also suggest some treatment options you may want to try (if you haven’t tried yet).

    • Tommy says:

      apple cider vinegar?

    • Laura says:

      All over the world soils are depleted of minerals. One such mineral is magnesium. Magnesium acts as a muscle relaxant among it’s other benefits. In addition to golden milk, try to take some magnesium or spray magnesium oil (magnesium salts dissolved in water) on the torso and any painful muscles to help with pain and restless leg syndrome. Both magnesium and golden milk can be part of getting a restful nights sleep. Magnesium internally and externally is healthy and most people in the west are magnesium depleted if not deficient. I think magnesium at night with golden milk will help create calcium/magnesium balance in the body and may calm pain and RLS and help with sleep.

  19. Ronda says:

    I’ve had the turmeric paste in the refrigerator now for 3-4 wks. In a glass sealed jar. It still seems to taste fine. Is it still ok to keep using it? I put it in the coconut milk and coconut oil then microwave it for 1-1&1/2 minutes. Then add honey and cinnamon. I hate to waste the paste if it tastes ok and can still be used. I just want to make sure it’s safe to continue to use the paste regardless of how long it’s in the refrigerator?

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Ronda, according to Dr. Arjan, once cooled, the paste should be put into a glass jar and put in fridge and is good for a few weeks to one month.

  20. Nina says:

    Hi there. How often and what quantity of golden milk can I give my 8 year old son? The recipe I’m using includes 2 cups of coconut milk and one teaspoon of turmeric paste. It is a lot for him to drink so I just want to know if I can reduce the quantity. I can’t find any info about the amount/frequency for children. Thank you!

  21. Peter says:

    I have been told that the addition of ground black pepper to turmeric paste is good for the prostrate and cures erectile disfunction in men.

  22. Isac says:

    I have ulcerative colitis and I’m planning on trying this golden milk and hoping for remission.

  23. Lana says:

    Sounds and looks delicious. Thank your for sharing.

  24. Grace Diamond says:

    Looked for turmeric in Walmart today and found none.Do they not carry it?

  25. Rosalyn says:

    I have been using the golden milk for a couple of weeks, I’ve seen great results,improvement in mood and less pain in my injured knee. Is it ok to reduce the amount of milk to half a cup of milk instead of 1 whole cup?

  26. HollyGayle says:

    If you want to use powdered Turmeric, I’d suggest buying it Organic, in bulk. I place a scant teaspoon in a bowl, add a 1/4 tsp. of real Organic butter and a couple of twist of the Organic black pepper grinder over the bowl. I dip up a small quantity of hot soup, stir into my bowl and wet the powdered Turmeric powder, melt the butter and generally dissolve the entire mass before filling my bowl with hot soup.

    My Soup/Stew is usually made up of Organic Carrots, cabbage, celery, onions, garlic, potatoes, bell pepper and green beans (I like them in my stew, along with some grass fed ground beef). I lost a lot of weight with this in my diet. Going Organic with the vegetables improves health.


  27. Kate says:

    My husband just had had a cholecystectomy surgery (gallbladder removal). I’m concerned about his liver. Will Golden milk be good for him? How often should he have it?

  28. Stephanie says:

    I see how long the paste can be kept refrigerated but if I go straight to making a jar of golden milk, how long can the golden milk last in the refrigerator? (made with coconut milk and fresh ginger).

  29. Mary Ann says:

    When I clicked on the article that said “Why Turmeric should be avoided by these people” it brought up “Why Ginger should be avoided by these people” Could you please send me “why turmeric should be avoided by these people”

  30. JoAnne says:

    I have a vegan diet and it seems that often when I read the health benefits of one thing or another “HELPS LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE” appears at the top of the list. I HAVE VERY LOW BLOOD PRESSURE ( 88/62). Everyone in my family falls in this category.

    Should I avoid consuming Golden Milk? I repeatedly ask this question on different web sites, but no one ever responds. Doctors don’t have a clue about healthy eating, so I never use them as a reference.

    Would love to hear from you,

    • Jenny Hills, Medical Writer and Researcher says:

      Hi JoJo, from what I’ve seen in WebMD website, chronic low blood pressure with no symptoms is almost never serious. Mayo Clinic says that if you have consistently low blood pressure readings but feel fine, your doctor is likely just to monitor you during routine exams. I guess that if your condition is stable, with no accompanying symptoms (such as dizziness, blurred vision, fatigue etc) and without any underlying issue that can indicate of a more-serious problem, then you are fine to consume Golden Milk. I would take the advice of Mayo Clinic to keep an eye of your BP during routine exams at your clinic, just to make sure that things are under control.

  31. JoAnne says:

    I have fresh organic turmeric, can I grind it into a paste and use it?

  32. Helen Fritzie says:

    Thanks so much for your recipe! I was having trouble finding one that didn’t have ginger root in it and your recipe has worked out just fine for me! I just added a little sprinkle of cinnamon and just a little dab of butter for the oil and it was great!
    Thanks so much and looking forward to all the healing properties of the Golden Milk as I continue to use this recipe!
    Helen F.

  33. Adelina says:

    I started taking turmeric mixed with water and a little bit of honey and black pepper; I didn’t like the taste. So a few days ago I started using warm milk and it made a lot of difference. Since you can make golden milk using milk, I thought this would be OK. Am I right? If I decide to prepare the golden milk, is it ok to use 2% fat milk, or does it have to be whole milk. Also, how do you use the golden milk. I know you can store it in the refrigerator, but how much do you use every day?

  34. Adelina says:

    Thank you so much for your information. I will try to make the golden milk.
    I have been feeling a great health improvement since I started taking turmeric. God bless you.

  35. Kathy says:

    How to keep my teeth from turning yellow after taking drinks with tumeric??

    • Jenny Hills, Nutritionist and Medical Writer says:

      You can either drink with a straw or rinse your mouth with water after drinking turmeric drinks. As a side note, brushing your teeth with turmeric is actually a home remedy for teeth whitening in Asian traditions.

  36. Andrea Tersigni says:

    Coconut oil is high in saturated fat. I believe in the benefits of tumeric, but am very skeptical about adding 100% saturated fat to any food or beverage. Can you site the research studies you base your information on? (Studies not funded by the coconut industry). Many thanks for any guidance you can provide.

  37. shalom says:

    DH drinks coffee every morning, would the heat from coffee be too much if he adds some of the paste to it?

  38. mirjam says:

    Hi, Can I make this with fresh turmeric as well? And how to proceed then?
    Thanks, MIrjam

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Mirjam, I haven’t tried to do it with fresh turmeric, but I believe there’s no problem to make it with fresh turmeric. The general rule when converting dried herbs to fresh herbs is 1 part dried herb (which is more concentrated) to 3 parts of fresh herbs. So in this case when making the paste you use 3/4 cup of fresh turmeric (instead of 1/4 dried turmeric).

  39. Rita says:

    I would like to know when is best to take the golden milk…. on empty stomach, evening etc. ?
    Or doesn’t it matter ? on other sites they recommend morning and evening on empty stomach.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Rita, I don’t think it matters if you drink it on an empty stomach or not. There aren’t strict rules but generally speaking you can drink it for breakfast in the morning, and you can have it in the evening as well, as it promotes relaxation and a good night’s sleep. You can drink it once or twice a day – do what works best for you.

  40. Marcie says:

    Do you need to make a paste first or can you just skip that step and make the drink?

  41. Victoria says:

    Can I make the paste with turmeric root instead of powder? If so, should I just grate it, and should I use the same amount?
    Thank you.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Victoria, using grated fresh turmeric root will not give you a smooth consistency like in the powder form, but otherwise you can use it. Generally speaking, the ratio of fresh herbs to dry herbs is 3:1 because dried herbs are generally more potent and concentrated than fresh herbs. For example, if this recipe calls for 1/4 cup of turmeric powder, you will need 3 times the amount of fresh root (3/4 cup).

  42. Pat says:

    Hi Jenny. As per the vedio above about golden milk using turmeric paste.I would like to ask you.for how long we can keep this turmeric paste in the fridge?

    • Jenny says:

      The paste will keep in the fridge for 2 to 3 weeks.

    • shelly says:

      Pat it will be better if you just keep plain milk in the fridge and make a fresh batch whenever you need as it only takes few minutes to make it and it is always better to have it warm. I basically grew up with this as no meds will work for my sore throat except this.

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