Kill Your Infections With This Natural Antibiotic

Kill Your Infections With This Natural Antibiotic
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This wonderful health tonic combines some of nature’s most potent plants and brings them together in a powerful concoction. It is not for the squeamish as the taste is strong and hits your taste buds with unusual force. But the health benefits are manifold, so it is definitely worth the effort.


The master tonic has been credited with healing not only common colds and infections, but also chronic conditions and antibiotic-resistant infections. It is 100% natural and works as an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal substance. It boosts your immune system and helps you combat even stubborn diseases.

It combines garlic, onion, horseradish, ginger, hot peppers (chilies) and apple cider vinegar. All ingredients should preferably be organic and have to be used fresh.


– 1 part garlic, chopped
– 1 part white onion, chopped
– 1 part ginger root, grated
– 1 part horseradish, grated
– 1 part hot peppers, chopped (you can use cayenne, habanero, serrano, jalapeño, etc)
– 1 gallon raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar


Prepare all your ingredients. Put them in a glass jar so that the jar is ¾ full with equal parts of the chopped and grated ingredients. You can either use small jars or go for big gallon glass jars.

Pour apple cider vinegar over the ingredients until the jar is full. Make sure all the ingredients are covered by the liquid.

Close the jars and shake them vigorously, so the ingredients mix and bind.

Store the jars in a dark and cool place for at least 2 weeks and shake them daily.

After 2 weeks, use a colander to drain the liquid into a different bowl. Line the colander with cheesecloth and place the mixture in it. Press all the moisture out of the mixture. At the end, wrap the cheesecloth around the remaining mixture and squeeze out the rest of the liquid.

Pour the tonic into glass bottles using a funnel. You can use 8 oz (200 milliliters) amber bottles or any other size.



For a general immunity boost or for fighting candida overgrowth, take 1 to 2 ounces (30 to 60 milliliters), two or more times daily. Put it in your mouth, swish around, gargle and swallow. As mentioned earlier, be prepared for the spicy, potent taste.

If you are battling an infection, take the tonic 5 to 6 times a day.

How do the ingredients work?

The tonic’s ingredients quickly enter your bloodstream and detox the body. They stimulate your immune system and improve the circulation. Each of them has numerous health benefits.

Garlic is a natural broad-spectrum antibiotic (read more about garlic in my article how to use garlic as a medicine). Onion has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory potential and is very good for respiratory infections.

Horseradish is antibacterial and anti-parasitic. Ginger is known for its antimicrobial properties and it aids digestion (read more about ginger in my article how to use ginger as a medicine). Hot peppers act as natural painkillers (find here top 22 natural painkillers in your kitchen, and read more about cayenne pepper here).

The list of apple cider vinegar’s healing benefits is very long; it is antifungal and antiseptic and helps with digestion (read my previous articles about apple cider vinegar: 10 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar for Great Health and At Home and 11 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Can Revolutionize Your Health).

When all these jewels come together, you get a universal tonic that will help you maintain and improve your health.

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57 Responses to Kill Your Infections With This Natural Antibiotic

  1. Kate says:

    How long will this keep

  2. Donald says:

    Due to complications my immune system is low

  3. Myers Sheri says:

    Is it better (during the two week period) to refrigerate this or is the pantry okay?

    • Jenny says:

      Refrigeration is not necessary as ACV is a natural preservative but if you intend to make a large batch and consume it over a longer period of time, best to refrigerate it to extend shelf life.

  4. Peachy Fuentes says:

    How much is 1 part if we are to put 1 gallon of ACV? Does it matter if we put less ACV, will it affect the result?

    • Jenny says:

      What’s important is that the ACV will cover all the ingredients, so depending on the amount of the ingredients, you may need to use less ACV.

  5. April Justice says:

    What recommendations do you have for fibromyalgia and an undiagnosed autoimmune disease. I hurt constantly and get sick often. Please help. I have heard of astragalus. …though it does warn about the autoimmune disease. My sister also has these issues and then some. She swares the astragalus works in a tincture. Thank you for your kindness.

  6. arianne christian says:

    Can i take it even if I have a stomach problem or heartburn?

    • Jenny says:

      It may cause heartburn if you are sensitive to it, so I would start from a very small quantity and see how you react.

    • CLIFF TIGERT says:

      Take a heaping Teaspoon of Baking soda with a very small amt of water, a shot glass. Mix well and gulp it down all at once. It tastes terrible, but your acid problems will disappear almost immediately. Do this for up to 3 times daily and your acid reflux problems will diminish greatly and sometimes completely disappear. This in turn should not affect you taking the natural antibiotic solution, but note that the antibiotic solution takes about 2 weeks for the solution to work best – fermentation! Be sure to shake the container and solution well once daily.

  7. Joseph says:

    Could it help treat candida?

  8. pam s says:

    this may sound naive of me but one part garlic is that clove or a bulb of garlic? and what is one part ginger how big would you use for it and that goes for the horseradish.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Pam, when it is said “1 part” it means a RATIO rather than quantity. In this recipe it means that the ingredients you use here are of equal amount (as they are all 1 part). For example: 1 part of each ingredient can be 1 tablespoon each or 1 cup each or 1/2 cup each (as long as all the ingredients have the same ratio as in this recipe). What’s important in this recipe is to cover all the mixture with ACV. You can choose how much you want 1 part to be (depends if you want to make a large or small batch).

    • Vanessa says:

      I just weighed each one with a kitchen scale. I used about 15 oz of each ingredient, poured it into a jug (3/4 full) then topped it off with vinegar. The amount of each ingredient you use doesn’t matter, not even the vinegar. Just make sure in your container it is 3/4 mix and 1/4 vinegar. Good luck! Did you try it yet?

  9. Rebecca says:

    I saw this on another site and they call it fire water. Their directions were to let it sit for 4-6 weeks. Will it be stronger the more you let it sit?

    • Jenny says:

      It will probably be stronger. The recipe that I saw from Organic health says “at least 2 weeks”, so I guess you can leave it for longer.

  10. Alex s says:

    Hi I have cellulitis in my legs. Could this be a cure for this kind of infection? Thank you for the helpful information.

  11. Teresa says:

    Is this safe for kids to use?

    • Jenny says:

      I think it will be very strong for kids and I don’t believe they’re going to like it.

      • Dee says:

        I mix it with honey for the kids… they don’t like it, but know it will make them feel better. We have a lot of allergy problems.

  12. Joan says:

    My friend cannot eat onion. Can onion be optional??? Need answer on this!!!!

  13. robert says:

    I would add an equal amount of turmeric, as well.

  14. Sandra Vance says:

    Sorry to be so dense but do keep only the liquid and throw the cheesecloth ingredients away or vice versa?

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Sandra, you keep only the liquid and throw away the cheesecloth ingredients. You need to consume only the liquid.

  15. Ann says:

    Hi ,is there a way or can it be stored for a long period like a year or so ? without refrigarating it. Or the life span of the tonic is just 2wks, max 4 wks if refrigarated ?
    Thank you

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Ann, usually infused ACV has a shelf life of about six months (stored in a cool dark place) or possibly longer if refrigerated.

  16. DAve says:

    Sounds really good. I am going to try this and drink daily.thanks

  17. Sarah says:

    Thanks for all the helpful info. My batch turned a muddy grey color. Is that normal or did something go bad?

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Sarah, when I prepared it, it had a more brownish color, but sometimes I think that the color may change slightly for each batch. If you covered all the ingredients completely with the ACV, I don’t believe that something could have gone wrong, but try to smell it and see if it has a musty smell. Sometimes a mold can form on the surface where it takes advantage of the air-contact space on the top of the brine. This is normal, just skim off and discard. This is a surface issue and the submerged veggies are protected by the acidic ACV. But again, if there is anything unexpected inside the ferment itself or if there is a lot of mold with long tendrils down into the content, the batch has not taken properly and you should start over from scratch.

  18. Rhees says:

    Gday jenny,

    I’m a ACV convert now for 6+ months – have Crohns, had Meniere’s and been diagnosed with palindromic rheumatism – all Auto immune diseases. Is it possible that there’s a AI bug that travels around your body ? – as I’ve been hit in the ‘ass’, ears and feet/hands ?
    I’m hoping that there’s nowhere else to go but continue to have Crohns issues and take Sulfasalazine for it. Been on a ‘shot’of ACV with a local Apple & Ginger juice everyday and lost weight and have better No.2’s – this looks like a step up on that and I’ll give it ago. I’ve also been combining Manuka honey & ACV and giving to my 14yo dog every night as we were advised by the vet to put him down and seen a massive improvement in his skin, coat and energy – he’s back walking daily for 30min +.. I also did a 50/50 mix of ACV & water and used it to spray his inflamed skin and it virtually cleared up in 2 days – ACV, coconut oil and activated honey should be on everyone’s shopping list – thanks for your information.

  19. Steve says:

    Hi all,
    Please how do I get horseradish root?
    I have tried to check it in Lagos and whole of Nigeria but can’t. Anyone can assist?

  20. Sherly says:

    Hi Jenny,
    I’m 40 yrs old who underwent a full hysterectomy and now suffering from anxiety and depression, would this be of any help or will it affect my health.
    Please respond and God bless,

  21. Reece says:

    Hi jenny,

    I’ve been diagnosed with pneumonia in the right lung and have tried 6 lots of antibiotics over the past 2 months and it sort of helps but always comes back – I cough up green phlegm but still have reasonable energy levels – i play tennis and walk the dog. I just saw a respiratory specialist who told me nothing new after paying him $ 85 ! and that I may have a 100 day cough – but that the green isn’t good !! No kiddin’. Can you recommend anything as I can’t seem to kick it – will the above concoction be of any help for the lungs ??

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Reece, I don’t feel comfortable to give a specific advice, especially for a serious condition like pneumonia, because I’m not a doctor or a certified health practitioner and lack the required knowledge. If 6 courses of antibiotics didn’t help, I’m not sure what can really help. I would go for a second opinion if I were you.

  22. Paul says:

    I left the outsids of the roots on and it’s gone a dirty muddy colour, will this still be OK?

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Paul, the ingredients should be all covered by the liquid. If not, the vegetable cells are exposed and react with the oxygen in the air which is what turns them brown. From what I’ve read in other places, you can leave the brown parts and stir the content and make sure it’s all covered, unless you see that a mold was formed on them and then you need to discard the batch and start again.

  23. Ray says:

    Will it damage the enamel on my teeth due to the high acv content.

    • Jenny Hills says:

      In this case the ACV is not full strength as it also has the liquids from the other ingredients that were squeezed into it, but you can always dilute it more with water if you have any concerns.

  24. Asif says:

    Hi, I made this only thing different I added tumeric. After using I feel stomach ache and irritation around stomach.I reduced quantity to half spoon but still same.Is there any reason for this?…thanks

    • Jenny Hills says:

      I’m not sure why you have stomach ache and stomach irritation. If you feel that from any reason this mixture causes you to feel unwell, then don’t consume it.

  25. Marcelo says:

    I was diagnose with H-pillory and I had several treatment with different antibiotic for almost 5 years, last time I saw a doctor he told me I will need to way for 3 new antibiotic to come out on market or live with the bacteria, I have seen many doctor before I got it out of my system, finally I decide to go green and natural, I browse the internet and I found many remedies, I decided to try this one and bingo, I went back to get tested a few more times and I never got positive result after this remedy.
    I thank you whoever did this and put it on line.

  26. Mrs Aminat Olufunke Sadiq says:

    Thanks for your efforts of sharing this great knowledge. Please can it work for Osteomyelitis? Thanks in anticipation of your prompt response.

    • Jenny Hills says:

      From what I’ve read in medical websites, osteomyelitis is a rare and serious condition which requires strong antibiotics. Since I’m not a doctor, and I don’t have any knowledge about this condition, I suggest that you talk to your doctor or a specialist about the best course of treatment for your condition.

  27. Casey C says:

    Hi jenny. I have stage 4 reoccurring cervical cancer. I’m 28 years old with fairly good immune system. My question is, will this be something I should use to boost my immune system which naturally gives me a better chance of beating this aggressive cancer. . I have a temporary catheter and two neuphrostomy tubes (one temp. The other will come out if the tumor shrinks) I had a hysterectomy last year and it came back ,my doctor never once checked me scanned me or did the appropriate protocols when it comes to a patient in remission. I believe the cure to cancer is to catch it early and he did not pay the least bit atte tion to what I wa’s saying each time I went in for a check up it was his partner whom saw me, not him orginal lu because my orginal doctor stayed out on mediCal leave until I was already back to stage 3 basically. He told me to excercise. Okay, being that he is the doctor I chose to ignore my symptoms and consider them as phantom or ‘ghost’pain that my body was feeling that weren’t really there!SO HE SAID! today I am with another doctor whom has me on strong chemo. I’ve completed 7cycles of avastin,taxol and topeteacan since January 2017. It was a nightmare to get my December CT scans back , showing the measurements of a cervix that was not there let me know right then and there I had a tumor , cancer again bc I had NO CERVIX, I HAD A HYSTERECTOMY, SO moving foward, I’ve decided to take on my own approach as the pharmaceutical reps push theese doctors to prescribe this poison thar cost 30k every 3day bisit!!it’s a ridiculous amount of money to loose out on if somebody came up with a far more cheaper, more effective,better approach. I believe in the cannibas oil because I see people whom had cancer so bad to not have any after self medicating. Wether it’s cannibas, herbs,spices,apple cider vinager,whatever it is, it HAS TO BE BETTER THAN THE posion/CRAP THEY PUMP INTO MY VEINS Or should I say …’my port -A-CATH’) CHESTPORT. any recommendations I’m open to , anything to boost my pH will help conquer this cancer.Cancer CANNOT like in an aka line state, it thieves in acidic ones so I want my pH to be perfect or close to it. I am a young mother of two bright and beautiful little girls, I’m a loving caring finance to the best man in my life and I’m also a medical student with dreams of becoming a nurse whom helps cancer patients or finish out my physical therapy assistin associates degree… I know I can overcome this if I take on the right measures, I’m open to anyones questions and comments as long as they are clean and not negative (I try to stay as strong spirited, open minded and positive about this awful awful illness that I am so unlucky to have at the moment. I pray I am young enough to bounce back from all theese immune system and kidney hits and I pray I am healing and I pray somebody comments to make me feel a little less alone. I don’t speak much about this or go anywhere bc of my hair loss I go ALOT LESS PLACES, it’s growing back very slowly and one piece at a time it seems..wigs are nice but itchy. I thanku for anyone who took time out to read what’s on my mind. Hope to hear something good at this next scan , soon. In the meantime, I’m tired of feeling horrible because of my u.t.I and yeast infections!as long as I have theese forge in objects inside me, my doctor said I would continue to have theese infections…I hope I’m able to tolerate the spice from the concoction because I can barely use toothpaste, as it burns my mouth off. So do hott cheetos, I can’t eat spicy stuff , is there anything I can substitute for?thanks girl, your truly amazing for allowing everyone share their worry&concerns. Thanks again,
    Xo ♡, Casey

    • Jenny Hills says:

      Hi Casey, I really appreciate the time you have taken to share your story. It is not easy to read it but I want to encourage you to stay positive and hopeful about the future and get support from your family and friends. I’ve heard about people who had advanced cancer stage and recovered. One of them is Chris Wark who was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer when he was 26 years old. That was back in 2003. You can have a look at his website. Ann Cameron, author of children’s books and also the book “Curing Cancer With Carrots” was also diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer in 2012, and her story is also mentioned in Chris Wark’s website here. Since I’m not a doctor or a certified health practitioner, I cannot offer specific advise, especially that the conventional medicine does not acknowledge many alternative therapies for cancer due to lack of research. Another issue is that some natural supplements or substances can interact with certain medication, so the safest way is to get a “green light” from your doctor first.
      You have mentioned a couple of issues: 1) You can barely use toothpaste as it burns my mouth off. Maybe you can try using virgin coconut oil and baking soda as a toothpaste. See more information HERE. 2) As for UTI and yeast infections – There are natural ways to treat these. See information about UTI HERE, and for yeast infection HERE, HERE and HERE. 3) As for keeping the body alkalized – see what Naturopath Ann Boroch says about this subject (see HERE).
      Last words – Stay strong, hopeful and positive. We all wish you a full recovery and long healthy life!

  28. Nanci says:

    Are you supposed to do the candida diet while taking this master tonic. To help cure candida?

    • Jenny Hills says:

      Hi Nanci, There are various types of candida diets and some of them are very restrictive or include various of supplements, so I cannot give specific recommendation. Generally speaking, if you reduce sugar consumption and simple carbohydrates, as well as cutting out most processed foods, and replacing them with fresh ones you may start to feel better in general. I think my article about “Candida Die-Off: What It is and How to Prevent it” will give you some general information about natural treatments to candida that you can try.

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