The Ultimate Anti Wrinkle, Anti Aging Treatment using Essential Oil Blend

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The Ultimate Anti Wrinkle, Anti Aging Treatment using Essential Oil Blend

Before you spend a fortune on expensive anti aging treatment, consider trying a few of these essential oils as a home remedy for wrinkles. Essential oils are full of nutrients and proteins which maintain the mattress-like bounciness of collagen, thus they can be used as anti wrinkle treatment.


Essential oils also stimulate blood flow which encourages the regeneration of new skin cells and some essential oils, such as fennel, have hormonal-like properties which encourages the firming of skin.

Below is one of my favorite anti-wrinkle blends which seems to have worked wonders for anyone I’ve shared it with. This may be a good alternative for an anti aging treatment.

This recipe has been taken from The Complete Book Of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood. It is my favorite book on the topic of essential oils in the world with over 600 recipes for absolutely everything. Get yourself a copy if you’d like to learn more about ways you can use essential oils. The Ultimate Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Essential Oil Blend:

  •     Neroli oil – 10 drops
  •     Lavender oil – 10 drops
  •     Frankincense oil – 10 drops
  •     Rosemary oil – 2 drops
  •     Fennel oil – 10 drops
  •     Lemon oil – 3 drops
  •     Carrot oil – 10 drops
  •     Evening primrose oil – 10 drops

Directions – Dilute in two tablespoons of sweet almond oil and massage onto your face and neck every night.

When you look at all of these ingredients you may think this recipe is very expensive, but it’s not. Once you have all the bottles of essential oil you can make it up in minutes and create a huge number of batches from your one bottle.


You can get approximately 20-25 drops per 1ml of essential oil so from a regular 10ml bottle you get between 200-250 drops of oil – enough to make at least 20 batches of this anti-aging blend. Try it as an alternative to an expansive anti aging treatment.

You can find all of these essential oils on Amazon. If you’d really like to give your essential oil collection a boost then try this Essential Oil Collection. It contains some of the oils you need for this recipe (apart from neroli oil, fennel, and frankincense) and a whole host more that you can use for yourself or gift to friends.

You can also find more information in my article on how to use essential oils for wrinkles.

If you’d like to learn more about using essential oils for your beauty, your health and your home then get yourself a copy of The Complete Book Of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy.

Plus, if you’d like to learn more tips for looking younger naturally, then get yourself a copy of : 77 Outrageously Effective Anti-Aging Tips & Secrets. It’s one of the best reviewed books on the topic of anti aging on Amazon.

If you are interested to learn more about essential oils you can find useful information in my e-book Magical Aromatherapy. This book will help you to discover the power of essential oils and the most effective ways to use them:

Magical Aromatherapy

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143 Responses to The Ultimate Anti Wrinkle, Anti Aging Treatment using Essential Oil Blend

  1. D Theiss says:

    I wanted to do this as soon as possible, so I bought the oils locally. I couldn’t find carrot oil, so I substituted apricot oil. I have been using it for 2 weeks now. I can’t believe the difference. I have had to lose a lot of weight, and I have a lot more to lose so at my age (63) I was expecting for every line and sag to worsen since fat is what supports your skin. I have diabetes and it really is hard on your skin. My lines and wrinkles have decreased significantly using this oil. I have had three people remark on my skin and they don’t believe my age. Thanks for this. I’ve been spending way too much on skin care. I’m ordering carrot oil for the next batch so I have the right recipe. thanks so much!

  2. lift and glow pro and lift serum pro says:

    magnificent put up, very informative. I wonder why the opposite specialists of
    this sector do not understand this. You should continue your writing.

    I’m confident, you have a huge readers’ base already!

  3. Mary says:

    It doesn’t mention in the article as to what to store these oils in. bottles or jars…..I heard dark bottles?

  4. admin says:

    Essential oils should be stored in a cool place, away from direct sunlight, and in dark glass containers with airtight lid.

  5. marie says:

    what can one use instead of the almond oil(allergic to all nuts)

  6. admin says:

    Try Grape seed oil, apricot kernel oil or peach kernel oil.

    • Ishani says:

      I am presently using a frankincense (5 drops) and grapeseed oil (1 tablespoon) oil blend as a moisturizer. I have oily, acne-prone skin and i have this sick tendency to pick at pimples and their scabs, which results in dark and nasty marks.

      However, it’s been a week since I replaced my cosmetic moisturizer with the aforementioned oil blend and I can see the difference already! My skin hasn’t broken out in acne since, the old scars are fading, the oiliness of my skin has become milder, and the overall texture of my skin has improved phenomenally!

      Bottomline: Natural oils rock!

  7. Daisy says:

    When you said, ” Dilute in two tablespoons of sweet almond oil and massage onto your face and neck every night.” Did you mean ADD 2 tbsp of Sweet Almond with the rest of the oils or place Almond oil directly on your face? Andt whats the name of the store in Amazon that sells these oils? Thank you

    • admin says:

      You don’t apply the essential oils directly on your face. They might be too strong for the skin and cause irritation. You need to dilute them with carrier oil (in this case the almond oil), so after you’ve mixed all the essential oils together, you add to this mixture the almond oil and get a new diluted mixture, and then apply the new diluted mixture on your face. If you want to purchase from Amazon, go to and in the “search” field click the product you want. It will then give you several options from various companies.

    • Tammy says:

      Try Young Living oils they are 100percent the best and they are Biblically based!

      • Tanya says:

        What on Earth does “Biblically based” mean?

      • Kathy says:

        Young Living is not the best place to purchase your essential oils. Rose mountain Oils is better. Or Bulk Apothecarapy. It must be a therapeutic oil.

        • Julie zehendner says:

          Young living is the best of the best, we are the only company that has the seed to seal promise:) are oils do not come from a third party.We can go to our farms and see the plants anytime!

  8. Sarah says:

    How many drops of this mixture would be enough for the face? Approximately how long does the batch last since its only two table spoons and the drops of EOs. Thank you for sharing this! Looking forward to trying it soon.

    • Jenny says:

      If the mixture is stored in a cool dark place, it can last for a long time, and then there is no problem because as you can see the amount received is small, about 2 tbsp, so it will not last for long, maybe 2 treatments for neck and face. Once you experiment, you will know how much to put. Regarding the tamanu oil – this oil is predominantly used for skin care, and although it doesn’t appear in the original recipe, I don’t think it will cause any harm to add few drops of it if you want.

  9. Sarah says:

    Also, can tamanu oil be added to this mixture?

  10. ciby varghese says:

    do we get this all oil in cosmetcis store or can u suggest where do we get this oil

    • Jenny says:

      You can buy essential oils and base oils in health food stores or online, for example through Amazon or other companies that specialize in selling essential oils/herbs.

    • Jenny says:

      You can get the oils in health food stores or online (Amazon, and other companies that specialize in selling essential oils and herbs).

  11. Emma Hunter says:

    Can u refrigerate the mix?

  12. jaswinder kaur says:

    it seems to be good for antiaging.i live in India from where i can get these oils. Please suggest

    • Jenny says:

      You can buy the oils in health food stores or through the internet (Amazon or other companies that sell herbs/essential oils).

  13. Judy Jacobson says:

    I’m just wondering if Argan oil could be used instead of the sweet almond oil? As a carrier oil, would the almond oil work better? I love arganoil, because it absorbs so well, and quickly and doesn’t leave an oily film. My skin feels so soft afterward.

    • Jenny says:

      Yes, you can use Argan oil as a carrier oil. Both sweet almond oil and Argan oils can be used as a carrier oil. The advantage of sweet almond oil is that it’s price is cheaper than that of Argan oil which is rare, but other than that both are good options.

  14. JanisPat says:

    I have been using these oils for 10 years now and my skin is almost wrinkle free and I am 64. I love essential oils, I use then for many reasons. Can you use sesame oil in place of almond oil? Would it be better for aging skin?

    • Jenny says:

      You can use sesame carrier oil as well. I’m not sure if it’s better or not for aging skin, but any carrier oil will do the job.

    • Manar says:

      wooow Is that real ???? may you please share a picture of you now, if it’s OK ?? I’m 23 and I have some wrinkles…. :/

    • Vanessa says:

      Can you kindly list the recipes you used for 10 years? I would love to know. Thank you

    • Tera says:

      Rosehip Oil is good for aging skin. It has lots of Vitamin A which is like retinoid which is used for wrinkles. It also slows down the aging process and has antioxidants which fight free radicals. I have seen amazing results with this oil and many others use it as well with their essential oil serums. Grapeseed and apricot kernal are also very good carrier oils for aging skin. Of all my studies and recipes I’ve never seen sesame oil used.

  15. diana.shah says:

    i dont have frankinsence oil and neroli oil is it ok to use the others …..tks.

    • Jenny says:

      It’s hard for me to tell if changing the original recipe of Valerie Ann Worwood from her book will give the same results. I think it’s best to stick to the original recipe.

    • carolyn says:

      Any one of those oils is great by itself. the combination makes it more powerful probably, but you will benefit from what ever you can find from the list in whatever combination works for you . I would try to get lavender if you can, it increases the properties of whatever oil it is combined with.

  16. Ganna says:

    I would like to do this for my friend as a Christmas gift and I want to make more that 2 tbsp . Can you tell me please for how long can it be stored? thanks you

    • Jenny says:

      Essential oils should be stored in dark glass containers in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Ensure that the container is airtight. Some recommend keeping oils and oil preparations in the refrigerator as this helps to slow down the chances of the oils turning rancid. At the very least, however, they should be stored according to the steps above.Essential oils should not be kept for more than one year.

    • Gwyn says:

      It’s the carrier oils that tens to spoil in mixtures more than the essential oils (other than citrus oils which don’t last as long)and some carrier’s last longer than others. Adding a drop or two of vit E oil will help preserve skin mixtures along with the recommendation you already have of using a dark glass container and keeping it out of direct sun. Doing these things should prevent anything from turning rancid before you would use it up under most circumstances, at least in my experience. I wouldn’t worry about making up a larger batch to give as a gift, it’s a wonderful idea and special thing to do for someone. Lucky friend you have. 🙂

  17. reem khair says:

    I couldn’t find evening primrose oil… what can I use as a substitute?

  18. Demi says:

    Aren’t 2 tablespoons of carrier oil for so many drops, too little an amount? How many applications would that be? 2? So one need make every second day a new batch, right?

    • Jenny says:

      Carrot oil also serves as a carrier oil. It is extracted from the roots of the carrot plant and should not be confused with carrot seed essential oil used in aromatherapy. The amount in the recipe of Valerie Ann Worwood is small and will probably last for about 2 applications or so. You can prepare a larger amount according to the ratio in the recipe.

  19. Blace says:

    Please can you clarify . Do i need to get all the oils and mix together with almond oil or should i only choose one?

  20. Gigo says:

    Citronella is also excellent for the skin. Geranium minimizes scars.

  21. Jahangir says:


  22. Katerina says:

    I like the sound of this recipe, I will try this one out too

    I have been using this recipe also with excellent results
    It may be useful to some on here 😉
    50ml almond or grapeseed oil
    20 ml rosehip oil
    20 ml passionflower oil
    10 ml raspberry oil
    8 drops lavender essential oil
    8 drops rose geranium essential oil
    4 drops neroli or orange blossom essential oil
    NOTE: If you can’t get passionflower or raspberry oil
    Then substitute with jojoba or evening primrose oil

    Hope that helps anyone else interested

  23. Sally says:

    Hi, what would you suggest I could use instead of Lavender oil, as I am allergic? Thanks

    • Jenny says:

      I would replace it with either geranium or chamomile essential oils, because they seldom irritate, are light and pleasant and very calming. They have many of the same properties as Lavender for dry and sensitive skin, so they are good to alternate with lavender in case of lavender sensitivity or allergy.

  24. Yvonne Appleby says:

    I’m going to make this definately but I’m looking for something to use after derma rolling would something like this be ok or should I just blend some vitamin oils??

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Ivonne, because the oil formula is quite concentrated, I would do a skin patch test on a small area on your face and wait for a while to see how your skin reacts. You may feel a slight tingling because of the needles, but wait to see how your skin reacts. I think this is the safest way to go.

  25. diana diamond says:

    I’m 60 yrs young. This is something I’ll definitely like to try. I love looking good & this seems a very good way to go. Once I get all thr oils or subs. Thank you. Will try to keep in touch. God bless.

  26. rahman says:

    All this oil not available. ..

  27. Fatima says:

    thanks for the recipe, I live in Dubai, can you suggest where to buy the oils from? Many thanx

  28. done says:

    hai..i would like to know why at the amazon doesn’t have the evening primrose oil? can you give the link that selling this oil?
    and is there any different between evening primrose carrier oil and the one you suggested above?thank you.

    • Jenny says:

      I’ve just checked and Amazon sells evening primrose oil. Just click on the “search” field evening primrose oil and you will get many results. There are a lot of carrier oils that can be used, but I think the best idea will be to stick to the recipe of Valerie Ann Worwood.

  29. Krisina says:

    What about camelia oir is it beneficial? To add to or as a delusion oil?

    • Jenny says:

      Camellia oil can be used as a carrier oil, so you can use it instead of either carrot oil or evening primrose oil, as these two are used as carrier oils in this formula.

  30. Sekhon says:

    All the oils are not available anywhere plz send me site then i purchase all the oil plz

  31. Peggy Lobertini says:

    The amazing uses and benefits of essential oils are endless. But, the range of purity of oils is also! Make sure you are not purchasing “off the shelf Oils”. All oils are not created equal! The best, purest oils are not a lot more expensive, but are a lot more beneficial! Purchase here at their purest form at wholesale prices or 25% discount on this site by becoming a wholesale member. After your first kit, no obligation to purchase more.
    If you are interested in learning more about essential oils, how to apply them, how to treat or prevent illnesses visit this website
    or offering great daily links and information! Good luck on your healthy journey!

  32. Sinead says:

    cant wait to try this recently started using rose water as a toner and notice my skin alot tighter

  33. Martie van graan says:

    Can you use it as a eye wrinkler to thanks.

    • Jenny says:

      There is a controversy going in aromatherapy world whether it is ok or not ok to use essential oils near the eyes. Some suggest that using certain essential oils in a very small amount is ok, as long as you do not get it into the eye or put the diluted oil on the eyelids. You have to put oils around bottom and side of the eye and never on the eyelid. I personally wouldn’t recommend to use it around the eyes, especially that this formula is very concentrated. Eye safety comes in the first place.

      • Mary Talley says:

        I use castor oil on my lashes, under & round my eyes – also on my lids at night. It tightens skin very well. Haven’t been using long enough to tell @ the eye lashes yet. It may feel oily a while but is absorbed. Think I’ll invest in the oils for this recipe & try. Sprouts carries essential oils. Does anyone have any feedback on their brands?

  34. Kelli says:

    Anyone else use this and can give a recommendation? Thanks.

  35. Brooke says:

    I like this recipe except for the lemon. I thought the citrus oils were photo toxic & not good to use when exposed to the sun. Why is it in there???

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Brook, You are right that lemon oil is not good to use when exposed to sun. This is the original recipe by Valerie Ann Worwood. In any case I believe it should be applied at night before going to sleep, and in the morning you need to apply sunscreen. You may want to try to eliminate the lemon oil as it is relatively a small ingredient in the whole recipe.

      • Maggie says:

        Coconut oil is a natural sunscreen. I have read SPF as much as 35, I would not use synthetic chemicals on your face. These can be carcinogens.

        • Jenny says:

          There is a debate over this issue. Many blogs claim what you say, however I’ve seen a study that showed that while the oil is able to block 20% of the sun’s UV rays (it showed nearly 80% transmissions in UVB region), it is still well below the recommendation of protecting our skin with a broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB), SPF 30 (blocking 97% of UV rays) product. I’ve read it’s better to use SPF-rated mineral sunscreens with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as the active ingredients. These are natural minerals that form a physical barrier between the sun’s UVA/UVB rays and your skin and they are not being absorbed by the skin.

    • sharon says:

      I always check out any ingredients on the EWG (environmental working group) website before using, especially for daily use.

  36. nita atkins says:

    thanks for sharing i will start to use now see what will happen hope it will work

  37. Paige says:

    Can you add vitamin e oil

    • Jenny says:

      Although not in the original recipe of Valerie Ann Worwood, vitamin E is well known for its anti aging effect on the skin, and therefore I don’t believe there should be any problem adding it.

  38. Lillie says:

    Love deTorra oil,will give a try.I have try everything to get rid of sagging and wrinkle.Thanks!!

  39. neha says:

    Hi can this blend be used on sensitive acne prone skin too?

  40. cs says:

    I would be concerned of pore clogging and break out? Any feedback

  41. geeta says:

    is there any remedies to get rid of stretch marks?

  42. shalini says:

    Hi…I just wanted to know dat if I use these oils,then what about the breakouts and acne??

    • Jenny says:

      I’m not sure about that. I don’t think it’s going to make it worse, but I don’t really know.

    • Violia says:

      I have found that if I’m not vigilant about cleaning my face and bedding…I will have breakouts whenever I use oils.

  43. Jasmine says:

    Hi, love to try this.
    Just wanted to know, if these oils make facial hair grow more..? I already have more facial hair and udergoing laser treatment..

  44. Shari says:

    Is there any specific way to apply it? Just with finger tips or with a sponge or something? And could you add it to some sort of cream base or would that defeat the purpose?

    • Jenny says:

      You can use your fingertips. You can add it to a base cream but then it will probably not act as a serum (in which the ingredients are concentrated), so it may dilute the effect.

  45. Brooke says:

    Looking at this recipe again, this appears to be a very unsafe dilution. For the amount of EO’s in this recipe, you would need 3 ounces of carrier oil, not 2 TBSPs. When you use oils daily, you are supposed to dilute at 1% so as to minimize sensitization.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Brooke, the recipe is used as a serum which typically contains high concentrations of certain active ingredients. It is always advised to do a skin test on a small patch to see how the skin reacts.

  46. divina says:

    Pls. send me solution for very bad feet husband everyday wearing a shoe for 12 hours when he come and remove the sshoes what a bad smell..thanks

  47. Melissa says:

    I have most, if not all of these oils but some of them I have had for quite some time. They don’t appear to be rancid. Are they still okay to use, or should I just keep them for my oil burner for the smell rather than any healing property? I have been told that they are okay to use, just may not be as potent. I really don’t want to waste them, as there are hundreds of dollars worth, maybe more (it is quite a large container full of varying types).

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Melissa, apart from a few exceptions, steam distilled essential oils have a shelf life of at least 2 years, and even more when stored properly. citrus oils (in this formula the lemon oil) have the shortest shelf life of 9 to 12 months, and even longer when stored properly. Shelf life of carrot and evening Primrose oil is 10 to 12 months and they are more susceptible to damage caused by temperature changes. I think the key here to preserving the freshness and potency of your oils is that they were fresh when you purchased them from the supplier in the first place and have been stored properly.

  48. Melissa says:

    What can I use instead of carrot? I am unable to have any orange or yellow veg at the moment due to medication I am taking, but thankfully it should only be temporary

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Melissa, the carrot oil is used here as a base oil to dilute the essential oils. If you cannot use it, double the amount of the evening primrose oil which is also used here as a base oil. When you are able to use back the carrot oil, return to the original recipe.

  49. Mirasol Gomez says:

    Can I make rosewater at home? Like soaking the dried rosebuds?

  50. Chamomile Lavender says:

    I am from the Philipines. I do not know if those kinds of oil mentioned is available in my place.

  51. Seema says:

    Can I apply my regular night cream after applying this oil or do I need to apply only the oil?

  52. maria says:

    Can you plz put up an eye serum?for under eye wrinkles?
    Based on my research evening primrose oil and neroli are good…but am not very sure…need some guidance

    • Jenny says:

      There are quite a lot of options of oils for eye serum, such as evening primrose oil, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil. Some people apply a few drops of the oil for under eye wrinkles. Other people combine equal parts of oil and aloe vera gel, but you will need to shake it before each use because it will separate.
      If you find the lotion is a bit too heavy, add more aloe vera, and if you’d like it to be extra moisturizing, add more oil. I wouldn’t add essential oils to the blend as it’s not recommended to use essential oils near the eyes.

  53. vangie says:

    hi… which olive oil for the under eye wrinkle is better? the pure olive oil which i just bought (cause i dont know yet) or the extra virgin olive oil? please reply cause im confused… thanks so much

  54. Madhuri says:

    I could not get carrot oil .instead i baught carrot seed oil..can i replace with it..

    • Jenny says:

      There is a difference between carrot seed oil and carrot oil – carrot seed oil is made by extracting the oil from the seeds of the carrot, whereas carrot oil is made by infusing carrot flesh into an oil, leaving it for some time and then filtering out the oil. However according to Livestrong website, both possess similar skin-soothing, cell-regenerative qualities for complaints ranging from stretch marks to wrinkles, so I believe you can replace between them. It’s just that carrot seed oil is more expensive.

  55. Erna De Los Reyes says:

    I manage to get almost all the ingredients from an organic shop today except for the carrot oil. Where can I buy one or is there any substitute for that? Thanks!

    • Jenny says:

      I’ve seen carrot oil in Amazon (see here). If you cannot find carrot oil, try to find carrot seed oil – both possess similar skin-soothing and cell-regenerative qualities. Both carrot seed essential oil and carrot root carrier oil derive from the common carrot. Manufacturers express the essential oil by steam distilling the dried seeds of carrots, while carrot root oil results from the solvent extraction of the plant’s fresh roots. Both products are used for skin care and massage oil, although carrot oil used in larger proportions than essential oils.

      • Erna De Los Reyes says:

        Aparently Amazon’s products are only available for US market not available for Australia. I will just try my luck in ebay. Hope I can find the carrot oil or carrot seed oil from there.


  56. Donna Vernon says:

    I tried to make my own to no avail. It was messy 🙁 I was trying to get close to the Lumavera eye cream because it has worked so well for me. I guess I will have to try again later and am back to buying the product online again, ha! 🙂

  57. Stephanie says:

    I found my oils at

  58. Tina says:

    Is it safe to be used on pores? And does it even the skin tone? Thx

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Tina, like any essential oil blend, it is recommended to do a test on a small skin patch to see if it irritates the skin. This blend is more for reducing wrinkles although the lemon essential oil is known to reduce pigmentation as well. If you want a more even skin tome, you can also try this face mask, or try these home remedies.

  59. Tina says:

    Thanx for the clarification. I am going to use EO’s for the first time so still confused. I have purchased all but have another question, can I mix the oils along with almond oil (all in the quantities given above) and use until finished? Or I have to mix others and keep almond oil seperate. If so, what’s the proportion of EO blend to almond oil? TIA

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Tina, most EOs usually retain their quality for at least 1 year from the date of purchase if stored properly (there are few exceptions like citrus EOs or coniferous EOs which have a shorter shelf life of 6-12 months). As for sweet almond oil, which is a carrier oil – I’ve seen several references that each claim a different shelf life: some say it’s up to 1 year, some say up to 6 months. The bottom line is that you can mix the EOs with the sweet almond oil and store in a dark cool place or in the fridge and use within few months.

  60. Ekki says:

    Hi Jenny, The recipe really sounds great. I have dry skin with some pigmentation. What cleaning regimen to follow with essential oil. Is Rosewater alone enough or necessary to use some soap to avoid pore clogging?

  61. Linda says:

    I see no one has mentioned Edens Garden. They have a great selection of GREAT oils.

  62. Yaz says:

    Check carefully before you click to buy on the Amazon link for the Essential Oils Collection. The current product at this link does not include these oils: Carrot, Evening Primrose, Fennel, Frankincense, and Neroli.

    • Jenny Hills says:

      Thank you Yaz for pointing it out. I’ve checked it again and it indeed lacks few of them (just a comment regarding evening primrose oil and carrot oil – these are not essential oils but carrier oils, so you will not find them in the EO collection). I’ve updated the line in the article about the product.

  63. Rose says:

    Does anyone sell these oils already mixed – complete ?

  64. Pam says:

    I am having a hard time with the Neroli Oil. There is such a wide range of pricing, from $10 for .5 oz to $122. Can someone be specific about the type of Neroli oil to get or a substitute?

    • Jenny Hills says:

      Hi Pam, I bought mine in natural health shop a long time ago so I don’t have the bottle to see how much I’ve paid for it (and I also don’t know which country you are from), but generally speaking when comparing prices you need to look about the price per quantity, whether it’s organic or not and what is the brand. Various brands have different bottle sizes so the price varies accordingly. Also organic costs more. I personally don’t remember paying such high price for neroli. You can also personalize the blend, for example you can replace the neroli with lemon oil so the total amount of lemon is 13 drops (this is what I did when I’ve finished the neroli bottle).

  65. Ritu says:

    Thanks for the recipe…will surely try it
    Want to ask that all ingredients mentioned here are oils or essential oils.
    Secondly can i mix this anti aging oil blend with may be 4-5 tablespoons of shea butter to make it a cream base and by using less quantity of shea butter the effect of oils will also not be reduced..pls need ur genuin suggestions…thank u so much

    • Jenny Hills, Medical Writer and Researcher says:

      The components under the bullet-points are essential oils. You then mix them with sweet almond oil which is a carrier oil. You can replace the essential oils with shea butter for a cream consistency. If you use larger amount of shea butter, the mix will be less concentrated.

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