The Best Foods & Herbs to Cleanse Your Liver

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liver cleansing

Often times we go on living our day-to-day lives without considering the amazing things that our body is doing for us. We have an intricate set up of organs and each one has its own specific function to ensure you live a happy and healthy life. One of the unsung heroes of the internal process is the liver.

The liver is kind of like the nightclub bouncer of your insides. Amongst the things that enter your body there are beneficial nutrients and harmful toxins. The liver filters out the harmful material and lets the good stuff pass through. The liver helps clean the blood, and helps remove all the pollutants before they get all over our body. But with our modern diet of processed foods and nutritional pollutants we have seen our liver health take a plunge. There are early signs for liver damage and you can read about them in my other post about the early signs of liver damage.

Cleansing your liver is important; if you had a nightclub you would want your bouncer to be nice and strong to keep the bad guys out, right? The foods listed below are completely safe and natural ways for you to cleanse your liver and secure a healthier future:

Water – Water is an essential part of almost every bodily function. Drinking several cups of water throughout the day will make your cells regenerate faster and help transport nutrients throughout the body. The importance of water is featured in my e-book about superfoods and how they can improve your health, which is part of my Natural Health Revolution Program. This program will help you to achieve your health, nutrition and weight loss goals.

Lemons and Limes – While you are drinking your water, why not include a squeeze of a lemon or lime juice? It will boost the flavor and encourage the production of bile, allowing your liver to flush out toxins much easier. If you read my article 8 Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water, you will understand how much beneficial it is.

Garlic – It doesn’t take much of this culinary staple to benefit your liver. Only a small clove contains loads of selenium and allicin, both key ingredients in eliminating toxins. Don’t swallow a whole clove. Crush the cloves first as this is necessary to release the active components of garlic.

Apples – They don’t say an apple a day keeps the doctor away for nothing. The skin of this fruit contains high amounts of pectin, which aids in digestion. With a healthier digestive tract cleansing is made much easier on your liver.


Whole Grains – When you weight the benefits of whole grains with the disadvantages of simple white grains making the switch is a no brainer. Whole grains are stuffed with nutrients that aid in relieving liver congestion and they come packed with many other nutritional benefits. Eating complex carbohydrates is also one of the 70 habits featured in my e-book 70 Powerful Habits For A Great Health which will guide you how to take positive steps to improve your wellness and overall health.

Berries – Berries are rich in healthy natural nutrients and fiber and are full of antioxidants. This combines with organic acids make them ideal for liver cleansing and digestive health. You can find more useful information about berries in my e-book The Healing Berry Guide. This book will teach you how to transform your health with berries.

Grapefruit – Whether you eat them whole or drink the juice, grapefruits have high amounts of vitamin C, anti-oxidants, and an antioxidant called naringenin. Each of these prevents your liver from storing fat and turns it into a detoxifying powerhouse.

Walnuts – Crack open the shell of this delicious snack and unleash the liver cleansing compounds they contain. The Omega fatty acid, the antioxidant glutathione, and the amino acid arginine keep harmful substances like ammonia from entering your body.

Green Tea – Green Tea has a powerful antioxidant called catechin. With more of this in your system your liver won’t store as much fat and it will work more efficiently. Read here more about the amazing health benefits of green tea.

Avocados – This excellent source of healthy dietary fat also contributes to the elimination of harmful toxins in the liver. The increased antioxidant glutathione production is bad news for toxins and good news for your health.


Leafy Green Vegetables – If your liver could talk, it would constantly be asking for green vegetables. They stimulate bile production and use chlorophyll to filter out toxins and harmful substances at an incredible rate. Find more information in my article How to Detox Your Body With These 8 Leafy Greens and How To Detoxify Your Body Using Chlorophyll.

Cold-pressed Oils – Organic oils such as olive oil, flaxseed or hempseed oils alleviate a lot of toxic stress on your liver. They encourage lipid production, which absorbs harmful substances and keeps them from sticking around. Read here about the fantastic health benefits of olive oil.

Turmeric – Using spices like this is a quick, easy, and effective way to cleanse your liver. When harmful carcinogens build up in your liver, turmeric kick starts enzymes to take care of them before a health issue develops. Read here more about The Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric – Including Golden Milk Recipe to Treat Many Ailments.

Beets and Carrots – Plant flavonoids are essential for your liver to work effectively. These two vegetables are great sources of the liver cleansing compounds, giving your liver a much-needed cleansing boost.


There are some herbs that are particularly good for liver cleansing:

Burdock – One of the common uses for this herb is as a liver detoxifier.  When studies looked at what effects burdock might have on livers that have been damaged by alcohol consumption, the results seemed to show that burdock helped the liver to heal and protected it from further damage. The conclusion was that burdock’s powerful antioxidants may be responsible, at least in part, for the results.

Dandelion – It is mainly the root that helps cleanse the liver and treat gallbladder problems. Compounds in the root cause an increase in bile production and this helps to improve digestion. It also helps the liver to digest foods and remove toxins quickly and efficiently.

Wild yam – Wild yam root has been known to be very effective for liver health. It lowers cholesterol and blood pressure levels and thus reduces the stress in the body and increases the efficiency of the liver.

Yellow dock – Traditionally, yellow dock root has been thought to be a blood purifier and general detoxifier, especially for the liver. Yellow dock root stimulates bile production which helps digestion, particularly of fats. It also helps prevent any toxins from entering the gallbladder, bloodstream and liver, which in turn reduces these  systems overall workload. Yellow dock root can also effectively help to get rid of foreign substances, which could create access burden on the liver.

Milk thistle seeds – The seeds of milk thistle are known as a powerful cleanser of the liver. They contain phytochemicals that stimulate the secretion of bile from the liver and gallbladder. Click here to learn how to make liver cleansing infusion with milk thistle seeds.

Garlic – Garlic contains many sulfur-containing compounds that activate the liver enzymes responsible for flushing out toxins from the body. This vegetable also contains allicin which is a powerful compound proven to help protect the liver from toxic damage, and helps in the detoxification process. Read more information in my previous article on how to use garlic as a medicine.

Liver Cleansing Tonic Recipe

2 parts dandelion root
1 part wild yam root
1 part yellow dock root
1 part burdock root

Use 4 tbsp of herb mixture per 1 liter of water. Place the herbs in a small saucepan and cover with cold water. Heat slowly and simmer, covered for 20-45 minutes. The longer you simmer the herbs, the stronger the tea will be. If the flavor is too bitter for you, you can add stevia, honey or natural maple syrup to taste. Drink 2-3 cups a day.

Don’t forget that your liver is a powerful organ that is responsible for many important functions. But nowadays with all the pollution around us in air, food and water, the liver is being asked to take on too much. This is why so many of us would benefit from a liver cleansing.

If you are interested in detoxifying your body, you can find more useful information in my e-book The Detox Guide. This guide will teach you how to use detox to cleanse and energize your body naturally and safely:

The Detox Guide

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21 Responses to The Best Foods & Herbs to Cleanse Your Liver

  1. Kathy Acosta says:

    Like to know… more about the detox .. my liver levels are always high.

    • Candice says:

      If you can juice – Carrots , beets , and celery daily for about a month or even a few weeks will detox the liver . Also , A lot of people use warm water with some lemon first thing in the morning is a good way to detox , but not optimal.

  2. Charlie Miller says:

    Your value is daily wonder readin THANK YOU

  3. pushpa ganesh says:

    As an vegetarian have been consuming the foods recommended for good functioning of liver without understanding their true potential. The articles lay imp.on natural foods and their benefits.
    Still not all produce r organic and do contain pesticides, so how beneficial are they in d long run?

    • Jenny says:

      Indeed, the cumulative effect of pesticides in our body is for the long run. Of course the best choice would be to go organic. However for many people it’s quite hard to go completely organic, either because of availability issues or cost. WebMD website mentions the top foods with most pesticides –, and you can find other similar lists on the web. Probably it is a good start to go organic with the most pesticides foods, and if possible, consume organic products as much as you can.

  4. Susan Orr says:

    Good lnformation, thanks.

  5. Susan Orr says:

    Good information, thanks.

  6. mary says:

    Pls whenever u are mentioning all these roots or leaves or some of d fruits pls try & put their pictures so thay we can identify them. All these hawthorn etc I don’t know them by their names

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Mary, the best thing to do is go to website. On the upper right hand side there is the “search” option. Type the name of the herb and click “enter”. You will see images of it. Or in “google” search engine just type the name of the herb and see the images you get.

  7. naturalremediesexpert says:

    thanks for effort also do not forget peppermint This herb stimulates bile flow and relaxes bile ducts, helping to break down fats. It also helps reduce bad cholesterol, which makes the liver’s job of filtering toxins easier.

  8. Max says:

    Many people don’t know how to detox the liver and what is necessary. This article also fails to mention some important item. It is of vital importance with a detox that the second stage of purification of the liver is working well!!! Without it, the toxins are just going back …
    And what does this second stage of purification needs beside B-vitamins and minerals?
    And these you can find in fish, meats, eggs, seafood …

  9. Jennyvi Parane says:

    Thanks a really help..Godbless.

  10. Diane says:

    I think I may have some signs of my liver needing to be detoxified. I ‘m scared to doing any detoxes because I am diabetic, also on blood pressure meds. I do not want to do any detoxes where I can’t eat anything. I don’t want my blood sugar levels to drop too low or go to high. This could be very serious for me. What can I do to get a healthier liver?

  11. Dronacharya Chakraborty says:

    Pineapple mixed with pure honey if taken at day time can boost up liver.

    I am thankful to you for right guideline amongst people and I share it on fb.

  12. Trish says:

    My 8yo daughter has a liver issue. The proteins or enzemes? are 3x the normal levels. We have worked all summer to try flush out her liver with water, salads, etc. We go back to the doctor next month. My question is this: what causes this and what damage can it do if we can’t get the levels down?

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Trish, I personally don’t know the answer, but you can get some information in Livestrong website – as well as mayo clinic website –

    • Ruth says:

      Ive had fatty liver disease since 2010. Every year I would cleanse a couple times, no alcohol, and watch my diet. My enzymes kept climbing. In 2014 I came upon Juice Plus. It’s not juice, but gummies and capsules. 100% pure fruit and vegetables is all the ingredients. With in 3 minutes of eating JP, 100% of the nutrition is absorbed into your blood. It works as a daily cleanse ridding your liver and the rest of your body from toxins and junk.
      In Nov 2013 (before starting JP) my liver enzymes were at 97. Only 2.5 months after starting JP my enzymes are at 14. My cholesterol went from 180 to 132. Juice Plus has a Nutrition label, not a supplement label. *Kids get it free for four years with the CHS when an adult is getting it. Check out and on Twitter @rgalesJUICEPLUS

  13. Ramesh Thanawala says:

    Sir/ Madam,

    Very Good Information


  14. Polly says:

    This is a really useful article for me and made me real use I naturally want what is good for me… berries, greens, carrots etc I have it one thing to flag up. I am due to go on immunosuppresants and the medical information from my hospital states not to eat grapefruit as it can mess with the medication.

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