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Ovarian Cysts: Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore

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Ovarian Cysts - Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore

Being a woman it is almost impossible to forget the fact that we have ovaries since we receive a timely, and sometimes unwelcome, reminder once a month. However, awareness of the fact that they are there doesn’t necessarily mean we know about pain or other symptoms associated with these organs, or that we know what risk factors and symptoms to look for to avoid complications like ovarian cysts and tumors.

What Ovarian Cysts Are

The ovaries are organs, found either side of your uterus, that are responsible for producing estrogen and for initiating the menstrual cycle. Your ovaries consist of a number of structures including follicles that contain the ova or your future eggs. Each time you ovulate, one of these eggs is released into the uterus for a chance to be fertilized.


An ovarian cyst, in its simplest form, is a fluid-filled sac found in or on your ovaries. Most women produce at least one cyst each month, but they are painless and they disappear quickly.

There are different types of ovarian cysts and the ones that normally cause pain or complications are the ones that women are talking about when they talk about ovarian cysts.

Different Types of Ovarian Cysts

There are essentially a number of different types of ovarian cysts, depending on how they form, or where they form, in relation to the ovaries.

Functional Ovarian Cysts

Functional ovarian cysts are the most common type of ovarian cysts, and they are normally formed during your ovulation process. Functional cysts form when your ovaries do not release the egg properly or when the egg sac or follicle that contained the egg is not absorbed by the ovary efficiently.

These types of cysts are also sometimes called follicle cysts and they often go completely unnoticed since they are most often not painful at all. Your body resolves follicle cysts naturally within a few months. Functional or follicle cysts seldom occur in menopausal women since ovulation has ceased.


Endometriomas or Endometrioid Cysts

In certain individuals, the lining of the uterus begins to grow beyond the uterus and may in some cases grow into the ovaries. Unlike functional cysts, endometrioid cysts can be very painful, especially during menstruation. These cysts may affect fertility and your ability to fall pregnant.

Dermoid Cysts

Another cyst that may cause discomfort and pain is called a dermoid cyst. Dermoid cysts are actually benign tumors that occur most frequently in younger women. These cysts may contain tissue like cartilage or fat and may even contain hair and skin. They can grow up to 6 inches in diameter and can be extremely painful. These cysts may become inflamed causing severe abdominal pain and discomfort.

Polycystic Ovaries

Your eggs form in follicles in the ovary. When these follicles fail to open correctly to release the eggs during ovulation, they can accumulate on your ovaries. This causes an individual’s ovaries to enlarge, resulting in a thick outer layer or covering on the ovaries.

This thick outer layer is often the source of pain and discomfort. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome can result in fertility problems and other complications.

For more information about this condition and for the best natural treatments, read my post about the best natural remedies for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

Cystadenoma Cysts

Cystadenomas are known as neoplasms (new growths). Ovarian neoplasms are new and abnormal formations that develop from the ovarian tissue. There are two types of cystadenomas:

  • Serous cystadenoma is filled with a thin watery fluid and can grow to be between 2 inches to 6 inches in diameter.
  • Mucinous cystadenoma is filled with a sticky, thick gelatinous material and can grow to be between 6 inches to 12 inches in diameter. There have been rare cases where the cyst measured 40 inches in diameter and weighed over 100 pounds.

Ovarian Cysts – Warning Signs

Most ovarian cysts are small and don’t cause symptoms. They may grow quietly and go unnoticed until they are found on routine examination. However, if they are ruptured and/or become large enough, the following symptoms may occur:


In extreme cases you could experience nausea and vomiting.

One complication of an ovarian cyst is an ovarian torsion (twister ovary).

You should pay attention to any pain or discomfort you feel during your menstrual cycle, and if you experience any of the following extreme symptoms then you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. For more information read my article: Ovary Pain and Lower Pelvic Pain – 13 Possible Causes.

Extreme symptoms caused by cysts include sharp or severe pelvic pain. If you are running a fever, or feel faint or dizzy during your menstrual cycle, then you should get medical help. If you breathing is affected, then you need to seek help immediately.

Ovarian Cysts: Risk Factors – What to Avoid

Although science has not yet isolated the causes of ovarian cysts, research has identified a number of risk factors that increase your chances of developing ovarian cysts.

  • Smoking is a risk factor that may increase your chances of developing ovarian cysts.
  • Obesity may increase your risk of developing functional ovarian cysts.
  • Having children affects the overall hormonal balance in the body. Women who have not had children and women who did not breastfeed their children may have a greater risk of developing ovarian cysts.
  • Medications that affect the hormonal balance also have an impact on your risks of developing ovarian cysts. Hormone replacement therapies and fertility drugs may increase your risks of developing ovarian cysts. Make sure to read my post about the 13 signs of hormonal imbalance
  • Family or personal history of ovarian, breast, or colorectal cancer (having the BRCA gene can increase the risk).

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83 Responses to Ovarian Cysts: Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore

  1. Sarah says:

    just last year i was diagonised of ovarian cyst i went through medication but recently i began experiencing the same signs i.e abdominal pains,prolonged menestrual period,atimes heavy
    menestration.Now am like what should i do?Aged 21yrs

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Sarah, consult with your doctor and ask about ultrasound check.

    • Heather says:

      I’m certainly not a professional and you should always go to a doctor with concerns, however, have you researched endometriosis? I was recently diagnosed with it and have a lot of those symptoms. Unfortunately the only way to truly diagnose it is with a laparoscopic surgery but a good ob/gyn should be able to look at your symptoms and get ideas on what you’re dealing with. Endo can cause endometriomas which are a type of cyst.

    • Tami lynn says:

      Try licorice Root tea from health four store

    • Charlene Crawford says:


      I have got my period I have had it since the 18th May non stop and bleeding heavy non stop. I also have had alot of blood clots aswell . My mum took me to the local doctors where we live. My doctor has sent me for a ultrasound 2wks ago. I have got the results of the ultrasound my doctor has told my mum and i that I have got a complex cyst on my right overy . I have been in alot of pain (bare in mind that I have got a high pain level but I think that its not good to have this) i have been feeling unwell and feeling very tired and sore all the time . since I found out about the cyst i have been very worried about it. Can anyone help me please

      • Jenny Hills says:

        Hi Charlene, don’t stress out. You didn’t say what the doctor told you after finding the results, but I believe he/she will send you to have the cyst removed fairly quickly due to the complexity of it and the high pain level you have. I hope all goes well for you and that you feel well soon after removing the cyst.

        • Charlene Crawford says:

          Hi Jenny Hills,

          Sorry for my late reply I have been very sick lately with my cyst. I had the 2nd ultrasound last week on friday. I recently went back to the doctors yesterday and my doctor told me that the cyst on my right overy has gone away now, but why do I still have the pain on my right side. Yesterday I foundout from my doctor that i have now got a cyst on my left overy. While I was sitting in the doctors room i just wanted to breakdown and cry. 😢😱 It is 18mm.

          • Jenny Hills says:

            Hi Charlene, most ovarian cysts don’t cause any problems and go away on their own, and many women have these issues, so I can definitely understand your stress and frustration which is natural in this situation. Unfortunately I don’t know to give a specific advice as I’m not a doctor, so you will need to ask for more information from the doctors as per the treatment plan they suggest for your case. I really hope all goes well for you at the end!

  2. Kimberly Massey says:

    my name is Kimberly and just to give some advice if
    You are experiencing these signs get checked
    Right away. I am 40 and I didn’t realize what was
    Wrong with me until two years ago. I have multiple
    Diagnoses ones being polycystic kidney disease
    I have nearly died a few times and almost didn’t
    Have my three beautiful kids. I had 8 miscarriage
    When I was younger , I wish a doctor would have
    Took the time to find out sooner what was wrong
    With me but I also didn’t have insurance so I was also
    Untreated due to no money and no insurance. I am now diagnosed with four things and only 40 years old
    And go thru pain daily. I am not expected to live long
    And my husband of nearly 13 years left me. I am
    On disability which is not enough to live on. I’ve learned
    A lot now but now it’s too late. I hope whoever reads
    This takes it serious and helps anyone out that
    Won’t go thru what I have in my life. Good luck
    To everyone and God Bless

    • Baby says:

      Hi Kimberly,

      Don’t give up. I think you should do your own research on teas that heal kidneys. And, pray. I know those kids would like you to stick around alittle longer. Take care.

    • L J says:

      Kimberly, sorry to read of your bad luck.please try to enjoy the time of your life and do what makes you happy. I can relate to you situation. I have been out of work for a while on top of that. I am using my talents to make some $ and clearing the clutter I have accumulated. Physically and mentally.You seem very smart. I know you must have an amazing talent make it work in your favor. Hope this helps a bit. Good luck in your journey .

    • Kay says:

      Never dispair God’s mercy … You die when it is decreed upon you nt because of a disease… This could be a blessing in disguise.. Stress will deteriorate your health even more.. Just be thankful to your Lord and be conscious of Him He will open ways and doors unanticipated. There is a cure for every disease.

    • Rifath says:

      Hi Kim,

      Sorry to hear that u had to go through a lot! Don’t give up, have faith in God. Think positive and think about u’r 3 beautiful kids. They r u’r inspiration and they need u more than u need them.So, stay tight and keep fight!

      May God bless u n u’r children!

    • Frankie says:

      You are strong forget the loser who left you in your time of need , God will make a way . Never forget you are a angel and was place with the devil but you overcame . Pray change things I know because it have for me and when one doctor say no I persist to another and another one till I get help I will never give up I have SLE Lupus and Congestive heart failure and my doctors call me bull headed because I will stay on all of them to I get a answer learn to where them down just because you don’t have insurance you have a life and that’s all that should matter in your time of need. God bless

  3. Holly says:

    I have had 7 cysts rupture since I was 16 years old. I am now 28. They rupture when i first get my period, the pain sends me into shock, I throw up, faint, and then my fingers curle into a fist and my arms lock. All of the blood goes from my extremities and to the toxic fluid from the ruptured cyst. This lasts an hour every time and it is the most excrusiating and aweful hour every time. My body just twists and thrashes from the pain. Its the only thing i can do to attempt any relief.

    I was hospitalized the first two times, but when that hour was up, the pain goes away,and the doctors brushed it off as gas! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?
    I finally pressed for an ultrasound after the 5th episode. The ultrasound revealed that I have cysts COVERING my ovaries. Dozens on each!
    Doctor told me to stay away from caffine. I stopped drinking soda and they stopped rupturing. Then I drank Coca-Cola and one ruptured that month. I thought nothing of it until last month when I drank a Coca-Cola again and another cyst ruptured. Strange, huh?

    I am married and we are trying to have a baby. I am in denial that this has caused any fertility problems and I am going with the “ignorance is bliss” for at least a little while longer.

    Anyone have a similar story?!

    • Baby says:

      I think you should try drank raspberry tea. I also want to suggest doing your own research on how to heal your body especially your female area. Please do your reasearch on raspberry tea.

    • Snapdragon says:

      Also try drinking Ginger tea. I had a cyst that bothered me for years. Last year I was at the end of my rope with dealing with it. I remembered reading an article that said Ginger kills ovarian cancer. Well I didn’t have cancer, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to try it. I did and the cyst was gone in 5 days.
      Get and organic Ginger root, cut off about 2 inches. Cut it up and put in a pan of water and bring it to a boil. Turn to low and let it simmer for 10 minutes. I mix mine with organic green tea, or the Raspberry leaf. Traditional Medicinal tea’s have an organ Raspberry leaf that is good. I also like their peppermint.

    • Donna says:

      I have had the same problem hun, since I was 16 I have had cysts burst on me an I drop to the floor every movement is like a knife stabbing me in the lower abdomen, taken to a&e countless times 3 different hospitals gave me pain relief soon as it calms that’s it I’m better you can leave now, pulled muscle, trapped wind, constipation, water infection etc, all excuses even being called a hypercondreact cant spell sorry, a year ago I go to a the doctors after my last cyst had burst an swelling was still there I was transferred to a gyni to be told 10yrs later its pcos, I cried and cried with relief to be actually told what’s wrong, now I am hating it because looking up pcos future looks bleak, never mind think positive 😁 xx

  4. lizzy sello says:

    Hi last month i had very painful abdominal pain i went to the Docter nd found out i had a cyst she gave me medication nd said if the pain gets worse i must let her knw the pain got worse nd i did just that she gave me more medication to take wish is not helping very much yesterday i went back to her rooms did a sona scan nd she said everything looks normal no need to worry but my concern is why am i in so much pain if everything is normal

    • Jenny says:

      Strong pain is not something that should be ignored, so don’t be embarrassed to raise your concerns with your doctor. You can always ask for a second opinion from another doctor.

  5. Leslie says:

    My sister no Menstruation’s until was 6 months already..she’s not pregnant..we are worried about her…she has 3 yes old baby still breastfeeding

  6. Teres says:

    I cannot believe they did not mention ovarian torsion. This is when a cyst or growth becomes heavy enough to cause the ovary to flip, which twists the fallopian tube, cutting off the blood supply to the ovary. The pain is horrible. The pain may subside with a change in position, as the ovary flips back into normal position and the fallopian tube straightens. However, chances are the ovary will flip again, causing the tube to twist and cut off the blood supply permanently. This causes the ovary to “die” and is a medical emergency. If caught in time, the ovary may be saved, if not, the ovary must be removed. If not removed, it will begin to decompose, causing a terrible infection. If you experience these symptoms, go to the ER. Again, this is horrible pain, not like cramps or discomfort. Also if you have a large hemorrhagic cyst, a rupture will cause internal bleeding. If you have severe pain and experience shock, (pale, clammy, sweaty, vomiting, passing out) get to the ER right away. Both conditions are medical emergencies.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Teres, ovarian torsion is one of the complications of ovarian cysts: “Cysts that become large may cause the ovary to move out of its usual position in the pelvis. This increases the chance of painful twisting of your ovary, called ovarian torsion.” (this was taken from Mayo Clinic). I am unable to cover all the complications and the side effects and complications of ovarian cysts in one article but obviously if you feel pain or discomfort you need to see your doctor.

    • Judy Boston says:

      My daughter had this. She went to the ER, was supposedly checked out and was told it was related to her period. The next time this excruciating pain hit her she was living on a military base. Went to the ER, was thoroughly checked out and had to have emergency surgery. Softball size cyst all wrapped around her ovary which had “died”. Luckily several years later she became pregnant. Now has one thirteen year old son.

      • T says:

        I had ovarian torsion that resulted in major surgery. The ovary twisted all the way around the bowel and the tissue died. ER docs told me nothing was wrong since they did an ultrasound and everything was where it was supposed to be. Too bad they never used the Doppler to see the blood flow (or lack thereof). Thank god my regular doc wouldn’t let the ER release me. What started as “exploratory” surgery that was supposed to last less than an hour turned into a 4+ hr surgery spent delicately scraping the dead ovarian tissue from my bowel/intestine.
        The entire saga started on a Thursday with me thinking I had eaten something that didn’t agree with me, by Saturday I had a fever and chills but the fever broke Sunday. I went to work Monday, Tuesday’s and Wednesday, went to the ER Wednesday night and had surgery Thursday, exactly one week later. I nearly died from the infection I had going on. If you’ve got weird abdominal pain going on, don’t wait, get it checked!!

  7. Tesla says:

    So I’ve been having all these symptoms, but im caught between thinking tss.and this. Do I just tell my doctor that i think it could be one of the 2?

  8. Fran says:

    Hi i just want to share my experience maybe someone have same experience and can give advice or something if it normal or not. Two years ago I had an yeast infection went to ob/gyn and gave me medicine. Went all ok. But after the yeast infection my urine has a strong smell especially in the morning after i woke up. I tried to drink water alots. But i dont drink my urine really smell strong. U also experience having after inercourse I bleed little. My BF asked me if i have monthly period but i dont. Sometimes having intercourse hurt a little. Two weeks ago, a week after my montly period i bleed not much for 7days. And i also bleed a little after making love. Does anyone can relate to me? Need some opinion or advice. Thanks 🙂

    • Rifath says:

      Hi Fran,

      Do ultrasound and check, if u’ve developed a ovarian cyst or not. I had cramping, unusual bleeding for 4 days, breast tenderness; went to doctor and did ultrasound n find out I had an ovarian cyst which causes the bleeding and other symptoms!

  9. Lauren says:

    I don’t have any pains but I was told a while ago that I had little cyst in which is the reason why I have a irregular period and have never gotten pregnant and I’m 31 but the doctor told me I can become fertile by taking fertility pills. I actually have a Dr appt this week, I’m going to have them check me out again.

  10. lyba charles says:

    Had my baby a year ago. Period come normal for d first to months n nothing this month. I’m not preg n still breast feeding. Should I b worried

  11. Prezy Mae Pastor says:

    Hi. I am Prezy and I am 22 tears old… i have one kid and he was born October of the previous year. Right now I am on a family planning method which is Implanon NXT that contains Etonogestrel. I’ve started using it June 4 of this year. my first two months of monthly period seemed to be normal… this month I’ve notice that I’m having irregular bleeding.. the bleeding is on until now. that matter don’t bother me much cause it was stated as one of the side effects of the contraceptive i am using right now.. what bothers me much is that i always feel bloated and i am always experiencing a certain amount of pain during bowel movement and during intercouse… what should i do? can somebody tell me what to do? I’m afraid of what the result may be if i go to a specialist.. I’m too young…

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Prezy, don’t be embarrassed to raise your concerns in front of your doctor. I am not a doctor and lack the required knowledge to give advice, but if I were you I would not leave it unattended and talk to a doctor to be on the safe side of things.

  12. Sharon says:

    I went to the ER had an ultra sound done they told me I had a 5.5 cm cyst on my left ovary to follow up with my doctor. So I did, I still have pain she told me it should go away but if it got worst to go to the ER and get them to do surgery, she told me that it should go away on its own, I had one before but not as big I am am scared, I have a 1 1/2 yr old daughter to worry about and I don’t want something bad to happen to me. What should I do? Just wait it out and listen to her?

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Sharon, I’m not familiar with the public system in your country, but I would go to get a second opinion – if not possible through the public system then privately. It doesn’t come cheap, but for your peace of mind you need to know it.

  13. Temmi says:

    Hi. I m experiencing irregular menstruation since last 3 months. Means i have 2 menstrual phases with in a month with a gap of almost 15-18 days. So total 6 time periods in 3 months…Bleesing lasts for hardly 3 days. Sometimes very little pain and sometimes no pain. Another problem im facing is a little hair growth around and below navel.
    Any suggestions r welcome.. Im 26.

  14. Tracy DeLoach says:

    I had a cyst that ruptured and I was bleeding internally. The Doctors thought I had an appendicitis and did emergency surgery. They said if they had waited any longer I would not be here. That was back in 1984. But I will never forget that pain! Glad I went in! Just remember if you have any pain have it checked out as soon as possible! I had 4 children before that happened and miscarried 3 after.

  15. Liezl Grobler says:

    I was 17 when my period just stopped. Obviously at that age you don’t really know any better and also don’t really care. When I finally spoke up and saw a gynie, he said that it was just because I was young. I was 19 when I saw another gynie and he just said that I didn’t ovulate, but didn’t explain why. Finally when I was 33, I saw another gynie and he finally thought to have some tests done. I was then diagnosed with PCOS. I had gained about 70 pounds because of one doctor’s ignorance. I’m now 35 and still trying to lose the weight I gained when I was 17.

  16. Angel says:

    Hi. Sorry if this sounds a little weird but I’ve been having a light pink with a little bit of blood discharge for the last two months and it only lasts for about a day or two. I just got off the depo shot back in August and i’ve been bloated when i fist got it all the way up until now. Can anyone tell me what this means?

  17. veronica says:

    Hi I recently went to the er and found out I had a cyst on my ovary size 1.5 centimeters it all started with abdominal pain and back pain also with chills nauseated and feel really bloated I’ve had 7 children already they didn’t do anything but a CT scan and gave me Tylenol 3 I’m currently on the mirena what else should I do I’m in pain still.what kind of dr.should I see I also had 103 fever wouldn’t they have to do sugary ? I didn’t have insurance just yet it’s in the process I’m concerned also every time I had sex it would hurt and I would bleed afterwards what should I do ? Who should I see I’m 28 years old I’m concerned and worried

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Veronica, you need to see a gynecologist that will provide you with a treatment plan and will discuss the options you have. I believe the doctors from the ER should have referred you for a follow-up check, but I don’t really know how the health system works in your country or what happened in your case, but in any case you need to see a gynecologist.

    • leah hughes says:

      Mirena will cause cyst.. I would have it removed as soon as possible!!!

  18. Laura says:

    I’m 48 years old,for 3 years I’ve had lower left pelvic pain, irregular bleeding in between periods severe back pain. One doc said it’s menopause and adhesions from a 14 year old c section scar, ultrasound showed small cyst, no endometriosis as test result, no CA,per OBGYN, unable to see L ovary on ultrasound. Still bleed small amounts sometimes months at a time, then skip a month or two and no bleeding. Anyone experience this, answers results etc?

  19. kim berley says:

    hi there…last year i was diagnosed with ovarian cysts…i aave been having severe abdominal pain backache and i have my periods maybe 3 times or so per year.. my docot also told me its not gonna be easy to conceive…im trying to take it all in but its rally hard.. i cry most days and nights beceause all i feel is pain… last 2 months i went back to my gyno.. and he prescribed birth control and some other tablets called xmet er 500… he also diagnosed me with cervicitis,, but i think those bith control (yaz) as side effects cause lately its like im bleeding from my cervixx… everyday i cry about my condition n recently my dr diagnosed me hypochondria n prescribed xanex but also i think those has side effects…i dont really ave a good support system so it actually feels good sharing my story on here and would ove it i could some intakes on how to deal with my condittiioin…i also smokes weed,,, do u think weed smoking worsens my condition?

  20. Viola Sibanda says:

    Hi, am Viola I have these unbearable abdominal pains during and after menstruation. I did a scan and it revealed that I have two cysts, the doctor gave me medication but soon after finishing the pills it seemed like my problem had gone away, but now it’s back to square one. I would like to try natural remedies, please advise which ones. I picked up ginger tea as well as raspberry leaf through comments posted, what else can I try?

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Viola, I’m personally not familiar with natural remedies for ovarian cysts. I apologize I cannot be of any help.

    • sarra says:

      Hi viola. Try mix these herbs: nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, cumin seeds and nigella sativa. Hope that helps

  21. fridah says:

    hi am nineteen i have yeast infection but my periods has not come for four months could i be having cyst coz my yeast infection is untreatable

  22. Nozie says:

    On 1 april 2016 was diagnose that i have cyset 5.5 m in ma ryt side is this could harm my fertility bc i still want child i dont have one um 35 years pls assist me

  23. saira says:

    i have been suffering from overian cyst…it appears for some time during a day …cuases swelling…but disappears soon…is it hrmful? i am 21

  24. sarah mi says:

    Hi, on April 7th I had emergency surgery for my doctor said ” I had a mass so big from a portion of my ovarie and then on my fallopian tube and a bunch of fluid built up due to scar tissue from numerous surgery in the past in my stomach..they also couldn’t go through my belly button because mine is fake from being a premie and it would be super risky with all my issues so now I have a C-section like scar from this…

    Long story short, he got rid of the fluid build up, was able to say everything else and got rid of my big mass I had.. Well, I was in the world’s worst pain for 2 weeks Then I felt amazing and now I feel like I am back to feeling how I did when I first got out…also, I haven’t gotten my period yet after the surgery still.. I did notice this weird bump above my incision that keeps getting bigger, and is off from my right side.. I did end up in the hospital 2 weeks after my surgery from kidney stones…and he did say I had fluid built back up again so thinking that’s what my bloating/lower stomach swelling is from..
    But I also did have sex a couple times while im still healing and my stomach hurts more now after I have sex each time….I also did have endometorosis for 2 years and was on Lupton depot for those
    Years haven’t had pain but I got done about 6ish months ago..only got spotting and maybe 3 periods but for the last 4 months I haven’t had one and still don’t now… they did 5 million prego test every single day on me as well as urine and blood work all came back not sure now what’s going on with my swelling and bloating and sex wise now with stomach pain.


  25. Jahnai Cain says:

    Hi im jahnai,
    Last month diagnosed with an ovarian cyst at the er. I was having sever ovary pain and in that area was a lump.they said it should go away here it is the second month and i developed three more lumps. Two on each side, and i have no medical insurance, loss my job, and in the middle of a divorce, and i just turned 23. Any advice? The doctor doesn’t listen and gives me medicine that doesnt help.

  26. noel cheaito says:

    Hey everyone I’m debating if I should go to the ER I had my normal period and then started taking a new birth control but I only took it for 2 days because it made me nasues 2 days after I stop bleeding I started again heavy and for about an hour a day I have horrible pain and a lot of bloating Now u have been bleeding for about 22 days and before my periods only lasted 3-5 days tops with no pain I did have the 5yr meraina IUD after I had my son that stop my period then after it was removed I still didn’t have a period for 3 years and I finally started getting regular period’s this year but now this ne one have something similar or advice

  27. Jessica Weller says:

    So I have experience pain for a year and a half or more they said finally I have a cyst on my ovary during my ultrasound we could clearly hear a pulse on the left ovary not on the right they only preformed half of the pelvic ultrasound then stopped and told me i need to wait till i see the ob in a month I have literally fought with doctors to even find the cyst and I’m in so much pain I don’t know what to do I need help

    • Jenny says:

      If you feel that your concerns are not taken seriously or that you are not listened to and given attention, I think it would be better to get a second opinion from another doctor.

  28. Mikki says:

    I’m 24 years old just diagnosed with ovarian cysts. I have the nexplanon implant and have had it for 2 years.i have two beautiful boys, ages 4 & 2. What should I do to reduce my risk of these cysts growing larger? Not sure how big they are or how many… I go to doctor in a couple days… I’m still young and want to try in the future for a little girl

  29. Zonetta Balfanz says:

    I do not have any pain. I am 43 and haven’t had a period in a year. I have been told by family it probably was just menopause.

    I just recently asked my doc if this was normal because I felt I was young for menopause. She did an ultrasound, an internal ultrasound and took blood.

    Just got a call that I have ovarian cysts. They referred me to an ob/gyn. I can’t get in until beginning of September.

    I have ready many replies but none were like me. Again, no pain.

    So today I wake up and I have a light period which I haven’t had in over a year. Does this mean the cysts took care of themselves?

    • Jenny Hills says:

      Not all cases of ovarian cysts are accompanied by pain. I know a friend who had bleeding between periods. She went to be checked, and an ultrasound found a huge ovarian cyst. My friend didn’t feel any pain and there was no other sign that something was wrong other than the bleeding between the periods. Everyone was very surprised to find such a big cyst. Shortly afterwards the cyst was removed and everything was fine. Wait until you meet with the ob/gyn to get a professional advice.

  30. Hilda Powell says:

    I’m ,61 I have a 32 cm tumor on my ovary I have hard time eating sleeping I have acid reflux bad can’t breathe very good but they are taking their time to do anything what should I do

  31. Chris says:

    Hi, im 34 and have been in and out of hospital for over 2 years. I’ve had C. Diff 3 times during that period and never really have diarrhea, sorry. But I do have excessive vomiting, every 3-5 minutes. I’m seeing a GI and they have no idea. But I do have a large cyst on my left ovary. Could this be the reason for vomiting? I had my uterus and cervix removed 3 years ago, so I’ve always had female problems. But this vomiting all the time and being admitted to the hospital every 2-3 months is really getting to me. The quality of my life is zilch. I’ve lost all interest in everything. My husband and 3 and a half year old with autism seem to live a separate life. I need help!

    • Jenny Hills says:

      Mayo Clinic mentioned nausea and vomiting as possible symptoms of ovarian cyst and advise to see a doctor if you feel pain accompanied by fever or vomiting. But of course there can be many other reasons, so thorough medical checks are needed.

  32. Haley says:

    ok so basically, in may they removed a 21cm cyst and my right ovarie also. Got told i had to go back for revisions every 3 months, On my last revision they told me that they are putting me on the pill as i have another cyst growing so they think that the pill will make the cyst shrink as atm it was only 5-6cm.. So im now on my 3rd and last packet of the pill and for the last 3-4 weeks been feeling really faint,tired,fat(weight gain), really strong stomach ache, numbness at times but not sure if this is because of period or if the cyst is growing. Dont want to loose my other ovarie aswell as im only 22. But not sure wheather im just being paranoid or stressing about when i eventually do have to go back (what the result will be). So should i wait till the end of january or just book an appointment?

    Any advice at all will be welcome asap- Thanks

  33. Kelly Livers says:

    HI, I just recently went to the OB/GYN after having a 6.7 cm cyst diagnosed on my ovary when I went to the ER for severe abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, vomiting, and had even passed out in the past. I was released from the ER, the doctor told me to follow up with the OB/GYN, by the time they did an ultrasound, over a month later, they said there was no signs of a cyst but I have to follow up with another doctor in a couple weeks to talk about my choices and when I asked the doctor where the cyst went, he said it may have burst, and said there were no complications from it bursting, I said really? He said in rare cases there are some, but overall, it was nothing to worry about. I have been having pains in my upper right quadrant for awhile now and still continue to have them. Really makes me wonder if all doctors aren’t out to kill me lately. I have been diagnosed with Colonic Diverticular disease according to the ER report, I went and had a series of tests done for that with a Gastrologist since I have the bowel problems, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, pain in my back and thighs etc. I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy where the doctor said everything looked good, then I get a letter stating that the testing of the polyps they found were benign, UM WHAT POLYPS? I am so totally frustrated with all doctors lately and cannot trust a word any of them say. I am slowly dying it seems since I am poor and have less than good insurance. And to think, most every pain I have been going through, even the passing out and possibly seizures (which I have been seeing a neurologist for) could be related to an ovarian cyst.

  34. Frank Brandenburg says:

    My wife is 26 years old has a 3.9 cm cysts on right ovary & a 3.1 cm cysts on left ovary.Shes been having pain for 1 – 2 years.Been seeing doctors the whole time.weight gain irregular menstrual cycles.Kept going to the hospital during this whole time.At first they didn’t see the cysts and hospital thought she was just there to get pain pills.Two years latter with pain worsening she goes in tomorrow morning for a laparoscopy.Im at my wits end seeing my wife in pain.Can someone please help?
    #928-522-3102 Frank & Shelly Brandenburg

    • Jenny Hills says:

      Hi Frank, I’m sorry to hear about your wife’s condition. I can imagine how frustrating it is to be in pain when the doctors cannot find the cause of it. From what I understand the procedure of laparoscopy is used to look at the female pelvic organs and to find problems such as cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, infections and more, so I believe that this procedure will be able to find the cause of the ongoing pain your wife has. I hope all goes well for her and that very soon she will be free of the pain.

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