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8 Early Warning Signs Of Ovarian Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

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8 Early Warning Signs Of Ovarian Cancer You Shouldn't Ignore

Ovarian cancer has been dubbed ‘The Silent Killer’. Similar to many other cancers, it doesn’t show any symptoms for a long time. When it does, the symptoms are very non-specific and can point to a number of different conditions – both serious and benign. The sad reality is that when ovarian cancer is finally diagnosed, it has often already spread, which makes your treatment options limited.

There are some early warning signs you can look out for. But you need to combine your observations with other factors, as you don’t want to be jumping to conclusions too early.

Keep a healthy balance between denial and hypochondria

First and foremost, don’t panic. As mentioned before, your symptoms can mean many different things. The chances that you actually have cancer are very small. Ovarian Cancer National Alliance points out that for every 100 women whose symptoms match those of ovarian cancer, only one would actually have early-stage ovarian cancer.


That said, if you do feel something is odd, you shouldn’t just ignore it. People are terrified of cancer and still perceive it as an incurable disease, so they often want to hide from the fact that something is wrong with their bodies. But that of course only makes it worse, as you’re losing precious time. MedicineNet states that only 20 percent of women with ovarian cancer are diagnosed early, when the disease is most curable. So, if you feel that certain symptoms persist and are unusual for you, go and check them out. Better safe than sorry.

The most common type of ovarian cancer includes epithelial tumors, which form in the thin layer of tissue that covers the outside of the ovaries. These tumors occur in 90 percent of cases. The rarer types are stromal tumors, which develop inside the ovaries’ supporting tissue, and germ cell tumors, which begin in the egg-producing cells.

The eight most important warning signs of ovarian cancer

Abdominal bloating or swelling: The size of your abdomen increases, you feel bloated and full of gas. You might notice that some clothes feel tighter around your waist and hips.

Constipation and other changes in your bowel movements.


Pelvic pain: You feel discomfort or pain in the pelvic area, and sometimes also in the abdomen. If your pain persists, you shouldn’t just brush it away, or mask it with painkillers. Your pain usually wants to give you an important message. There are also other possible causes for this pain and you can read about them in my article: Ovary Pain and Lower Pelvic Pain – 13 Possible Causes.

Low back pain, especially if it radiates to the pelvic area.

Urgent or frequent urination: You feel an urgent need to pee and you hardly make it to the toilet on time, and/or you need to urinate in short intervals. Many women experience this – it can often be a sign of weak pelvic floor muscles (which can be strengthen by Kegel exercises), or you might have a urinary tract infection. But keep an eye on it, as it can be a sign of something more sinister going on.

Loss of appetite or feeling full quickly when you eat: Also observe any unexplained weight loss. Women are usually happy when they shed a few pounds, but it’s not always a good sign.

Pain with sexual activity

Fatigue: Feeling overly tired and low in energy can signal an underlying condition.

It doesn’t mean you need to have all of the above symptoms. Sometimes one can be enough to signal there is something doggy going on. If the symptoms continue for two weeks or longer, it might be time to visit your doctor to check things out.

Ovarian cancer – risk factors

The exact cause of ovarian cancer is not known, but there are some risk factors that can increase your chances of ovarian cancer, so you should consider them.


Age: Women over the age of 50 are at greater risk of ovarian cancer. About 50 percent of ovarian cancers are diagnosed in women over 60. That of course doesn’t mean that the disease doesn’t occur in younger women too. For example, germ cell tumors are more common in younger women, but they are very rare.

Family history: If you have a family history of ovarian cancer, breast cancer or colon cancer that increases your chances of developing ovarian cancer. According to Mayo Clinic, the genes that increase the risk of ovarian cancer are called breast cancer gene 1 (BRCA1) and breast cancer gene 2 (BRCA2). These were initially connected with breast cancer, hence the name, but it has now been discovered that they are also responsible for ovarian cancer.  I’ve already written about the 5 unconventional symptoms of breast cancers which you can read for further information.


Childbearing and menstruation: Women who have never given birth have a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer, and so do women who started menstruating early (before they were 12 years old), and/or reached menopause late (after 50). The number of periods you go through seems to be linked with your chances of getting ovarian cancer. For example, women who have more kids have a smaller risk of developing the disease.

Some medication: Taking hormone therapy after menopause, or using fertility treatment (long-term and large doses) can increase your chances of ovarian cancer. On the other hand, some studies show that oral contraceptive pills reduce the risk.

Other risk factors: These include smoking, obesity, use of an intrauterine device and polycystic ovary syndrome.

The problem is that there is no reliable screening method for ovarian cancer. That’s why it’s so important not to hesitate to see your doctor if you have concerns. And the doctor shouldn’t dismiss your concerns either. Pelvic examinations, ultrasound scans and blood tests for cancer-related markers can all be used to detect the condition.

Scientists continue to work on developing a better detection method for early-stage ovarian cancer. Until then, take time to get to know your body, look after it, listen to it and try to feel when something is wrong. That will probably be one of your best assets in combating any disease in its early stages.

Some of the above mentioned warning signs can be also signs of cervical cancer. To learn more about the risk factors and warning signs of cervical cancer read my article in this subject: 10 Warning Signs of Cervical Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

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164 Responses to 8 Early Warning Signs Of Ovarian Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

  1. norizan says:

    Informative. Tq

  2. yvonne sylvia z. mascardo says:


  3. Nicole G says:

    I lost my mom to reproductive cancer. She had syptoms for years: Bleeding, uninary urgency, bleeding, and abdominal fullness. She never went to the doctor.

    I would like to add that if you are retaining a lot of water in your ankles that is also a sign of cancer. Please have it checked out.

    Her ankles were always very swollen. The cancer creates fluid in your body. That your lymphphatic system can’t eliminate.

    I’ve learned my lesson on taking care of your body. I wish my mom could’ve done the same. I miss her more than words can express.

    • Jenny says:

      I am very sorry Nicole for your loss. Thank you for your comment and for sharing it with us.

    • Marie hutchison says:

      I lost mine the same way .very tragic ,sorry for your loss

    • Mae-Anne Quine says:

      I have all these symptoms for years and I have gone to the doctor and found nothing. I don’t know what else to do.

      • Rebecca says:

        Sorry to hear that. I lost my mom to breast cancer when I was only 14 years old.

      • Tracey Angelq says:

        Would be wise to have a CA 125 blood Assay done asap if you havn’t already had that done. Im assuming you have been to a gynaecologist..?? dont give up if you feel there is something more wrong.
        I did for years and although it wasnt this disease I did/do have Hereditary Hemochromatosis which had I not pushed for years for the gp’s to look harder at my symptoms It would have killed me! Now its managed and I have the chance to live a long full life as long as I take care of it etc. Dont wait get the blood assay done and go from there.

        • Liz says:

          Have the symptoms, requested the blood test, it was ok, had an ultra sound and all they found was three tiny fibroids, still have symptoms, I don’t know why now.

      • Angela Maher says:

        Mae-Anne, I would visit your Specialist and have a chat to him about removal of your Fallopian Tubes and Ovaries if you have finished having your family.
        My sister died from OC and I didn’t want to go down that path. My Dr suggested the operation as they have learned OC begins in the tubes. At my 6 week check up I was told all went well but after examining my tubes under microscope there was changes happening and I would have definately developed OC as well. Thank goodness my Dr suggested the operation.

      • Bobbi says:

        Same with me, Mae-Anne. Checked and checked until the Drs were blue in the face, still can find nothing wrong. God Bless you.

      • Wendy says:

        Did you get a pelvic ultrasound, that’s how they found the masses on my overies . I have hpv, and have had 3 scraps don’t and I was going to get a hysterectomy and my dr. Ordered a ultrasound which turned into a pelvic because the person had seen the masses and talked to she supervisor. Within hours I was back at my dr. And being scheduled for more tests and being transferred to a specialist. A month later I had a total hysterectomy, I was cut from my breast bone to my pelvic bone and the masses weighted 13 lbs. but was benign!! A year later I’m on hormones and Paroxetine(a low dose anti-depressant for medapause) I’m doing well!!

    • maryannmagbuhos tiu says:

      Oh sorry Nicole for your loss.. .. i have my mother too she have tumor on her uteros and she had an abnormal bleeding and i dont know how can express my feelings right now….shes strong personality and happy life how did it happened that she has a cancer. please help me nicole give me an advise how can i accept that my mother have tumor

    • Dottie G says:

      My ankles are always very swollen when I walked around alot in the hot weather. I ate sodium food, etc…

      My Mom s ankles always were very swollen for years, her ovaries cancer killed her when she was 54 years old in May 1990. I miss her very much !! I had my blood work BRAC 1 and 2 came out negative…. I still have OB/GYN monitor on my pap smear, blood work, pelvic ultrasound, etc…

      Nicole, I can understand how you feel for loss your Mom. I miss her every single since year of 1990. I lost my Dad in 2008, lost my husband in 2006. I feel very lonesome… I am very fortunately to have two sons and three cats.

      • Jess says:

        There are other genetic links outside of the BRCA strands. You should revisit genetic counseling. Much has happened recently!! I would persist until I had answers because not all geneticists do all the markers.

      • Lynette R says:

        Dottie, God bless you sweetheart!!! Thank you for sharing your experiences 😔😔

    • Kate says:

      I’m here because after a high CA 125 level, I had needle biopsies done. I’ve been bloated for about three months and my periods were suddenly, irregular. They’ve told me I’m stage 1 ovarian cancer, they think. But they won’t know for sure until they do a full biopsy after surgery. Three doctors later, all three agree a full hysterectomy is a must, based on my scans, labs, etc. I’m 36, engaged to be married, simply assumed we would have children. But now a full hysterectomy within probably a week or so. I’m demolished. I feel like I can barel breathe. I’ve always found the silver lining in everything. I am the happy one in my world. Everyone says, how do you stay so strong, and you handle hardships with such grace and peacefulness. And, that’s always been true. But this has completely knocked me out. My life is over as I know it, and frankly, I wish they’d found it at Stage 4. I might as well be dead if I can’t be a mother, or give this man I love the children he’s always wanted. I’ve known about this for three days and 13 hours. I can’t tell anyone. I have close family members battling “real” cancer. I can’t stop crying. I haven’t eaten since Saturday, because I’m so nauseas from whatever, the tumor, or emotion, I dont’ know. I told work I have the flu and I keep laying here in bed reading online, and thinking about everything awful to come. My mother will be devastated to not have grandchildren. I won’t get married now. I won’t put him through this awful struggle. I literally have never felt this much pain. I feel like my soul is being beaten with glass shards. I wish it were inoperable and I could just go rest on the beach until my time comes. I wish I was dead.

      • Sharon says:

        Kate, I am sorry about your devastating change of direction in life. I’m wondering if you could call your doctor for help while you grieve. You are battling real cancer as well and need to reach out to loved ones who can give you support. A hysterectomy does not mean you cannot be a mother. It does mean you’d have to become one in a different manner (adoption, surrogate)
        For now, please be kind to yourself, you surely did not ask for this but you can overcome it. As for your fiancée, all you can do is discuss with him about what’s going on. I hope he is there for you. If not, better to know now in life that he is weak.
        You aren’t though, you came here and posted. Get well, there is a lot of interesting ways to live a fulfilling life.

        • Grace says:

          I know how you feel. I am 30 years old and going in for surgery day after tomorrow. The thoughts of not being able to have child and yes not being able to have the child my husband wants. The pain is unbearable.

      • Jodie says:

        Kate I hope you’re ok, I’m a recent uterine & ovarian cancer survivor your post is shattering, please contact us tell is how you are, maybe i can help

      • Shannon says:

        I won’t pretend that I have the slightest clue what you are going through, and I really don’t know what to say to you other than this post broke my heart and I am so sorry you are where you are right now. My prayers and big virtual hug for you, Kate, as you go through this very difficult process.

      • Janet says:

        I have not gone through what you are however, I know I would feel the same way! I am 37 and engaged. I would be terrified to tell him and my family. My mom died from cervical cancer so I’m always paranoid. Have you discussed the posisbility of having just the ovary removed and trying to have a child now then after having a full hysterectomy? If its just in one maybe they work with you or take your eggs so you have surrogate. Don’t give up hope. I have given up hope in situations and all it does is kill you in its own way and then you finally reach out and realize you shouldn’t have waited.

      • elise says:

        Dottie sorry for all your losses..I feel for you..hope you are doing well..God bless you Hon

      • elise says:

        Kate..I hear the devastation in your voice and feel the pain in your’s nut ready what you are going thru honey but I see a silver lining you will be able to live a long life free of horrible, life sucking’s not easy having cancer and die day by day..lost several special ppl in my life..I know not having kids is terribly devastating but you will eventually have acceptance and you will live mom had a hysterectomy and she has made it to 79..hope you are ok..praying for you

      • E says:

        Kate I think you are a very strong person and I hope and pray that you are okay. I believe in you. Know that God has a plan for you, He gave you a beautiful happy heart, don’t let this disease take it away from you, continue to be who you are.

        “Verily, with every hardship comes ease.”
        Peace be on you,

      • Jessica says:

        Exodus 23:26!!! Stand on the word of God! If you don’t have him in your life seek him, he will forgive you from ALL of your sins. Sow seeds into someone else life. (Charity, churches, etc..). Ready you bible on healing day and night!! Write a journal! Call into to TBN Ministries prayer line and oral roberts ministry prayer line!! FAITH and trusting in God is the key!! I pray for find hope in your situation!

      • Julee says:

        Kate I am so sorry for your diagnosis. However, there is a God that created you, the planet you live on and everything on it. He already supplied your healing 2000 years ago because HE LOVES YOU SOO MUUCH!! His name is Jesus. Please agree with this prayer: Jesus, I thank you that you have already provided the healing for this cancer 2000 years ago. I ask you Lord Jesus, to bring forth Kate’s healing right now in Jesus name. I Thank You and Praise You Jesus for the manifestation coming forth now in Jesus name to Kate’s body. Thank you JESUS!! just like you did for my mother many years ago. Kate, my mother was diagnosed in 1985. Had surgery, Dr. Spilt tummor in her intestinal cavity. Gave her 6weeks to 6 months at most to live. 3 times she tried the chemotherapy, and 3times she had a heart attack. On the 3rd time, she had to have triple by-pass surgery. Afterwards refussed to have any more treatments, and decided to beleive Jesus to heal her. She lived another 17 years cancer free!! Jesus LOVES YOU SO MUCH!! Turn to Him. Run to Jesus! He will run to you! You must make the first step. He desires to have a one on one relationship with you!! As far as children go, Trust Jesus!! And Beleive!! The Greatest LOVE ever known to human race.

      • Laurel says:

        I am a adopted child. I was blessed to be CHOSEN by my parents. I wouldn’t trade them for anyone else. I can’t have children but have loved many. Some were broken and hurt. I would like to think that it was my destiny to be there for them. You may not give birth but it doesn’t mean you can’t be a mom. I mourn my folks passing every day. Please there are people who love you and need you. There may be a special child waiting for you. You are so much more than a broodmare.

      • durdana says:

        Kate, I am sorry for your troubles and am praying for you. How have you been doing since your diagnosis?

      • sophie says:

        Please don’t wish that. My husband has cancer. It was not something we thought would happen when we got married, but it did. Talk to your fiance. He may understand. Stage I is not hopeless. Please give yourself some hope and nourish your soul. “I stand in the shadows, one step from sunlight, and one step from darkness coming over my soul. Sometimes I misstep into the shadows, so I must move. Past, into the sunlight that covers my face and warms my soul.”

      • lulu says:

        Please note even if u couldn’t have kids your husband should love u for who u r also u could go to ernest angley ministries in akron ohio he is not the healer but Jesus is there were people who had total hysterectomies and had a baby Cause Jesus is the miracle worker there is nothing to big or small their prayerline number is 3309295010 call for prayer but a trip there is better

    • E says:

      I’m so sorry about your mother.


    • Jess says:

      This is exactly what happened to my grandmother. Her ankles were swollen, she had bloat and tummy upset. But, three years prior to that she was more tired than usual and had urinary urgency. Her doctor prescribed her that “gotta go gotta go” medicine and I told her she should try a thigh master for better control. She said the thigh master worked and she stopped leaking and having to go as often. However, it was just a symptom not the real issue. Three years later, swollen ankles. Lots of doctors and they were looking at venous insufficiency. Why, I don’t know. I never knew retaining water in your ankles was blood vessel related. A year after the swollen ankles, the belly bloat and the bathroom woes. She thought she had a virus, maybe cdiff. Not long after, she was diagnosed with peritoneal ovarian cancer. She lived 8 months.

    • Ann says:

      Am sosorry for your lost. I lost 2 of my family members due to breast cancer and lungs. They never knew un time.

  4. cora castor says:

    Thank you very much for having this kind information available to those interested! Its a great help really!

  5. Jhaneez says:

    I also lost my mom in Ovarian cancer. Now, my stepmom is experiencing almost all of the symptoms indicated above (she’s the sister of my mom). She has a cyst of 7.3 cm and we are waiting for the OB’s assessment.

  6. Dalena Haney says:

    I am fighting everyday as I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer Nov. 2014. I’m 47 years old and have went through chemo and surgery. Doctor says that for now I’m in remission but from all the horror stories I have heard I’m looking for it to one back. I feel good don’t feel sick but I never really did. I can say I did have the bloating but never paid that much attention to it. Just pray every day that I can make it through this very scary. Thanks for listening.

    • Jenny says:

      We all wish you a quick and full recovery and a happy and long life. Take care and wishing you all the best!

    • Kimberly says:

      I’m so sorry that you are going through this just remember god gives his hardest battles to his strongest warriors keep your head up dalena I’ll be praying for you and everyone else who has lost someone or is going through this.

    • carla says:

      Dalena, I had ovarian cancer in 1999 at the age of 42. 15 years and counting, cancer free. Keep the faith!

      • Kat says:

        thank you for mentioning. Was diagnosed with OC in Oct 2014 at the age of 43.

      • Jessica says:

        Yes Faith is the key! It’s in the bible about disease not coming back upon you a second time! Don’t speak those things you wish not! Speak positive Dalena!

      • noor says:

        Carla ‘ my mother same problem like ovary cancer. I m worried because I can’t loss my mother. And what I do. I heard that chemo and rediation is very hard for petient .

    • akash kumar says:

      Actually my mother is also chemotherapy paitent i can understand you problem…

    • lene says:

      Detox is magic word for cancer

      Try the brand Essiac

  7. Dalena Haney says:

    Sorry I was diagnosed in 2013. I get so much stuff mixed up after I had chemo

  8. eva09 says:

    i’m 29 y.old nw,i was 27 y.old when diagnosd hvng polycystic ovaries and recently diagnosd hving acanthosis nigricans (my endocrinologist said that is an early sign of hvng diabetes), i also diagnosd hvng fatty liver and my grandmother died bcoz of breast cancer,all of the symptomps you listed is what happening to me,i had my regular check-up and praying that i wouldnt end up hvng ovarian cncer.

    • Jenny says:

      We all pray for you and wish you a great health and long and happy life!

    • Corina says:

      I been battling with PCOS and Endometriosis for years…I been wanting a hysterectomy but the doctors been pushing it off. But for the past 5 days as of yesterday I been hurting in my lower back going into my right lower stomach and bleeding abnormal and feeling full and dehydrated want to the hospital and they said I need to see my GYN right away..I already had Cyro Surgery done in 2000. I had a mass removed in 2014 from my left breast(not cancer).But my aunt(my mom’s sister)died at the age of 36 of breast cancer and my mom died 2015 of breast cancer…And I have my husbands support and I know I have God and my faith..But there is still a lot of what if’s(we talked about last night).Scares the Hell out of me..

  9. genalyn yatar says:

    Thanks for sharing pages about ovarian cancer…some people don’t know the symptoms of ovarian cancer….like me I don’t know….why …how…because I suffer an a year for ovarian cancer stage 2. Not stop bleeding & the blood is soon big I don’t know what to do I always cry…but I’m fighting my diseasesalways positive thinking talk to God ….prayer is powerful. That god will make away give the miracle ….thanks abundant blessing he healed me my disease….glory to God glory to.Christ Jesus….

  10. mildred says:

    I am an ovarian cancer patient thankful i dont ignore all the signs..

  11. merlindasinguan says:

    Mydaugtherhave endometriosis almost 3yrs now.during menstration too muchpain.this month of august starting chemotherapy for 6 month I need your advice she is 32 yrs old.5yrs married no baby pleas help me what we shoud do.

    • Jenny says:

      Unfortunately I don’t have knowledge about endometriosis. This condition requires a special medical treatment as research is sparse on alternative treatment for this condition.

    • Debi says:

      I also have endometriosis. Your gynecologist can laser it away in his office. It is a simple procedure. They go through the belly button. You go home the same day and rest for about a week after.

    • Evelyn Andrada says:

      I had endometriosis when I wàs younger cause I did have those symptoms too but it was, not diagnose till I was 27yo.I did not have any child yet at that time. I had surgery done and they caiuterized all the endometrial cyst then my doctor put me on a medication called danocrin for 6months n had no period during those months caiuse actually it get worst during menstruation, you tend to bleed a lot. After 6 months I did have endometrial biopsy done and thanks God it was fine.After a year I got pregnant and pregnancy helps control endometriosis caiuse of the absence of menstruation and I had 2 more kids after few years. Its been 35yrs and my kids are grown up and no more endometriosis.

  12. Murray says:

    My Daughter died at 23 from Ovarian Cancer (very rare form) from the moment she was diagnosed it took three months for her to pass away. Please don’t ignore the signs.

    • Jenny says:

      I am so sorry for your loss Murray. This is very tragic and I am very sad to read that. May your daughter’s memory help you find peace.

    • Jessica says:

      I’m so sorry for the loss! Early detection is important! I think God was and is with me one I discovered a 15cm tumor on my left ovary! I’m blessed and favored!

  13. Robin says:

    I am a cervical cancer survivor of 5 yrs now but I waslucky we caught it in the very early stages at the time my ovaries were very healthy and perfect and because of my age age at the time (41) and I he didn’t really want to put me into early menopause if he didn’t want to so we both of them because the left one hid behind the bowel wall I got lucky on the right one it was caught early but the left one wasn’t because of the complication it took an extra 4 months to get it out. . They had to end up freezing the whole left side because they were afraid of any cancer cells being left behind that they didn’t get. I have been Cancer free 5 yrs this Dec 7th will mark the Las surgery… I still get tested every year and am nervous till the test come in the mail.
    I just want to save make sure you get your yearly exams and if you expect anything at all is wrong at all call the Dr ASAP!!

  14. Cecille Mariano says:

    Im 29 yrs old with 3kids.. im worried coz ds year i frequently urinate during the night for about 4-5 times,with bloating tummy and easily get praying that it would not turn out as an ovarian cancer..

  15. Linda Hallmark says:

    I am a 15 year survive of Ovi an cancer.very blessed.

  16. Therese says:

    I am a 12 year ovarian cancer survivor. I had endometriosis and had most of those symptoms. I was very lucky it was caught early due to a cyst on my ovary breaking open and sending me to the ER. I am very blessed!

    • Jessica says:

      God bless you! I had the same problem cyst on both ovaries that sent me to the ER. Large mass was found in clinic prior to the ER visit. Had surgery 3 days after my visit! No waiting. Had doubled in size within two months. I was worried and I know the doctors were too. I thank God for a mother who believe in the power of prayer, fasting, and staying in God’s word! It has helped tremendously! 2nd day of chemo and I’m already totally healed! God told me I was!

  17. nhice says:

    My mom was diagnose this july 2014 with carcinomatosis. Her lungs and heart was covered with fluid. Is there any medical treatment on this.

  18. jeyni says:

    I lost my mom to endometrial cancer. It has the same symptoms with ovarian cancer. She was diagnosed feb 2014, underwent surgery in march, and died in may. Her cancer was at the end stage. 4B.

  19. Carolyn says:

    Hi, I am 32 years old. 2 years ago (2012) under surgery a myome was found behind my uterus bigger than my uterus itself also the same day of my surgery they found endometriosis which was removed. Lately I have been getting lots of pain when I menstruate, my belly gets really huge like full of air and looks like if I am already on my 5th month of pregnancy. I have also that sense of losing appetite because I feel already full, also very tired but my doctor tells me this is normal and I desire to have a child. I guess it’s normal to be afraid I lost my grandmother when she was 47 (bone cancer) and my great grandmother was 45 when she died from cancer in her uterus. My auntie though she was 46 when she was diagnosed with cancer in her uterus but she lives now and after afraid hysterectomy she is doing fine and she is now 57. Do you think I should look for another advice I throw myself at the ground and have intense pain the first 2 day I menstruate and my gynecologist tells me this is normal because of my hormones. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance!

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Carolyn, for your peace of mind it is a good idea to seek a second opinion from a recommended and trusted gynecologist. Not all doctors are alike and some of them vary in how they were trained or what they specialize in. As you are expected to make more decisions about your health, you need to have access to the best information, and seeking out another source of expert advice is a good way to gather this information for an optimal treatment plan.

    • Jess says:

      I would visit a genetic counselor as well. I did, she said that bone cancer as a primary cancer is rare and that it was likely originally another cancer that spread. Next you need to visit an oncology obgyn and have some blood testing done. Ca125 to start. Get scans. If they won’t order anything go to another dr. Order your own lab work and bring it with you if necessary. Do not stop until you leave every stone unturned. My grandmother went to countless doctors for three years and they missed it all! When they finally caught it, it was too late. Find it sooner rather than later so you have a chance to try different things to eradicate it!

  20. Naheed says:

    I had ovarian cancer last year n went through all the treatments ..I didn’t had all these symptoms somse time lower back pain .but doctors said I was lucky to know on very early stage…at the moment I’m all clear but I’m little scared if it comes back …

    • akash kumar says:

      Naheed …i pray to god that symptoms will not come in your life.
      Actually my mother has same problem but now she’s ok…
      I’ll pray for you n my mother….and all the cancer paitent …

  21. jovie says:

    year 2009 i had endemetriosis check up result. i take the medecine they provide for 6mos. year2011 because of pelvic pain 1wk before my monthly period and ignoring everything. now i know, if this is the signs, afraid but i need to have my check up. thank you for sharing. pls God help me get thru . . 🙁 🙁 married for 11years and still dont have baby…. suggestions pls…

  22. Lois Meldrum says:

    Diagnosed with Stage 11B Borderline Ovarian Cancer 2008. Homoeopathy Dr picked up on this not the GP’s, although I was attending GP’s for years they were not listening. Lots of symptoms, bloating, feeling full most of the time, numerous UTI’s, constipation, very painful back in the lumbar area, erratic periods, painful intercourse, and getting extremely exhausted as the years went on, cysts detected twice in the early 1990’s another ultra-sound 2002 nothing reported I?? that as I saw a small dot but GP said that was normal. Lots of other stuff but GP’s never considered anything else other than deeming me Depressed. Full Hysterectomy, left Ovary burst on impact having to get an anti cancer wash, bowel had to be repaired as every thing was attached to my Pelvis, then Chemotherapy. Surgeon agreed with me that these Tumours were in my body for years but denied all knowledge of this when Solicitor contacted her, they all stick together. Lots my NHS post whilst going through Chemotherapy and left on Benefits which I had never been on in my life, very angry with all of this, the anger got me through it all. Borderline Ovarian Cancer is slow growing with very little spread. No GP considered any other outcome of my health problems other than Depression!!. Don’t let things go on and on if you feel there is something wrong get another opinion, if I hadn’t I would not be here today.

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you Lois for sharing with us your experience. We do need to listen to our body as we know it the best. Wishing you a great health!

  23. Lynn says:

    I have been experiencing a few of these symptoms; does anyone know the names of the specific test I should be asking my doctor to perform to screen for ovarian and cervical cancer?

  24. Chuck says:

    merlindasinguan….try Endovan for the endometriosis. It has been a life saver for me. Don’t know how it works, but it does.

  25. heather says:

    In Oct 2013 i was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer for the third time in six yrs. The first time i was 27 and had a complete histerectomy. Sorry for sp. Second time another surgery. Last Oct was my first time with chemo. Six months later and that did nothing. It started to invade into my intestines as well as other places. In May 2014 i had a huge surgery. Now i am on chemo again. I have a rare cancer. Someone my age should get it every 5-10 yrs. I will get it every two yrs or so. The drs are trying to prolong everything. I am 33 and have three amazing children. I am afraid of dying. Please please please! Know your body and if you ever are unsure ask!

  26. Carolyn says:

    Thank you Jenny for your reply on Aug 8. I went to my gynecologist on Thursday 08/14 and doing a check up we saw sth in the ultrasound he started talking like typical doctor with his knowledgeable vocabulary so I asked him please I don’t know what you mean what is it? So he told me that whatever we were seeing in the ultrasound was just endometriosis and is quite spread. He referred me to the hospital with an order to make an appointment. On Friday 15 I went there and I will go thorough all the preparation process because according to my doctor I don’t have any other choice but to go under surgery (now for 2nd time) and the surgery is for October 16. He told me if we don’t do this I will have the same symptoms swelling, pain, lots of bleeding during my period time. Do you think I should ask another doctor just to make sure whether I do really need this surgery or if it is another possible treatment? He said if I don’t do this J won’t be able to have kids but how does he know when I haven’t tried before to get pregnant and now I have the desire of planing it.

    Thank you all for your time and also sharing your cases. May we all keep the faith in God.

  27. Carolyn says:

    P.s.Forgot to mention that I have several cysts he counted 5 in my ovaries very solid. He said endometriosis is not cancer anyways. After surgery he will refer me to a specific fertility clinic.

  28. margaret boylan says:

    Hi, if it is any comfort to those going through a diagnosis of ovarian cancer I was diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer in1995, I paniced when I read the likely prognosis,I was 47 yrs old, after two surgerys and six months of chemo I gained remission, I undertook a very strict organic vegan diet and meditation, I am still here and still in remission so there is good reason for hope especially as there has been great improvements in treatments in the past twenty years, Be aware of what is going on in your body and trust your intuition, meditation helps with this,
    Be positive and be well.

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you so much Margaret for sharing your encouraging words. We all wish you a happy, healthy and long life!

    • Kat says:

      Thank You for sharing. Mine is stage 3 too. Completed 4 mo of chemo and am now in maintenance chemo for 12 months.

  29. Lisa says:

    I also very recently have been diagnosed with endometriosis, within the last week i had a cyst and ovary removed. The cyst had ruptured. I just had my follow up appt since the surgery, it is an outpatient surgery, does take a good week for no pain. I still have some pain after sitting too long and then to stand up. I will be taking a monthly shot for 6 months of Lupron to help clear the endometriosis. I hope this helps Merlindasinguan and hope everything goes well for your daughter!!

  30. Irene colbourn says:

    My mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer going back a few years ago, she has had the 5yr all clear this year 2014, but I was wondering, I, m 46yrs old I get up during the night to go to toilet a few times and have a bloated top part of my stomach,does it mean anything or could I get what my mum had x

  31. Jenni says:

    I had a partial hysterectomy years ago, and kept my ovaries for the hormones. How would that be checked out for possible problems like those mentioned? I get lower back pain so they checked my bladder and kidneys, not problems there.

  32. marilou otida says:

    Hello everyone i am also diagnosed of endometriosis last year and i undergone a surgery 5mos. ago i also experienced some of those signs thats why when my gynecologist suggested me into a surgery i go immediately into it. Now i have somethung to ask do i need to still go to the doctor for check-up after my surgery was done. Thank you!

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Marilou, I am surprised that the gynecologist didn’t give you future instructions after the surgery as to what you need to do. I have read in Medicinenet website that “while surgical treatments can be very effective in the reduction of pain, the recurrence rate of endometriosis following surgical treatment has been estimated to be as high as 40%. Many doctors recommend for women who have had surgery for endometriosis to take oral medications after surgery to help maintain symptom relief” ( I believe the best thing will be to ask your gynecologist or family doctor if you need periodical check-ups and how often.

  33. nancy says:

    Hi Jenny I’m having same symptoms such as constipated, uti, no energy andrinks heavy bleeding and bloated. I have ultrasound scheduled Thursday. I’m afraid of results after reading these pages.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Nancy, every screening is stressful and it is natural to feel that way, but it can be so many other things. Don’t think immediately about the worse thing. Women have so many other things that relate to heavy bleeding etc. You are doing the right thing and I wish you to have a big sigh of relief after the receiving the results.

  34. Susan Nelson says:

    My mom had ovarian cancer and breast cancer at age 47 that was 30 years ago. She is still alive today. She also had breast cancer at the same time. You have to have a good GYN. Insist on an transvaginal and pelvic ultrasound with a CA 1 blood test. Do it every 6 months. My insurance will only do it once a year so I go to a clinic nearby and tell them to charge on a sliding scale. I know it sound like I am paranoid but I did my research and if you catch ovarian cancer after having for a year the chances of you dying are much greater.

  35. prettywounded says:

    hi all, i have these symptoms and went to hospital for medical checkup on this. after done with ultrasound scans,blood tests and the results they found i have a cyst 2.8cm on both sides of gv me medicines to eat after that i went for checkup every 3-4months till now,the docs said the cyst is resolved. but till now i still have these symptoms it sign of getting ovarian cancer? im so confused..and scared

  36. Aminah says:

    im only 23 and I already have 6 of the symptoms mentioned. Im diagnosed with PCOS about 8 months ago.

  37. Lyselise Macasaol says:

    3 years ago i have symptoms of that illness,I diagnose ovarian cyst
    i go to the doctor and she advice me to remove my ovary and uterus
    I agree to the doctor ,Now im happy with my life even i don’t have
    uterus and my one ovary …If you follow what the doctor said or advice
    to you no cancer no illness no pain and your happy and you have long life

  38. dawn says:

    To all, just watch the gerson miracle. Some may not believe but what could it hurt. It is a must watch documentary on net flix. It could save your life I don’t see why it is not worth the research and commitment if it could save you.

    • paris jones says:

      yes this will lead you to other alternative cures. the truth about cancer, ty bolinger has some very informative information on cancer and healing the body. it is a wealth of information on alternative methods that have been shut down, that actually work. this is a billion dollar business treating this disease. be proactive about your own health and start to do the research. you will be amazed at what you may find and learn.

  39. nicola says:

    Ive been having treatment for past 2 yrs got breast cancer n just found that I carry the gene brca1 so in few months got to see them about having my ovaries taken away.

  40. carla garcia says:

    I am a pilipino I have this symtoms but i never ever try to go in doctor because I don’t have enought money..I’m only 23 yrs old..pls pray for me..I will go to doctor tomorrow for check up..
    I pray that I’m negative in this kind of virus..

  41. Rosanna Trampe says:

    15years ago, I had an ectopic pregnancy and during my surgery, my OB-GYN found a tumor in my left ovary and removed the whole thing. I was told that it was malignant but since it has already been surgically removed, there is no danger anymore. Ultrasound was suggested which I did for the 1st 6 months, and then yearly for the next 5 years, together with CA125 tumor marker blood test. And then I got complacent and scrimped on medical expenses.

    In early January 2014, I had a prolonged menstruation which I brushed aside thinking it was premenopausal. I sought another OB-GYN and was told that there is a mass in my right ovary that needs to be removed but nothing urgent. Went for a 2nd opinion and took it slowly…it dragged on for 5 months. When I finally decided to have the tumor removed, I already had fluid in my lungs which means it was already cancer and not just a simple tumor removal because it has metastasized. Once cancer spreads to other organs, it is classified as stage 4.

    I have already finished my 6th and last chemotherapy treatment a week ago and awaiting for CA125 result. After my 3rd chemotherapy session, my CA125 dropped from 65 to 14 (normal is 35) and hope that it could even be less now. All throughout my treatments, I never had any of the discomforts associated with chemotherapy – thanks GOD! Even until now, I feel very normal and can still do whoever things that I used to do before I was diagnosed with cancer. Just a reminder to everyone – be consistent with your medical check ups and never take your health for granted. As we get older, we are bound to get some wear and tear in our bodies, be aware of it and do your share of preventing anything to happen. My ovarian cancer had no symptoms at all.

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you very much Rosanna for sharing your experience. Your message is very important. Wishing you a quick and complete recovery and a long and happy life!

  42. alice says:

    You can find a lot of info on cancer on utube under The Truth About Cancer.

    • paris jones says:

      yes the truth about cancer is very informative and will definetly lead you to others. be proactive with your own health!

  43. shierlene says:

    When i read all the comments i felt so scared. I am experiencing lower back pain esp with prolonged sitting, standing, and lying down. And also some frequent urination. I have been diagmosed with polycysist ovaries but now had a son.. i am also suffering from prolonged menstruation… what to do?

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Shierlene, it is natural to feel scared, but sometimes a little bit of fear works for our favor (as long as it’s not extreme). What it actually means is that we need to do periodical check-ups or to pay attention when we have bothering symptoms. Not every pain means something horrible. It just means that we should not ignore it and consult with a medical practitioner to find out the cause of the problem – better to be on the safe safe of things and catch the things early. Prolonged periods are quite common after giving birth, but since you have a special condition and other symptoms, it’s best to consult with your doctor who knows your medical history and is able to perform tests if needed.

    • Emma says:

      Sounds like it could be a kidney infection though which is easily treatable. I would see your doctor about it but i really dont think it would be anything that nasty. If stuff shows up in your urine then it would most likely be an infection. Im no doctor but lower back pain and frequent urination does sound more like that than cancer.

  44. Tammy says:

    My cousin was 17 when she was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. She is now 20 and still fighting for her life. Talk to your daughters about the symptoms and advise their doctors of them.

  45. Andrea says:

    When I was 11 years old I was diagnosed early by similars sintoms, now at my 29 years old and after 3 surgeries, i am still alive and I keeping aware that come back.

  46. akash kumar says:

    Actually i want to talk about my mother she has over cancer but after the chemotherphy and surgry she is ok but actually some time she get’s pain stomac pain we have contact to docter they told that is chemo symptoms that is getting pain.
    Actually ater the surgry she is okk…but i want to know how we can help to her for improving she can live long time

  47. Isabel Mobley says:

    I had a partial hysterectomy at age 36, removal of my uterus. Three years ago, I had 5cm cyst on my left ovary. I had surgery to remove both ovaries. Less than 6 months later, I had to go into surgery for two repairs. I have never felt the same since. I have severe pelvic pain daily, lower back pain as well. This may be a crazy question, but can you still get any type of female cancers, with a complete hysterectomy?

  48. Micah says:

    I had all of these signs but 1 and I just knew something was wrong. It took 2 months but I finally got to get an ultrasound. It was pelvic congestion syndrome. Which isn’t cancer bur can still be bad. It was got early, thank goodness. My point is listen to your body. Know your body. The smallest change could mean anything and being informed will make you better prepared.

  49. Gayle says:

    I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 7 months ago. I had a complete hysterectomy and now have had 8 chemo treatments. My CA125 is down to 15 from over 300. I had one symptom my belly grew. You could have blown me over with a feather when I went for testing for a gastro proble, so I thought. Cat scan showed it. So in a couple of weeks I have my ninth treatment see the dr and then go for a pet scan. I am very confident that I am going to be ok. You need to be positive, believe in G-D.

  50. Theresa angrisano says:

    I lost my mother to leukemia. I will never be the same!

  51. Cami Ramirez says:

    I had a lot of the signs. Till my stomach started getting bigger every day. I went to the Dr and they did cat scan Said I was full of air. So that weekend went to work took all kind of meds to try to get rid of gas. Then went to the dr. And he seen me 2 weeks earlier and was shocked how big my stomach had me go do another cat scan. That one showed fluid in my stomach. Was admitted to the hospital. They took 2 1/2 liters out of my stomach. And that’s how I found out. That was in 2012 had chemo 2 times. Was at stage 4. Count was up so had to do cat scan today go to Dr tomorrow to see if it’s back. But still here fighting. If I hadn’t went for my follow up after we visit I probably wouldn’t be here now. But prayers and staying strong is what keeps me going. And support from friends and family.

  52. Miles says:

    Poor nutrition is probably the major risk factor for cancer in general. Not age, or family history, or even genetics play as much of a risk as poor nutrition does in the cause of cancer – yet I see no mention of diet, nutrition in the article. What a shame! Considering the name of the website.

    Nutrition is the main key in preventing cancer and treating it. Neglect your nutrition and you would be subjected to all sorts of chronic diseases and illnesses. Despite your age and family history.

    • Angelina Phillips says:

      You are so so right about that! People are being so negligent when it comes to what they eat, and they don’t realize how much it really effects their health and well-being in general. It’s very sad.

    • paris jones says:

      very true! you have to get the information about these diseases in general. i find that the standard treatment is chemo and radiation which is toxic to the body, period and you are having these poisons injected to a already compromised system. get the knowledge people. cancer is a billion dollar industry and it has been natural treatments along with diets that work. you have to become informed and a good start is viewing the Truth About Cancer, Ty Bolinger, a wealth of information to be had.

  53. ck says:

    They keep saying that there are no screening methods for ovarian cancer. That’s not true. The simplest and least expensive test is a transvaginal ultrasound. It detects masses on the ovaries.

    • Kathy says:

      I am an ovarian cancer survivor, but sadly lost my sister to the same cancer. If her doctor would not have insisted on getting the CA-125 test (when she was diagnosed) so I had a “base number” for the test, I probably would not be so lucky. With having that number, when the numbers rose a few months later, action was immediately taken to see what was going on. I had absolutely no symptoms when they gave me the report that something may be happening. I just don’t know why more doctors don’t get the CA-125 test results, just like a mammogram and pap. I now get blood test every 6 months, annual pelvic ultrasound, and, of course due to having chemo, annual PET scan.

    • Kat says:

      None of the scans performed on me showed any signed of cancer and yet I was stage 3.

      • Cathy Sargeant says:

        Hi Kat i am still worried. I first went to my gp with stabbing like pains in my right side a pain like a stitch pain in my right groin and going down my leg. Pain in my hip and around my back. some days worse than others but always there, He did an internal and said he thought he could feel what was prob an ovarian cyst did a CA125 test came back ok was 8 i think. I then had an ultrasound (external) which was inconclusive as they could not see my right ovary. I then saw a gynae consultant who did an internal and told me i was constipated!! after xmas back to gp as symptoms felt worse. Was sent for a pelvic xray to look at my hips the gp said it could be age related. That was all clear. In April go back to original gp who sent me to see a colorectal consultant Who felt my tummy and can feel a lump so off for a ct scan i had that a month ago and apparently no masses were seen i am now awaiting to see him again to see what is happening but as nothing obvious was seen on the scan it is not an urgent appointment. I was told by my gp today that the consultant is going to reccomend a laporoscopy I have all my orginal symptoms but added to them i feel so tired all the time even after sleeping really well i can not finish a meal i feel hungry then get full my tummy does not really look bloated but feels full if that makes sense I had a vaginal hysterectomy 3 yrs ago due to fibroids. Cant understand how drs can feel something but it is not showing on scans.

    • Sheila says:

      I’m 68 and post menopausal. I had a vaginal ultrasound done and I had to request my results twice. I finally got them three weeks later. The doctor went on vacation so the nurse responded by telling me I have a fibroid in my uterus, a polyp in the lining and a cyst on my left ovary. My grandmother died from ovarian cancer. I’m concerned with how long I wait to see my doctor. Is there a timeline I need to know about? I’m scared and worried. My sister, aunt, and mom all had hysterectomies.

  54. Emma says:

    you know what i have had most to all of those symptoms before and for about five years ish now. But in 2012 i had a laparoscopy and they said everything is fine and removed stuff they needed to which wasnt cancer. So the fact that it has been all checked through there with cameras and i know alot of those symptoms still are going on and definitely have not worsened if at all it has been better. I dont seem to be that worried about it.

  55. mary hill says:

    I had a hysto 25yrs ago .. still got ovaries …. can I still get ovarian cancer ?????

  56. sweetness says:

    I have been having problems with my menstrual cycle for almost 2 years now
    After meeting with 2 different doctors for an ultrasound I was diagnosed with POD
    And a doctor recommended I give birth as soon as possible else might find it difficult to have one in the future due to the pain and swollen fluid in my Fallopian tube
    will this develop into ovarian cancer?

    • Jenny says:

      You probably mean PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) which is one of the most common hormonal endocrine disorders in women. I’m not a doctor but I’ve read that women with PCOS are sometimes worried that they have a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer. However, research does not indicate a link between PCOS and ovarian cancer (see reference here). I also read that the risk of cancer of the endometrium (the inside lining of the uterus) is three times as high for women with PCOS as it is for other women (see reference here). It’s best for you to receive a proper medical advice from a specialist (preferably endocrinologist) about a treatment plan and periodical check-ups.

  57. Summer says:

    Wht testing should we ask for to get checked out???
    Thank you Sorry Nicole for your loss

  58. Paula says:

    My family had been affected by ovarian cancer twice my mother died from this she was at the 4th stage. My sister also died from ovarian cancer she was 43

  59. Elizabeth Ndaa says:

    Thanks for the sharing. i have learned something i did not know for many years. i have a problem of swelling my lakes around the ankles. i do sit for long hours and when i go home i lay on the bed with the legs raised up for about one hour and the swelling goes. could be having ovarian cancer? am planning for a check.

    • Laurie Duncan says:

      I am 53. Since Feb I have had swollen right food and ankle. I rec’d had 3 X-rays, ultrasound , and MRI. Just shows inflammation in the foot tissues. I know something isn’t right. No one can figure out what’s going on. I did blood work again today that was orders by a foot dr. I go Monday for a bone scan on the R foot ! I went for my yearly Pap smear 3 weeks ago in that visit I told my GYN that I was experiencing sharp little pains in the right side female area. In that visit he scheduled me an vaginal ultrasound. It shows a mass in right ovary. So on that same visit he ordered a C125 blood test. I’m still waiting on results. Nerves are shattered. Worried .. I do have urgent urine problems, fill full right away when eating. Hip
      Pain started about 2 months ago. Real bad back pain too. Waiting on my blood work results. A lot to think about !!

  60. zoey shaulis says:

    I’m twelve years old and my mom has ovarian cancer she lives in pansilvanya and I live in Illinois I wish I could see her more often she is supposed to be getting a surgrey done after Christmas and I hope it goes well i don’t know what I wouor do with out my mom , thank you guys for sharing ur stories iv read all of them and I’m sorry to hear about them -thanks

  61. Olivia says:

    I’ve jd a few symptoms of this. Frequent urination not enough to wake me up at night but more than usual anyway. Also I haven’t been able to eat a lot lately and if I try I feel so sick. And nausea that’s on and off. I’ve always had back pain but it’s felt worse lately. I have a urologist appointment in 2 weeks. I have a gynecologist appt 2 weeks ago but when I was talking about some of the symptoms he was giving me this look that I was nuts. I dont want any of the doctors I go to, to think I’m a hypochondriac but at the same time what if I am being that? I hope I’m wrong about this!

    • Gina says:

      You are not a hypochondriac, Olivia. I have the same symptoms and I’m worried too. Since this was nearly 2 years ago, how are you now? What were the findings?

  62. debi says:

    if you are found to have OC- would you really want to pass this genetic mutation down to your children? I would not.

  63. Summer says:

    Im 36 just had a hysterectomy in october insisted the doctor take everything but she refused to remove my ovaries. After my uterus was removed ( i also woke up dring operation) & tested she told me i had endometriosis & my ovaries should have been removed. Here i am 5 months post op with severe pelvic pain and fatigue but they say its normal. Im scared its more serious?

    • Jenny says:

      If you have any doubt, go to a second opinion and don’t be embarrassed to raise your concerns. After all, it’s your body and your health.

  64. Emma says: reading ur posts n feel complete panic .im 47 ;havent been to gyn in 12 years.recently having slight pain right side which feels a bit ankles are swallon but i thought ut was because im very over in the gulf .i dont have any family or friend’s. I just want the courage to go to the docs but cant find it.please help.n i prey for god to heal you who are suffering .xx

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Emma, there is no need to panic. Not every small pain is a reason for concern. Take care of your health and go periodically to a doctor/gyn for check-ups. The earlier you detect any issues, the better.

  65. Kim says:

    I am only 27 and I had Ovarian Cancer. I was diagnosed December 2015 and had my left ovary and felopian tube with 70% of my right ovary removed Feb 2016. Luckily I caught it early on because the size of the tumors was causing my ovaries to twist. In my beginning trips to the E.R they sent me home with pain killers and by my 3rd trip I refused to leave until they found out what was causing my pain. This article is spot on and although I didn’t know of symptoms its important that we listen to our bodies. Thank you for sharing awareness.

  66. Gina says:

    I got ovarian cancer when I was 25 years old. Went to the doctors for a couple years on an HMO plan. They would tell me it was all in my head. My friend finally intervened when she witnessed me collapsing at work. I told her my symptoms which were severe but pretty much listed above and she called in and made legal threats (she was studying to be an attorney so she had the lingo down). I finally got a competent doctor who discovered a mass within 20 minutes of our appointment. I could hear her screaming at someone about why the heck I had not been diagnosed earlier with a such an obvious mass growing in my stomach. I was admitted into the hospital next day and diagnosed after a biopsy within 4 days of ovarian cancer. The way HMO’s work is if they would lose money on my diagnoses.

    Since I was so young and didn’t fit the profile they could use that in court to say followed protocal and basically get off legally.

    So the moral is lie on your medical history if you are young and are on a plan like an HMO so you can get properly tested and demand a CA 125, I gave this advise to a girl I met in a similar situation (she was my hair dresser) and she finally was able to get the tests she needed and guess why she had ovarian cancer….but in 2 stage. Mine was already 4 staged so I had to have a radical hysterectomy and I survived..I did hard core holistic therapy along with conventional and luckily the doctor I ended up with worked with me and just told me to tell him what I was doing so he could make sure it did not counteract with any medications or if there was ever a problem he would have a more thorough history with which to work.

  67. Ennie says:

    I was also diagnosed with cancer in 2011.They said it was lymphoma cancer so I start my treatment (chemo) that same year. I know we accept the news differently but when I was told that I have it all I do was just give that disease over to my master. You will not believe me but I should have the treatment for a year but it only takes four months and are clean until know.I also get hysterectomy but I have already four kids. It’s not easy but put your trust in Him above.

  68. Anuschka says:

    I am a Registered Nurse of many years. Please get yourselves in formed, cancer is curable. Chemotherapy is cytotoxic, please wake up people it is carcinogenic in itself. ie, toxic to the cells, yes of course it kills cancer cells but it also kills all your good cells,kills your lymphatic system which you need to keep healthy, our only defense in treating disease is to keep our immune system strong so that nature can take care of itself. Our bodies heal themselves if only we give them what they need to allow for healing. Radiotherapy is carcinogenic ie causing cancer. Get yourselves informed of the truth of the cancer industry, the pharmaceutical industry. Find out the truth of the origins of chemotherapy and you will want to be sick I guarantee you, you will be in disbelief. Here a just a few tips: Look up Watch a little film on You Tube called The Beautifull Truth and watch it till right at the end you will be pleasantly surprised and awakened. Read a book called Cancer outside the Box by Ty Bollinger. Watch QUEST FOR THE CURE by Ty Bollinger on You Tube. We have to all wake up we have been lied to and been made dumb, we have been conditioned to believe in our conventional Doctors who have been trained by Pharmaceutical companies who are the most corrupt companies in t he world. A good diet or organic whole foods and juicing organic raw veges is crucial. Learn about detoxing. Our bodies are so full of chemicals, pesticides etc. How can they heal with all this crap. Are yo still using underarm antiperspirants? Please educate yourselves on this terrible crime which is causing millions of woman throughout the world to die, the same chemicals in the deodorants are found in the breast tumors. Please learn that all the skin creams and beauty products laiden with chemicals are absorbed through your skin. We administer medication into our patients through small little patches which stick onto their skins, the body absorbs it through the skin and the patch is really only about 3cm in diameter. So come to think of it every hand and body cream we smear onto ourselves which is laden with chemicals is absorbed directly into our bodies. We have to start educating ourselves to truths that have been with held from us for many many years. I use baking soda under my armpits, never have BO. I use coconut oil.cream an my skin as a moisturizer. is also a great site. Also listen to Bill Henderson – he knows the truths I am talking about here. PLEASE NEVER FEEL DESPERATE WHEN YOU HEAR YOUR DIAGNOSIS, ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT THE CANCER HAS BEEN GROWING IN YOUR BODY FOR MANY MANY YEARS AND THERE IS NO NEED FOR PANIC – JUST GO QUIETLY AND GET YOUR SELVES INFORMED OF THE TRUTHS I HAVE MENTIONED HERE. Remember please that you Oncologist gets paid very handsomely for any treatments he dishes out to you and many research papers have proven that Oncologists themselves will never give t heir own families or themselves any form of chemotherapy. This explains it all – we have been duped. I have witnessed people looking healthy coming in for treatment and within a few weeks they are either dead or are dying. Please remember that radiotherapy is only advantages if one is dying anyway and is using it to shrink a cancerouss organ/tumor to relieve pressure only. I have witnessed beautiful older ladies coming in for care walking in looking like a breath of fresh air, having had a dose of chemo on the day of admission or had it only a few days ago, they come in with a full head of hair and within a few days their hair all falls out and within a few short weeks they are gone! This is criminal. We have to wake up urgently.

  69. Gina says:

    I’m 56. Had partial hyst at 37. Read all these posts and am more scared than ever. Have had bloating, gas, constipation for 5 years. Haven’t lost weight. Have gained. Not just in tummy but breasts, arms, thighs. No severe pains though. Recently, poor appetite. This really scares me. No history of cancer in my family. My doc just decided out of the blue to order a CA 125 test on me. What??? Does he think I might have cancer? Found out my insurance is not going to cover this test. After reading these posts though, I’m going to have the test. But then, I think. Why bother? I’ve had these symptoms 5 years. It’s probably too late anyway…

  70. Gina says:

    I found this post I wrote back in March. Still having the same symptoms. Not going to ignore them anymore. Make appt for ob-gyn exam today and will demand ca 125 and a transvag us.

  71. Lizbeth says:

    Hi, I have a question.
    My mother has always, since she was a child, had issues with her periods. They’ve been extremely painful, they lasted a very long time, she would bleed a lot. Most times when getting a pap, it would come back abnormal, they sent her for ultrasounds and found cysts, and after having a biopsy done it came back non-cancerous. This was when she was 40ish, then before having the cyst removed she got pregnant with my now 1.5 year old sister (I am 24). When she had the baby, she was in labor for almost 36 hours, her doctor decided to make her vaginally deliver the baby when she was only 6cm along, my mom had the baby, the baby was fine and healthy but my mom was in a lot of pain and basically bleeding out and they were pressing down on her stomach to get all the clots out, never realizing she had the cyst, the size of small chicken (weird reference, sorry). She almost hemorrhaged and just kept bleeding until they realized the only way they were going to stop the bleeding was to do a hysteroctomy. They were successfully able to do the hysterectomy and only left her ovaries (per my mom’s request). That’s when the idiotic doctor saw the damage she had done and why we all told her (including the nurses at the doctor!) my mom should have had a c-section and she was too stubborn to do so saying my mom didn’t need it. She saw the cyst and thankfully it wasn’t cancerous. Sorry about the long post but I want to put as much backstory as possible so that I can get the closest or most accurate response to my question before the doctor gets back to my mom with her results in 2 weeks. She had a regular pap smear about a month or 2 ago, it came back abnormal, so they sent her to do an ultrasound, they couldn’t tell her what she could have so, they sent her to this gynecologist who just did a biopsy on her about a couple of days ago, but during her biopsy the doctor said he saw something bad and instead of normal biopsy like my mom has experienced, he took out 6 samples ( which even the nurse translating for my mom said she had never seen the doctor do so many samples on 1 person). So, basically my question is, is it likely that my mom has some type of cancer or pre-cancer?
    I know, it’s only a couple of weeks away that she has her appointment to get her results, and that there won’t be a clear answer until she gets her results, but I kind of want to be semi-prepared for any possible outcome! If anyone has had this situation or if you can kind of give me an idea on other possible reasons for this, I would greatly appreciate it.!

    • Jenny Hills, Medical Writer and Researcher says:

      It is completely normal to feel worried when a pap smear is abnormal. According to American Pregnancy Association, abnormal pap smear results do not mean you have cancer. They say that an abnormal pap smear may indicate that you have an infection or abnormal cells called dysplasia, and further testing should be done to verify whether or not there is a problem. You can find more details in their website.

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