How to Treat Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Naturally

How to Treat Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Naturally
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Urinary tract infections (UTI) are a burden that millions of people are forced to deal with every year. Though men can develop them, urinary tract infections are much more common in women.

It is one of the most common type of infection that women contract and there are many different causes for it. The first thing you should do if you think you might be affected by urinary tract infection is to check for its symptoms.



The following clues are tell-tale signs that you may have contracted a UTI:

It is important to note that it is best to treat UTI as soon as you notice the signs of it and that UTI that last longer than two days requires medical intervention. This is because untreated UTI can infect the kidneys and turn into a much more serious problem. There are several types of UTI and if it is serious enough you may need to be put on prescription medication.

Take the Natural Path

Chances are you don’t have to jump right to over the counter methods or use any type of pills to treat yourself if it is in its early stages. Most urinary tract infections can easily be treated with natural methods. The ones listed below are surprisingly effective ways to alleviate your UTI symptoms:

Increasing Your Water Intake

Making sure you have an ample amount of fluid in your system is important when you contract an infection in your urinary tract. Keeping hydrated will help your immune system detox the infected area much quicker. Steer clear of drinks that contain caffeine, alcohol, and high amounts of sugar, as they will contribute to dehydration.



D-Mannose is a naturally occurring sugar that’s closely related to glucose. It is a naturally occurring sugar that is found in a number of fruits, including apples, blueberries, and cranberries.

D-mannose attaches to E. coli bacteria, causing them to stick to each other and preventing them from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract. The bacteria can then easily be eliminated from the body during urination.

D-mannose powder was found to significantly reduce the risk of recurrent UTI in a study conducted by the department of medical biochemistry, Zabok General Hospital, Croatia. In the study, 308 women with a history of recurrent UTIs, were treated with either two grams of D-mannose powder in 200 ml of water, 50 milligrams of an antibiotic, or no treatment daily for six months.

Only 15 percent of those taking the D-mannose had a recurrent UTI compared to 20 percent for the antibiotic group (both of which were significantly lower than the no-treatment group). However, the incidence of side effects was significantly lower in the D-mannose group than the antibiotics group.

Baking Soda and Water

This may not be the most appealing option when it comes to taste but it could certainly be worse. Mixing about a teaspoon of baking soda with a glass of water will contribute in eliminating the acidity present in your urinary tract.


The enzyme in pineapples called bromelain has been tested and proven to yield significant results in treating UTI. The anti-inflammatory functions of this tasty fruit help treat symptoms much quicker when combined with other methods. Read more about pineapples in my article how to use pineapple as a medicine.


Cranberries and Blueberries

If pineapples aren’t your favorite, these two types of berries are also potent infection fighters that you can easily incorporate into your diet. Whether they are in fruit or juice form, they are loaded with bacteria fighting ingredients and anti-oxidants that contribute to healthy bladder function. If you consume it in a juice form, make sure it has a high content of fruit and the minimum amount of sugar possible. To learn more about the amazing healing properties of cranberries and blueberries, as well as other berries, have a look at my e-book The Healing Berry Guide. This e-book will teach you how to transform your health with berries.

Vitamin C

Getting the right amount of vitamin C in your diet is essential to many different bodily functions. Doctors have noticed that the powerhouse vitamin is especially good at acidifying your urine and preventing bacteria from developing in it.



Yogurt is kind of like the unsung hero of UTI treatments. Not many people have caught on to its effective infection fighting properties. The healthy bacteria in it play a big role in treating UTI. Just make sure you avoid flavored ones that are loaded with sugar. Use plain unsweetened yogurt.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Many people that have struggled with UTI have flocked to this method of natural treatment. The enzymes present in apple cider vinegar thwart the growth of bacteria and prevent future issues from developing in the bladder. Try consuming 2-3 tablespoons a day mixed with a tall glass of water for the best results. You can find here 10 uses for apple cider vinegar.


Horseradish is a medicinal plant that is making its revival as a powerful herbal medicine. When treating certain conditions, horseradish is just as effective as chemically-synthesized antibiotics and it can sometimes even be superior to over-the-counter drugs. One of these conditions is urinary tract infection. It stimulates the flow of urine and can be safely used over a longer period of time. Read my detailed article about horseradish including how to consume it and recipes to clear UTI.

Grapefruit seed extract (GSE)

GSE comes from the rind and seeds of the grapefruit. Maryland Medical Center recommends to take 100 mg capsule of GSE or 5 – 10 drops (in favorite beverage) 3 times daily, for antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral activity. Grapefruit may interact with a wide variety of medications, so speak with your doctor before taking it.

Preventing Future Issues

One of the worst things about UTI is its persistence. Once you get rid of one, it isn’t uncommon to contract another infection within a matter of weeks. There are a few things you can do to ensure you live an infection free life:

– Stay hydrated throughout the day, drinking plenty of water or herbal teas
– Focus on a balanced diet consisting of nutritionally dense foods
– Urinate immediately after having making love
– Wipe from the front to the back after going to the bathroom
– Never hold in urine for prolonged periods of time
– Take a shower instead of a bath that can provide a breeding ground for infection and avoid over cleaning the area

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50 Responses to How to Treat Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Naturally

  1. Ingrid Shapiro says:

    I have a close girlfriend, who has urinary infections a lot and now bladder infections. I am going to tell her about this. She doesn’t like to take medicine.
    Thanks for the information.

  2. Dawn Fox says:

    Most of the remedies i had forgotten. thank you for refreshing my memory.

  3. rahul says:

    my friends call me water tank as i drink a lot of water now this one is for them why drinking a lot of water is necessary…

  4. Tumi Ramogale says:

    This is the best remedy to think of . Our bodies really need a lot of water .

  5. Dottie says:

    Whenever I feel even a twinge, I start taking cranberry caps. morning & evening for 2 days, then once a day for a few days. Works for me

  6. Sarida van der Meer says:

    The best stuff I’ve ever had is D-mannose. Better this naturally sweet powder than baking soda….

  7. Rebecca Dunn says:

    Alka Seltzer also works. Prevention-eat or drink coconut oil. It’s a natural antibacterial.

  8. Fawzi Darwich says:

    I like this site Very helpfull…

  9. mahmood ahmad says:

    The best stuff I’ve ever had is D-mannose. Better this naturally sweet powder than baking soda…

    • mahmood ahmad says:

      I like this site Very helpfull…

    • Jerry says:

      Had a uti for over a year, was on antibiotics most of the time. Finally ended up with c-diff, from the antibiotics, which cost me two nights in the hospital. I finally cured myself with Alka seltzer. Started taking d-mannose the next day, and haven’t had a uti for eight years now. Also haven’t taken any antibiotics in eight years. Don’t believe everything the doc says, most of them don’t know anything about natural cures.

  10. mudassir asad says:

    Thanks…….this site is very helpful for everyone….

  11. Edilyn Sico says:

    thanks for the advice

  12. shahin says:

    Many many thanks….

  13. Anna Stewart says:

    It might also be helpful to mention a few things to avoid such as any dark colored soda drinks, artificial dyes and sweeteners.

  14. Elizabeth Morris says:

    Love this, much needed for my diabetic daughter, giod ideas!

  15. Janette Smith says:

    Parsley tea is very helpful too. When an infection occurs, start doing one of these things every hour. If in pain, start with alka seltzer, next hour vinegar water, then parsley tea,then vitamin C,later soda water, etc .
    Do these things for 2 or 3 days or longer.

  16. Teresita g. Domingo says:

    Thank you for the information. Please advice how to prevent varicose veins that is starting to show up. Thank you.

  17. Geneva Hampton says:

    Well I have suffered with repeated UTI for three decades and could not figure out why? I went on a super green diet for 6 months with things like olive leaf extract and super green foods and got it to go away…but it came back…every single time I eat chicken, I find this quite crazy. But here is an articule on it. You might try an elimination diet of no chicken, Might work for some like me.

    • Jenny says:

      Didn’t know about that, it really sounds crazy – thank you for sharing 🙂

    • B.Bailey says:

      Thank you for this information on chicken and UTIs – no more cheap store chicken for me (or my cat, who also has bladder/kidney issues!) – I’m going to share this info with my vet too.

  18. Sally camacho says:

    Yes!!!–I really to treat urinary tract infection that you share with us & care our natural health,Thank you so much{***}

  19. marya says:

    Wonderful suggestions .really very helpful. Thanks

  20. dejene lemessa says:’s a good information.

  21. Joni says:

    Another preventive that I always do is to blow dry your ‘privates’ when you are done bathing/showering…your private areas do not always get as dry as you think they are just by toweling off…blow dry that area…it really does make a difference.

    • HK Jaye says:

      Now I have heard EVERYTHING! Blowing your private parts with a hairdryer! To each their own…but I am gonna PASS! My towels work just fine for me.

    • Lori says:

      I used to get really bad UTIs for years. Once I started blow drying everyday after my shower, I haven’t had one since and its been almost 5 years.

  22. Delta says:

    Taking kelp also helps.

  23. Susan says:

    Cream of tartar 1/2 tsp in 1/2cup of water 3times a day works and doesn’t taste quite as bad as baking soda. My grandmother used to give it to us as little girls when we complained of UTI symptoms, and I still use it along with the cranberry capsules.

  24. Mercedita G. Almerino says:

    Thnx for more information…,really interesting to know how to treat urinary infection in a way to use natural way.

  25. Bigdaddy Praise says:

    Please, i have a sister with fabroid, and i need a natural way to treat her from this infection,

    thank u

    • Jenny says:

      I am personally not familiar with treating fibroid naturally. I’ve seen in the web a number of references for natural treatments for fibroid, but I don’t know how trusted these websites are or how effective the treatments are, so I can’t really recommend any of them.

  26. Anastasia says:

    Hi everybody!

    I was suffering from UTIs myself. What helped me in a nutshell:
    -Drink probiotics if you are treated with antibiotics
    -Use Tea tree oil wash after sex
    -Use D-mannose with the first symptoms

  27. maggie bugden says:

    Interesting, where do u.get cranberrie capsules??

  28. olivia says:

    thanks for all your information they all educative

  29. olivia says:

    the information has helped many of us, stay bless

  30. Sara says:

    D- Mannose… Where do I get it?

  31. Anastasia says:

    You can buy d-mannose on Amazon and at a Wholefoods store or Sprouts.

  32. Amber says:

    So after chugging water over the weekend after first getting UTI symptoms, the doctor said that I was completely clear of an infection. HOWEVER, two days later, the initial ‘tell’ returned. Is it too late to try other remedies since this is technically day 7 of having a UTI?

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Amber, you may want to try other remedies for few more days, but if you see no improvement or the symptoms become worse, you will need to refer to your doctor again.

  33. Christine says:

    I rarely ever get a UTI but when I do it drives me insane. This website has been extremely helpful. Very informative to. I like to see what alternatives I have when it comes to natural things as apposed to going to the doctor all the time. Thank you!

  34. Jayeh Koyo Jallow says:

    very educative! thanks a lot

  35. Rachel says:

    I got utis constantly, especially after sex. I drink a lot of water before sex, urinate before sex and promptly after, but it still recurred repeatedly. The medicine that helped me get rid of the infection was a herbal medicine called diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. It is effective in treating uti.

  36. Carolyn says:

    Where can you purchase D-Mannose?

  37. Hayden says:

    Really helpful post. Besides, i know herbal medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill can be another natural treatment for UTI.

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