Reduce The Risk of Lung Cancer With Garlic

Reduce The Risk For Lung Cancer With Garlic
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Lung cancer is the most deadly cancer, and each year it kills 1.2 million people worldwide. The main problem lies in the diagnosis: despite the fact that lung cancer has warning signs, it is often found too late when the tumor has already spread outside the lungs and the disease is not curable.

Although lung cancer affects mostly smokers, research data shows that one-fifth of all lung cancers occur in people who never smoked.


How Garlic Can Help

So what can you do? well, it appears that grandma was right – garlic is really healthy. Much has been written about the wonders of garlic, and  a new study reveals that consuming fresh garlic significantly reduces the risk of lung cancer, also among smokers.

Garlic health benefits have been known for thousands of years, and you can read more about them in my previous article how to use garlic as a medicine. It is believed that this popular vegetable helps resolve a variety of illnesses and medical conditions. Now researchers checked its effect on lung cancer, and published their findings in the journal Cancer Prevention Research.

The Research

The researchers tested lung cancer patients and compared their data to healthy people. Each patient was asked about his dietary habits and his lifestyle, and what was the frequency of his garlic consumption and smoking.

The study found that those who consumed fresh garlic as part of daily diet at least twice a week had a 44% lower risk of lung cancer.


Even when the people smoked, the main cause of lung cancer, the risk of lung cancer decreased by 30%. The study examined only the consumption of fresh garlic, and it’s unknown if a preserved, frozen or dried garlic have a similar effect.

Previous studies have found that the chemical compound allicin found in garlic and released when the vegetable is chopped or crushed, is an antioxidant that prevents the formation of free radicals. This component apparently has also an effect against inflammatory processes. Previous findings have shown that allicin prevents colds, infections and even prevents malaria.

Consuming more garlic is also one of the 70 habits featured in my e-book 70 Powerful Habits For A Great Health which will guide you how to take positive steps to improve your wellness and overall health.

To find more information about how to consume garlic, please refer to my article about 6 common mistakes when using garlic as an antibiotic:

Avoid These 6 Common Mistakes When Using Garlic As an Antibiotic

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34 Responses to Reduce The Risk of Lung Cancer With Garlic

  1. Chuck Bluestein says:

    Great article! Lung cancer is a huge problem. I had no idea that garlic would help this. I love the taste of garlic. For other cancers make sure to get enough vitamin D.

  2. Irene Törnroos says:

    Informative…I prefer to be vegan
    thanks for this article.

  3. Gbepal Denis says:

    You really doing great diagnoses and treatment we really cherish your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. sue says:

    I’m wondering if the garlic can be cooked or if it needs to be eaten raw. You mention that it needs to be consumed twice a week but don’t say how much needs to be eaten. Please answer these questions if you can.

    • Jenny says:

      The research talks about fresh garlic. The study was published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research, but I couldn’t find the original study, only references to it, and they don’t mention exact quantities. I have read that study limitations, including the accuracy of reporting the amounts and frequency of garlic consumed, and the inability to compare data from studies that used different garlic products and amounts make an overall conclusion about garlic and cancer prevention extremely difficult. But what we can learn from it is the link between fresh garlic and reducing the risk for cancer, as well as the importance of including it in our daily nutrition.

  5. Nick says:

    “research data shows that one-fifth of all lung cancers occur in people who never smoked.” People who never smoke? Even non smokers are passive smokers.

  6. hmmm says:

    Can you get lung cancer from others who smoke but not yourself? Lived at home for 23 years with someone who smoked packs a day…

    • Jenny says:

      This is “passive smoking” which can also affect the lungs health.

    • Jennifer T says:

      I never smoked in my life, and never lived with a smoker. I eat great and have used garlic for years. Yet I was diagnosed with a rare form of incurable lung cancer at age 38. Sometimes it just happens.

      • Cocoa Hope says:

        They say 1 out of 5 are non smokers, meaning passive smokers as well. A friend I know died of lung cancer never having lived with smokers and never touched a smoke in her life They put it down to cleaning products …

  7. Julie Morabe says:

    Is there any remedy for the residual fribosis or scarred be removed? What medicine or natural method that the scar in the lung will be removed?

  8. Faty says:

    I cook fresh food everyday and do not know how to cook without garlic. We all love it in my family.

    • Arlene says:

      You can drizzle olive oil on it and Grill in aluminum foil. Our, on top of the stove. It gets really sweet and mellow when grilled. It caramelizes.

  9. Bitendra says:

    I really love this all information

  10. Maria says:

    Hi Viewers – Garlic is the Best, Anti-oxidant, Anti-biotic, and Best for Heart disease prevention. I always have Garlic in my cooking. My parents always use Garlic in cooking. You can eat it raw or you can add garlic in your cooking. I can make the Best Garlic Bread ever in my own kitchen:=). You can mix it in your Mayonaise for your Sandwiches. I tell ya, I’ve never been sicked seriously in my life. If I have colds or flu I’ll be in bed for 1 or 2 days, or 5 days the most. But I seldom, very very seldom have sickness of some sort. I am over 50 has never visited hospital for any health issues. I just had two Cesarian Operations for my 2 boys, but that was it. Trust me this plant Garluc is a piwerful natural medicine. I call it magical powerful antidote:=).

    Goodluck with Garlic!


  11. yolanda duran says:

    Very intersting please send me more inforation.

  12. dr.parijat audichya says:

    U will surprise to know that garlic have tremendous effect on cancer,heart problem&skin disease. Indian Ayurveda using garlic as a medicine almost from 2000 years! You can get wonderful information in charak samhita!

  13. Ahmed says:

    In addition to garlic pls see the benefits of lemon for lung cancer

  14. Jody Isley says:

    there was an article on this site i thought. that talked how to pickle fresh garlic. then drain and add honey. would probably keep the healing properties and tamed the taste down….i had saved the article, but lost the recipe…would love to have it again…thank you…love reading your stuff…good job.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Jody, you’ve probably seen it in another website – there are many recipes in the web of how to pickle garlic.

  15. Lowell Faigao says:

    garlic is always a part of our daily cooking . i love it

  16. Bec says:

    What about garlic oil (supplements)?

  17. Sue behzad says:

    Great information,
    Recently some angry neighbours sprayed my car with a toxic gas and I kept driving it for months…now I have all sorts of problems, aches, pains all over, fatigue, nausea etc. I still need to see three more specialists but I’m pretty sure the diagnosis will be lung cancer. I am mad and scared at the same time.

  18. Bonnie says:

    I was wondering if the Kyolic liquid (aged) is useful for lung cancer or bronchitis. There is no other product like this, so you wouldn’t be commenting as if you are endorsing it. Sorry to sound gross, but when I crush it and put on a piece of buttered toast, if makes me almost feel like I need to throw-up for a few minutes afterward. That’s why I thought this aged liquid garlic would be better to get down. Thanks.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Bonnie, I’m not familiar with the effects of aged liquid garlic extract and how it works compared to eating raw garlic. mentions an experiment with aged garlic extract that gave good results among hypertension suffered, but again – there was no comparison to raw garlic, just different dosage of aged garlic extract, and it was tested for high blood pressure only (see here – Another option for using raw garlic is to crush it and put it in a vegetable based capsule and swallow it.

  19. valerie says:

    I have c o p d my breathing is awful wat if u don’t like garlic as i dont even like the smell of garlic any advice people i wud b grateful

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