How to Make Easy Homemade Antiseptic Soap

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homemade antiseptic soap

This is an easy to make antiseptic soap that makes a fantastic hand wash because it contains tea tree and thyme essential oils, that have anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. It is also excellent to treat or prevent fungal infections like vaginal yeast infections, athlete’s foot, and ringworm.

So why don’t you give it a try and make your own antiseptic soap? You can buy soap moulds online and they come in various shapes and sizes such as this beautiful flower mould.

Homemade Antiseptic Soap Recipe

300 g white soap
500 ml water
5 tbsp almomd oil (or olive/jojoba/avocado oil)
2 tsp tea tree essential oil
30 drops thyme essential oil
4 tbsp dried marigold (calendula) flowers

Great the white soap into a glass bowl and add the water. Place the bowl over a pan of boiling water on a low heat (bain-marie) and stir until the soap melts. Add the almond oil, the two essential oils and the dried flowers, and mix thoroughly. Pour the mixture into a soap mould and leave to cool and set. Once set, wrap the soap in greaseproof paper and leave to dry in a cool place.

How to use the soap? wash the affected areas or your hands with the soap once or twice a day, or as required. Rinse off well.

Storage – store in a cool dark place wrapped in greaseproof paper. Keeps for up to 1 year.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. The tea tree oil in soap also has a fresh, invigorating, clean scent, as compared to any other soap. :)

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