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Top Signs Your Body is Toxic and What to Do About It

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Top Signs Your Body is Toxic and What to Do About It

Hundreds of years ago people didn’t have to worry about toxicity in the body. They used a simplistic and natural way of life that didn’t require detoxification of toxins. It wasn’t until just recently that medical professionals began to acknowledge the issue of chemicals polluting our bodies.

We all know the saying “You are what you eat…” But how can we be sure what we are if we don’t know much about what we eat? Nourishing yourself with seemingly everyday foods seems like a perfectly safe venture right?

It turns out that toxins have become an inescapable part of our everyday lives. In the previous decade there have been roughly 100,000 different chemicals used in the United States. They’re used commercially in the food we eat, the medicine we take, and general house care products that appear completely innocent.


Studies by the Environmental Working Group recently discovered that even unborn babies can’t avoid pollution in our toxin-laden society. They found traces of more than 200 commercial chemicals within the umbilical cords before birth. You might not be able to avoid the toxins but knowing where they come from and how to treat them will help reduce the impact of toxicity significantly.

Signs that You Have Too Many Toxins in Your Body

So at this point we know how prevalent toxins are in our society. What we haven’t covered is how to tell whether or not the amount of toxins is effecting your overall health in a negative way. Listed below are a few of the most common signs of too much toxin exposure.

  • Sleep disorders like insomnia and restlessness
  • Body odor and foul breath
  • Persisting exhaustion
  • Worsening inflammatory problems like arthritis and asthma
  • Trouble with digestion
  • Development of ulcers or hemorrhoids
  • Increase in acne, psoriasis, eczema, and other skin conditions
  • Loss of mental clarity and motivation
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Worsened PMS symptoms
  • Congestion

It’s worth noting that these signs are quite general. Some might be a symptom of a completely irrelevant medical condition. Before you go assuming that your body is polluted you should always check up with your physician.

This is a factor that goes both ways however. Some physicians might have trouble assigning a source to symptoms caused by body toxicity. They may also attribute the symptoms to something that isn’t actually affecting you. This pitfall exists because many medical practitioners aren’t required to be well-versed in body toxicity knowledge.

There are also many diseases that can be worsened with body toxicity. Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, depression, cancer, fibromyalgia, and heart disease are all catalyzed with the introduction of toxins.


It’s always better to be safe than sorry and take steps to enhance detoxification. The strongest weapon in the fight against body toxicity is knowledge. Reducing your exposure to toxins and practicing detoxification can only encourage a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Major Sources of Toxins

The first toxin source you should be wary of is food. This plays a huge role in detoxing your body because it is the most direct intake of industrial chemicals. Processed foods are the most common source of additives and chemicals and should be avoided when possible. Pesticides sprinkled on to crops can also add foreign toxins to your body. You can also read my other post about the most pesticide ridden fruit and vegetables.

Another deceiving source of toxins is within personal care products. Chemicals are abundant in a lot of the shampoo, body wash, soap, lotion, toothpaste, skin cream, and deodorant that we use so casually on a daily basis. If you want to avoid these toxins you can make your own natural healthcare products.

The third major contributor of toxin intake is environmental factors. Inside of your home there could be chemicals lingering from the use of cleaning products and a lack of air circulation. Outside of your home there are plenty of pollutants from secondhand smoke, vehicles, and the production of commercial goods. You can read my other post on how to make your own natural household cleaner.


Keep in mind that these are just the three major contributors to toxicity within your body. There are plenty of other small ways that toxins can sneak into your routine. Always exercise caution when purchasing products and carefully examine the areas that you live in.

Easy Steps for Optimal Detoxification

1. Reduce Exposure – The first and most obvious step to take is modifying your routine to reduce your exposure to the chemicals. Analyze the sources listed above and try to minimize the pollution you encounter throughout the day. You can start by avoiding these most toxic food ingredients and avoiding these fake foods.

2. Stay Hydrated – Water is an essential tool for your body to flush out the chemicals you are exposed to. Purchase a filter to make sure your water is pure and make sure you drink it in regular intervals. A minimum of 8-10 cups of water per day is recommended.


3. Go Organic – Switch up that shopping list and ditch the processed foods. Look for organic sources of fruit and vegetables and try to avoid retailers that mass produce it. This will decrease the presence of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are used for commercial gain. Green vegetables and most fruits have effective detoxifying qualities. You can find more information in my article about how to detoxify your body using chlorophyll and how to detox your body with these 8 leafy greens.

4. Maintain Healthy Digestion – Get the right amount of fiber in your diet and make sure that you use the bathroom regularly. The average person should move their bowels 1-2 times each day to prevent toxin buildup. You can make you own digestive detox smoothie.

5. Exercise – Getting active will fire up your circulation and turn your body into a toxin flushing machine. Going for runs, swimming, playing sports, or simply getting out to walk around once in a while will help keep you in shape and away from body toxicity.

6. Supplementation – There are health supplements out there that will help you reduce toxicity within your body. For example: spirulina and chlorella are two kinds of blue-green algae that are effective at binding and removing toxins from your body, and they work well for detoxing from heavy metal exposure. You can get more information in my article on how to boost your health by eating seaweeds and algae. If you have been exposed to a large amount of toxins and want a quick fix, some recommend taking activated charcoal. Always check with your doctor before taking any supplements.

You can a lot more information about the most effective natural methods to detox your body in my e-book The Detox Guide. This guide will teach you how to use detox to cleanse and energize your body naturally and safely.

Many people are shocked to learn that the environment isn’t the only thing we’re polluting. Our own bodies suffer as well. With these steps in mind you can lead a lifestyle free of body toxicity. You’ll feel better and ensure a healthier future once you’ve taken the step towards a natural life and cleared your body of toxins.

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30 Responses to Top Signs Your Body is Toxic and What to Do About It

  1. Asif says:


  2. James Cooper says:

    None of this is correct. Your body filters out toxins naturally through the liver. MSG is in no way toxic and occurs naturally in hundreds of foods. Organic foods may actually contain more pesticides since those that are allowed are both more toxic and less effective so they are sprayed more frequently. And there is no such thing as a detoxification diet. It doesn’t exist: it’s hokum.

    • Jenny says:

      It’s your opinion James, and it’s okay to disagree.

    • Carsten says:

      You are not the expert on this topic James! This text is 100 % true and there is nothing we can change about that.

    • Cal says:

      Actually James, this is in fact correct. There are things in our body (especially now-a-days) that our body’s cannot rid itself of. If our livers and kidneys are not cleansed then they cannot filter out the toxins, heavy metals, and other impurities. You have to detox in order to rid your body of these poisons. There are other things also that were not mentioned that are sure indicators that you are full of toxins such as weight gain/loss, extreme headaches/migraines, more susceptible to viruses such as flu and colds, high/low blood pressure/sugar, heart palpitations/mild chest pains, etc. And MSG is VERY detrimental to your health. MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) is an additive in which preserves food and makes it so that its shelf life lasts longer. There are many people that are allergic to this additive and don’t even know it. A lot of my clients will come to me and tell me that they have suffered all these different symptoms such as severe headaches/migraines, vomiting, dizziness/light headedness, etc and i will tell them to try cutting out MSG and a lot of them are confused as to what I am even referring to. It is in fast food, almost all processed shelved food, and most Chinese restaurants, as well as a lot of other things. They cut it out and most within a couple of weeks see their symptoms diminish and some within a few days. I myself am allergic to this and get serve headaches and stomach cramping. But everyone is different and your body’s nervous system may not react in this way but I guarantee your body is feeling it and may cause all sorts of health problems later. I am not attacking you I just don’t want you to be misinformed or to misinform others who want to get healthy is all. FOR THE RECORD, I am a holistic nutritionalist and have studied this topic for years. I have seen the results of what a lifestyle change can do for one’s body. I know so personally and in that of my clients. So I am NOT an “expert” but I have SEEN the outcome and tested these “theories” so I know that it DOES make a difference but you will have to judge for yourself! Have a healthful day! 🙂

      • Barbara a smirh says:

        What about adhd add problems whats good to help

      • sandra Kelley says:

        I agree that MSG is bad for you. I am allergic to it, and to artificial sweeteners and a whole list of everything. we grow alot of our food, and I have cut back on a lot of meats, more water and less sugar..I feel some better. If I could afford to eat healthy I know it would change my life. What also makes it difficult to eat better is to be married to a man who loves bicuits and gravy, meats, sweets, anything bad for you.

        • Ben says:

          Your body can’t mount an immune response (an allergy) to MSG, it is simply too small for antibodies to bind. Glutamate, as one of the most common amino acids found naturally in our bodies (and indeed, all cellular life), would prove fatal to have any reaction too, as it is essential for life. Removal of MSG (glutamate) from a diet normally relieves symptoms associated with a high sodium intake, and has nothing to do with the amino acid. I suggest if you would prefer to avoid this compound and any derivative of it, cut out any food containing proteins, as this is where they are most abundantly found.

    • Mariz says:

      You are so naive about MSG.
      In the Philippines, they had discovered and had proven how DEADLY MSG is…..
      A dog ate a packet of MSG the size of a soy sauce packet given at take outs. Couple hours, that dog died.
      There you go !

      • Tessani says:

        James needs to watch Dr. Russell Blaylock’s video “The Taste that kills” on youtube. MSG is an excitotoxin. He may have to Google that word! Because he is either that naive, or he must work for MONSATAN…..

      • Jake says:

        Msg is natural and organic it is harvested in the processing of tomato and potato type foods nothing chemical about it and as for the salt type effects he is correct a better cure would be activated charcoal caps to act as a salt detox and using a poison like cinnamon to keep digestion in sync. …

    • Robert says:

      James hasn’t got a clue grow your own veg that’s really organic no chemicals at all

    • Joann says:

      James, you must work for Monsanto because that is the only reason for your logic to your post. If you want to continue eating MSG (which is extremely toxic) and eat food that is “non” organic because you are assuming all produce has pesticides, good luck with that one! Sounds like something from a Monsanto advertisement to me.

    • j says:

      If you have a healthy liver, and no other medical issues. This does work for those who need it

    • Karen Kein says:


  3. melissa says:

    I know James Coopers type. Gotta disagree just to be right about something. Got ego issues. Got no idea what he’s talking about. A toxic liver can’t filter out the toxins. He doesn’t understand this because he is an egotistical troll.

    • boobaloojones says:

      wouldn’t it be that your liver is blocked up, as in already over absorbed with other substances including toxins. therefore, not able to process toxins

  4. Sybil says:

    Why do people have to get personal when someone makes a comment. People are entitled to have there own opinion without nasty comments.

    Actually some of these help and some can make you really sick.

  5. Nancy says:

    James… Check out Russell Blaylock’s
    you tube video called “Excitotoxins” to
    Learn more about how MSG affects the
    Human body. It will Completely change
    the way you look at food and additives.

  6. gary says:

    Doctors are just high priced hookers who will take the side of whom ever pays the mortgage that’s why they disagree more than politicians

  7. gary says:

    but i will admit that we are bombarded with chemicals and our government wont help us

  8. Idris Yahuza says:

    Good to know

  9. kimmi says:

    Love and peace !!!!! Debates are awesome ! We are all so different and you can learn a lot just by listening , research , then forming your opinions .

  10. clyde says:

    MSG is not toxic!!!I will laugh @ that one 🙂

    • Jenny says:

      MSG has been linked to various health issues, such as: brain damage, liver inflammation, learning disabilities, obesity, headaches, nausea, asthma, change in heart rate and various other diseases.

  11. farzad says:

    just imagine how many of junk foods you consume(fast foods,soft drinks,alcohol,canned foods,chewing gums and…)every single day and compare it with the amount of healthy live foods you take at the same day.till a year ago I didn’t even care I have to eat the right foods but since I started eating healthy and detox my body,i have seen some chronic health problems are gone from my takes time coz you’ve done the wrong way for how long and now u need patience and eat right foods.

  12. Wong Mun kien says:

    I agree with the causes of toxins in our human bodies. However for health supplement part lingzhi/ganoderma lucidium/reishi a type of medicinal mushroom is not included as a health food for detoxification.

  13. Patti Johnson says:

    I agree with James… The rest of you are the type of people that jump off a bridge because the first one did lol.

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