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How to Balance Your Hormones and Lose Weight

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How to Reset Your Hormones and Melt Fat

Did you know that there is direct relationship between hormones and weight loss? Your hormones control every aspect of weight loss including your metabolism, where you store your fat, your appetite and even your cravings.

This means that any kind of hormonal imbalance may sabotage your weight loss efforts! Sure, skipping potato chips and hitting the treadmill is a trusted way to lose weight, but if your hormones are out of balance you may struggle to lose weight. However if you understand how they work and how to balance them you will be able to lose weight faster.

What are Hormones?

Hormones are biochemicals that every multicellular organism produces to orchestrate the way your mind and body behaves. They are an essential part of the way males and females get energized, collect fat, combat stress and maintain muscle. Balancing your hormones is a great way to ensure an energetic and happy life, but many people turn to expensive and potentially dangerous supplements to see results.


Dr. Natasha Turner broke ground and gave momentum to a natural wellness movement when she released her book “The Supercharged Hormone Diet”.

Turner, a naturopathic expert, has long studied ways to naturally enhance life and weight loss with the right diet and lifestyle changes. In this article I will review some basics behind the complex process of hormone balancing and give a few recipe examples for melting body fat.

It All Starts With Detox

There is a lot to consider when addressing your hormonal imbalances: sleep, exercise, meal frequency, etc. The first thing you should focus on, however, is eating the right foods to flush your body of toxins.

Particular foods cause the digestive tract to become irritated, which in turn sets the balance of your hormones off. When this happens, it encourages random food cravings, even when your body doesn’t need the fuel. If you’re eating when you shouldn’t be and your hormones are already unbalanced, you’ll be accumulating fat and preventing it from leaving.

A proper diet can help detox your body with foods that have beneficial anti inflammatory properties. You can find plenty of more information on how to naturally detox your body in my e-book The Detox Guide.

Food to Avoid

Dr. Turner recommends that if you are allergic to any type of food, even on a relatively harmless level, cut it from your diet. You should also keep away from foods that have a high glycemic index, as they will encourage the food cravings described above. These include foods that are rich in carbs and sugar like white bread, soda, baked goods, pasta and most processed foods.

Food to Eat

A rule of thumb, according to Dr. Turner, is to eat food with low glycemic index to keep hormones balanced. Foods that are high in fiber such as bananas, artichokes, raisins, oatmeal, beans and nuts will help keep your digestive tract from irritation.


A rule of thumb when it comes to detox is getting enough water each day. Drinking approximately eight cups every day will help boost your metabolism and give your body a medium to flush out the unwanted toxins in the liver and body.

Targeting Specific Fat Areas

Sometimes people have fat deposits that are more problematic than others. Stubborn areas might seem to always remain chubby because of biological misfortunes. There are certain types of supplements and food that you can use to target individual fat areas. And here is what Dr. Turner recommends:

The Belly

We all have ab muscles, it’s the fat on the stomach that keeps them from showing. Studies have suggested that too much cortisol could be a major factor behind the accumulation of stomach fat. Holy basil is an Indian herb that helps maintain healthy cortisol levels and is commonly taken in capsule form. Foods for reducing cortisol include spinach, citrus, nuts, beans and barley.

Further reading: read my previous article about 10 warning signs you have high cortisol level and how to lower it. Also find here exercises to get a flat tummy that you can easily do at home.

The Back

Fat on the back and upper trunk is less common than stomach fat but equally as challenging to take on. It’s also a likely indication that you have high insulin levels. Foods containing conjugated linoleic acid such as milk, yogurt, cheese and beef will help. You should also lean toward whole-grain options and green vegetables.


The Butt

Some people like big butts, but everyone has a limit. If you have excess body fat on your bottom, it could be due to high levels of estrogen. Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage are high in estrogen-blocking phytochemicals.

Chia, flax and sesame seeds have polyphenols that get rid of estrogen in the bloodstream. Pomegranates and red grapes are good fruit choices for lower estrogen levels as well.

Further reading: read my articles why you should eat more cruciferous vegetables, and 10 amazing reasons you should eat chia seeds.

Eat Glyci-Med Style

This new type of diet is a twist on the classic Mediterranean diet, which WebMD called “one of the best prescriptions for a long, healthy life”, that focuses on the science behind glycemic index and carbs. The diet requires you to focus on the macronutrient (carbohydrates, fat, and protein) balance in your meals.


According to Dr. Turner, a basic approach to the diet is aiming to consume twice as much fat and protein as you do carbs. Doing this will help your stomach feel full and satisfied for longer periods, keeping you away from perilous craving binges. It will also help keep your cortisol, insulin and estrogen at healthy mediated levels. Eating more proteins is also one of the 70 habits featured in my e-book 70 Powerful Habits For A Great Health which will guide you how to take positive steps to improve your wellness and overall health.

Quick Tips

Protein powder is an essential tool for this diet. You can add it into water or milk, mix it into oatmeal, or bake it into recipes to make sure you aren’t overloading on carbs with each meal.

Making the transition from sandwiches to salads might be tough, but you can easily take the filing of a sandwich and slice it over lettuce or spinach. Avoiding bread for at least one meal will make it much easier for you to balance macronutrients.

Fruit is fine in moderation, but make sure you choose whole fruit over juices. Most juices have far less fiber and additional sugars.

Keep your eye out for calories in your drinks, many sodas and juices have far more carbs than people realize. Look for calorie free options like flavored water or search for protein rich alternatives such as milk.

Other dietary staples recommended for this diet are roasted nuts, dry red wine, buckwheat, pomegranates and almost any type of vegetable.

Hormone-Balancing Recipes

Try the following hormone-balancing recipes by Dr. Turner:

Goat Yogurt and Blueberry Smoothie – Serves 1


  • 1 serving whey protein isolate
  • 1/2 cup plain goat yogurt
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1/2 cup water

Combine all the ingredients in a blender and purée on high speed until smooth.

Crispy Chicken and Lettuce Wraps – Serves 1


  • 1 small green apple, diced (unpeeled)
  • 1/4 cup diced red bell pepper
  • 1/4 cup diced cucumber
  • 1 tbsp finely chopped red onion
  • 1 boneless skinless chicken breast (approximately 4 to 5 oz each), cooked and diced
  • 1/4 cup low fat Greek yogurt
  • 2 tsp extra-virgin olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 small head of lettuce (4-5 leaves)

In a bowl, combine all ingredients except for the lettuce. Chill for 1 hour. Place the chicken mixture inside each lettuce leaf, roll into cylinders and serve.

If you suffer from belly fat, you can also find how to lose stubborn belly fat for good without counting calories in my ultimate e-book guide Blast Your Belly Fat

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71 Responses to How to Balance Your Hormones and Lose Weight

  1. bobbie bautista says:

    Thanks! The article was very helpful!

  2. Jacqueline libao says:

    What food or medicine that melt the fats in the liver

  3. meghann says:

    I have hypothyroidism….and losing weight is extremely hard. I take two armor thyroid and 1 L~thyroxine. I have had one thyroid surgery once and facing another….please help me get my thyroid back to being healthy

    • Jenny says:

      You may want to have a look at the guest post by Amy Goodrich in my website about hypothyroidism –

    • Jasz says:

      I was recommended to use branded thyroid medicine and not generic..That actually helped me. Also I would recommend for Ayurveda Treatment which is Panchkarma.. You will have to go India for that. The best place would be Kerala, India.. It would be a costly trip but worth the health. I would suggest to Google for more details.

      I haven’t been to this place yet, I found this place to be the best one after a lot of research and family friend !

      Goodluck 🙂

    • Dr.Ashish N Bhangle says:

      HI. I have a total natural remedy for U.

      Email me at [email protected]


    • carolyn says:

      Eat as much organic food as possible…there is a dirty dozen you can look up on internet. Stay away from bread and processed foods. Juice or buy already made juice products like Suja. Eliminate as many products as you can that have chemicals in them. You can make your own face wash, face serum, toothpaste, etc. I use Young Living essential oils for this, as well as detox water with lemon oil, etc. I am finally starting to lose weight because what I am giving my body is what it wants…food with nutritional value. I no longer crave sugar because of the perpetual cycle of eating sugar infused foods that make you want more food. Your body cannot process these foods. It will love you for the organics, etc. and it will tell you that it wants more foods that it can break down and process as fuel. It works!!!

    • carolyn says:

      I also use endoflex oil for my thyroid and thyromin supplement, which has loads of iodine which is good for my thryoid. I have more energy and feel more awake then I have in decades!!!

    • Parisa says:

      I did have the same problem used to take the same medicine as you are. I had enough of medicine nothing was working. I decided to try herbal medicine I found a great Turkish chemistry professor, biochemist, microbiologist and researcher he spent all of his life to research for chemicals in the vetegable and herbs. Anyway he advise to take your medicine but beside it you have to eat dill two times a day 15 min. before meal chew it very well and have sip of water with it. it is like slightly more than 2 tablespoon fresh dill. Make sure it is organic. I follow his direction like a religion after 2 month I went to the doctor and ask for blood test again. He was shocked he said first time in his carrier he saw patient which is me doesn’t need medicine anymore. Thanks God. He asked me what I did and I told him. he said keep doing whatever your doing and he ordered another blood work after 2 month results was amazing everythin working perfectly. there is English version for the website too. I hope you fell better and this will be helpful for you but the key is you have to do it regular…

    • Yvette says:

      Be she’s to get lots of vit. D. 10,000iu per day for 2 weeks, then 5000iu per day. Very plenty of sunlight and save money pills. VitD3 is a hormone. You absolute need it’d even more when you’re hypo. It aids in mood and weight loss. Chelated magnesium and iodine too. Very, very important. Stay away from goitergenic foods, fluoride, and chlorine in tap wasted (this includes using a chlorine filter in shower head. Culligan makes a cheap one.)

    • bon says:

      take zinc, kelp (iodine) and selenium.

  4. Michelle g says:

    Very helpul

  5. S.O.O. RAHEEM says:

    Your health tips is highly informative,educative and caring for human health

  6. clear mindscreate says:

    Love it

  7. natalie gani says:

    I’m totally impressed with the idea of a hormone reset to get rid of belly fat…a problem many of us have.. Plan to try your whole reset programme

  8. Palak says:

    The article is very helpful. I have all my fat deposited on hips and thies and arms. And its a hereditary from my mother. Its very hard to loose from the particular parts. And I have delivered my second baby by C-section. I m a police officer so I have to wear formal. And it doesn’t look good. Please help me out.

  9. Jyoti Adkuloo says:

    I m having hypothyroidism for past is very hard to reduce weight. I m already on diet.i never eat junk food .sugar and fried food.i alredy take low fat diet . I do aerobics for one hour . Please advice how to reduce weight.

  10. Aitzaz Anjum says:

    My fiance is having problems with her menopause, her dates disturbed and occurs monthly frequently changed. so plz tell me about it. Thank you!

  11. Julian says:

    Very informative Thanks. Does genetics inheretance play a role in fat development in certain areas of the body? Is it something one can’t avoid and should leave it and live with it as is and don’t fight it? I grew up hearing ” your father died from diabetes so should you “…” hour grand mother had cancer so expect it too “. I can go on about the ” genetic inheritance ” of diseases on what to expect.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Julian, genetics does play a role to a certain extent, but that doesn’t mean you cannot change or improve the situation. It’s sometimes hard to know how much the genetic factor is “strong” in each case, as there are other factors such as lifestyle, nutrition etc, but with all the medical improvements and the awareness and knowledge we gained in the last generation or two, I don’t believe the saying “your destiny is doomed” is correct anymore.

  12. saima says:

    Female 28 yrs virgin Plz can u tell me how to decrease prolectin level 37.70 .
    I m using medicine but it causes me nausea and severe vomiting. So I want any other way to control pitutry glands and decrease the prolectin serum level.

  13. bridget says:

    What about myself who just had her ovaries removed due to breast cancer which is hormone sensitive. What do i do to loose weight now?

  14. Averil says:

    I am 57 and have not had a period for 7 years. I have not experience any menopause symptoms at allbut I find that over the last 6 months I have been gaining weight and cant loose it no matter how much I exercise (i walk 1 hour ever day) and diet. I have tried Dr Oz Foliskin tabs not to no avail, I have detoxed and done just abut every thing but just cant lose the 10 lbs i hav gained. Especially my belly, breast and upper arms. This has made me so depressed because I before tht I could control my weight = to the point where i could easily lose a pound or 2 when I gain it with ease, not so now. I have chanced my diet to almost completely vegan and that does not work either. I feel good in my body as I am fairlyl healthy (i believe. I belive I am doing everything right in terms of how I eat. Please help me I am desperate!!!
    I am not on meds as I go mainly herbal. HELP

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Avril, when we become older, there is a natural decline in our metabolism. The weight gain is usually stored in the middle of the body and there is a loss of muscle mass. If you are a healthy person with no hidden health issue (such as low thyroid function) and eats a healthy and balanced diet, sleep well (lack of sleep has been shown to increase body weight as it interferes with various hormones and affects directly the metabolism of the body) then I would look at the following things:

      1. Walking 1 hour every day is excellent, but you need to do also weight training two to three times a week. Resistance exercises have been found to boost metabolic rate, especially for aging people whose metabolic rate is slowing. Doing resistance exercises, like weight training, helps in increasing muscle mass. Research shows that this type of exercise is able to boost overall calorie burning and improve the metabolic rate. Currently you do too much of one activity type (cardio). You need to find a healthy balance between the two activities (resistance and cardio) to build calorie burning muscles and keep fat at bay simultaneously. You should also take into account the element of muscle gain over time, which can actually add weight (these muscles weigh more than fat and burn more calories as they grow), but your body will be much more toned even if the number on the scale doesn’t go down.

      2.You said you are almost completely vegan – often vegans don’t get enough of the following nutrients that also affect metabolism:

      Checking levels of calcium, vitamin D and magnesium – Studies have found that people who consume more calcium are better able to maintain proper body weight. Calcium and vitamin D are related not only to strengthening the bones, but also play an important role in regulating the metabolism of body fat. High consumption of calcium and vitamin D causes the body to burn more fat. Many people are vitamin D deficient without even knowing so, and many doctors don’t aware of it as well. It should also be mentioned that calcium alone is often not enough. Without magnesium, calcium may be not fully utilized, as magnesium is needed for calcium absorption.

      The role of iron in our body is to help transfer oxygen to the cells and muscles. Low levels or lack of iron will cause a slowdown in energy expenditure and metabolism.

      Are you getting enough proteins? often vegans don’t get enough daily protein and they are missing out on other benefits of weight loss. These include an increase in overall energy, preventing excess carbohydrates from being stored as fat, and feeling full for longer periods, which prevents overeating.

      3. Check other aspects such as getting enough sleep and managing stress levels which both have hormonal aspects that affect metabolism and body weight.

      ****The information presented here is not intended to diagnose health problems or to take the place of professional medical care.

    • Michelle McManus says: start with parasite cleanse…product on this website!

  15. Teshu says:

    Hii jenny
    I have fatty liver can i take whey protien it is safe or not & what are the best for me to loosing a weight

  16. Jyotiresver singh says:

    Hi, I m 42 , 175 CM height and weighing 90 kgs. I take lemon honey in warm water n the morning and go to gym almost every alternate day. I have two problems mainly that I m not able to shred off my belly fat and get tired whole day after exercising. I m almost following a controlled diet. Pls advise how to flatten belly

  17. Michelle McManus says:

    Awesome read!

  18. sandra says:

    Hi, i have periods problem from teenager time and i have been told i have primary ovarian faliur.Is there no hope or remedy for eggs to start fertilising?Also i have alot of fat at bottom of my belly hanging down plz can u help me how to get rid of it and what foods to eat to help me melt fat and what could make my overies work.
    Thank u

  19. Nicolle says:

    I have many food allergies, milk products, chicken, eggs..they are anaphylactic. So I am limited in what I eat, can you recommendation good fat burning diet that will help. I have had a bowel resection therefore I am always have an irritated digestive system as well I have had a hysterectomy, but have not been through menopause yet. I am overweight, but also out of ideas.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Nicolle, your condition really requires seeing a professional dietitian or certified nutrition consultant (I’m not certified in this area and cannot really give personal advice, especially that you have some special conditions).

  20. lal begum says:

    I am not using carbohydrate,Fat ,sugar diet for last 2 years but could not loose weight . I need your guidance plzz.

  21. Cristina says:

    I’m 20 and I have been struggling with my hairy body.. I have a lot of hairs on my stomach these days. I tried to wax them all but am afraid that it will turn out more bad. Could you suggest me how to make them thin and stop their growth level?

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Christina, ways I can think of for reducing hair are waxing (it usually doesn’t make the situation worse), or using hair removal machine at home, or having laser treatments which are very expensive but probably the most effective for the long term. Otherwise if the situation is really bad, you will probably need to consult with a professional health practitioner like endocrinologist, but usually they are not happy to intervene with your hormones unless there is a real problem.

  22. Amy says:

    I’m going to make this tonight! Thank you for sharing, honestly you have no idea how much you help people out by posting recipes. I’ve lost over 100lbs since I started low carbing/paleo back in 2012. If anyone is having a hard time sticking to it, I recommend it is what helped me kick start this lifestyle!

  23. Yvonne Armstead says:

    I am 57 3 stage kidney disease I csn eat every thing I have to watch what I eat. Pphosphate and potassium so it is hard for me to lose weight and my belly . I would have to eat only vegetables. I miss ed eating different food. I also had my stomach cut open and it had to heal from inside I figured thst my muscles were cut

  24. Betty says:

    Been trying to lose my belly fat. Will try using tjis information. The only issue I have is that I do not like the taste of goats milk, yogurt, cheese, etc. Can I substitute greek yogurt?

  25. Ana says:

    I read that if High estrogen levels the more harder to lose weight, I tend to store fat on my hips,thigs and upper arms,even I easily can I build a six pack I cant get rid of the excess of fat on my lower body,i eat fresh and healthy,I workout 1 or 2 hrs everyday, my blouses can be medium size (if sleveless) and my pants are 18W…. I heard about indole-3-carbitol does that can help me?? Pleasee answer 🙁 Im desperate

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Ana, studies increasingly indicate that dietary indole-3-carbinol (I3C) prevents the development of estrogen-enhanced cancers including breast, endometrial and cervical cancers (see here). There is insufficient evidence for other uses (see here). Like any other supplement, one should consult with a doctor before taking it.

  26. Rumy Cumming says:

    Hi Jenny, My weight is increasing very quickly every 2 weeks for the past 2 months. I believe it is due to my levothyroxine being reduced to 50md from 100mg. I also so suffer from psoriatic Arthritis for which am on Methitrixate. 2years ago I decided to take control of the excessive 3 stones and learnt to eat breakfast, to sleep, to eat clean and exercise. Took me a year and half to loose 3stones. However am 2 stones over again, back to insomnia, not hungry at all untill 10pmish, sick from all the meds and in pain most days all over my joints. I still try to exercise, do chores however I feel it is my thyroid and yet I cant get to see an endocrinologist. Most days I feel like eveything I am trying to get through a cloud, my thinking is foggy and im lethergic again. What would you suggest please? Thanks Rumy

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Rumy, I apologize I cannot be of any help in your case. I am not familiar with the medications you take (I’m not a doctor), and I don’t have the knowledge to advise in endocrine disorders. This is a highly specialized area that requires a deep knowledge – you really need to see an endocrinologist for a proper examination. Any advice from my side would be irresponsible.

  27. zilley says:

    hiii i am 25 years old i work in an office and I spend whole day in a chair n work due to this my body became weird i really eat less but still my weight increases
    I don’t know how to exercise n which time is best n after meal or before
    please help me
    em really worried

  28. Katherine says:

    Hi, I am 44 years old and am 5’4 weighing 156 pounds. 2-1/2 years ago I had to have an emergency total hysterectomy. I have been pushing myself in trying to lose weight, especially these last two months. I have been walking, doing workout dvd’s, eating healthy, sleeping good but I can’t seem to lose weight I am just gaining. It is so frustrating. I work a full time desk job and I get up a lot and walk and move around, play Frisbee with my bosses dog and take him for a walk. I don’t know what else to do. Please help. Thank you.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Katherine, there might be some hidden reason as for why you are not losing weight, for example under active thyroid which causes many people difficulty to lose weight and is often failed to be diagnosed (also read my article “12 Hidden Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight“). I think that before you start any weight loss plan, you should consult your physician and ask for advice to rule out any health issue.

  29. Natalie says:

    ive been trying to loose weight while being on the contraceptive implant and finding it very hard . Is there a way that I can lose weight while being on it or should I get it removed

    • Jenny says:

      I have read that some women put on weight while using the implant, however the decision of whether to remove it or not depends on other contraceptive methods and their advantages and disadvantages, so you might want to discuss it with your doctor.

  30. Suzanne Andrews says:

    I have a thyroid disorder and enjoyed this book. Eating clean foods and functional fitness is the way to go.

  31. Niya singh says:

    I m 23 yrs old. Having 82 kg weight… Suffering from delayed periods problem that’s y my weight increases in fast way …Im on ayurvedic treatment for regular period ….can my weight naturally reduce after this treatment …please tell me ..

    • Jenny says:

      I don’t know Niya. I don’t know what type of treatment you are having. Only a doctor or a professional medical practitioner who knows your medical history and can perform the required tests can help diagnose the problem and suggest a treatment plan.

  32. Gowardhan Doddi says:

    I have come to know that Ghrelin (hunger harmone) which is reposible for how much hungry we feel is also important in managin belly fat, Ghrelin is excessively released due to lack of sleep and Stress, which provocates us to eat more.

  33. Anne Stewart says:

    Hi I am transgender and I want to lose weight at my belly and have fat deposited on my hips so how do I make some go and some move ?
    I am on Estrogen patches and they are working well I have small boobs — so I don’t want to upset
    the hormone balance too much . But how do I lose weight and still change ???
    I know it is a difficult question but any help will be appreciated .



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