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16 Proven Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey (Evidence Based)

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16 Amazing Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) and honey are two amazing natural substances that have many health benefits. In their unprocessed, raw form, both honey and ACV can treat a wide range of health issues. By combining them together, you boost the health benefits of these two natural remedies. What’s more, the addition of sweet honey to the apple cider vinegar makes drinking it more palatable.

Consuming apple cider vinegar and honey can help you fight joint pain, help reduce inflammatory conditions, heal digestive problems, and cure a large number of other health conditions. The health-boosting effect of apple cider vinegar and honey is due to their natural antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties.

In this article, you will learn about the various ways to use apple cider vinegar and honey to give your health a great boost and help ward off infection. First of all, let’s look at the medicinal properties of both apple cider vinegar and honey to see why they are so effective.


The Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Apple cider vinegar is made from crushed apples, then distilled and fermented. The result is a liquid that is high in acetic acid.

The journal PlosOne reported that acetic acid is a natural antibacterial agent that can kill off many strains of harmful bacteria. This can help to prevent skin infections, rid the skin of free radicals, and speed up wound healing. (1)

According to research published in the journal Advanced Wound Care, acetic acid is also antiseptic and can help treat chronic infections. (2)

The Health Benefits of Raw Honey

Raw, unprocessed honey is one of the most natural foods available. Honey is a well-known home remedy and has been used for centuries to cure various ailments.

For example, the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reported that honey contains phenolic compounds which are powerful antioxidants. (3) These are known to promote good health and prevent several diseases. (4)

Raw honey also has anti-inflammatory properties that help to treat and prevent various inflammatory conditions. The University of Waikato published a research on the therapeutic actions of honey. The researchers found that various compounds in honey (especially Manuka honey) help to reduce inflammation and it can be as effective as many anti-inflammatory drugs. (5)

The Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey

When used together, raw honey and apple cider vinegar have amazing abilities to ward off infections and treat different health conditions. Therefore, using apple cider vinegar and honey on a regular basis can help to improve your quality of life.

Let’s look at how you can use these two wonderful natural ingredients together to experience all of their great benefits. Here are the health benefits of apple cider vinegar and honey that are backed up by scientific studies:

Improve joint health and alleviate joint pain

Regular consumption of apple cider vinegar and honey can help to manage and naturally reduce inflammation that causes joint pain. This makes apple cider vinegar and honey a helpful home remedy for arthritis and other inflammatory conditions that affect joints.


A study published in 2004 found that consuming apple cider vinegar had a “considerable effect on controlling chronic pain and inflammation.” (6)

A more recent study from 2011 found that the anti-inflammatory properties of honey can help to treat arthritis pain and other acute and chronic inflammatory conditions. (7)

Heartburn / acid reflux relief

Drinking apple cider vinegar along with honey can give you natural relief from the symptoms of heartburn like a burning sensation in your stomach after eating. Both apple cider vinegar and honey help to balance stomach acid and honey has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on the esophagus.

A study found that apple cider vinegar showed comparable results to antacids and alleviated heartburn symptoms. The researchers said that it may be useful for people who don’t respond well to antacid heartburn treatment. (8)

The Indian Journal of Medical Research reported that the medicinal properties of honey can assist in reducing acid reflux symptoms. The soothing properties of honey on the throat and esophagus also help to reduce irritation. (9)

Improve digestive health

Apple cider vinegar and honey don’t just prevent heartburn symptoms, but the apple cider vinegar and honey remedy also boosts digestive health. The acidic nature of ACV helps to stimulate enzymes needed for healthy digestion and honey soothes many gastrointestinal problems.

The ScienceQ Publishing Group from Harvard reported that apple cider vinegar helps to break down proteins and stimulates the digestion of fats in the digestive tract. (10)

The journal BMC Complementary & Alternative Medicine found that honey boosts digestion in many ways. For example, the researchers found that honey has over 180 beneficial substances. These work together to help balance the delicate microflora in the gut and have antimicrobial properties. (11)

Assist in weight loss

One of the health benefits of regularly drinking a mixture of honey and apple cider vinegar is that it can assist in losing weight. In my article on using apple cider vinegar for weight loss, you can find out how apple cider vinegar helps to suppress appetite, control blood sugar levels, and prevent fat accumulation.

Will apple cider vinegar and honey really help you lose weight? An interesting study from Japan found that a dose of 30ml vinegar in 500ml water daily helped reduce body fat mass and reduce waistlines in obese people. (12) Another study found that adding vinegar to meals can help increase the feeling of fullness causing you to eat fewer calories. (13)

By adding some honey to the apple cider vinegar drink, you can make the weight-loss remedy taste better and help rid your body of toxins at the same time. The University of Illinois reported that ingesting honey turns on detoxification genes in the body. (14)


Reduce cholesterol

Drink apple cider vinegar and honey to help naturally reduce levels of cholesterol and keep your blood healthy.

The British Journal of Nutrition reported that acetic acid helps to reduce cholesterol by assisting the liver process fatty acids and increase bile production. (15)

A study into the cholesterol-lowering effect of honey found that regular honey consumption decreases levels of LDL cholesterol (“bad” cholesterol) and increases levels of HDL cholesterol (“good” cholesterol). (16)

Improve heart health

Apart from reducing cholesterol, consuming apple cider vinegar and honey drinks is a great way to improve the general health of your heart and prevent cardiac-related problems.

Research into the medicinal properties of honey has found that it contains powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants in honey can help prevent various cardiovascular diseases. For example, honey prevents blood clots, and lowers “bad” cholesterol, thus reducing the risk of strokes and heart attacks. (17)

Apple cider vinegar contributes to heart health by lowering cholesterol as well as lowering high blood pressure.

Lower blood pressure

Another benefit to your heart that a mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey provides is to lower blood pressure naturally. In fact, both honey and apple cider vinegar have properties that have anti-hypertension activities.

A study from Japan found that acetic acid in vinegar has a beneficial role in reducing high blood pressure. (18) The journal Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity reported that regularly consuming honey reduces oxidative stress and can considerably reduce high blood pressure. (19)

Regularly drink apple cider vinegar and honey to manage hypertension and reduce your risk of coronary heart disease.

Reduce blood glucose levels

Apple cider vinegar and honey can help people with diabetes manage they blood sugar levels better. Both honey and ACV have a positive effect on insulin sensitivity and have many health benefits.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) published a report showing that vinegar can improve insulin sensitivity and has a similar effect to metformin or acarbose – drugs used to manage type 2 diabetes. (20) The ADA also reported that consuming vinegar at nighttime can favorably impact waking glucose levels. (21)

Studies have also shown that honey has a positive effect on blood plasma levels and on the blood’s fatty acid content if you have diabetes. (22)

Boost energy

Drinking apple cider vinegar and honey in the morning or before exercising can give you a needed energy boost.


The journal Scientific American reported on a study by the University of Memphis showing that honey was just as good as glucose in boosting energy levels. They found that honey was one of the most effective forms of carbohydrates to consume before exercising. (23)

Although there are no studies showing a direct link between apple cider vinegar and boosting energy levels, you can add 1 or 2 tablespoons with a teaspoon of honey to a glass of water to get all the other health benefits of ACV and help cleanse your liver naturally.

Relieve sore throat and cough

The antiseptic properties of apple cider vinegar and honey can help kill off infections that cause sore throats and coughs. Also, the antimicrobial and soothing properties of honey help to naturally reduce your cough reflex and eliminate germs from your throat.

Honey is an ancient, traditional natural remedy for coughs and sore throats. Medical research has also backed up its effectiveness as a healing agent. The Journal of Family Practice reported that a spoonful of honey is as effective as pharmaceutical cough syrups. However, there are no side effects with the normal consumption of honey. (24)

Apple cider vinegar also has a traditional use in alleviating sore throats and coughs. A honey and vinegar mixture was prescribed by Hippocrates for persistent coughs. (25)

Improve skin conditions

The antibacterial properties of apple cider vinegar and honey combine to make a great tonic for healthy skin. Both honey and ACV are used to treat eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne and other inflammatory skin conditions.

Apple cider vinegar prevents germs from infecting damaged skin and helps to balance the pH levels on the skin. (2) In my article on reasons to wash your face with apple cider vinegar, you can also read how apple cider vinegar is a natural exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores as well as improving skin tone.

Honey is also a natural healer for your skin and will also hydrate and soften your skin. The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology found that honey contains many proteins, vitamins, and amino acids that help to keep your skin healthy. (26)

Fight acne

Together, honey and apple cider vinegar are an effective treatment to get rid of acne. Many studies mentioned in this article have shown that ACV is an effective antimicrobial agent. You can use apple cider vinegar to help unclog excess dirt and oil from pores. Honey also helps repair damaged skin and kills off germs that can infect and inflame pores.

The Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine reports that honey helps wounds to heal faster and forms a protective barrier to prevent infections. (27) Doctors are even suggesting Manuka honey as an alternative acne treatment. (28)

Reduce inflammation

A mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey helps in maintaining a healthy alkaline pH level to prevent inflammatory processes in the body. Experts such as Nobel prize winner, Dr. Otto Warburg, claim that inflammatory processes are associated with high acidic level in the body and we become ill when our bodies turn overly acidic (pH below 7).


Vinegar is naturally acidic, but when consumed, it turns alkaline. Honey, too, has a low pH, but raises the alkalinity of the body once eaten.

The two substances are a perfect way to get rid of excessive acidity (resulting from stressful lifestyle and unhealthy foods and drinks) and building an internal environment with a protective pH. Our bodies function at their best and healthiest when the body’s pH is approximately 7.4, so slightly alkaline.

Eliminate bad breath

The germ-fighting properties of apple cider vinegar and honey together can help get rid of bad breath. Bad breath can be caused by a buildup of bacteria on your teeth or by a stomach ulcer.

Drinking apple cider vinegar and honey in the morning on an empty stomach can help to remove bacteria from your mouth. Their antibacterial activities can also help treat stomach ulcers. The Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine reported that Manuka honey kills off the Helicobacter pylori strain of bacteria. (29) This strain of bacteria is the main cause of gastric ulcers.

Apple cider vinegar and honey for healthy hair

Another health benefit of apple cider vinegar and honey is to naturally keep your hair looking healthy and shiny.

The acidic properties of apple cider vinegar help to balance the pH levels of your scalp which are often raised if you have an itchy scalp and dandruff. The antiseptic properties of apple cider vinegar also kill off fungal and bacterial infections which often cause a flaky scalp.

The European Journal of Medical Research also published studies showing that honey can help to fight scalp fungal infections. The application of honey reduced itching, scaling, and hair loss. (30)

May help prevent certain cancers

Some initial studies have shown that vinegar can inhibit the growth of some cancer cells. One study from China showed that a diet of beans, vegetables, and vinegar helped to reduce the risk of esophageal cancer. (31)

Manuka honey has shown to have an anticancer effect in clinical trials. One research trial showed that honey helped to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and boost the effectiveness of conventional cancer treatment. (32)

Of course, apple cider vinegar and honey together is not a wonder cure for cancer, however, current research into their health benefits show promising results.

How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey Healing Drink

To get the health benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar and honey, it’s important to get honey and vinegar that haven’t been processed and still in their “raw” form.

Apple cider vinegar should be raw and unprocessed and still contain the “mother.” The “mother” is the cloudy bits that should be floating around the liquid, and retains many of the health benefits of apple cider vinegar.

Honey has the best health benefits when it is from organic sources and hasn’t been processed.

To make an ACV and honey drink, please do the following:

  • Mix together 1 teaspoon raw honey with 1 teaspoon of ACV (you can use up to 1 tablespoon of ACV).
  • Add the mixture to 8 oz. glass of water.
  • Drink the honey cider vinegar remedy 1-3 times a day to boost your health.

In time, you will get used to the vinegar taste, so just bear with it for the first few times. Or, you can add more honey to mask the strong taste of vinegar.

When to Drink a Mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey?

For best results, drink the honey and apple cider vinegar concoction first thing in the morning on an empty stomach about 20-30 minutes before you eat. This helps your stomach to absorb the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals from the apple cider vinegar and honey health tonic.

Some suggest drinking up the ACV-honey mixture up to 3 times a day. However, you should work out what works best for you and how much you can tolerate.

Side Effects of Drinking too Much Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey

Apple cider vinegar and honey are generally safe to consume. However, as with all natural remedies and traditional treatments, there are some precautions you should take.

Some of the effects of apple cider vinegar are:

  • Too much apple cider vinegar can cause low potassium levels and may lead to osteoporosis. However, this was reported in a woman who was drinking around 8 oz. apple cider vinegar a day for many years. The amounts that are recommended in this article (1-3 tablespoons a day diluted in water) are safe for general consumption.
  • Acidic foods can weaken tooth enamel. To prevent this happening, rinse your mouth with a glass of water after drinking a glass of diluted ACV or drink it with a straw.
  • Apple cider vinegar can interact with other medications like diuretics, laxatives, heart, and diabetes medication. If you regularly take medication, consult with your doctor before drinking apple cider vinegar and honey on a regular basis.

According to the Mayo Clinic, some people have side effects of consuming honey: (33)

  • People with bee-related allergies (e.g. stings) can suffer from hives, difficulty breathing, swelling of the skin, and wheezing.
  • Too much honey can cause abnormal heart rhythms, diarrhea, or tingling on the skin.
  • Some types of honey (from the nectar of Rhododendrons) can lower blood pressure. If you are taking hypertension medication, you should regularly check your blood pressure.
  • Honey should never be given to infants under 1 year old.

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Using apple cider vinegar is one of the 70 habits featured in my e-book 70 Powerful Habits For A Great Health which will guide you how to take positive steps to improve your wellness and overall health.

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242 Responses to 16 Proven Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey (Evidence Based)

  1. Ariam Olivea' says:

    Definitely will try this

    • reeja george says:

      ACV is known to reduce bone density. So we ladies need to be very careful to limit its intake

      • Gary says:

        You need to research better see side effects listed here

        “There has been one report of a person who developed low potassium levels and weak bones (osteoporosis) after taking 250 mL apple cider vinegar daily for 6 years.”

        • Juan says:

          One report… that’s statistically insignificant. Also, the person drank a cup a day, too much. We don’t know about other stuff, so the mineral imbalance and osteoporosis could’ve been caused by anything.

        • T says:

          Anything posted on WebMD is only for the drug company to make money of course anything natural they will condemn that..please don’t believe what is on WebMD.

          • Adnan Aziz says:

            I agree with you entirely. They are chronically averse to the use of natural remedies. I wonder where billions of dollars are being spent on research.

          • Debbie says:

            Agree! WebMD, saw on site “sponsored by Monsanto”. Don’t visit that one anymore!

        • Joe Sorrentino says:

          Give me a break. It works.
          My great-great-grandmother has done this and lived to 104.

        • lilon says:

          troll,drank this all my life,only good benefits,people don,t buy into this hogwash!!!! moderation people,moderation,1 tablespoon a day with one 1 tsp honey is all that is needed in a cup water

      • Deb Givens says:

        …weak bones (osteoporosis) after taking 250 mL apple cider vinegar daily for 6 years.

        I think you’d have to drink an awful lot of the stuff to suffer that kind of bone loss.

      • ghie says:

        wow really i was about to try this one cause i have been suffering from acid reflux for quite a while now god thing i read your comment. thank you for the info. i have to research about his though…

      • lilon says:

        evidence?my grandma took it all her life,never had any bone problems!!!! moderation mam moderation!!!!

      • Skyla says:

        I’ve never had a broken bone in my life and have consumed apple cider vinegar in high doses for years at a time. I doubt highly that it weakens bones. I also have extremely healthy teeth, skin and hair. My nails are super strong and my digestion is awesome. It’s a healthy food!

    • Jodi Brannon says:

      I have suffered from chronic inflammation of joints for almost 3 years. At 52 I couldn’t believe this is how the rest of my life will be. Suspecting Ankylosing Spondylosis… Just had my first dose of this miracle eluxer. Maybe because of how chronic my condition has been…I am immediately noticing clearer head…increased mobility…less pain! Placebo effect? Don’t think so but will continue and see if increased results occur

      • suebeany says:

        I have been recently diagnosed with RA. I’m going to try this and hope it helps. I love both honey and vinegar anyway!

        • Ike says:

          I have RA and I take methotrexate injections that makes me real sick for at least 24 hours, then I heard rubbing hand with ACV helps ease the pain….

      • Donna says:

        Jodi go to health food store get the ginger candy they are soft and chewy I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and they help keep my pain down . Good luck

    • Mario says:

      Went to doctor because both thumbs were painful whenever moved. Doctor had X rays taken and told me I had arthritis…… Welcome to old age. I’m a 65 year young male. I researched on the Internet for a natural remedy. I have been consuming Braggs ACV with the mother. The pain started to diminish soon after taking it. It’s been about 6 weeks now and believe me, the pain is gone….. Gone….. Gone on both thumbs.

  2. Brenda says:

    ive. Been doing this about 2 months. Feeling better. Using it to kill Candida as well. At night I spray a bit of ACV and water on a tissue and wipe the inside of my nose. Breathing better too.

  3. liz says:

    what is the difference between ACV and the cooking ACV

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Liz, when consuming ACV, in order to enjoy its full health benefits, it’s important to consume raw unfiltered unprocessed ACV. Most ACV that you find in supermarkets is processed and filtered (without the “mother”) so it doesn’t contain all the nutrients and enzymes. Also when cooking with ACV the heat destroys some of the nutrients.

    • Angela says:

      It was possibly the honey that raised your blood sugar. Try the cider vinegar with water alone.

  4. Judy says:

    Try drinking it with a straw, I put the straw farther back than I normally would when drinking.

  5. Ruth says:

    I had my daily vinegar shot this morning while working out.
    And I just got out of the shower from rinsing my hair with it as well. I also cleaned my face, neck and body with it, it’s awesome!

  6. Snosa says:

    It works wonders…. been using it 4 some time now 2 contain arthritic pain!

  7. Sue Owen says:

    Hi Tried this and my blood sugar went from 4.9 to 7.8 while I was taking it. I have stopped now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lorraine says:

      how long did you take It? and also how much did you take? and also did you consult with your doctor first ? its doing the same for me rising my blood sugar what are you doing to lower your blood sugar?

      • Jenny says:

        For those saying it raises your blood sugar try using this blend instead
        2 tbls ACV Braggs w/ Mother
        organic stevia
        2 tsp Ceylon cinnamon
        2 tbls organic non pasteurized lemon juice
        Dash of organic Ceyenne Pepper

        • Aliana says:

          Jenny hi , is it safe to drink while breastfeeding?

          • Jenny says:

            I know many women who consume ACV while breastfeeding without any issues, however according to WebMD website “Not enough is known about the safety of using apple cider vinegar as medicine during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Stay on the safe side, and don’t use it”.

        • Patrecia McCurdy says:

          Research done for diabetics found that a dose of Frankincense & Myrrh lowered blood sugar by 17 points & chromium lessened neuropathy caused by diabetes.

    • Robin says:

      what is wrong with a blood sugar of 7.8 ur in the normal range??

      • Helen says:

        I believe she is talking about her A1C and 7.8 is high, however, I find it hard to believe that the A1C went up that much simply by adding honey to the diet.

      • Cynthia says:

        If I may correct you, your HgBA1C was elevated, not your blood sugar. The Hemoglobin A1c test the blood sugar for the past 2-3 months. . Normal range is between 5.0 -under 7.0. Are you mixing the raw honey in your ACV? Maybe the raw honeey is elevating the blood sugar. Consult with your primary care doctor about the honey portion. to be safe. I have hear alot of great things about the ACV. I just started and it seems to have me going frequently to the bathroom. My urine color is crystal clear. I will continue to see what will happen.

    • Zen says:

      There’s sugar free honey

      • Deb Givens says:

        There is no such think as “sugar -free” honey. Anything labled “sugar-free” is an imitation goo; not HONEY. Raw honey is glucose and fructose. You will not get the benefits associated with raw honey and ACT if you substitute real honey with The Goo.

    • Michele says:

      Are you certain you were using real and raw honey? There are many “bad” honeys out today.

  8. Sara says:

    could you make a large bath ahead of time and just warm the amount you drink tHat morning? Always looking to save time in the morning?

    • Jenny says:

      Yes, you can. Don’t warm it too much as not to destroy the enzymes and nutrients (or drink at a room temperature).

  9. Ash says:

    This product seems great! I live in Scarborough, which store would I be able to purchase this from?

  10. Michelle says:

    what is the ratio of honey to apple cider vinegar? Didn’t see it in the article. Also is there a specific type of honey?

    • Jenny says:

      Honey should be consumed in moderation so 1 teaspoon of honey per cup is enough (see in the article under “How to make ACV & honey healing drink”). No specific type of honey is required, just make sure it’s raw, unheated, unpasteurized and unprocessed. This is important to the health benefits of the final product, as it preserves all the natural vitamins, enzymes, phytonutrients and other nutritional elements in honey.

    • Mona Wright says:

      What is the ratio of honey to the apple cider vinegar listed with a blend of honey as it did not state on the bottle and the The vitamin shop did not know. I am using this for acid reflux and it is not working correctly. Any advise is appreciated.

      • Al says:

        warm cup of water in the micro wave for 40 sec add 2 table spoon of unfiltered apple cider vineger Trider Joe has it for $2.50 then add 1 table spoon of honey I have told you can drink it after each meal and told that if you drink it with empty stomic it is not healthy I hope that will help Al

        • Em says:

          Don’t microwave anything. It changes your food/water. I like it at room temp.

        • mc says:

          NEVER MICROWAVE ANYTHING!!! There are reasons why those killing devices have been banned in other countries. If you’re interested in a healthy body, spend a few mins researching the true effects of microwaved food/drinks being introduced into the body!

      • Debbie says:


        I use a tablespoon of regular vinegar if I have acid reflux and it works everytime. I was so sick one night with it and my son came in and said whats wrong and I told him and he said take a tablespoon of vinegar. If it doesn’t work after the first tablespoon I go back and get another one and it works everytime.

    • Pat says:

      Don’t use honey for acid reflux. Honey is an alkaline and vinegar is an acid. You actually are adding acid for the reflux with this method so no honey.

  11. sony says:

    please help… i have started taking ACV twice a day, but it causes irritation in the throat… followed with bad cough and then fever. i tried twice but same outcome everytime. so want to know how can i handle this situation? whats the best way to consume so that it doesn’t irritates the throat??

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Sony, I’m not sure how much ACV you’ve put in a glass of water, but probably the best way is to start gradually – start with only 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of ACV in a glass of water with a little bit of honey for several days and see how you go. Then you can try and increase the dosage to up to 1 tablespoon or just stay with the low dosage. If even 1 teaspoon causes you irritation, try to replace ACV with lemon juice and see if it makes it better.

      • Mary says:

        Sony, sorry for the problems your having but it sounds like you have Candida dye off.. It will make your tongue and throat sore. Use the vinegar once a day till the dye off has been maintained.
        I got real sick because I was killing it off too fast.

        • Cindy says:

          I agree,
          Some ppl get scared when they feel as if they are getting sick. That’s why lots of ppl don’t do natural. But sick with it! Cause in the end you will feel better and more alive, ur hair, skin, nails will glow and it help fight off a lot of bacteria. You will get sick less. You will feel more energy and bet part it helps maintain weight. If your over ur weight for ur body you will see a difference, slowly but you will be happy with the outcome.

          • Jack says:

            Been using may tonic drink for some time now. I never had a flu. Ingredients: ACV, chilli pepper, onion, garlic; powdered black pepper, ginger, turmeric. I also use it as seasoning for every food i eat. I drink 2 spoon a day… ahhh makes me drool now!!! LoL…

          • Anitah says:

            Hi is it safe for someone trying to get pregnant?

    • Mary Chris says:

      The irritation could be due to not having the ACV diluted enough. I don’t know what proportions you are using, but if I were you I’d start with an 8 oz glass and use only a teaspoon of ACV to start with. You can increase it little by little if you have no irritation until you find a proportion that doesn’t irritate. (I’m no doctor or anything, and this is just advice from me doing a lot of reading. And only related to the irritation). If you get a cough and fever, that is something you should see a doctor about.)

  12. Lucia says:

    ACV IS GREAT WITH MALUKA HONEY. Also if you cannot tolerate alone.. M
    Glowing skin ..
    1/2 cup acv
    3 inches of ginger
    Teaspoon of turmeric
    2 lemons sliced thin and folded into gallon water container
    2 sprigs of mint

  13. Helen says:

    Can you drink this before going to the gym? I wake up early and start my day by going to the gym before breakfast. Will this interfere with that?

  14. josh says:

    I noticed that they state that it can lower bone density. This is most likely because in order to “turn alkaline” as they say in the article, your body has to release a calcium buffer that it strips from your bones. I don’t see this as a viable option for me and I would advise women not to do this since they are typically more susceptible to osteoporosis. Just my two cents, I’m not a health professional.

    • Jenny says:

      It’s all a matter of quantities – many natural substances can cause more damage than good if consumed in large quantities. However the benefits of ACV outweigh the disadvantages if consumed in moderation. Once a day is probably enough for most people and it’s a good idea to give the body a break of it every now and then.

    • Rob says:

      Read up on the relationship between Magnesium, Calcium and other minerals from someone like Mark Sircus.
      My understanding is that the loss of Calcium is related to Magnesium deficiency.
      I am also not a health professional.

    • Deb Givens says:

      WebMD article states:…weak bones (osteoporosis) after taking 250 mL apple cider vinegar daily for 6 years.

      I think you’d have to drink an awful lot of the stuff to suffer that kind of bone loss.

  15. Allison says:

    im a huge coffee drinker, should I drink this first thing in the morning before my coffee? I usually have a couple cups and then my breakfast. When is the best time to consume it? Does coffee affect its benefits in any way?

  16. Doe says:

    Does anyone know if you can match a large batch of this instead of having to make a glass each time? Dones the effectiveness wear decrease if mixed and no taken immediately?

  17. TRICIA EATON says:

    Hi your very sweet to give of your gifts of knowledge. I appreciate This. Jenny.
    I have had now for over #5 months severe chronic PAIN IN THROAT NECK. I can’t swallow it hurts like glass. .
    I went to my DOC yesterday and she COULDN’T HELP ME! Pain relief. .not even. DOES not no what is wrong. .


    Now possibly a dangerous vein problem that will get check Monday.

    So i have been researching
    Barretts esophageal which few years past i had it, but became VEGETARIAN. Supposed GONE

    Very interested to see what you can reccommend


    • Jenny says:

      Hi Tricia, to successfully treat a sore throat, you have to know what’s causing it. There are many causes of sore throat. It can be bacterial infections that need treatment with antibiotics or many other things. Severe and prolonged sore throat like yours is a case that requires a medical attention. A doctor that ignores such severe and prolonged sore throat without further investigating it is not serious. I would go for a second opinion from a trusted doctor rather than treating it with home remedies or doing self diagnosis. This is not the case to do it. You need a proper diagnosis and tests from a medical professional. I’m not a doctor or a certified health practitioner, and cannot give advise. Don’t neglect your condition and seek a doctor that will listen to you and take you seriously.

      • Mickellan Alexander says:

        Is the bragg avc honey blend better than adding raw honey into the raw organic avc?

        • Jenny says:

          I personally use the ACV without honey. I like to have control over how much honey I add to what I drink rather then someone else putting it for me.

    • Zack says:

      Hi, I recommend the book “The Autoimmune Solution” by Amy Myers MD. It will teach you how to help all autoimmune conditions.

    • kate says:

      Please see an endocrinologist and demand a biopsy of your thyroid nodules and get an ultrasound! Could be thyroid cancer as hashimotos can be the precursor.It could be that one of your thyroid nodules is growing! Do NOT take no for an answer!

  18. doug sowter says:

    not so much a comment as much as a question….I take Carvedilol for high blood pressure and also would like to use Apple cider vinegar….is this safe? thanks..

  19. alma says:

    Hi Jenny i am from united arab emirates. I cant find any bragg apple cider vinegar here. Where can i buy it? Thank you.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Alma, generally speaking, you can find Bragg ACV in health food stores or online (like Amazon), but I’m not sure if amazon ships to the UAE.

      • Elmer says:

        Hi Alma, where are you from.? If you are pinay,you can ask your relatives to buy at S&R and have it send to you.

    • Mark says:

      Im in UAE and ive been consuming ACV to treat and prevent my gout illness. You can buy this in grocery stores here such as carrefour, choitram, spinneys, lulu.

    • Jennifer A says:

      Try Amazon I don’t recommend buying in the plastic only from the glass bottle. Also organic with the mother can be any brand as long as it’s organic and has the mother ( the light brown settlement on the bottom of the bottle)

  20. s ramakrishnan says:

    for, precaution of heart problem, what shall , i take…i am 68.

    • Jenny says:

      People with any special condition should consult with their doctor first (I’m not a doctor). Some medications may interfere with ACV so best to talk to your doctor to be on the safe side of things.

  21. reish says:

    I have heard that ACV can harm my teeth. Do you know if that is true? I really want to try this but I already have weak teeth, I don’t want to do anything that could damage them.

    • Jenny says:

      ACV is acidic (although when ingested it turns alkaline). Acidic foods can erode tooth enamel, so what you can do is drink it with a straw.

    • rocky says:

      hi reish, i could only damage your teeth if you take it pure or without water.but i doubt if someone can because of its hard taste.

  22. RM says:

    I have been taking this everyday for a little over a month. After years of feeling sluggish and prone to getting colds, infections–I feel great. I have been a 3 cup a coffee/day drinker for years, and have not had the need or urge to drink coffee. My energy levels and overall mood are significantly up. My son had a week long summer cold and I slept next to him each night and did not get sick myself. A quick teaspoon of honey right before I go for my afternoon run gives me the jolt I need to get going. I mix 2 tbsp of honey and ACV with a glass of water and put some ice in it for a cool summer drink. Skin has improved as well. Also a good hangover cure in the morning.

  23. Marx Plank says:

    It gave me HORRIBLE heart burn

  24. Melita Y. SOLATORIO says:

    I am taking Bonviva bone tablet once a month, would it be okay to drink acv?

  25. jepay says:

    It’s ok if i prepare it in night? And drink in morning??

  26. Mick kealy says:

    Works a treat for heartburn

    • Harry says:

      I have taking table spoon of acv 1/2 hour after lunch and supper for about a year now and not one bit of indigestion and it was a hugh problem for me.

  27. edith says:

    Please can this help to burn stomach fat? Thank you

  28. Steve says:

    I had explosive, gas-propelled diarrhea starting May, 2014. Multiple incidents daily, some requiring woods where bears weren’t. Had colonoscopy, upper GI scan (both normal), tried every OTC remedy, every probiotic, every solution I could find in the US, Iceland (passed through on the way to France) and France. Nothing. In June this year — after a year of no relief, bought a bottle of locally made honey-infused cider vinegar from the maker in a local French farmer’s market. Had already tried cider vinegar in the US with no luck — was just curious about the local stuff. Tried a tablespoon, not even thinking it would help, and the next day, symptoms began to vanish. Unbelievable. Three days into a couple tablespoons in juice, morning, midday, and night — I was 95% normal. Now a month … same. Miracle.

  29. Drea says:

    Hi, I’ve suffered from chronic yeast infections for most of my life and I’ve read a lot about acv doing wonders to fight off candida but I’ve also read that sugar(honey) should not be consumed when getting rid of yeast infections. Is it okay to drink the acv/honey mixture for someone like me? Or should I not drink it with honey?

    • Jenny says:

      Most sources I’ve checked say that even honey feeds candida so best not to drink it with honey. However I also found another reference about a study that was done in vitro about a certain type of honey that actually kills candida albicans, but further research is required to demonstrate if this antifungal activity has any clinical application (see more information here). You can also have a look at this study. As you can see the bottom line is still not clear – there are some studies that report that certain honeys have significant antifungal activity against clinical isolates of Candida species. But it was done in a lab setting so I don’t know how it applicable to daily life.

  30. Lanie says:

    Hi everyone… Is there specific kind of apple cider vinegar?

  31. Jan Kowal says:

    my mother she makes cider vinegar. One tablespoon per glass of water.

  32. Jane says:

    Hello there… my father and i is diabetic he use a insulin . And i take metformin. Can we take ACV and honey?

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Jane, I’m not sure about interactions with medications. Best to consult with a doctor before taking it to be on the safe sides of things.

      • zacharia says:

        a diabetes person cannot switch to any other medicine, he should continue to take the alopathy, since he should be protected from BP and blood clotting and other organ damage

  33. Sally says:

    I love ACV and I buy Bragg’s. I actually like the flavor and start my morning with a warm cup of water and 1T. I’ve also been using it to treat a chronic ear infection (yeast/bacteria) in my dog’s ear. 1t and warm water wash. It’s magic! Great advice and information in this article. It also helps teens with acne because it reduces inflammation in their bodies.

  34. bizoune says:

    The honey is great for potassium. I do this on and off(3 months on/3months off) for months at the time.

  35. Rhees says:

    Hi – I’ve been on a shot (30ml) first thing in the morning with a locally pressed Apple & Ginger juice for over 9 months – I started with lemon juice but found ACV better for my Crohns and its a great appetite suppressant. My dog was diagnosed with an infection in his nose and a chronic skin inflammation and as he’s 14yo an operation wasn’t an option – I started spraying him with a 50/50 ACV & water mix which cleared up his skin, and his coat has all grown back – also use it as needed on other areas of irritation but both dogs now get an ACV & manuka honey mix with their dinner – every night – I got a few odd looks from them and some lip smackin’ initially but they both are used to it now and the old fella who the vet said wouldn’t last is back walking, smiling and still wags the tail ! get it into ya with plenty of water.
    If you’ve watched the old westerns where the travelling salesman had the ‘Elixir of Life’ – you can bet it was ACV !

  36. rony says:

    is acv safe for pregnant women?

    • Jenny says:

      According to webMD website, not enough is known about the safety of using ACV during pregnancy and breast-feeding, so they recommend to stay on the safe side, and not use it. I would consult with your doctor or a lactation consultant first before consuming ACV.

  37. Bev says:

    I noticed it said Raw Honey. Can you use the honey in the bear bottle?

    Also Do you know if this is good in preventing UTI’s?

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Bev, I’m personally not familiar with the honey bear bottle, but you need to check the label and see that it contains 100% raw honey. As for treating UTI – have a look here for natural treatments for UTI (which also mentions ACV).

  38. Joy says:

    I want to know if ACV is helping for kidney problem?

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Joy, ACV has cleansing properties and helps to prevent kidney stones from forming. I don’t know what about other kidney problems – any special condition should be referred to a doctor.

  39. RK says:

    I’ve started using this mixture and came across this site. It certainly helps when you had a scrumptious dinner as it assists in breaking down the fat molecules..

  40. Hanson says:

    Hi, Jenny, please, can I use ACV to treat Seborrheic Demertitis?

  41. mara says:

    hi! i just started to drink ACV this morning. i feel so sleepy..and head ache .. is it normal on first timer..
    tnx 🙂

  42. Patrick Holloway says:

    I am starting ACV, I am 74 and in very good health,I do take a small amount of B/P meds in the am. My sister is now using and insists it will help me maintain my good health. She gave me a bottle of Braggs. I have been reading many comments and do not see where anyone has commented on mixing it with anything except water and orange juice. Can you tell me what else you would recommend mixing ACV with.? thank you for the many answers given they are very helpful to us”newbies”.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Patrick, you can add ACV to many drinks, it’s just a matter of taste, for example you can add it to green tea or other teas, or to other types of juices like cranberry or apple juice or to smoothies. You can improve taste with a little bit of honey.

  43. Vilma ilalim says:

    hi Jenny, i buy mix already ACV & HONEY, how do i use this for my dark spot? i just put directly to my face or add some water? i live this overnyt or just a minute like a toner? thank you so much….

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Vilma, if want to use ACV as a toner, you can refer to my article Why You Should Wash Your Face With Apple Cider Vinegar for full instructions. Another option is to apply a little bit of undiluted ACV directly onto the age spot with a cotton wool bud and leave for about 20-30 minutes once or twice a day before rinsing of. Do it for about 6 weeks to see if you notice any improvement. It is important to use raw organic and unfiltered ACV with the “mother” for maximum results,

  44. bleugray traykneedad says:

    I use my daily waterintake needs is that okey?if I’m thirsty I drink water wit ACV…reply asap

    • Jenny says:

      Over consumption of ACV can lead to low levels of potassium and weak bones, so I would limit the amount of ACV you consume to once or twice a day and take a break of it for several days in between periods you consume ACV.

  45. Christine says:

    I’ve started using Honegar, bought from my health store , it’s honey and cider vinegar already mixed together in a bottle , delish , started yesterday , looking forward to the health benefits ,

  46. nisa says:

    Hey i want to know is drink acv in long term is good? Like every morning for 1 year and so?

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Nisa, drinking large amounts of ACV for a long period of time can reduce potassium levels which can reduce bone density. There is no official recommended daily intake of ACV. Some people take 1-2 tablespoons of ACV diluted in water every day. Other people take this amount but take a break in between, for example, taking ACV for 2 weeks and the a break of a few days, or taking ACV several times a week but not every day.

  47. Natalie says:

    Hi, I was wondering if it may have some effects on the breastmilk, or if I should wait to stop breastfeeding to start the treatment

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Natalie, I’ve seen conflicting advice about this issue. According to WebMD website “Not enough is known about the safety of using apple cider vinegar as medicine during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Stay on the safe side, and don’t use it”. I guess the safest option would be to consult with your doctor first.

  48. Desmond says:

    I jus bought a 16oz bottle apple cider vaniger with honey like tha one above! Do i drink tha whole bottle one time? Or half bottle today half bottle tha next? Tha bottle doesnt have directions but SHAKE BEFORE DRINKING

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Desmond, I’m not sure what exactly you bought. I buy raw ACV without honey. I then add 1-2 tablespoons of ACV to a glass of water and add a teaspoon of honey and drink it in the morning.

    • ford2m says:

      No, you take one tbs of acv and honey–not the whole bottle.

  49. Lucia says:

    Is it safe to drink acv/honey everyday? Or you need to rest for few days?

  50. Bhelle P. Tapdasan says:

    Where i can buy this apple cyder vinegar… Im here in Taiwan…
    Thank you

  51. Tommy says:

    By Drinking ACV”will it Help to Cure
    Varicose veins “I had been Through
    Three Surgeries to Remove my
    Infected veins”After a Few years The
    Varicose veins”came Back,
    Please Help to Reply me,
    Thank you so much..

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Tommy, there are people who claim that ACV helped their varicose veins (either by taking it internally or topically) and you can see their reviews here. I don’t know how severe their condition was and obviously there is not a single solution that fits all, but I guess it worth trying. You can apply raw, unfiltered and unprocessed ACV on the skin where you have the varicose veins and gently massage the area to improve blood circulation. Do it every day before going to bed and again in the morning. You may want to do a test on a small skin patch as undiluted ACV can irritate the skin. You can also take ACV internally – add 1-2 tablespoons of ACV to a glass of water and mix well (don’t drink undiluted ACV). Drink the mixture once a day for at least one month to see if you notice any positive results.

  52. Manuel says:

    Hey Jenny, is it ok if I drink it with apple juice, pros/cons? And why is it better to drink it with water? If I do it with apple juice should I avoid the honey? Plus, may I add some lemon, and cayenne pepper to the mix? Which is the difference between drinking it with warm and temperature water? Can you tell me more about your routine on this one please, I mean, do you drink it daily for a month and then you stop for another month, etc? Sorry about my thousand questions, thank you so much.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Manuel, I will try to answer your questions: 1. you can mix the ACV with any drink that you want. It doesn’t have to be water (although it is a very healthy option) but can be a smoothie/juice/tea. If you use apple juice, make sure it’s natural one as often the commercial juices are laden with lots of sugar and many other additives. 2) Don’t add the honey to the mix as the apple juice is sweet enough. Fruit juices, even when natural, contain sugar (fructose) and you don’t want to add to it honey (which has glucose and fructose). 3) Many references claim the slightly warm water are good for stimulating digestion, but I’ve seen other references that claim that water at a room temperature is fine too (but don’t use cold water). 4) There is no recommended way to use this routine. As large amounts of ACV and long-term use might lead to problems such as low potassium and bone loss, there are different ways you can take it. Some people drink 1-2 tbsp. once a day for long periods of time. Others take it several times a week but not every day. Others take it for a certain time and then take a few days break, for example: taking it for 2-3 weeks and then taking a few days break. I like to take a break in between periods of taking ACV, but again, it’s not scientifically established method.

  53. sandra says:

    I take a teaspoon of acv with honey then a bit later I eat a banana. I hope the potassium in the banana counteracts the loss from the acv. *fingers x’d* 🙂

  54. shir says:

    Can we drink it with ice water? Thank you in advance…

    • Jenny says:

      I’ve read in many places that drinking slightly warm water, or water at a room temperature, is best for improving digestion, unlike cold water.

  55. Dang says:

    Will it help me to lose weight?

  56. Marie Scheppmann says:

    I just read your article and it said ” ACV may cause low potassium levels and lowers bone density” but on another website read Paul Bragg say it is high in potassium. Which is right?

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Marie, I took the information from several well-known websites, for example: WebMD website says: “In some cases, consuming a lot of apple cider vinegar might not be safe. Consuming 8 ounces of apple cider vinegar per day, long-term might lead to problems such as low potassium. Also see emedicinehealth: “Large amounts of apple cider vinegar can decrease potassium levels in the body”. From what I’ve seen in WebMD it says: “It also contains small amounts of the minerals sodium, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium”. When looking at the nutritional analysis of ACV I saw that 1 tablespoon of ACV (15 g) contains 11 mg potassium or 73 mg per 100 g (see here), whereas the recommended intake for adult is 4,700 mg (see here).

  57. Robert says:

    I drink a table spoon acv with a table spoon lemon juice every morning before eating to dissolve gallstones. Been doing this for 3 months now and haven’t had an attack in two months . I watch what i eat and haven’t gained a pound in the last three months. I feel great.

  58. Hamid Khan says:

    Can we drink it with ice cubes? Thanks

    • Jenny says:

      It is usually recommended to drink the mixture on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, and in this case many references I’ve checked recommend drinking it slightly warm or at a room temperature for better digestion, but not ice cold.

  59. George says:

    I’ve tried for two consective days in the morning but i stayed alive and alert till midnight,is it normal? Or it cause by other things? feel energitic too at work.

  60. Lenin says:

    I have a skin allergy problems of my full body last 2 yrs.. I saw so many doctors…but it’s not cure… Plz will Acv cure

    • Jenny says:

      I don’t know. It’s not a magic solution to all ailments, but you can try it.

      • Lenin says:

        Could you suggest for me how can I use Acv for skin allergy

        • Jenny says:

          To utilize the antimicrobial properties of ACV, you can do ACV bath: Add one cup of raw unprocessed ACV to your bath and soak for at least 20 minutes (Bragg is a good brand). If the affected area is small, you can use diluted ACV (start with equal parts of water and ACV) and apply with a cotton ball to the affected area. Another way is to consume it internally: Mix 1 tablespoon of raw unprocessed ACV in a glass of water and a teaspoon of raw honey and drink once or twice a day. It may take several weeks before you see any positive results so patience is required. The logic behind it is that the nutrients work to balance out your GI tract and build up your natural defenses to fight off allergies. It might not be helpful in your case, but worth a try as it has many health benefits.

  61. Robert says:

    can i use red wine vinegar if there is no apple cider available?

  62. Fritz says:

    Can acv and honey help to release phlegm if a person has a hard cough?

  63. abuobaida says:

    is it better for diabates

  64. Manvi Dhingra says:

    I have severe acidity problem. I mixed 1 teaspoon ACV with 2 cups of water and again felt a burn. Is it safe for me to drink it again considering my severe acidity problem?

  65. Juli says:

    How much Honey should I use if I make it 2 tablespoons of ACV?

    • Jenny says:

      It depends on your taste. While honey has many health benefits, it still needs to be consumed in moderation. Start from 1 teaspoon of honey and see if it’s enough to improve the taste.

  66. Vicki says:

    ACV is also good for Shingles! Soak a cotton ball with it and apply it to the rash. It helps with the itch and pain. I recommend it

  67. sandy says:

    I have thyroid disease can I use acv and honey?

    • Jenny says:

      Some medications can interact with ACV, so if you have a special condition and/or taking medicines, it’s always a good idea to consult with your doctor to be on the safe side of things.

  68. ssss says:

    Can ACV reduce cysts in Polycystic kidney disease ?

  69. sivakuamr says:

    Can ACV reduces or removes cysts in Polycystic kidney disease ??

  70. Nancy Youngberg says:

    After over 20 years of relying on Pepcid to control stomach acidity, I heard about ACV to control stomach acidity. I started using it (1 tsp ACV, 1 tsp organic natural lemon juice (no realemon), and 8 oz filtered water in Sept 2015. Within 2 days my stomach acid was back to normal levels, and I have not had to use any type of antacid since then. I have recently added cinnamon to the mix and I feel better than I have felt in the last 30 years. Be sure to warm the water before adding the other ingredients, and don’t use hot water as this can kill the mother in the raw ACV, make sure it has the mother in it. Bragg is a good brand of ACV to use. This has worked so well for me, I told my son about it, as he takes 7 different meds for his stomach. He started using it Christmas 2015 and has been telling family and friends how much it’s helping. It may not work for everyone, but it is certainly helping my family!

    • Jane says:

      Nancy do you mix honey to water , lemon and ACV or no honey?. Do you do lemon ,water and ACV before meals or after meals or anytime during the day and how many times do you drink this . Thanks

  71. Seema Sarwar says:

    Good to read all, I used to have a book called miricle apple cider vineger but,cant find it any more, I am suffring with arthritis,I have read honey and apple cider vineger is good for that.

  72. Crissi Long says:

    If I am currently drinking honey and lemon in the morning, but would like to encorporate this mixture at a later time in the day, should I also make sure it is taken on an empty stomach then, and is there a better time to take it such as afternoon or evening?

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Crissi, you can drink it 1.5-2 hours after a meal and 30 min. before the next meal, so you can fit it in the afternoon or evening.

  73. Jane says:

    Can it help Tinnitus and Chronic Gastrist ? . Should be water ACV and honey mixed for these 2 conditions ?.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Jane, there is conflicting evidence about ACV and gastritis. Some people find that Acidic foods aggravate gastritis (although once ingested ACV has an alkaline effect on the body). Yet some recommend ACV as a cure for gastritis. If I were you, I would consult with your doctor to avoid any unnecessary risk and to be on the safe side of things. I’m not sure what about tinnitus – I’ve seen some references that claim that ACV as an antifungal and anti-inflammatory agent works to alkalize the body and eliminates underlying infection that may be contributing to the condition. However when looking on MayoClinic website and the causes for tinnitus, the common causes for tinnitus are not infection wise so I don’t know how ACV can help in these cases.

  74. Nichelle says:

    Is ACV good for excessive sweating

  75. Jenny says:

    I haven’t heard about any link between ACV and excessive sweating.

  76. Rajen Maharaj says:

    Apple cider vinegar, honey and warm water worked wonders for my arthritis of my knees, i stopped medication and replaced with Apple cider vinegar honey warm water remedy.I walk without any pain, previously my knees were swollen and it’s no more. Thanks for this home remedy

  77. Juliet says:

    can ACV be use to treat immune imbalance? also the one i have is Parade ACV i cant see bragg etc so is Parade ACV okay? please reply

    • Jenny says:

      Since ACV is fermented food, it fosters the growth of beneficial “good” bacteria in our gut. Our intestinal flora are a big part of our body’s immune system. It makes sense then that improving the conditions for the growth of friendly bacteria with ACV (and other fermented foods) can help improve your overall immunity. I’m not familiar with Parade ACV and couldn’t find product specifications for it. Any brand you choose should specifically mention on it’s product label that it’s organic, unprocessed, with the mother.

  78. Michele says:

    comments on pre-mixing equal parts Bragg’s and local unfiltered honey please. considering taking 2 spoonfuls at night with out the water. will the premixing diminish either ingredient and is the water a must for the benefits? I drink lots of water during the day.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Michele, the reason for adding ACV to water or other liquids is to dilute it. It’s not recommended to consume neat (undiluted) ACV or ACV in a high concentration as it’s a strong stuff that can cause damage to tooth enamel and can burn the throat. If you drink lots of water then the best thing to do will be to add ACV (and honey) to the water.

      • Michele says:

        what about the stability of the mixture of honey and vinegar. can I premix them in bulk with out losing all the benefits of either? thanks for your responses they’re really helpful!

        • Jenny says:

          I believe that since honey and vinegar are both natural preservatives with long shelf life, they can be mixed together in larger quantities.

  79. Ruth says:

    Can ACV be added to my detox water (cucumber, lemon and orange detox water)

  80. Mary Taylor says:

    Is 1tsp of each in water good for digestive health. I have been on omeprazole and zantac and want to stop it how much a day would you recommend to help with reflux and digestion

    • Jenny says:

      There is no “official” dosage, but it is usually recommended to mix one or two teaspoons of ACV with a glass of water and drink in the morning, or before meals or when heartburn strikes. Please note that while ACV is one of the most popular natural remedies for acid reflux, some people may find that it aggravates their condition, so start gradually and see how you feel. You can also see other natural remedies for acid reflux here.

  81. Sharon says:

    I am thinking of trying it. Never taken any organic or raw food. If I want to make large batch… Like a gallon of water. Can I store that and drink a little at a time? Thanks

  82. Vince says:

    Can this mixture help to reduce an enlarged prostate?

    • Jenny Hills says:

      I couldn’t find any scientific study or research that confirms it, so I don’t know if it works for enlarged prostate.

  83. Dawn says:

    I have been taking 1 tbsp of AVC and 1 tsp of raw honey in a large glass at room temperature one half hour before bedtime for the last month and I haven’t had a hot flash since.

  84. Susan says:

    Will I receive the same benefits if I mix the ACV with honey in juice instead of water?

    • Jenny Hills says:

      You can replace water with natural juice without any additives (as many commercial products are loaded with sugar and other artificial ingredients). Or you can add it to herbal teas, smoothies or flavored water.

  85. Veronica says:

    I’ve been using the ACV & raw honey now for just under a year. Noticed a tremendous difference in arthritic pain in joints as well as some of the other benefits previously mentioned. I do have osteoporosis and take 1500 mg of calcium/1200 IU of vitamin D daily with no side effects. My doctors know of the honey concoction I take and never advised me not to so I continued. I’m glad I did. I also suffer from bowel issues (constipation) and noticed a world of difference taking this then follow it up with an 8 oz glass of metamucil. Energy level increased as well. Just wish it would help more in losing weight post hysterectomy. Haven’t had that pleasure yet.

  86. Jake says:

    Can you take ACV as it is…. if so should I take it before or after breakfast?

    • Jenny Hills says:

      No, don’t take undiluted ACV as it is very acidic and can hurt the delicate lining of your throat as well as tooth enamel. When consuming ACV it needs to be diluted with some liquid. It’s best to drink the mixture on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning (about 20-30 minutes before you eat), but consuming it any time of the day is better than not consuming it at all. You can get more ideas for ACV drinks here.

  87. Judy says:

    I am 60 years old and have had to deal with abdominal issues all my life, I was finally diagnosed with IBS about 5 years ago. I did a lot of research on what could help with IBS and tried lots of things that didn’t work until I tried ACV. I have been drinking 1-2 tablespoons of raw ACV in a full glass of water pretty much every day for the past 5 years and it’s has been the best solution for both my IBS and acid reflux; I also find it very tasty and prefer it to plain water. I’ve recently started adding 1/4 teaspoon of honey to the mixture as well as increasing the amount of ACV to 3-4 tablespoons and am really enjoying the taste. I get regular medical check-ups and there have been no known downsides to my drinking this wonderful elixir!

  88. Vuvu says:

    I want to lose fat belly and I was using Apple cider vinegar but now I am experiencing some problems,everytime I drank it I develop ulcer I was mixing it with boiling water.Please assist I really want to lose some weight.

    Thank you

    • Jenny Hills says:

      Mixing raw ACV in boiling water destroys many of the nutrients and enzymes in ACV, so best to dilute it in warm water or water at a room temperature. Some people find that ACV relieves heartburn or ulcers, whereas for other it doesn’t work well. You need to listen to your body, and if it causes you to feel unwell, don’t use it. There are many ways to lose weight, and ACV is just one of the tools to help you reach your goal faster, but it is not a magic solution, and will not do the job if you live unhealthy lifestyle. I have a lot of information in my website about weight loss. You can access this information by using the “search” tool. It is located on the upper right hand side in desktop computer, or at the bottom in some mobile devices.

    • Larry Kuka says:

      Do not mix apple cider vinegar with boiling water. Use water at ambient temperature. Do not overdose. Use 1 tablespoon in morning. Or at a maximum, 2 tablespoons, one in morning and one at night.

  89. Tony says:

    Try natural remedies and avoid pills, if I can. Currently taking HBP medicine and started ACV & honey a couple of weeks ago (1 tablespoon and 1 teaspoon of honey mixture; straight no water at all) one when I wake up in am and night before dinner. Noticeable improvements are; don’t feel joint/muscle pain ff day after going to gym and improvement in digestion (softer stools, not sure if this is a sign. I never had constipation issue). I believe pain is caused by lactic acid buildup as I am too lazy to stretch after exercise. I am hoping to reap the other benefits of the acv/honey brew which I won’t know till my next lab work with doctor. Incidentally, doctor prescribed alopurinol during my last visit but refused to take it drinking additional glasses of water instead to lower uric acid. Took the pill for a year several years ago but stopped when gout pain went away. Jenny; I just want to share my experience and thank you for your advice. I will look for other remedies in your column as I am 68 and getting older.

  90. chrissy says:

    i been drinking just a tablespoon a day, not even the raw, just Heinz brand, for a few months. and I don’t care what anyone says I feel so much better. I no longer take my prevacid which was making my acid reflux worse. I have lupus and have had shingles, this has cleared up my shingles in days. doctors etc of course don’t want to push natural remedies without sick people how will doctors, hospitals, pill places make money. I would rather try anything natural then dealing with terrible pill side effects.

    give this a shot even for a week, you will see a difference in your overall feeling better.

  91. sasagar says:

    I have nasal block last 5 Years due to nasal polype problem and I am not able to feel smell aslo. Every day I am useing nasal spay every 8 Hrs.I do not have any problem other than nasal block.

    Please advice what to do.

  92. beryl says:

    just started using the ACV AND HONEY this week,expecting greater results.

  93. ruth says:

    I have duodenum ulcer for many years and am taking amprazole. I would like to know if this Apple Cider vinegar & honey will be harmful to my ulcer? Please confirm this. Thank you.

    • Jenny Hills, Medical Writer and Researcher says:

      Hi Ruth, I don’t know if ACV has any interaction with the medication that you take, so best to check with your doctor prior to consuming ACV.

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