10 Incredible Reasons to Use Cucumbers on Your Eyes (Science Based)

10 Reasons to Use Cucumber on Your Eyes and How to Use Them

Putting cucumbers on your eyes has many benefits: they will cool your eyes, help reduce puffiness, and get rid of dark circles. Cucumbers have natural cooling properties that soothe tired eyes. The flesh of cucumbers is also packed with vitamins and minerals that nourish the skin around your eyes. Many people are also surprised to learn that extracts from cucumbers have astringent properties and can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It is very easy to use cucumbers on your eyes to improve the appearance of your facial skin. The easiest way to get the benefits of cucumbers for your eyes is to place a slice of cool cucumber on each eye. However, you can also grate a cucumber to make a moisturizing eye mask or extract juice from the cucumber to create a soothing eye gel.

The medicinal properties of cucumbers for eyes are also gentle enough not to cause irritation to the delicate skin surrounding your eyes. This means that whether you are young or old, you can apply cucumbers and natural remedies containing cucumbers to improve the appearance of tired and irritated eyes.

The Benefits of Putting Cucumbers on Your Eyes

The flesh and skin of cucumbers have a surprising number of wonderful health benefits for your eyes and skin.

For example, the Journal of Food Biochemistry reports that cucumber contains antioxidants and antimicrobial properties which can help combat the visible signs of aging. Cucumber also contain a high concentration of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) that have a beneficial use in skin treatments and cosmetology. AHAs are used in many skin products to make skin brighter and improve its tone as well as firm, smooth, and moisturize skin.1

Regarding the antioxidant properties of cucumber extracts, the Journal of Young Pharmacists reported that cucumber helps to destroy free radicals on the skin. This can help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. It was also found that cucumbers contain vitamins B and C as well as enzymes that help boost skin health. This means that cucumbers are also helpful to reduce skin inflammation and get rid of bags from under your eyes.2

A cosmetic review on cucumber extracts also reports that products containing cucumbers can be applied to the eye area and mucous membranes. Research has found that cucumber isn’t an ocular irritant and can safely be used around the eyes.3

10 Reasons to Put Cucumbers on Your Eyes

Taking care of your eyes can help to keep your eyes looking young and diminish facial signs of aging. Let’s look at 10 reasons to use cucumbers on your eyes and how you can get rid of tired and irritated eyes.

1. Natural anti-wrinkle treatment

Cucumbers are a great natural remedy to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines under and around your eyes. The benefit of cucumbers for helping to reduce under eye wrinkles is that they contain properties to improve the skin’s elasticity and also nourish aging skin.

According to the journal Molecular Breeding, cucumbers contain enzymes that have anti-aging potential because their medicinal properties prevent oxidative stress. Because of this, some scientists are looking at ways of developing types of cucumbers that have an even higher concentration of these enzymes to help boost the anti-aging potential of cucumber extracts.4

Applying slices of cucumbers to your eyes will also boost your skin’s elasticity to remove fine lines. In fact, the journal Archives of Dermatological Research stated that the ascorbic acid and free radical scavenging activity of cucumbers makes them a potential anti-wrinkle agent for the skin.5

If you are concerned about crow’s feet at the corners of your eyes or wrinkles under your eyes, please also read my article about the best natural treatments for dry skin around eyes where you can find natural oils that are great for applying around the eyes and tips to prevent dry skin around your eyes.

2. Help get rid of puffy eyes

You can use cooling cucumber pads or freshly grated cucumber to quickly get rid of puffy eyes. If you have not slept well or have tired eyes, applying cooling cucumber to your eyes will help to quickly reduce any inflammation and the appearance of swelling under your eyes. Other reasons for puffy eyes include an eye infection, having a hangover, or stress.

A study from 2010 reported that cucumber contains flavonoids and tannins and have an analgesic effect. Tannins are natural astringents that can help to reduce the appearance of puffy skin and diffuse excess fluid under the skin that is making your under-eye area appear swollen.2

3. Remove dark circles from eyes

Because cucumbers help to lighten skin tone, you can apply slices of cucumbers to your eyes to help get rid of unsightly dark circles. Sometimes sitting at a computer all day, an unhealthy diet, or dry skin can cause dark discoloration under both of your eyes. As well as their astringent properties, cucumbers have a skin-lightening effect and will refresh tired-looking eyes.

According to the Journal of Aging Research & Clinical Practice, cucumbers contain high levels of vitamin K that can help reduce the appearance of dark circles. The enzyme tyrosinase also acts as a skin brightener. Cucumbers are also anti-inflammatory and can help to improve the appearance of tired-looking skin around the eyes.6

4. Get rid of bags under eyes

Cucumbers have an incredible effect on eye care because they help to quickly get rid of bags under your eyes. According to doctors from the Mayo Clinic, your sleeping position, drinking too much alcohol, allergies, or UV sun damage can cause fluid to collect under your eyes making your eye sag and look tired. These conditions may also cause your eyelids to be red and irritated and possibly become itchy.

The therapeutic potential of cucumbers for making your eyes look healthier and fresher was reported in the journal Fitoterapia. Studies have shown that cucumber reduces swelling and protects against skin irritations. It is also effective to alleviate skin pain caused by blistering.7

5. Natural eye moisturizer

The high water content of cucumber means that sliced and grated cucumber makes great natural eye moisturizers. Because cucumber also contains plenty of nourishing and soothing properties for the skin around your eyes, applying fresh cucumber to your eyes can help keep them hydrated.

The moisturizing properties of cucumber were also reported on in the journal Pharmacognosy Magazine. Researchers tested various plant-based extracts in moisturizers to see which provided the best results. Moisturizers containing cucumber extracts were the best and also helped to improve the skin’s elasticity.8

6. Gentle skin toner for skin around eyes

Cucumber juice will also make a great skin toner to cleanse and improve the appearance of skin around your eyes. Cucumber juice helps to replenish nutrients and vitamins in your skin, helps to remove free radicals and keeps the skin around your eyes well-hydrated.

Researchers have discovered among the beneficial properties of using cucumbers on your eyes that cucumber extracts don’t irritate the skin and they have a gentle cleansing action.7

7. Cool and soothe tired eyes

You can soothe irritated eyelids and help cool inflamed eyes by applying cucumber directly to your eyes. However, it is not just the cooling effect of putting a chilled cucumber on your eyes that helps to soothe eye tiredness and irritation. Studies have shown that cucumber seeds have cooling properties and help to relieve eye irritation.7

8. Help to prevent UV damage around eyes

Cucumbers even have the potential to help protect the skin around your eyes from the harmful effects of sun damage. Although your skin needs the sun to help produce enough vitamin D in the body, too much sun can lead to premature skin aging, wrinkles around the eyes, and sunburn.

Although cucumbers only have a minimal UV protection against the sun’s rays, a study from 2016 found that cucumber is a natural anti-solar agent. However, this isn’t enough to prevent sun damage on its own and you should still use a sunscreen with a high SPF. However, studies have shown that cucumbers can help to treat sunburn and help repair damaged skin.6

9. Heal wounds faster

Another way to use a cucumber on your eyes is to heal wounds or repair skin damage. Sometimes, a blow to your temple or forehead can damage the eye’s delicate skin. Or, you might have pimples, rash, bug stings or other unsightly blemishes around your eyes.

The Journal of Aging Research & Clinical Practice reports that cucumber has the potential to have an anti-acne effect on the skin and helps to remove skin blemishes and patches of discolored skin.6

10. Reduce eye irritation

You can get rid of eye irritation by bathing your eye in cucumber juice to get rid of red eyelids, itching, and swelling. There can be a number of reasons why your eye and eyelids get irritated, but the soothing properties of cucumber can help to remedy the irritation quickly.

The African Journal of Biotechnology reported that skin products containing cucumber extracts are gentle on the skin and don’t cause irritation. Cucumber skin and eye remedies can help to rejuvenate skin because of its moisturizing, skin-lightening, and antioxidant effect.9

How to Use Cucumber on Your Eyes

It is very easy to use fresh cucumber on your eyes just by cutting up a few slices. Because cucumbers are so beneficial for the skin around your eyes, you don’t even have to add any more ingredients to help improve the appearance of your eyes.

Sliced or grated cucumber on eyes

If you want to improve the skin tone around your eyes, get rid of eye irritation and dark circles under your eyes, or just to generally refresh your eyes, you can put cool sliced cucumber on your eyes.

How to use sliced cucumber on eyes:

  1. Wash and pat your face dry.
  2. Cut two thick slices of a chilled cucumber and place one piece on each eye.
  3. Leave for 15-20 minutes to allow the therapeutic properties of the cucumber go to work and soothe irritation from your eyes.
  4. Rinse your eyes with cool water and pat dry.
  5. Use 2-3 times a week to rejuvenate your eyes and help remove any signs of tiredness and puffiness from your eyes.

As an alternative, you can grate a large piece of cooled cucumber and press the pulp on your eyes and leave for 20 minutes to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Placing freshly grated cucumber on eyes soothes irritation around your eye and allows cucumber juice to get rid of eyelid redness.

Cooling cucumber pads to rejuvenate eyes

You can also make your own soothing cucumber pads using juice extracted from a cucumber. This can help refresh your eyes after sitting in front of a computer or help clear up an eye infection that is causing redness and irritation.

How to make cooling cucumber pads:

  1. Peel the skin of a cucumber and chop it into large chunks.
  2. Put the chopped cucumber in a blender and blend until smooth.
  3. Soak cotton pads in the cucumber remedy and squeeze the excess.
  4. Place in a plastic bag and put in the refrigerator for 15 minutes to cool.
  5. Apply a cucumber pad to each eye and leave for 15 minutes.
  6. Use the eye remedy 3 times a week.

You can also make an eye toner from the cucumber juice by dipping a cotton ball in the cucumber extract. Apply to your face at night and in the morning to help cleanse your skin and replenish nutrients and minerals.

The cucumber juice should stay fresh in the fridge for a few days. So, you can adjust the amount of cucumber you blend to create your eye-rejuvenating cucumber eye pads.

Cucumber and aloe vera gel

Aloe vera and cucumber make a great gel for helping to get rid of puffy eyes and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A cucumber and aloe vera combination is also a beneficial home remedy to moisturize the delicate skin around your eyes and repair damaged skin.

How to make a soothing cucumber eye gel:

  1. Put 1/2 a cucumber in a blender and make a smooth puree.
  2. Add 3 tablespoons aloe vera gel and blend together.
  3. Apply the aloe vera and cucumber remedy to the skin under your eyes and above your eyes.
  4. Leave for 15-20 minutes to help get rid of wrinkles and fine lines and moisturize your skin.
  5. Rinse with cool water and pat dry.
  6. Use the cucumber and aloe vera eye treatment 3 times a week to improve the appearance of skin around your eye.

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