7 Health Issues That Bananas Can Solve

7 Health Issues That Bananas Can Solve
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Banana is one of my favorite fruits, and I don’t need to be convinced why I should eat them, but for all the others there are 7 good reasons why you should eat this healthy fruit and you only need to eat as little as two bananas a day to maximize their health benefits.

Health Benefits of Bananas:

1. Banana is the best sources of potassium, an essential mineral for maintaining normal blood pressure, heart health and bone strength. One banana contains 450 mg of potassium, four times higher than cereal, bread and more. Eating two bananas a day will contribute to the prevention of hypertension, atherosclerosis and building our bones. Bananas also reduce the risk of stroke.


2. Bananas are low in sodium, and contain one mg per unit. Much of our daily diet sources, such as cereals, crackers and bread contain hundreds of milligrams of sodium. Reduction in sodium consumption is important in preventing high blood pressure, heart disease and blood vessels and loss of calcium from the bones.

3. Bananas contain prebiotic fiber that contributes to the digestive system. This helps to prevent diarrhea resulting from infection in the intestine, strengthen the immune system, protects against colon cancer and more. Prebiotic fibers also contribute to increased mineral absorption from the intestine, reducing cholesterol absorption and balance sugar levels.

4. A Swedish study showed that whole fruits and vegetables, especially bananas, help protect against kidney cancer. It was found that women who consumed more vegetables and fruits, decreased their risk of the disease, and those who consumed four to six bananas per week reduced the risk of kidney cancer by about half.


5. Bananas contain substances that help operate the cells that make up the lining of the stomach, and thus they form the protective mucous barrier against acidity. Other compounds in bananas called protease inhibitors, help destroy bacteria that causes stomach ulcers.

6. The high potassium content of bananas helps improve the health condition after consuming much alcohol, and helps prevent the feeling of a hangover.

7. Banana contains tryptophan, an amino acid that makes serotonin, an active ingredient in the nervous system. Among other functions, it regulates sleep and appetite and aids in creating a sense of relaxation. Therefore it is recommended to eat banana with the slight appearance of hunger during the day. Read also my article about the best foods to get better sleep.

Eating a banana a day is also one of the 70 habits featured in my e-book 70 Powerful Habits For A Great Health which will guide you how to take positive steps to improve your wellness and overall health.

If you want to utilize the health benefits of bananas, here is an excellent way to consume banana is in these delicious banana smoothies, which I’m sure you’ll love:

Health Boosting Breakfast Banana Smoothies

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21 Responses to 7 Health Issues That Bananas Can Solve

  1. Marcus Flores says:

    I used to eat 20 to 30 very large bananas a day. But i was told this could cause insulin resistance,pre-diabetes and eventually full blown diabetes. What do you think about what i was told? Don’t bananas spike up blood sugar far too quickly? Regards. Marcus Flores.

  2. eve says:

    i feed my pre-school child 1-2 bananas daily or 3times 5 school days!!does it have any harm?

  3. Teodoro Manahan says:

    I made a research about bananas, mix it with oatmeal, honey it increases your libido, while avocado is good for your testosterone, it will be a great help for those men whose libido and testosterone are declining. even eggs does wonders to your declining libido.

  4. juju green says:

    Not tryin to be rude but why would a person want to eat 20 bananas a day?

    • Jenny says:

      You need to ask Marcus Flores….

    • Megiddo says:

      I also eat at least a dozen per day. No ill effects. Oh, as to the other person who said they might be eating them too ripe- doubtful. The problems come in when people eat them not ripe enough. They’re very starchy and hard to digest, yet most Westerners eat them rather greenish. If you wait ’til they’re good and spotty the starch will have converted into fructose. The will also then not contribute to constipation :X

  5. ERALDO says:

    I love ripe bananas but it seems like banana don’t love me. If I eat more than two banana I thrown up. Why?

  6. weng says:

    Is eating banana good for diabetic people?

  7. Gie says:

    Theres so many kinds of bananas, are all of them have the same benefits?

    • Jenny says:

      There are hundreds edible varieties of bananas, but they fall under two distinct species: the sweet banana (Musa sapienta, Musa nana) and the plantain banana (Musa paradisiacal).Sweet bananas vary in size and color, and this type includes the majority of the bananas grown in the Western Hemisphere. Plantain bananas are usually cooked and considered more like a vegetable due to their starchier qualities and they have a higher beta-carotene concentration than most sweet bananas. So it’s not exactly the same benefits, and there might be variations according to the specific specie. But I guess what we are looking in all the nutritional fact charts belongs to the sweet banana type.

  8. Pavel Peev says:

    Every morning for breakfast I have 4 to 5 mashed bananas with raisins, dates, and some coconut powder …. I added the raisins and the dates so they will make mw chew more. And since the raisins, dates and bananas are sweet fruits i can combine them, no problem … I was combinning the mashed bananas with seeds and nuts, it is very tasty but the combination is not very good so i stopped combining them ….

  9. rashmi says:

    Does banana leads to constipation?

    • Jenny says:

      I have read that bananas can cause constipation when you eat them before they are fully ripe and when you eat a lot of bananas without drinking sufficient water. In order to prevent constipation you need to eat them when they are fully ripe and drink your daily recommended eight glasses of water a day, so that the fiber in the bananas will enable healthy bowel movements.

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