How to Treat H. Pylori (Helicobacter Pylori) Naturally

How to Treat H. Pylori (Helicobacter Pylori) Naturally

For many years doctors thought that such things as spicy food, stress, smoking and lifestyle habits were the major causes of stomach pain. It all changed in 1982 when it was discovered that a majority of stomach pain and ulcers were actually caused by germs. A major player among these germs was found to be the bacteria Helicobacter Pylori (H. pylori).

8 Warning Signs Your Tongue May Be Sending

Warning Signs Your Tongue May Be Sending

As a child, I was taught not to stick out my tongue but it turns out that the tongue can be an extremely important gauge of overall health. From vitamin deficiencies to more serious health threats, the truth is often written on your tongue.

The Best Health Benefits and Uses of Cinnamon Bark Oil

The Health Benefits of Cinnamon Bark Oil

Cinnamon bark oil is obtained by steaming the bark of the cinnamon tree, or more precisely the Cinnamomum Verum tree. It is a strong, hot oil and should first be used sparingly in diluted form until you are certain your skin, lungs, and digestive tract are not irritated by it. For the health benefits, opt for Ceylon cinnamon oil over Cassia oil, even though the latter may be cheaper and more easily available.

The Best Natural Remedies for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Natural Treatments for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

According to the U.S. Health Department’s Office on Women Health, between 1 in 10 and 1 in 20 women, who are of childbearing age, suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). PCOS currently affects an estimated five million Americans and although the majority of these cases are in mature women, girls as young as 11 can suffer from the disorder.

The Amazing Benefits of Abdominal Massage

The Benefits of Abdominal Massage

Abdominal massage is a technique that has been used by multiple cultures since the time of the ancients. Palpating the belly has been thought to promote health and wellness in many ways, including pain relief, stress relief, and overall improvement of the functioning of the digestive tract.

Abdominal massage doesn’t require a lot of hard work, and it’s easy to incorporate it into your daily life in order to facilitate lifelong wellness of both the body and the mind.

The Health Benefits and Best Uses of Helichrysum Essential Oil

The Health Benefits and Best Uses of Helichrysum Essential Oil

Although it is relatively unknown in the United States, helichrysum essential oil has been used for many years to treat a variety of medical conditions in countries such as Italy, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today, it is often referred to as the “super arnica of aromatherapy” and is widely known for its anti-microbial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity.

How to Detect and Eliminate Demodex Mites Naturally

How to Detect and Eliminate Demodex Mites Naturally

Human beings live in harmony with many types of creatures, big and small. Several of these organisms live on or in our bodies, and we maintain a symbiotic relationship of give-and-take. For example, good bacteria in our digestive tracts help us to stay healthy, providing aid in the digestion of food that cannot be effectively done by enzymes alone.

7 Cancer Causing Products to Remove From Your Home

7 Cancer Causing Products to Remove From Your Home

As a parent and spouse, you try to ensure your family is healthy and happy, and you do everything within your power to keep them safe. It doesn’t cross your mind that the products that you are using to keep them safe may actually be placing them in harm’s way.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Dates

The Amazing Health Benefits Of Dates

Dates have been a delicacy and delicious part of nutrition for thousands of years with evidence of cultivation dating back to 7000 BCE. Used as a complete food source, dates even made an appearance in the Bible.

Dates are not only a delicious treat, but also a healthy addition to any diet. Although dates contain a large amount of sugar, a study published in Nutrition Journal show that dates have a low-glycemic index and they did not significantly raise blood sugar levels after they were eaten.

Whether you are consuming dates to protect the liver and heart from damage, or merely enjoying them as part of a healthy diet, dates are sure to add a sweet indulgence to your daily diet, but make sure not to exaggerate and limit their consumption.

Ovarian Cysts – Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore

Ovarian Cysts - Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore

Being a woman it is almost impossible to forget the fact that we have ovaries since we receive a timely, and sometimes unwelcome, reminder once a month. However, awareness of the fact that they are there doesn’t necessarily mean we know about pain or other symptoms associated with these organs, or that we know what risk factors and symptoms to look for to avoid complications like ovarian cysts and tumors.

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