The Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel and Juice for Hair

Aloe vera juice and gel for hair

Aloe vera is a cactus-like plant which grows in tropical climates and has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. From the gel that is in the plant’s leaves, it is possible to make aloe vera juice or aloe vera gel. You can use aloe vera gel to benefit your hair, but you don’t need to restrict yourself to the gel, as there are also benefits for using the aloe vera juice for hair as well.

The Best Natural Antihistamines to Fight Allergic Reactions

The Best Natural Antihistamines to Fight Allergic Reactions

Millions of people worldwide suffer from allergies and if you are one of them, you know what it’s like to suffer. Sneezing, headaches, puffy or watery eyes, runny nose, congestion, sinus pressure and digestive issues— all of these symptoms can become nearly unbearable. There are certain medications that you can use but you can also use natural antihistamines to ease or even prevent allergy related symptoms.

Witch Hazel for Acne – The Ultimate Guide

Witch Hazel for Acne

If you suffer from acne, then you know how important it is to find a treatment which is effective in getting rid of spots and pimples without causing any unwanted side effects. Unfortunately, acne is a complex skin condition which isn’t always easy to treat. However, you can use herbal remedies such as witch hazel for acne and in this article I am going to give you all the information on how to use witch hazel for skin and also why you should put witch hazel on your face.

Coconut Oil For Yeast Infection – The Ultimate Guide

Coconut Oil For Yeast Infection - The Ultimate Guide

Do you suffer from red itchy skin, thrush, fatigue and low energy or persistent bloating? These are just some of the signs of a yeast infection and you may be interested to know that you can use coconut oil for yeast infection. Read on to find out how to use coconut oil to prevent and treat yeast infections.

The Top 10 Honey Face Masks – for All Skin Types

Honey face masks

Honey is one of the oldest foods known to man and it has been used for centuries, not only as a food source but also for its amazing medicinal properties. One of the many health benefits of honey is the way it can help treat acne, reduce the appearance of pimples, scars, and blemishes and generally improve the skin appearance. It’s very simple to make honey face masks in order to enjoy all the healing benefits of honey.

How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps and Razor Burns Naturally

Natural Remedies for Razor Bumps and Razor Burns

Shaving is something that most of us have to do on a regular basis and for most people is a necessary part of caring for their physical appearance. However, anyone that regularly shaves knows that the shaving process can leave the skin feeling irritated with breakouts of rashes, bumps, spots, and sometimes ingrown hairs.

The Best Tricks to Get Rid of Hiccups Fast

The Best Tricks to Get Rid of Hiccups Fast

Fortunately, hiccups are not a life-threatening condition and they will usually stop by themselves after a period of time. However, depending on where you are and what company you are in, you may want to get rid of hiccups fast, especially if you are trying to make an important speech or you have an important meeting.

Chamomile Tea Benefits and How to Use It for Great Health

Chamomile Tea Benefits and How to Use It

For centuries, people have been drinking chamomile tea for its delicious flavor and relaxing properties. In fact, it is the first choice of many people as a refreshing drink before going to bed. It is reckoned that over 1 million cups of chamomile tea are consumed every day! However, studies show that there is more to chamomile tea than just being an enjoyable drink and in fact chamomile tea has a lot of health benefits and you can use it to for a great health.

Lemongrass Essential Oil Uses and Benefits – Ultimate Guide

Lemongrass Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

If you have ever eaten or cooked Thai food then there is a good chance that you will have tasted lemongrass. However, this ingredient, which is popular in Asian recipes, has many health benefits and can be used to help treat and relieve a number of health problems naturally. But did you know that lemongrass essential oil has a lot of uses and health benefits as well?

How to Get Rid of Frogs – The Best Natural Ways

How to Get Rid of Frogs - The Best Natural Ways

Where I grew up, I used to have quite a lot of frogs and toads visiting my garden (and often my home). They were not poisonous frogs and never bothered me. I actually quite liked them and they were not a problem for me. But some people find frogs problematic if there are too many of them. They become too noisy, or some people just don’t like them. So in this article I am going to explain how to get rid of frogs and how to use frog repellents to keep frogs away.