How Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed) Can Affect Your Body

Improve Your Libido Naturally With this Herb
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The Epimedium grandiflorum plant is known in many other names, some of them are the Horny Goat Weed and Yin Yang Huo. This herb, found throughout Asia, has aphrodisiac qualities, and horny goat extracts are commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to improve male & female libido, erectile dysfunction (ED), as well as other conditions like pain, fatigue, osteoporosis and more.

According to legend, this plant was discovered by a Chinese goat-herder who noticed sexual activity in his flock after they ate the weed.


This herb has been used in TCM for more than 2,000 years, and although little research has been done on this herb and libido, it has a long history of successful use, and many health practitioners, not only in Asia, but also in USA, endorse it and recommend it to improve libido.

Horny Goat – The Research

A 2008 lab study from the University of Milan found that a compound in the herb blocks the effects of an enzyme that restricts blood flow to the penis. The suspected active component of horny goat weed – called icariin – appears to act similarly to some drugs used for ED, help to increase blood flow and improve sexual function.

The study even indicated that horny goat weed could theoretically work better and with less side effects than current drugs for ED. However this is still a laboratory test and more research is needed to prove its efficacy and safety in people.


How To Use Horny Goat

Today horny goat weed and its extracts are recommended for enhancing libido in both men and women and for improving male sexual function.

Because horny goat weed is still an unproven treatment in conventional medicine, there is no established dose. Be sure to follow the relevant directions on the product label and consult your doctor before using.

Usually two to four 500 mg capsules per day should be enough to help with heating up the libido. Most users will notice a mild to moderate effect on the third or fourth day of use.

The horny goat weed is sold as a health supplement, usually in raw herb, tablet, or capsule form and sometimes blended with other supplements such as maca root extract.


Safety Notes

It seems that most people tolerate short-term use of horny goat weed relatively well, as long as they take the recommended dosage. Other side effects can include upset stomach and dry mouth. In some, horny goat weed may result in irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure, nosebleeds, and mood changes.


People who have health conditions should not use horny goat weed without their doctors’ approval. Also if you take any medications, talk to your doctor before you start using horny goat weed as it can interact with other drugs like blood thinners, aspirin, birth control pills, antidepressants and more.

Using horny goat weed with nitroglycerin can be extremely dangerous and can even be fatal due to the potential for severe drops in blood pressure.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and children should not take horny goat weed.

Don’t use this herb for a long period of time or in high doses.

More Foods For Improving Libido

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If you are interested in natural and herbal remedies, you can find more useful information in my e-book the Herbal Remedies Guide. This guide will teach you how to treat common ailments using herbs:

Herbal Remedies Guide

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21 Responses to How Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed) Can Affect Your Body

  1. Favour Tolani Alle says:

    How can I help my husband, most nights he gets lest than 5hrs sleep, his job is really demanding, at times he returns home late .He’ll naturally eat and sleep late. He is not involved in any dangerous or reckless life style. Going through the health hazard of sleeplessness is scary. I don’t want any bad thing to happen to my husband. How can l help him?.

  2. Monica says:

    what natural remedy can i take for fertility. I am 38 yrs old and my desire is to have a child but i refuse to take medication plus the cost of the medication is expensive. Is there a natural way to boost my fertility

  3. Sonny says:

    My wife has menopause systems of dry vaginal walls. The Dr uses estrogen supplements and we’re scared of the side effects. Is there something natural to help her.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Sonny, hormone therapy may not be the right treatment for everyone. But there are other options:
      1) Water-based lubricants or vaginal moisturizers that help to add moisture to the lining of the vagina. Can be purchased in the pharmacy. Read the label to check the ingredients.
      2) vitamin E suppositories – These increase protective moisture and decrease the risk for infection. They are sold over-the-counter in many health-food stores and online.
      3) There are various supplements or creams that include black cohosh and wild yam that help to relieve menopause symptoms including vaginal dryness. Your wife needs to talk to her doctor before taking any kind of herbal medicine, as it may interfere with other medications she is currently taking.
      4) Dietary changes – Staying well hydrated is critical, as well as eating a healthy diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids and proteins.
      5) Some people even use certain products that are natural lubricants including jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil and aloe vera.

  4. mark firth says:

    Hi im 19 and my penis is really small. Its 0.5 inch normal and 3.5 erected. I need something that will help it grow, i was a late bloomer through puberty but now i think ove gone throught that stage. I have a little facail hair a little on the chest and stomach and have a fair amout of pubic hair around the penis and underarms. I have been to the doctors and he said nothig to worry about. But i dont understand the penis is soo small! Pls could you help me and tell me whats best for my situation and where i could buy it from
    many thanks in advance

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Mark, unfortunately I don’t know how to enlarge penis naturally. Your penis stops growing when you finish puberty which varies from person to person. Everyone develops at a different pace. You may take longer than your friends to finish puberty. Late bloomers will eventually catch up to the rest of the pack. Most guys are fully developed between the ages of 18 and 21, so you’ve still got time.

    • G-Goats says:

      Do a web search for ‘Thunders place PE’. it has a lot of information you might be looking for. No selling, just a lot of good information.

  5. Priscilla says:

    Hello my fiance has type 2 diabetes and every time it’s time for him to ejaculate its dry nothing comes out of him of read on the and its called retrograde ejaculation, we want to have a baby so much, is there and remedies or herbs that he can take that can help Him with this problem?? Doctors are to expensive and don’t do much really and we are more into natural remedies?? Please and thank you.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Priscilla, I am not familiar with this condition, but Mayo Clinic website explains about this condition and the causes for it, and mentions that it can happen due to nerve damage caused by a medical condition, such as diabetes. Treatment depends on the underlying cause and drugs may work for retrograde ejaculation caused by nerve damage. Especially read the section of “Treatment and Drugs” as well as “Infertility” to get more information about your options (see here). This condition isn’t harmful and requires treatment only if you’re attempting to have a child, but you will need to see a doctor for that to establish the underlying cause and treatment plan.

  6. Bekky says:

    hi, i am 28, my period stoped since 8months, am trying for baby for more than a year now, i went for ultrasound the text say i have polycystic ovary disease. pls, is there any herb i can use to regain my period and my ovulation.

  7. Hannah says:

    Hi, I suffer from severe stomach cramps and emotional mood swings everytime I have my period. I cannot take it anymore. The pain was so bad that regular pain pills wouldn’t help me. What can I do?

  8. Leah says:

    Hi, I always get admitted every month due to severe stomach pain during my periods. I went to the ultra scan the results were fine then I was given pain killers but they no longer work. Am always scared towards the days of my periods because of that severe pain I get always. And again people keep on telling me that I may still get difficulties in conceiving(may not conceive). Is there anything I can take to over come this?

  9. Ileri Idunnu says:

    Hi this is just regarding my friend who just had a surgery to remove her fibroid, she said she had to make sure she gets pregnant as quickly as she can as it sometimes come back again. But as at now she hasn’t got any boyfriend like a steady and reliable one for now, the question is what are the things she has to avoid in other not for yo come back soon pending when she finds a responsible man and then talk about babies.

  10. Efty a Garba says:

    Do you know of any natural remedies for high BP and diabetes?

    My mother in law has both and she deals with constant swollen feets.

    Thank you.

    • Jenny says:

      I have a couple of articles about high blood pressure and diabetes. You can use the “search” option in my website to access them. The “search” option is located in the upper right hand side of the website, or at the bottom in some mobile devices.

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