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This is How to Eat Right for Your Blood Type

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How to Eat Right for Your Blood Type

There’s a lot of knowledge to conquer in the realm of health and fitness. You might have figured out your metabolism and caloric intake but do you understand yourself as a biochemical individual? Renowned naturopathic physician Peter D’Adamo’s concept of the blood type diet puts a new spin on the way we approach a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t let fancy words like biochemical and naturopathic convince you this diet is science fiction nonsense. D’Adamo, a former physician of the year and accomplished professor, uses research from glycobiology, biochemistry, and several other physicians in his diet book Eat Right 4 Your Type to support the theory.

Due to the blood type diet’s recency there hasn’t been many studies conducted to support D’Adamo’s theory. But for every skeptic there is an enthusiastic fan impressed by D’Adamo’s enthusiasm and more than ten years of work put into the book. It also is a New York Times best seller with more than 7 million copies in print, so he must be doing something right.


The Premise

So what exactly does this new diet entail? And what sets it apart from other “fad” diets?

D’Adamo’s theory is that each person responds differently to certain types of food according to their blood type. He asserts that Lectins, a carbohydrate-binding protein found in foods, cause different interactions in each blood type. If particular lectins interact with blood type related antigens it could have unfavorable effects on your health.

The diet divides the food you should focus on and avoid into 16 groups. The groups are essential foods for a healthy diet – milk, lean meat, beans, vegetables, etc… – but the recommended amounts of each group differs greatly in each blood type.

The Four Groups

You may already know your blood type. If not, you can ask your physician who may already have it on file, purchase a test kit, or donate blood at the nearest clinic. Here is D’Adamo’s broad classification for each type:

Type O “The Hunter” – This is the oldest form of blood type according to D’Adamo. It can be traced back more than 30,000 years and requires more protein than other types.

Type A “The Agrarian” – D’Adamo believes this type began with the development of agriculture around 20,000 years ago. Because of this the diet focuses mostly on vegetation.

Type B “The Nomad” – Estimates put the dawn of this type at around 10,000 years ago. They have a versatile digestive system and handle dairy products considerably well compared to other types.


Type AB “The Enigma” – This is by far the most recent type at about 1000 years old. As the letters suggest the diet requirements for this type lie between those of types A and B.

Foods for Each Type

Type O

Safe to Eat: If you’re a meat lover and type O, then you’re pretty much set for life. This diet focuses on protein sources like red meat, seafood, and poultry like chicken and turkey. Some vegetables that are acceptable for this type are kelp, spinach, kale and broccoli.

Stay Away From: Type Os should gravitate away from wheat and grains in their diet. Legumes like peas, beans, peanuts, and lentils should be avoided. They also might have digestive issues with dairy and egg products.

For more information read my article: Blood Type O Diet – What to Eat and What to Avoid

Type A

Safe to Eat: The type A’s effective digestive enzymes make it the ideal choice type for vegetables and grains. Focus on healthy whole grain sources of bread and pasta and avoid simple grains. Fruits like apples, nectarines, berries, avocados, and figs are good choices. For vegetables your spectrum is hardly limited but you should look for plant protein from sources like soy and nuts.


Stay Away From: A lot of A types don’t like to hear that their meat protein consumption needs to be strictly limited. Most types of bird, fish, beef, and pork don’t sit well with the limited meat digesting enzymes. Dairy products and kidney beans should also be avoided.

Type B

Safe to Eat: The B type is considered a balanced omnivore with the easiest dietary maintenance. For meats you should focus on red meat, turkey, and fish. Grains, green vegetables, and fruits are friendly additions with a few exceptions listed below.

Stay Away From: Corn, lentils, and seeds of any sort should be avoided. For meat you should avoid chicken. It’s also advised that you steer clear of buckwheat and peanuts if you fall under this type.

Type AB

Safe to Eat: Borrowing from two other types, an AB type should focus primarily on vegetables, fish, and turkey. Seafood, tofu, beans, and legumes are great protein sources. Fruits like watermelon, figs, apples, and bananas are acceptable.

Stay Away From: Red meat should be avoided when possible because ABs borrow type A’s level of stomach acid. Like type Bs you should steer clear of buckwheat and corn. ABs are also vulnerable to excessive levels of alcohol and caffeine.


Benefits of the Blood Type Diet

As mentioned earlier, the effects of this developing diet are still under rigorous study for definite results. One study did prove that the people on the diet did experience significantly healthy levels of cholesterol. Millions of others that have tried the diet claim it is one of the most effective weight loss techniques they’ve tried.

What most people need when it comes to dietary changes for weight loss is discipline. They need concrete details on food intake and exercise guidelines. The cookbooks and guides written by D’Adamo for each type are comprehensive guides that leave little room for you to cheat yourself from success.

The foods in the diet are all healthy when consumed in proper amounts. Any food with little to no nutritional benefit is omitted from the guidelines. Because of this you are bound to experience health benefits if you can commit to the dietary change. You’ll feel more energetic, build a healthier future, and improve your physique and well-being.

Potential Problems

The biggest problem people have run into while trying the blood type diet was the restrictive guidelines for each blood type. Someone that is used to eating steak everyday generally doesn’t want to turn into an herbivore because they’re a type A. If you’re personal tastes coincide with the restricted foods, you might have trouble adjusting to the diet.

The strict guidelines also may deprive you of essential nutrition. A person that has to cut back on dairy might have to search for a way to get sufficient calcium. People that have to cut meat consumption might lack the proper amount of protein to maintain muscle.

Before deciding to try this diet consider whether or not you’re ready to commit. It will take hard work, patience, persistence, and make your grocery list a bit more specific and expensive. That being said it is also a huge trend that shows exciting promise when it comes to naturally enhancing your health.

If you have tried this diet, share your experience with the readers. How did it affect you? Have you noticed any changes? We would love to hear your story.

If you have blood type O, read my article about the best and worst foods for blood type O.

If you want to try more conventional approach, instead of trying extreme diets that do more harm than good, you can find here amazing 9 secrets of losing weight without starving yourself:

Amazing 9 Secrets of Losing Weight Without Diet

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80 Responses to This is How to Eat Right for Your Blood Type

  1. Annick Allet says:

    Like your post

  2. mary says:

    What of O-?

    • Jenny says:

      The diet for people of both O positive and O negative is the same and is under type O.

    • mary says:

      Am o- but they said to much of red meat it can cause cancer & more thing am too gain weight & am trying to shed it wheat ‘cos don’t want to consumed carbohydrate again.

      • Anna says:

        Hi, I am O’ negative and gave up meat nearly 30 years ago. Vegan for the last 5 years. Have always had plenty of energy being a runner and into weights. People always assume I’m much much younger… I also eat a high raw diet now which makes me feel great. The only carbs I eat are potatoes.

  3. Glenn says:

    I find that there are too many uncertainties into this study, and too many variables which may not be applicable to the general public as well.

    Firstly, I’m Asian, so i’m gonna ask, is there a difference between the same Blood type but in different races?

    Secondly, I’m highly sure that health benefits reported in the study are based on a diet planned out by the researchers themselves, but what do they use as a control? i mean, generally, if you monitor what goes into a person , let’s say providing a highly balanced diet with all the essentials, at specific timings available, provide them with ample rest and put them on a suitable exercise program, i would expect more than 50% of the people involved to show positive results, regardless of their blood type. So what exactly makes the Blood-type diet such a novelty that would convince me, a Blood type A, to forgo a much-loved source of protein from meat to switch to vegetable proteins?

    • Debra says:

      Years of research started by Dr Peter D’Adamo’s father and carried on by him. There is lots of scientific info about blood type and food sensitivities, and amount of stomach acid is v. diff for O and A for example. It is v. scientific and well worth considering. Blood type is same for all races. The article here is not detailed enuf tho, just some basics.

  4. sara @ women tips says:

    Very informative post.. I liked it very much

  5. Rhonda says:

    I am AB-

  6. Natalie says:

    My blood type is O and I have heard of this theory the diet according to blood type. It’s so true that I cannot eat any kind of grains or beans or lentils or peanuts. Also am allowed to eat most green veggies. And unfortunately am not a fan of meat chicken or fish. It’s a tough diet for me.

  7. Amanda says:

    I’m A+ so what does that mean

  8. Beverley says:

    I’m A+, does that mean I shouldn’t eat meat?

  9. Jenny says:

    I am a typical O. I have digestive issues with wheat and dairy and I eat a lot of chicken.

  10. Alfi says:

    AB positive is at least 3,000 years old. Archaeologists in China have people preserved so well an autopsy and blood tests can be done. A man found in a stone box, preserved in an unknown brown liquid had AB positive blood. I think they were found near the yellow river. There was an article in National Geographic.

  11. Nicki Banks says:

    What about Rh negative

  12. Adam says:

    Wrong, just so wrong.

    • Tracy says:

      Hi Adam, I understand it may not make sense to you, and it may not work for you. But even before I had heard of this type of diet, I had started doing it on my own because when I ate certain things I just felt horrible. I basically did a food diary to figure out what made me feel bad and it turns out to be all grains, and when I eat mainly protein and stay away from grains, I feel really good. According to my blood type O, that is exactly what I should be doing. So for me, it makes perfect sense. Now as far as loosing weight, I can’t say that I have, maybe a few pounds, but nothing big, but i am not doing it for weight loss,I’m doing it to feel okay.
      If you have headaches, fatigue, achy muscles, brain fog and confusion,or any other ailment,and just don’t really feel good a lot of the time, you may want to give it a try. What will it hurt? You just may be surprised how much better you feel.

      • teresa says:

        i also am a type o and have lost weight but i eat 6 small meals a day with protein at each meal, usually chicken or fish with red meat only occasionally. I watch my portion sizes.

  13. marvic dalli says:

    I am a BLOOD TYPE DIET person, I am on my ideal wieght and I like to eat and enjoy food and sweets too ( always the food and sweets that is siutable for my blood type O )Now it passed 1 year till I start and I want to live my life with this kind of life style couse it keeps me fit and well and healthy too !!! VERY PROUD THAT FOUND THIS MIRACLE IN MY HEALTH !!!!

  14. Ange Hale says:

    It’s spot on for me! I’m A-, and I’m lactose intolerant and have known for years that I don’t digest meat well. I still eat some, but I know that my body isn’t happy with a lot of it.

  15. Crystal Pool says:

    I am RH negative and I dont see that option.

  16. Bushra Rashid says:

    Hi , I have just read your article. Its very informative, thanks for sharing with public. I want to know about myself .I am A+ and have got digestive problems, had ulcers, been treated but I still can’t eat properly. I am Asian and we Asian use spicies in our everyday food, though I am not very fond of spicies but I want to eat my food not too much spicy but in moderate but I just can’t eatat all and I use a lot of ddairy products because its help me and I feeling good after eating it .its decrease my heart problem etc.
    Could you please give me my diet plan please by keeping my blood group and symtoms in mind. I ll really appreciate it thanks

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Bushra, the concept of eating according to your blood type is controversial and has benefits and potential problems as presented in the article. For many people it made a big difference to the way they feel, but it’s also not suitable for many other people. You first need to read the whole book of Peter D’Adamo’s to understand the whole concept, as this article is just the tip of the iceberg. After you have read all the information, you need to consult with your doctor or dietician before you make any dramatic changes to your diet, especially if you have special condition or take certain medications. Matching a personal diet plan to each person with his/her specific needs is beyond my abilities and requires a more in depth diagnosis.

  17. slurpEgirl says:

    So this would explain why life is so challenging. AB’s – I don’t like legumes, fish, turkey, beans and tofu…any other great ideas?

  18. Michaelb says:

    Blood type diet is an IQ test

  19. Ste says:

    How does an O and vegetarian cope with this?!
    I hate the taste of meat fish etc as well as for ethical reasons. Interesting

    • Jen says:

      I know!!!! I’m wondering the same thing! I know that research is inconclusive but as a vegetarian I do NOT want to eat animal products!

      • Ben says:

        I believe the fundamental thing to understand about this concept is that Dr D’Adamo’s findings call for us to acknowledge that we cannot choose our diet if our diet has already chosen us. To eat contrary to what our body demands will only make us sick in the long term. We have to put aside what we ‘want’ and focus on what we ‘need.’

        We could be endangering our physical well being by eating according to conscience and taste alone.

        • Kathy says:

          I am type O also. I don’t agree with this at all. Supposedly I am supposed to eat lots of meat. During the time that I was vegan, I was at my healthiest. Unfortunately, I am not one now and do eat meat. I have never felt worse, healthwise. Not at all happy because I am having a hard time getting back to the vegan raw food diet.

  20. Grace says:

    Have a little challenge absorbing this reseach. Always thought foods with less animal product is best for all.Concetrating on much fruits and vegetables in our meals is what I think is the ideal diet. I’m amazed to see this. What do you think?

  21. Gay Silverman says:

    I’ve been a vegetarian for over 44 years if my 65 years and am a type O blood type. I’m healthy and take no medications. I think you can be healthy if you eat healthy

  22. Terrry says:

    I have been on this diet for several months, I am a type A. It is very restrictive but I have never felt better in my life. ore energy, complexion looked great, lost weight generally felt great.

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you Terry for sharing your experience!

    • arleshs says:

      Terry quick question for you I am also a positive and would like to know just a quick reference what do you eat for breakfast lunch dinner and snacks if you can’t eat meat I would greatly appreciate your response thank you

  23. simon tan giam hong says:

    U r right! I prefer vegetables, fish, and meat,seafood, tofu, beans, and legumes. Fruits like watermelon, figs, apples, pineapples and bananas are acceptable. As a AB+ I also love alcohol and caffeine. I am Asian and we Asian use spices in our everyday food, though I am very fond of spices but I cannot eat without any cillies. Any comments??

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Simon, at the end of the day you need to listen to your body. If you eat something that doesn’t cause you to feel well, then your body will tell you. If you love alcohol and caffeine, make sure to consume them in moderation.

    • A. Chavez says:

      I am AB+also, and I have to have Chiles too, or I have a hard time eating. I also love lots of different spices, always, even as a child. I dislike bland food, very hard to eat. Some things are right like vegetables, fruits, legumes, but I Cannot handle fish, seafood, or too much tofu. I have eaten corn my whole life, I prefer it to wheat. So this book is a work in progress, too many variables. Especially for AB.

      • A. Chavez says:

        Also no problems with alcohol or caffeine. I can drink them or not, and feel fine, except for whiskey, that makes me ill.

  24. Denise says:

    I read this book and followed the program for a long time. However, I find the his father’s book, The D’Adamo Diet be much more thorough.

  25. Odemenam Ezeimo says:

    The health tips are very informative and educative as well. It will be of greater importance if seminars could be organised to enlightened the populace at rural and remote areas, especially, here in my country Nigeria. I really appreciate the author for making public his research works and findings.

  26. Michelle says:

    I have an aunt who claimed to have great success with this diet. She went from 300+lbs down to about 150lbs using the diet and ALSO started a job that increased her physical activity level significantly. She said she felt better. My sister and I tried it. We both went on the “O” type diet and although i do remember loosing a few pounds she lost all the weight she wanted to(about 20lbs). We both stopped the diet because of it’s restrictions. The interesting part is though, we later found out my sister was an “A” blood type.

  27. Kimberly says:

    I’m sorry. This is too much. Human’s were eating just fine long before blood typing came about. I’m not talking about the modern diet of course. You don’t need to know your blood type to be able to eat healthy, lose weight and feel better.

    • Ben says:

      “You don’t need to know your blood type to be able to eat healthy, lose weight and feel better.”

      Dr D’Adamo’s research would suggest that we can be even healthier. In a day when our foods are being injected with antibiotics, growth hormones, chemicals, colouring and preservatives, robbing them of necessary vitamins, minerals and proteins necessary for the health of the body and mind, it is wise to pay attention to research like this. When the symptoms begin to show, it is usually too late. Prevention is and always has been, the best cure.

  28. Dee says:

    I am living proof this diet does work. But then again what is good for the goose it’s always good for the gander.

    Not only did I lose weight and felt better mentally and physically, I no longer have to take maintenance medication for an illness I was diagnosed with 6 years ago.

  29. Tracy says:

    I have developed an allergy to any and all grain products, it knocks me out like a sleeping pill and sometimes makes the skin under my eye turn red, swell and start peeling. The doctors have been of no help, so I started eliminating all grains and grain byproducts,(extremely hard to do, it’s in everything)and eating mainly proteins. I feel 100% better when I stick to this diet. I do not do it to loose weight, but to be functional and feel better.
    I had heard of eating for your blood type but never read about it until now. I am type O and what it says makes perfect sense for me and my grain issues. I will definitely read more on this.
    I think you may not have to be trying to loose weight for this diet. If you are always tired and achy and just not feeling really good, maybe you should look into this. If I don’t follow what I had already started on my own,(before learning of this), I have headaches, extremely fatigued, muscle aches, foggy thinking and just overall feel really bad. Within 30-45 minutes of consuming grains (rice, corn, wheat, etc.) it hits me like a drug, if I am sitting down I CANNOT stay awake, once I give in to the sleep, it knocks me out for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. After this time I can stay awake, but I feel horrible. If I am up and walking about, I loose energy and start getting very achy and wanting to sit down. It also affects my breathing some, I start breathing faster and heavier, and I get confused and say things that don’t make sense. I know, it’s crazy. But as long as I stay away from grains, I feel good. That having been said, I think this Dr.D’Adamo may be on to something.

    • chaos says:

      Did you actually read the study they did? Not only was the study only done over the course of one month which makes it rediculous to even think you can call that in any way definitive versus the 10 years that was put into the research put in to the original study but they used 1500 young healthy people, which would show the least factors of change in any study toward the benefits and detriments of any health study.

  30. rashmi says:

    wht about b- ?

  31. Elisa Peeler says:

    What about RH-

  32. chaos says:

    This is dead on for me I’m an ab and red meat has always made me feel like crap, I also quit drinking alcohol and coffee because it not only makes me feel like crap but it completely messes with my body function as a whole far beyond even others in my family and being the only ab it kind of finally makes sense. But my body already naturally told me to be on this diet so I will attest to this diet working.

  33. Holly says:

    I have done research and worked with acupuncturist and nutritionists who strongly believe in the blood type diet. I have been following eating right 4 your type and all his books which go with it…. only makes sense. When I followed my highly beneficials to neutrals of type a I got down to my lowest healthiest weight ever. I felt amazing inside and out. My husband is type o and I’m type a and cooking for both is easy just meat being the biggest difference. Everything is okay in moderation. So I had beer (a type a avoid) once in a while. If anyone has any questions let me know. Both my mom n dad are type a’s as well so I’m extremely type a with no other influences.

    • Martina says:

      Great… May I ask where I can get receives. .. I don’t have any idea… I m also A blood type – havin problems with low heart beat and headaches. .. Thank you … Best regards … Martina

  34. M.e Thomson says:

    I am living proof this diet works! I had a nutritionist put me on this diet for 2 weeks but I had to promise to strictly adhere to it. If I didn’t feel any better after that, to go back to how I was eating. I felt the best I had ever felt in my whole life! I lost a lot of body fat & my eyes, skin & nails my family noticed looked considerably better. I was having trouble with low blood sugar & that was the main reason I was put on it. I am AB & have been on it for 14 yrs now & I don’t care if ppl believe it or not, it worked for me & I’m not ever going back to what I was eating! If Ur skeptical, try it for two weeks like I did. You will notice in 2 weeks how much better you will feel! And you won’t go back either! Word of warning….the AB diet is quite challenging, but worth it if you can stick with it & I don’t miss anything on my avoid list like I thought I would!

  35. hamzakv says:

    Useful information.

  36. aurea says:

    I AM TYPE O , it is true to me , whenever I consume wheat/grains I gain weight ! THANK YOU FOR THIS INFOS.

  37. Susan says:

    I am O- and have had problems with milk and glutens so it is not hard to switch to carnivore. My smoothies have spinach and kale as main ingredients with some frozen fruit, and water is the base. I love Broccoli so, no problem there. I do like my cheese but I keep it as low as possible. I have a bread that is low gluten and small thin slices that I have very seldom. This has all helped my digestion.

  38. Haley says:

    I was all for trying a blood type diet until it said I would have to avoid red meat and chicken. So now I’m secretly hoping that this doesn’t pan out to be a real thing.

  39. D. Mc. says:

    I disagree with this. I am B+ yet I am lactose and gluten intolerant. My diet is not low maintenance. I switched to the paleo diet and have been doing great on it.

    • lisa says:

      Yep. .in b- and I’m also lactose tolerant! But yet this study says b type is very dairy digestible….so very wrong! And bad stomach issues and bad digestive system! So I totally disagree with this study.

    • Cathy says:

      I am a B+, I have always struggled with my diet up to this day. I have read the recommendations made co’s I am having an upset stomach, overweight, swollen feet and amnesia. These problems have been with me since time in memorial. Help, I am in trouble.

  40. Allison says:

    Redhead with blood type A+ here. If I eat the things this article tells me to, I’m going to wind up one itchy, blister covered, P.O.ed lady. I’m allergic to the acids and proteins in most fruits and vegetables. My diet consists mainly of meat and dairy proteins for this very reason.

  41. Ginny says:

    This is old news! Read D’adamo’s Change Your Genetic Destiny. I followed the Type A for years, but genotype is much more specific. I’m off of 3 medications, down 70 pounds, and a chronic condition is being controlled well.

  42. Satish says:

    I am 0+ i like like peas,peanuts, egg and mutton (sheep)

  43. usha says:

    this article has no base in it as per him all blood group o type should only eat meat?
    we are pure vegetarian and most of us are o+ blood group and our ancestor live quite health life of more than 100 years by eating pulses,legumes, and wheat and rice,i don’t know why this type of people right articles without their knowledge/

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Usha, this article is based on the book of Dr. Peter D’Adamo. I think I was very balanced in my approach to his concept by adding also the potential problems at the end of my article. I believe that writing about the concept and adding the criticism about this concept gives people a better understanding about the subject so anyone can make his/her own decision. It’s about giving information and choices for people. There is no one solution that fits all. I still think people should know about this concept, as it helped many people.

  44. windy says:

    I am O and I am a vegetarian … Talk about fighting A 100% your nature haha anyway.. I hate meat, it makes me sick just thinking about it.
    I eat the diet of a A person 🙁
    I guess I am in trouble.

  45. Bernadette Williams says:

    I like your post.My question is this, I don’t know if it is the food I eat that causes itching and body rashes. I have done many test concerning this, nothing is found. Please I need your help.I am O-.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Bernadette, it might not necessarily be a food item but rather any substance, like latex, metals such as nickel, chemicals in household cleaning products, etc, that causes an allergic reactions in some people. I guess that further tests are needed to establish the cause of the symptoms.

  46. Deziray click says:

    It works! I tried everything to lose weight. I worked out 5-6 times a week but still kept gaining weight. My husband is type O and I was basically trying to eat like him but I type A. He was trimming up and I was gaining. My trainer put me on a food plan based on this concept, cut my protein in half, eliminated red meat among other things and lo and behold I’ve lost almost 20lbs and maintaining now! Just give it a shot.

  47. Beth caygill says:

    This is amazingly interesting. I’m blood group O and I am intolerant to dairy and gluten. Haven’t been able to eat it for about 5 years after a bowel infection and have lost loads of weight gone from a UK size 18 to a UK size 10/12.

  48. Stephen Connolly says:

    Is the fact that I severely doubt the accuracy or value of this nonsense because I’m O+? Care to explain how your blood group has anything to do with your digestive enzymes?!

  49. Grace says:

    I started the. BloodType diet 13 years ago. I suffered many years with an autoimmune condition that many years of Doctors and treatments never helped except drain my finances….I am a B Bloodtype and learned about the toxicity of chicken in particular to my Bloodtype. I stopped eating this “healthy” food and within 90 days my system cycled it out and my symptoms started going away. There are people collecting disability and enduring repeated surgeries for this condition and I cured myself naturally with the help of this “diet”. I eliminated other trigger foods on my “Avoid” list and found myself getting healthier. I used to also suffer debilitating migraines. I have not had one of these migraines since eating this way. I am a firm believer in the science behind this diet and thank my friend Lucy every day for leading me to this.

  50. soudboss says:

    I’m type A and I have been doing this diet guideline for a year now and I love it, it’s so amazing because you eat healthily but feel yucky afterwards only to find out even though you’re eating healthy it’s not necessarily healthy for you and I had to get over that thinking, but since I have conformed to this type of diet my energy level is constant I don’t mistake bloatedness for being full and when I eat, I feel satisfied all the time my weight drops off effortlessly, as a matter of fact, I did no exercise at all and lost 27 lbs in the past year more than when i\I was walking and riding every day in 2013…

  51. Mathilde Cobb says:

    I am A2B which is a weaker A. If given Ab blood I would get an antibody to my A2 blood. I am extremely intolerant to anything with wheat present in it. which is most breads as they have fiddled whith nowadays also many other items as well. I eat only pure rye which is a Swedish cracker and a German pure rye I can obtain here. I am also intolerant to dairy. Can eat sheep and goat cheese but only use almond milk. AB blood group people should not eat bananas as they are intolerant to these as well.
    I live mainly on fish and lots of vegetables . I am intolerant to red colourarnts added to foods as well as oats , cashews, pistachios and mangoes. My eldest daughter and her daughter and I had a blood test done. It was wonderful to realise what you are intolerant to as your stomach doesn’t blow up to a big balloon and cause extreme pain. My husband is blood group O and loves meat I have weaned him from eating it everyday and he loves fish. I believe people should eat more fish and have a few vegetarian meals per weak. Also cut sauces on meals which you can live without and you can at least taste what you are eating.

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