Colon Cleansing With Kefir and Flaxseed Meal – Is it Helpful?

How to Effectively Cleanse Your Colon With Only 2 Ingredients

The colon is part of the digestive system and it is also called the large intestine. Leftover digested food enters the colon and the bacteria in the colon break down the waste material and remove water, salt, and some nutrients. Colon cleanse supporters believe that the main purpose of colon cleanse is to eliminate accumulations of toxins and improve the absorption of nutrients into your body.

Do You Need a Colon Cleansing?

Many people claim that colon cleansing helps improve your general health. Among some of the claimed benefits of a colon cleanse are increased energy levels, fewer headaches, and even weight loss.

Some people believe that colon cleanse can help you lose excess weight, improve bowel function and improve your overall health and well-being. Other issues it can help with are relieving constipation and diarrhea, promote regular bowel movements, improve the immune system and boost your energy levels.

In this article I want to introduce you to a simple colon cleanse with only 2 ingredients: kefir and ground flaxseeds (flaxseeds meal).

Health Benefits of Kefir (Evidence Based)

Kefir is a fermented drink made usually with milk and “kefir grains” which are friendly living organisms.

Kefir is a complete source of protein with many essential amino acids, minerals, and valuable B vitamins.

A study published in the Nutrition Research Reviews journal found that milk kefir contains several major strains of friendly bacteria and beneficial yeasts. These probiotic organisms help to cleanse the intestine, help balance the intestinal flora and destroy pathogens such as E-coli and parasites.

Another scientific study found that kefir helps to restore the digestive system, relieves inflammatory bowel disease and helps to boost your immune system.

It is very easy to make kefir at home and you can find detailed instructions in my article about the proven benefits of kefir (evidence based).

You can also buy kefir, but opt for plain organic certified kefir.

Why Kefir is Better Than Yogurt?

While yogurt and kefir contain different types of bacteria with different tasks, kefir has much more strains of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) as well as good yeasts.

For example, scientists have discovered that certain types of kefir milk can have up to 61 different strains of bacteria and yeasts.

Medical studies have demonstrated that the bacteria in kefir can colonize the intestinal tract and attach to the colon. This beneficial bacteria can push away pathogens while traveling through your colon on the way out of your system. The good kefir bacteria actually lives in the colon and continues to create friendly bacteria that improves the digestive tract.

Kefir contains a unique strain of bacteria not found in other fermented dairy products – Lactobacillus kefiri. Studies have shown that L. kefiri strains can protect the gastrointestinal tract from infections and help boost the immune system.

These bacteria and yeasts provide a better nutritional value than yogurt as they help to digest the food you eat and keep the colon clean and healthy.

You can find more information about the best foods to cleanse your colon.

Is Kefir Suitable for Lactose Intolerant People?

The friendly bacteria and beneficial yeast in the kefir culture consume most of the lactose in the milk. Studies have shown that kefir improved lactose digestion and tolerance. Its use may be another potential strategy for overcoming lactose intolerance.

However there are also non-dairy based kefir drinks, as kefir grains can also ferment fruit juice, coconut water, coconut milk, rice milk, almond milk, etc.

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Health Benefits of Flaxseeds

Adding ground flaxseeds to your diet is one of the great ways to help cleanse your colon.

Ground flaxseeds absorb water and expand in the colon, aid in the stool passage through your intestinal tract and remove toxins as they pass through.

Flaxseeds are also rich rich in ALA, one form of omega-3 fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory properties, and may relieve irritable bowel syndrome.

Some medical trials have found that the ALA omega-3 content in flaxseed oil can help protect against colon cancer.

Flaxseeds are also a good source of Lignans which are a type of plant compound known as polyphenols. Studies found that lignans in flaxseed also have a protective effect on colon cancer.

Flaxseeds, when eaten whole, are more likely to pass through the intestinal tract undigested, so the best way to use flaxseeds is to buy whole flaxseeds and grind them in a coffee grinder when you need to eat them.

Don’t grind large amount of flaxseeds as they lose potency relatively quickly. Use fresh ground flaxseeds within 24 hours of grinding them or keep them in the freezer for later use.

Flaxseed is one of the superfoods mentioned in my e-book about superfoods which is part of the Natural Health Revolution Program.

Ground Flaxseeds (Flaxseed Meal) Vs. Flaxseed Oil

The major advantage of flaxseed oil over flaxseed meal is that it contains greater amount of healthy omega-3 fatty acids per serving. However, if you want to use flaxseeds to cleanse your colon, you need to use ground flaxseeds and not flaxseed oil.

Studies have shown that ground flaxseeds offers a nutritional advantage over flaxseed oil because they are lower in calories but contain more fiber.

According to the USDA, each 2-tablespoon serving of ground flaxseeds contains 75 calories, and an equivalent serving of flaxseed oil offers 240 calories.

A serving of flaxseed meal also contains 3.8 grams of dietary fiber, whereas flaxseed oil doesn’t contain fiber. Ground flaxseeds also have an advantage over flaxseed oil as a source of essential minerals, including magnesium and copper.

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How to Use The 2 Ingredient Colon Cleanse (Kefir and Flaxseed Meal)

Mix one tablespoon of ground flaxseeds with about a quarter or third glass of kefir. Consume it before breakfast and then again before bed. You can add a pinch of cinnamon for taste and for extra health benefits.

If you are new to consuming fermented foods it is best to start in small amounts to let your body and digestion get acquainted with it. You may then increase the amount.

Some people find it helps to first try kefir with meals, such as a little amount with breakfast.

You can get more ideas on how to consume kefir in this article.

You need to make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water each day.

You can use it as an ongoing maintenance or do it periodically.

If you are interested to learn about another way to cleanse your colon, read my article about other proven ways to flush your colon at home.

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