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Pregnancy Discharge Color: White, Yellow, Pink, Brown, and Green – What Does It Mean?

Pregnancy Discharge Color: White, Yellow, Pink, Brown, and Green

Vaginal discharge during pregnancy is completely normal and it’s just one of the changes that happens when you’re pregnant. Pregnancy discharge color should be a milky white color or colorless with no odor. You may notice that as your pregnancy progresses, the consistency, thickness, and amount of pregnancy discharge varies.

Rib Pain on Left or Right Side: The Most Likely Causes of Rib Cage Pain

Rib Pain on Left or Right Side: The Most Likely Causes of Rib Cage Pain

Rib cage pain on the left side or right side of your chest is a common symptom experienced by many people. The most common cause of sharp or dull pains in your rib cage is a pulled muscle or fractured rib. Injuries to your rib cage or muscles in your upper chest can cause rib pain ranging from a dull ache to sudden, sharp jabbing pains in the affected area. This can result in aching chest discomfort and rib cage tenderness until the injury heals. In some cases the pain can wrap around the ribs causing rib pain in the back.

Onions on Feet or In Sock for Flu, Colds, Detox, and Infections – Does It Work?

Onions on Feet or In Sock for Flu, Colds, Detox, and Infection

Many people put a raw onion in their sock or on their feet to help get rid of a cold or the flu. It is claimed that onions on your feet help to draw out infections and toxins from the body. Onions have many health benefits, but, is there scientific evidence to back up claims that raw onions inside a sock can cure a cold or the flu?

Tightness in Chest: Heart Attack vs. Other Types of Chest Pain

Tightness in Chest: Heart Attack vs. Other Types of Chest Pain

Chest tightness or pain can have a large number of causes, but only some of them are heart related. It’s important to tell if the feeling of tightness in chest is a sign of a serious problem like a heart attack or another condition. Even though it can have less-serious causes, you should never ignore any chest pain or discomfort between the upper abdomen and the neck.

Knee Pain at Night: Causes and Natural Treatments

Knee Pain at Night: Cause and Natural Treatments

Knee pain at night can affect people with various forms of arthritis or it can be caused by issues with nerves in the leg. The pain in your knees can be mild, dull aches that keep you awake at night. Or, you could have severe throbbing knee pain that causes you to wake up in the middle of the night.

Left vs. Right Abdominal Pain and Back Pain In Men and Women: What Does It Mean?

Left vs. Right Abdominal Pain and Back Pain (In Men and Women): What Does It Mean?

Abdominal pain and back pain are some of the most common types of pain in men and women. The pain can feel like dull aches in the left or right abdomen, or sharp, jabbing pains in your lower belly or pelvic area. Many women experience abdominal cramping and low back pain as part of their menstrual cycle. It’s not unusual for the pain to radiate to other areas of your body. For example, pain could start in the middle of your back and spread to your flank or groin.

Science Based Reasons for Feeling Tired or Sleepy after Eating

Common Causes for Feeling Tired or Sleepy After Eating (Science Based)

Feeling tired or sleepy after eating a meal is something that most of us have experienced. After we finish a large lunch or dinner, feelings of drowsiness and fatigue can make us want to go for a nap. Is feeling sleepy or tired after finishing a large meal something to worry about?

How to Crack or Pop Your Back Like an Expert: The Complete Guide

Knowing how to crack or pop your back like an expert can help to relieve back tension, soothe joint inflammation, and ease back pain. Cracking or popping your back is known as spinal manipulation and is usually carried out by a chiropractor or physical therapist. However, there are some gentle exercises to pop or crack your back at home that you can do by yourself.

The Main Causes of Right Side Abdominal Pain (Extensive Guide)

Right side abdominal pain can describe any kind of sharp, dull, aching, or painful feeling in the area between the top of your pelvis to your lower chest. Pain in the right side of your abdomen may be accompanied by nausea, bloating, digestive problems, and cramping. The right side of your abdomen contains organs like the gallbladder, pancreas, appendix, right kidney, liver, and part of your small intestine.

How to Get Rid of Worms in Humans (Including Parasite Cleanse Diet)

Top 14 Foods and Herbs That Naturally Kill Intestinal Parasites

The thought of having worms or parasites in your body is enough to make your skin crawl. However, tapeworms, roundworms, and other types of worms and parasites in humans is a more common problem than you probably realize. Worms can infect your intestinal tract if you drink contaminated water, have poor hygiene habits, eat undercooked food, or handle pets that are infected.