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Amazing Types of Orchids: Varieties of Plants, Flowers and Their Classification

Types of Orchids

Orchids are among some of the most beautiful and delicate flowers you can grow. Orchid flowers come in many varieties, with almost any shape, color, and size. Some of the smallest mini orchid flowers may only be about half an inch (1 cm) across. Large orchid flowers may be as large as 3” to 5” (7.5 – 12 cm). Orchids and orchid hybrids can be purple, white, red, orange, deep blue, pink, or yellow, or any combination of those colors.

Types of Jasmine Flowers: Amazing Varieties of Jasmine Plants and Their Flowers

Types of Jasmine Flowers

Jasmine flowers are well known for their pure white color and wonderful aroma or scent. Jasmine is a type of fragrant shrub or vine in the Oleaceae family that belongs to the Jasminum genus. This means that jasmine is in the same subgroup as olive, lilac, and forsythia plants.

Purple Flowers to Give Stunning Color to Your Garden

Purple Flowers

Purple flowers are some of the most popular flowers for gardens. Flowers in shades of purple from light lilac to mauve and deep violet are beautiful to look at. Many types of purple flowering plants such as lavender, pansies, petunias, and verbena contrast well with light green foliage. Purple flowers also look great alongside white flowers, pink flowers, or yellow blooms.

Beautiful Yellow Flowers to Give Stunning Color to Your Garden

Yellow Flowers

Yellow flowers are perfect for adding bright cheerful colors to your garden in any season. Yellow flowering plants can look spectacular when growing among green foliage or with blue, white, or red flowers. Yellow flowers have many meanings, some being happiness, optimism, loyalty, and positivity.

Amazing Varieties of White Flowers to Give Stunning Color to Your Garden

White flowers provide beautiful contrasting features and variations in any garden. Plants with white flowers such as lilies, orchids, jasmine, anemones, and magnolias look amazing with their contrasting green leafy foliage. You can also use combinations of white flowers with other colored flowers in attractive cut flower floral displays.

Stunning Plants with Orange Flowers for Your Garden (Including Images)

orange flowering plants

Orange flowers can create stunning colorful displays of beauty in your garden. Orange flowers have many meanings, some being warmth, joy, energy, creativity, and success. Creating floral displays with orange flowers like marigolds, chrysanthemums, pansies, or orange tulips can help brighten up any room.

Beautiful Red Flowers to Give Stunning Color to Your Garden

Red Flowers

Growing red flowers in your garden can add touches of stunning bright and vibrant red colors. Red flowers have many meanings, some being romance, passion, love, and remembrance. You can combine contrasting red and white flowers together to create striking floral displays. Or, you can add some crimson or dark red flowers for attractive cut flower arrangements.

Types of Ginger Root and Ornamental Ginger Plants (Including Pictures)

Types of Ginger Root and Ornamental Ginger Plants

Most people think of ginger as an edible spicy root but ginger is also a beautiful type of ornamental flowering plant. Ginger flowers come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Some types of ornamental ginger plants have red, pink, yellow, white, or orange flowers. Flowering ginger plants can look like shells, clusters of flowers in the shape of cones, or like small lily flowers.

Types of Ficus Trees: Outdoors and Indoors Ficus Plants (Including Pictures)

Types of Ficus Trees: Outdoors and Indoors Ficus Plants

There are many types of ficus trees that make great houseplants and can also add greenery to your garden. In general, most varieties of ficus plants are easy to care for. Types of ficus trees include shrub-like plants, creeping vines, and woody trees.