EBC46 – Blushwood Berries For Cancer Treatment (Latest Scientific Evidence)

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How Blushwood Berries Can Destroy Cancer Cells Almost Instantly

A study conducted at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Queensland, Australia has recently shed new light on what could become the next big cancer treatment: the blushwood berry (Hylandia dockrillii). This naturally occurring fruit contains compounds that began killing off cancer cells almost immediately when studied in the laboratory.

Chemotherapy and radiation are toxic and come with harsh side effects, often making the ill feel even more ill. The recent research on this amazing berry could mean new, natural treatments for cancer on the horizon.


Blushwood Berries – Where they Come From

Blushwood berries are the fruit of the blushwood tree, which is known to grow in only one region of the world: the rainforests of Far North Queensland, Australia.

These tropical trees are not found anywhere else on the globe, but grow in abundance near Australia’s northeastern tip.

These particular trees need very niche conditions to thrive—conditions which can only be found in specific portions of Far North Queensland, Australia.

Considering their usefulness as proven by the latest cancer research published in PLOS One, some are wondering if they could be grown in a greenhouse environment, so that people all over the world could benefit from their cancer-killing properties.

Blushwood Berries For Cancer Treatment

The researchers at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, headed by Dr. Glen Boyle, used an experimental drug produced from the seeds of blushwood berries called EBC-46. They used this drug to treat spots of melanoma (the most deadly form of skin cancer) on dogs, cats and horses.

The subjects were diagnosed by veterinarians and given a poor prognosis, most being considered candidates for euthanasia prior to participating in the study.

Amazingly, these animals that had been on death’s door prior to the study had their melanoma tumors disappear after treatment in the lab by Dr. Boyle and his team of scientists.

Tumors were Gone within 48 Hours

When the EBC-46 was injected into the cancerous cells on the subjects, the tumors reacted by turning a dark color, then falling off.

The derivative from the blushwood berry is thought to cut off oxygen supply to the cancer cells, allowing for the removal of tumors without the need for surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

The researchers reported that most of the subjects’ tumors—previously considered a lost cause by veterinarians—were gone within 48 hours of being injected with EBC-46.

Under the microscope, the individual cancer cells began shriveling up and dying within mere moments of coming into contact with the EBC-46.

What the Future of Cancer Treatment Could Be

The discovery of the effectiveness of EBC-46 is exciting news in the world of cancer treatment.

Dr. Boyle says the findings of the pre-clinical trials at QIMR Berghofer suggest the drug could be effective in human patients.


“In most cases the single injection treatment caused the loss of viability of cancer cells within four hours, and ultimately destroyed the tumors.”

Dr. Boyle says EBC-46 works in part by triggering a cellular response which effectively cuts off the blood supply to the tumor. “In more than 70 per cent of pre-clinical cases, the response and cure was long-term and enduring, with very little relapse over a period of 12 months.”

“We must stress at this point that EBC-46 will only be trialed in the short-term for tumors which can be accessed by direct injection or topical application,” Dr Boyle said.
 “There is no evidence to suggest EBC-46 would be effective against metastatic cancers.”

Further studies using human participants could serve to prove the blushwood berry to be nature’s hidden cancer cure.

An update: EBC-46 is currently being evaluated for safety in a Clinical Phase I trial in patients with cutaneous or subcutaneous solid tumors. Such tumors include melanoma, head and neck cancer, SCC and BCC of the skin and Merckel cell carcinoma.

In this trial, EBC-46 is delivered locally in a single treatment by direct injection into tumors. The trial is being conducted in Australia by clinicians in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

According to the QBiotics Group, cancer tumors are destroyed within 4-7 days after receiving EBC-46 injection.

Details of the trial can be found by accessing the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trial Registry at www.anzctr.org.au and entering “QBiotics” in the search window.


A note – Many people have asked me where to find this berry. As far as I could tell the tree is not privately controlled and it freely grows in the Australian rain forest. Please be aware that its formal name is Hylandia dockrillii. There is a website that specifies the coordinates of such trees: http://blushwood.com/blushwood_tree_locations.htm as well as in coopercreek.com.au/flora.

You can also contact the researcher directly for more specific information (Glen M. Boyle at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute).  If you are interested in more detailed information please read this original research work.

Here is a short video about this amazing discovery. You can also scroll down to read about other promising natural cancer treatments.

Other Natural Cancer Treatments

Chamomile Tea Can Switch Off Cancer Cells

A cup of chamomile can be a refreshing and relaxing treat. Chamomile is an ancient remedy for stress, anxiety, and sleep, and new studies show that regular consumption of chamomile tea can prevent and even fight cancer.


According to two different studies, chamomile tea can help to stop the spread of cancer cells. You can read about this discovery in my article on how chamomile tea can switch off cancer cells.

Flaxseeds Can Prevent and Kill Breast Cancer

In a review published in the journal of Integrated Cancer Therapies, researchers reviewed over 1,800 patient records, 10 studies, 2 controlled trials, and a host of other studies and found that the consumption of flaxseeds may reduce the risk of cancer and may protect against primary breast cancer. You can read more about this discovery in my article on how to use flaxseeds to prevent breast cancer.

Carrots as a Natural Colon Cancer Treatment

Virtually everyone has heard that carrots are wonderfully healthy and promote well-being by preserving eyesight, providing a high-fiber snack that can keep you away from the optometrist’s office.

Carrots help keep the digestive system clean and, like other raw vegetables, can give their eaters a burst of energy like no other. Most people don’t doubt the health benefits of carrots, but some may feel dubious about the power of these seemingly innocuous little root vegetables to treat cancer.

A research study spearheaded by Dr. Kirsten Brandt of the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne that was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry in 2005 found that carrots may hold the key to beating certain types of cancer.

You can get more details about this study in my article on Foods that Can Reverse Cancer Risk.

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108 Responses to EBC46 – Blushwood Berries For Cancer Treatment (Latest Scientific Evidence)

  1. Shirley says:

    There’s no way we can get these berries in the U.S.A. so why post it. It’s very discouraging.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Shirley, this may be the case right now, but there is nothing to stop anyone else from growing it. The fruit is not patented by any big pharma, and this may be a business idea for someone in the USA. Another option would be to import it directly from the grower.

      • Bern says:

        Hi can this be used on fighting tumors called fibroids.
        A study is needed for these results are not available

        • Jenny Hills says:

          The study was done on melanoma so I don’t know what about other types of tumors.

          • scarlet says:

            Dear ser i want blushwood berry 4 my daughter…she is suffering from brain tumor. I am living in manila .what is procedure to get blushwood berry.so please give me reply

          • Jenny Hills says:

            I am very sorry to hear about your daughter. As mentioned in the article, many people have asked me where to find this berry. As far as I could tell the tree is not privately controlled and it freely grows in the Australian rain forest. You can either contact the researcher directly for more specific information (the link is in the article) or read people’s comments for more information. I wish your daughter a full recovery.

          • Anes Hodzic says:

            If anyone is searching this berry, I can sell you extracted powder from the berry. I sell it to every country, just send an emal to me.
            My email: [email protected]
            I will get in contact with you ASAP!
            Anes Hodzic

    • sandy says:

      Shirley…you think only Americans see this site on fb, therefore only articles that apply to them should be posted?….. Sandy.

    • Mike says:

      Actually, I’m in the process of importing it to the United States, were just trying to clear legal import hurdles imposed by politically backed pharmaceutical companies.

      • suzette maloney says:

        let me know how you go….Im an Aussie and may be able to export easier from this end…will do some research and see what i can come up with

        • Barbara says:

          Have you had any success with exporting the plant to the US? Have a relative who could use it.

        • sue says:

          Hi are you able to get this to the uk at all?

        • patrick says:

          what about when they radiate the shipment to rid it of bacteria and other microorganisms just like they do every other plant that comes into the usaor if they xray the container to look for contraband what happens to the product then

      • Lourdes says:

        importing the plant or the seed? Im interested in getting seeds & try planting it here, would you know who I can contact?

      • mark lewis says:


        If you get cleared on it, can you let us know how to get ahold of it?

      • Bruce Mosley says:

        Has anyone started to make it available to purchase the blushwood berry. I would like to order if possible. Bruce Mosley hurllc123 gmail.

      • B.K. says:

        Hello I was wondering if you had any success on importing this fruit or possibly the plant to USA? I realize your comment was left in 2015 but if you had any success I would like to see what are the options to obtain it or how it can be ingested either by mixing in it to fruit juice or maybe even as an oil extract. I know it’s a fruit but I haven’t come a cross any side effects; I see the possibility of allergic reactions. Thank you for your time

    • suzette maloney says:

      im an Aussie and im sure that if you asked someone in Australia they would be happy to do some research on the fact whether they are allowed to be exported to other countries and if so,maybe someone could procure some for you…..never say never mate

    • Susan says:

      I found it on Etsy, harvested in Australia and made into a dropper product which I ordered from Europe. Very expensive, but we’ll see if it works on my skin cancer. Tonicherbsamsterdam.etsy.com

    • Terry Brodeen says:

      Shirley, I found a blushwood berry tincture on Etsy. The company is TonicHerbsAmersterdam.com.
      It was $111 for about 4oz (30ml). Actually was $33 of the $111. It took a little over a week for me to receive it (I am in the US). I will be applying a few drops several times a day on my breast tumor over the next 3-4 weeks. Hopefully it will shrink and actually kill the tumor. Wish me luck. I will keep you posted.

    • Jan says:

      We can get them in Australia and you can buy them online they ship to the USA x

    • steve says:

      You watch. That part of the Australian Bush will die off just after big pharma patent it .
      There is a cure for everything in nature but can we freely access nature? NO, it’s been patented.

      • Tim says:

        This natural ingredient shouldn’t allow to be patterned. It’s a rip-off and disgusting. Except to courage scientists and researchers continue their works, the world should create a form of scientific discovery royalty fee to help firms and individual invest their times and money into researches. The charge should go to companies market it.

    • mike k says:

      ….You CAN get Apricot Kernals on Amazon in the USA — B17 is a proven cancer cure, the $1 Trillion / yr. Cancer industry has hidden.

    • cynthia says:


    • Amy Powell says:

      You can order Blushwood berry online capsules

    • Kecascue says:

      I can buy blushwood berry pills on Amazon. It takes awhile to get here because they come from India but look it up.

  2. Marissa B Deogrades says:

    I have breast cancer. I want to try blushwood berries. How can I get some?

    • RAELPH houghton says:

      Try looking up Black Salve….and view the DVD “one Answer to Cancer” If you have breast cancer this DVD ‘may’ give you hope. And Black Salve has been around for centuries (but not applauded by pharmacies). It is available for sale in USA and the UK.
      And you can make it yourself quite easily. (instructions on DVD) my cousin and I made it…and it has been used in the USA for a long long time.
      As for these berries….EBC-4 will never get on the market if the Pharmaceutical companies can’t make a motza out of it. Who ever discovered this berry to be effective, muct have started with some observation that the berry was useful without turning it into some injection stuff. In other words it is a natural cancer killer. This will not make pharmaceutical companies happy. If it can be used a a natural cancer killer, they (the companies) will actually work hard not to allow it to be used.

    • Grant Wattus says:

      Look up info on silver water, its been around for thousands of years and they use it today. I also have a friend that saw a woman that went home to die from a hospice that had cancer totally healed in 3 weeks from carrot, lemon and apple juice, he now has it everyday just to keep it away. Also I know of someone else that went on a strict alkaline diet and survived cancer as well. apparently if you get your ph level to 8.5 it stops then reverses cancer,I saw “any cancer can be cured” on youtube and it was about alkaline / ph levels. I have seen the ph level / alkaline diet from 4 or 5 different sources now so Im thinking its must be good. There are many ways to stop cancer though so hang in there Sis, you can get through this, stay positive and overcome this thing. some other sites that have lots of info are – undercover health reporter.com / the truth about cancer / natural news.com / Dr Hulda Clark Zappers (its about papaya leaf benefits) book called – papaya the medicine tree, old aboriginal remedy here in Oz. Must be south American papaya not north American apparently !! God Bless ( HE gave all these plants for us )

      • Cherry Lewis says:

        Folks look up Essiac Tea but make it from bulk herbs. Also look up Cansema Salves, Graviolia, Gershwin Therapy and the Macrobiotic Diet, Eligi Caps. All work in one way or another. Essiac tea will keep you alive but you have to keep drinking probably for the rest of you life and that is okay. You get used to it and more importantly you keep breathing. May you all be healed, happy and blessed! Sorry if I misspelled and of this. Also look up the raw honey and baking soda cure.

    • Verne says:

      Go to YouTube and search “baking soda and cancer”.

    • Hanna says:

      Go Alkaline girl. No cancer lives in alkaline body.

    • Nigel Ralph says:

      Marissa, have you thought about contacting QIMR and getting involved with the human trials.

    • vegada says:

      Please help me blushwood give me please my WhatsApp no.8866632139

    • Avi says:

      my wife has breast cancer,I made a lot of research in this fight, after a year there are improvements without chemotherapy or operations or any madical intervention.
      Look on youtube for:
      Essiec tea

    • Terry Brodeen says:

      Marissa, I found a blushwood berry tincture on Etsy. The company is TonicHerbsAmersterday.com. It was $111 for about 4oz (30ml). Actually shipping was $33 of the $111. It took a little over a week for me to receive it (I am in the US). I will be applying a few drops several times a
      day on my breast tumor over the nexxt 3-4 weeks. Hopefully, it will shrink and actually kill the tumor. Wish me luck. I will keep you posted. I pray it works.

    • Jane says:

      Hello Marissa.As I know u have a breast canser…how is ur health right now? Did u try that blushwood berries? Can u say me anything about them more? Thx.

    • Kecasue says:

      Go to Amazon. I found mine there. It takes awhile to get here because they come from India but anything is worth the wait if it is going to work. Good luck and sending prayers your way 🙏

  3. Angelina says:

    This quote on the site:
    “We must stress at this point that EBC-46 will only be trialed in the short-term for tumors which can be accessed by direct injection or topical application,” Dr Boyle said.
    “There is no evidence to suggest EBC-46 would be effective against metastatic cancers.”
    They tried it on Melanoma and suggest it for tumors. There is no mention of use on humans yet………….Clinical trials in the US are hard to get, nevermind if they are in another country. Keep the FAITH and know you will heal with whatever you are doing now. If you can get to Austraila , then go.

  4. Carrie says:

    Why this amazing Bushwood Berries fruit
    limited in this country?

  5. Eileen says:

    Im in SA, would be great to get some Blushwood Berry seeds, see if they would grow here. I have melanoma, on my hands and face, I had plastic surgery last year to remove one off the top of my nose. Thanks for your input.

  6. Pete Rawden. says:

    Would like to know more about this alkaline diet and how to reduce ph levels.

  7. jun bartolome says:

    when can we find blushwood berry seeds this need to be reproduced and planting is a must to help people cure cancer

  8. Pravin Agarwal says:

    do blushwood berry really work on cancer.if yes can it be made available in india.
    Will oral consumption of this fruit work?

    • Jenny says:

      You need to remember that the tests were done in the lab and on animals, but further studies are needed using human participants.

      • Mike says:

        I actually spoke to a few doctors in Australia, and they all said theres no harm if the berry is taken directly. The actual cure is found in the seed itself.

        • Shafee says:

          Hi Mr. Mike,

          can you provide me the doctors contact no.for ask sum question

        • Deborah says:

          Hello Mike; If the actual cure is in the seed then it’s like the layatril or however you spell it but we have tried the B-17 which is the apricot seed that is also cure cancer. I paid a lot of money and it never did anything from what I could tell so how in the world would I find the seed if most are selling a tincture or some kind of liquid form derived from the berry juice as it seems to me this will not work. Anyone have any further info. on this? Thank you. Deborah.

  9. Hamid Khan says:

    I want to try blush wood berries. How and from where can I get some?

  10. Olga Jasin says:

    I want to try blush wood berries. How and from where can I get some?

  11. maria argueta says:

    My cousin has stage 3 cancer,it was found in his testicles. What can he consume n heal from cancer?

  12. Jimmy says:

    I was just recently diagnosed with testicular cancer again. I have already lost one and now they want to do chemo. I would really like any advice from ppl who can offer solid suggestions. Thank you

  13. Ravi says:

    Will this blushwood destroys carcinoid cancer..

    • Living With Carcinoid says:

      If you have Carcinoid Cancer, you need to be screened for Iodine or Somatostatin receptors. You are best treated with PRRT Peptide receptor radionuclide therapy. You will likely die like Steve Jobs if you don’t.

  14. ron paterson says:

    Hi .i have had alot of melanomas cut off my face and body and a friend of mine has a blush wood tree . Does any know how to use the fruit or seed . Is just eaten raw or made into a poultice . Cheers

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Ron, in the study the drug was produced from the seeds of blushwood berries and it was injected into the cancerous cells. If you go to the advertised study (see here), and you click on the name Dr. Glem Boyle who conducted the study, you can see his e-mail. You may wish to contact him for further information.

    • Steve Warren says:

      Hello Ron, We’ve been following this for some time and my wife has actually been talking to the people running the research program in Brisbane – and they do inject the cancer directly with EBC-46.

      But, I’m sure I remember reading somewhere that the indigenous folk simply used to eat the fruit.

      We have some Blushwood Tincture from Holland and the people there say take the tincture 3 to 5 times a day. My wife says it makes her tumor swell up – apparently injections do the same. The associate professor running trials in Brisbane told me they injected a tumor on a man’s neck and it swelled up so much they had to perform a Tracheotomy so he could still breath!

      I live on the south Gold Coast – any chance of getting a couple of seeds?

  15. Shella says:

    Hi mike. My mother was diagnosed with glioma on the frontal left of her brain. Is that miracle berry can kill that glioma?. Please. We need an alternative treatment , rather than surgery.
    Thank you for the response.

    • John Carson says:

      Aronia Berry Juice and Tumeric have been demonstrated to kill Brain tumor cells.
      Activated Zeolite with Humic and fumicd adid have been shown to kill a number of types of cancer cells including lung cancer. I can supply you with all the ingredients I have just mentioned. Tumeric should be bought fresh mixed with water and drunk.

  16. M R Goplani says:

    I am from India. I am 63 year old suffering from liver and intestine cancer stage-4. I wish to present myself for clinical tests on Blushwood tree berries which is found in Australia. Any taker on this offer. Again, I want to live hence would be grateful if some one help me on this.

  17. Muhammed Husain Patni says:

    I have a throat cancer. I would like know blushwood barries can cure lynphoma T cancer, and have done 8.th chemo, at Agha khan hospital Karachi Pakistan

    If yes than where I can get and how much to use.

    Pls advise

  18. Arup Ghosh says:

    My mother is an emergency she has cancer….any one can said me from where in India we get BLUSH WOOD BERRY…..HELP me by giving blush wood or it’s address…9593732616 my phone nuber

    • Kecascue says:

      You can buy blushwood berry pills on Amazon. It takes awhile to get here because they come from India but look it up.

  19. Aman kumar says:

    My father is in stomach cancer in last stage PGIMER Chandigarh is clear says his life maximum two months
    Any body help for this matters
    Aman Kumar Ganwaria

  20. vinay says:

    Dear sir i am also want blush wood barrey fruit for my mother please help me i am leave in india their is no body know about it my mail id [email protected], mobile 8982148098

  21. JAYDEEP says:

    dear sir i want blushwood berrry for my wife.she is suffering from breast cancer.i am living in india.what is procedure to get blushwood berry.so please give me repLY

  22. jitendra kumar dave says:

    I am from India. I am 40 year old suffering from tongue cancer stage-4. I wish to present myself for clinical tests on Blushwood tree berries which is found in Australia. Any taker on this offer. Again, I want to live hence would be grateful if some one help me on this.

    • Jenny Hills says:

      Don’t wait for someone to read this and contact you. Be proactive and contact directly the researcher.

  23. imade idehen says:

    Please help me where can i get EBC-46 to buy in Uk i need it for breast cancer

  24. kenneth stephenson says:

    please please please can my sister be a human guinie pig and try your ebc-46 she is 60 with cancer and no hope, please please please I beg you.k

    • Jenny Hills says:

      Please refer to the end of the article for the information I’ve mentioned there as well as the comments from other readers.

  25. Jazz says:

    Hi, the formal name is Fontainea picrosperma (Fountains Blushwood). The healing effect may be existent in the Hylandia dockrillii (Blushwood tree) as well. But the studies were done with the Fontainea picrosperma.

  26. Trevor says:

    astrocytomas brain tumor with nothing else possible…. it would be nice for doctors to have recommended EBC 46 I don’t know why they haven’t suggested this trial… 8 weeks left apparently…

  27. Paul Flynn says:

    I’ve got liver cancer and like the other thousands want a cure the hospital haven’t got Ime looking at getting some people from Facebook to send me a shed load why not if I pay surely it would make someone verry happy to help save lives…I have seen some amazing posts one was a new way of treating breast cancer by freezing them not much side affects

  28. powell says:

    MY NAME IS DENISE POWELL i was diagnose with chuma cancer on my arms and my surgeon told me if i got more operation that i might lose my arms, instead of more surgery EBC-46 was injected directly into the chuma in my arm-pit and in less than 20 minutes the chuma has gone black and in a couples of days it was all gone, EBC-46 eradicate cancer within a short period of 48 hours and you will be totally free of cancer for life , i am a living testimony of EBC-46 cure cancer, my video are everywhere on YouTube please watch and get EBC-46 to cure cancer, you can only get on EBC-46 at QBIOTICS,

  29. Fontainea 2 says:

    Fontaineine, a New Alkaloid from Fontainea pancheri was the scientific paper that alerted the Australian Scientists to the possibility that the Fontainea species, especially Fontainea picrasperma that was growing at their back door, might also have a cancer fighting possibility. These scientists tested this possibility and realised that this was the case and separated the only alkaloid in the Fontainea and purified it and called it EBC-46. Whilst EBC-46 has been portrayed as being produced from within the kernel of the fruit, it is not only the very alkaline material in the kernel that contains the bitter alkaloid. Fontaineine was exclusively extracted from only plant leaves of Fontainea pancheri. It was the sap in the leaves that contained the alkaloid. The reason that the scientists continue to talk about the fruit is because there is so little of it. The hideous marketers of Blushwood medicines and in particular I should point out Alibaba; so everybody not being Qbiotics Limited and EcoBiotics Pty Ltd are charlatans. The EBC-46 patents particularly describes all of the plant parts are used in the extraction of EBC-46. The Australian Scientists are trying to make the seeds the target, because thieves will not damage the Fontaineas if they only take the seeds. If you chew on the leaves you get the same sensation as the kernel, but Fontainea are also seed obligators as well as being dioecious (they produce seeds when threatened, in good times and whenever they choose F.picrosperma mostly in January and there are separate male and female trees.

  30. Brina says:

    Keep it away from the USA.
    The FDA will screw it over and big Pharma will squash it.

    PROFITING FROM CANCER should be illegal world-wide

  31. Akhil sivanandan says:

    Blushwood berry is effective in glioblastoma patients..?

    • Jenny Hills says:

      According to the update in the article, there are currently trials which include also head and neck cancers, but I don’t know more information about it. You will need to do your own research by going to The ANZCTR (an online registry of clinical trials being undertaken in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere) – You can find their link in the “update” section of the article.

  32. jim Runkle says:

    i had a pet test and it come back postive is there anyone in the Brisbane area that can i try to see if i can be part of the test

  33. nora brown says:

    Amazon. Healthy Drops Liposomol blushwood berries. about 80$ for a big bottle.

  34. Naeem says:

    Does this blushwood stuff destroys liver cancer ?

  35. Pupinder says:

    Do Blushwood berries oil will work for stomach (Ovarian) Cancer which is metastasize, can anyone advice on it.

  36. F, Avery says:

    What is the most up to date findings on this treatment? Where is the best place to obtain as of 8/2020-please reply.

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