Love Nutella? Here’s Why You Should Never Eat It And Opt For A Healthier Alternative Recipe

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Why you should stop eating Nutella

Nutella was a pantry staple of mine for many years, until I started to learn more about nutrition and how to decipher labeled ingredients. In theory Nutella is pretty healthy, chocolate has been shown to release happy hormones in the brain along with other benefits. Hazelnuts are high in vitamin E, various minerals such as magnesium and essential fatty acids. Then there’s skim milk which many people have been led to believe is a healthy food for strong bones and teeth.

No wonder people are giving their children Nutella sandwiches for lunch, thinking it’s a healthy treat. But when you find out what’s really in that jar of chocolate hazelnut spread, you may think twice about eating Nutella.

What’s Really In My Nutella?


It’s no surprise that the number one ingredient in Nutella is refined sugar. A whopping 21 grams in 2 Tbs! This is equivalent to an Oh Henry bar or three lollipops.


There aren’t many people who would eat lollipops and candy bars for breakfast. One mother even sued the company for making claims that Nutella is a healthy whole food to feed her daughter.

On top of the heinous amount of sugar, they aren’t even using real sugar. Genetically modified sugar beets are a cheap sweetener that many big companies use to save money.

Independent studies show major health implications from GMO “frankenfoods”, such as digestive problems, liver and kidney toxicity, and in the case of sugar beets, increased risk of diabetes.

Further Reading: Research Reveals How Sugar Causes Cancer.

Palm Oil

Palm oil is a controversial ingredient as its production is unsustainable and destroying important and fragile ecosystems.

Though it is a healthy saturated fat (which is fine if consumed in moderation), the method of procuring it involves unsavory practices like massive deforestation, indigenous rights abuses and animal cruelty.

The WWF (World Wildlife Fund) states that the equivalent of 300 football fields of rainforest are cleared every hour to make way for more palm oil production.


Soy Lecithin

This ubiquitous ingredient is present in nearly all processed food. A by-product of soy oil production, soy lecithin is used as an emulsifying agent.

Soy is another one of those pseudo health foods touted by the FDA to be part of a healthy diet. What they’ve failed to realize is nearly all soy is genetically modified, and it’s a substance with markedly high levels of xenoestrogens.

These xenoestrogens are part of the reason reproductive cancer rates are soaring, they can cause low levels of testosterone in men, early onset of puberty, thyroid problems and more.

The soy industry has to be one of the sneakiest out there. Nearly all commercial livestock in North America are fed GMO soy. We are only beginning to see the implications of this food in our society. Bottom line, soy is in most processed food, make your own goodies and you won’t have to worry about it.

Further reading: Find the truth about soy in my previous article.

Synthetic Vanillin

Synthetic vanillin is an artificial flavoring agent made entirely from chemicals devised in a lab to trick your taste-buds into believing it’s the real thing.


Corporations save big money using fake additives like these. This chemical food is highly addictive, the excitatory qualities of vanillin throw your brain cells into overdrive, causing a short term boost in serotonin only to knock you to the ground ten minutes later.

A Few More Things To Pay Attention To


One of the oldest crops known to man, hazelnuts originated near the Black Sea. Today they’re grown commercially in Canada, U.S and Turkey. Hazelnuts are full of nutrients as I’ve mentioned in my post about the health benefits of nuts and seeds, but most often they are sprayed with pesticides. When buying hazelnuts try and source organic nuts free of pesticide contamination.


Although cocoa is very healthy, and I’ve already written a post about the health benefits of cocoa, in some cases, workers in the cocoa industry are paid next to nothing. So it’s best to buy organic and fair trade cocoa and chocolate. According to my research, Nutella does not use fair trade cocoa.


Skim Milk

For decades, high milk consumption has been recommended for the prevention of osteoporotic fractures. But as time went on, its health benefits were questioned.

Many nutritional experts became cautious about milk, especially when consumed in large quantities. In this regard, read about the findings of this study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) that provided additional evidence against large scale milk consumption.

Heard enough about all the junk in this “healthy” spread? Isn’t it a bit nuts to claim such a slew of industrial by-products and 12 chocolate bars worth of sugar per jar could ever be touted as a healthy breakfast or snack.

Especially to be pushing such a dishonest agenda towards parents of young children. Even if you love Nutella, try making your own! You’ll see just how easy it is to make a delicious chocolate hazelnut spread from real wholesome ingredients.

How to Make Your Own Nutella


(Recipe from the Naked Cuisine)


1½ C roasted hazlenuts
2 Tbs cacao powder or paste (melted)
2 Tbs coconut oil, melted
⅓ C raw honey
½ tsp sea salt
¼-1/3 C water


1.   In a high powered blender or food processor, add hazelnuts and process until they start to form a smooth nut butter. You can add a bit of water here to get things moving.

2.   Use a double boiler method to melt the coconut oil and cacao paste, stir in the honey and add this liquid to the hazelnuts.

3.   Add salt, blend everything together until super smooth, adding water as you go to achieve desired consistency.

Did you know that you can use chocolate as a medicine ? Read all the details in my post: Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Cacao Powder and Dark Chocolate

Images taken with permission from the Naked Cuisine

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9 Responses to Love Nutella? Here’s Why You Should Never Eat It And Opt For A Healthier Alternative Recipe

  1. peter says:

    This article is very biased and not well researched. I’d rather promote eating Nutella than the soybean oil laced peanut butter that millions of our country eat.

    • Cait says:

      Peter, no where was it suggested that peanut butter be eaten in place of Nutella… Peanuts are also must often GMO sourced as well. IMO, very good article that gets you thinking about what’s really in food. I have become dairy intolerant so no more Nutella for me. We make our own chocolate almond butter, it’s amazing!!!

  2. Josie says:

    Not all beet sugar is GMO, if you didn’t know that you would think ALL beet sugar was GMO if you read this article.
    “On top of the heinous amount of sugar, they aren’t even using real sugar. Genetically modified sugar beets are a cheap sweetener that many big companies use to save money.”

  3. Cathy S says:

    when i was about 10 a friend brought some of the original European Nutella home from Italy and i was HOOKED! i ADORED it. Then years later when it started being manufactured here in the USA i was thrilled – until i actually tasted it. YUCK. It actually hurt my teeth, and tasted horrible. Very sugary and oily compared to the original, which does not have sugar as the first ingredient, and it’s not nearly as greasy and sugary as the USA-made version. Someday if i visit Europe I’ll have some again, but for now, I have no trouble avoiding it.

  4. Tonya sutcliffe says:

    My 9 year old daughter eats it by the jars

  5. Jenna says:

    The Palm oil in Nutella is sustainable and traceable. Yes palm oil is horrible, unsustainable and untraceable is killing the environment and orangutans but companies who are doing their best to make a change for the better should not be looped in with those who are destroying the environment.

  6. Michele says:

    Wow! In Oct and Nov. of 2014 I got on a huge Nutella kick. I ate the stuff on everything. Jan. 4, 2015 I noticed a lump on my neck. 3 weeks later I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Cancer LOVES sugar. I’ve thrown it out!

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