How to Make the Ultimate Super Food Energy Smoothie

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superfood smoothie

Have you heard about chia seeds, goji berries, spirulina and hemp oil? One of the best and fastest ways to upgrade the quality of our food is to add super foods to our diet. You don’t have to change anything in your diet – all you have to do is add them to what you already eat, and what is better way than combine them all to a super food energy smoothie full of nutrients?

Super foods are real foods, not supplements, that have a very high concentration of nutrients. Add them to your breakfast and you’ll feel the difference in your energy level, health, concentration, mood, digestion …  try it yourself and see what they do to you.

These super foods have unusual names and exotic new flavors, but when you and your body will get used to them, you will feel like you’ve always eaten them. Start combining the accessible foods, even just one, and gradually add a few more. Eat them raw, not cooked, to keep all their amazing nutrients. This energy smoothie is excellent especially if you are detoxifying, so your body will get all the nutrients it needs and will provide you with lots of energy.

Here is a list of super foods that are used in this great energy smoothie that is full of nutrients:

Cocoa beans / powder

Cocoa beans are the number one source of magnesium (the most missing mineral in out diet), and they contain many other minerals like iron, calcium, zinc and chromium. Raw cocoa (not heated above 48 ° C) has high levels of antioxidants, much more than red wine and green tea. Cacao is also great for the heart and brain, is a natural laxative and hormonal balance. In general, cocoa beans give us amazing energy and make us feel happy (by raising serotonin levels) and relaxed. If you need more energy, instead of choosing candy or coffee, try a little bit of cocoa with goji berries, a teaspoon of honey or dried fruit.

Read here more about the amazing health benefits of raw cocoa.

How to Use: 1-2 teaspoons in smoothie, cereal, granola, salad, or eat with a little honey / maple syrup/ dates or just like that.

Chia Seeds

Very rich in Omega 3 fatty acids (6 times more than salmon) and full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Chia seeds also contain a lot of calcium (higher than milk) and protein. They are great against constipation and for providing energy.

How to Use: 1-2 teaspoons in smoothie, porridge, yogurt or in salad.


Goji Berries

This is the number one herb in Chinese medicine for 6000 years. Goji berries are a great source of vegetable protein. They contain 18 amino acids, over 20 different minerals, vitamins (including vitamin C), beta carotene and antioxidants. They stimulate the body to produce growth hormone (HGH), so they also slow the aging process.

How to use: one tablespoon in smoothie, porridge, yogurt, granola, desserts and salads, or eat together with some nuts or chocolate beans as a healthy snack.


Hemp seed, hemp protein powder, hemp milk – these are all made from a variety of the cannabis plant, which has many amazing nutritional properties. The hemp seed is very rich in protein (33%), contains eight essential amino acids. It is also rich in chlorophyll, essential fatty acids, magnesium, iron and zinc.

Hemp comes as a whole or peeled seeds, powder (like this one), milk or oil. It’s great for those who want to build muscle. Eat hemp protein powder after a workout and get rid of all the commercial protein powders that are full of flavor enhancers.

How to use: you can mix the powder in smoothie, juice or water. Use peeled seeds in smoothies, porridge, yogurt, granola, desserts and salads. Hemp oil is great in smoothies and salads. It is recommended not to heat it and keep it refrigerated.



Sea weeds are among the richest foods in nutrients. They are full of minerals: calcium, iron, iodine, potassium and others, and may contain 10-20 minerals more than vegetables. They have large amounts of vitamins (some of them even have Vitamin B12, so they are great for vegetarians), protein and more.

They may also increase the metabolism and many of them are rich in iodine, which is an essential mineral for proper function of the thyroid gland. They help balance hormones, help lower cholesterol, great for the hair, skin and nails.

Spirulina is a type of algae which is one of the richest foods in nutrients. They are concentrated source of protein (contains at least 65% protein). They are wonderful for blood purifying, has anti-inflammatory properties, strengthen the joints and rich in antioxidants. They are also great for increasing energy.

Directions: Start at 1/4 teaspoon and gradually increased to 1-2 teaspoons a day, depending on your taste and digestion. Add to smoothies, soups, salads and energy bars.


More super foods you can add to the energy smoothie:

Bee Pollen

The flowers produce pollen that bees gather. It is a rich source of high quality protein, contains all essential amino acids that are great for our brain, as well as full of great minerals, vitamins and enzymes.You can buy fine bee pollen (ie not heated, not dried) at many health food shops. They are in the freezer, and should also be transported refrigerated to the store, hold them in the freezer.

How to Use: 1-2 teaspoons in smoothie, porridge, yogurt, granola, or in salad, or eat just like that.

Maca powder

Maca is a Peruvian root vegetable from the radish family. It is used for centuries for food and medicine, since the Incas. It’s great for balancing the thyroid, for hormonal balance, increasing fertility, balancing the cycle, menopausal symptoms and more.

It is known to improve memory and concentration, promotes emotional well-being and serves as an anti-depressant. It comes in powder and capsule form. If you eat it every day, you may want to stop for one week every month. This pause causes the body to “miss” it and makes it more effective.

How to use: One teaspoon in smoothie, porridge, yogurt or mixed with water.

Kelp (Combo)

Seaweed contains high levels of iodine and wonderful for thyroid function. Since it’s very strong, 1/4 teaspoon per day is usually sufficient. Or put a piece size 4 inches in stews and soups (don’t worry, it will not affect the taste). You can also buy it as a powder here.

Super Food Energy Smoothie Recipe

The amounts are not accurate, and you can adapt it to your own taste:

* Green leaves vegetables, such as spinach, mint, celery leaves, parsley etc
* Fruits of the season, such as ripe banana, melon (you can also use few of the melon seeds), lychee (full of vitamin C) etc (The fruits provide energy and sweet taste)
* Chia seeds (about 1 tsp soaked in a little bit of water)
* Cocoa powder / beans
* Goji berries
* spirulina (about 1 tsp)
* Hemp seeds / powder
* Coconut oil (about 2 tbsp – good for the thyroid)
* A little bit of ice (optional)

Blend all the ingredients. If you want you can add more water to thin the smoothie. You can also decorate the top with chopped fruits or nuts – looks good, tastes good, and of course very healthy!

For more information about detox and how to cleanse and energize your body naturally, you can have a look at my e-book The Detox Guide.

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