Diabetes Can be Reversed In 30 Days With One Simple Change

Diabetes Can be Reversed In 30 Days With One Simple Change
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Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 days is an American independent documentary film that features six people with diabetes who changed their diets in order to manage their diabetes better. As the title suggests, all the participants adopted a raw vegan diet, and stuck to it for a period of 30 days. The results were breathtaking and confirmed what Dr. Gabriel Cousens, a physician and raw food advocate, suggested earlier: diabetes can be cured in some cases. The documentary was founded by the Movement to Reverse Diabetes Naturally (RDN).

Type 1 and 2 Diabetes

There are 246 million people in the world with diabetes, and one person dies from this disease every ten seconds. We are seeing a world epidemic, and according to the Western medicine, there is no cure for it. Diabetes is a metabolic disease. It affects the cells’ sugar supply through impaired insulin production. In type 1 diabetes, the body’s immune system destroys insulin-producing cells. Type 2 is the more common type of the disease, where insulin does get produced, but there is not enough of it or the body cannot use it well enough. When there isn’t enough insulin in the blood, sugar (glucose) starts building up in the blood and doesn’t reach the cells, so they can’t function normally.


A New Approach

Dr. Cousens developed a new approach for treating diabetes at his Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, a retreat center based in Arizona. The method combines a radical change of diet and a strict exercise regime. It’s a 3 week detox program under supervision. Dr. Cousens who claims that his approach helps 53% of people with type 2 diabetes get off all medication, and cures them. In type 1 diabetes, the success rate is 30%. He explains that essentially diabetes is accelerated aging, and that eating raw food stimulates the anti-aging genes. According to the raw food supporters, eating raw makes you healthier and stronger as you eat live foods. The diet needs to be plant-based and 80% of the food is eaten raw. They argue that many cancers and other disease, including diabetes, are caused by a meat and dairy diet, so being a vegetarian is not enough.


The Documentary

In the above mentioned documentary, all the people involved – one had type 1 diabetes, and five had type 2 – either completely reversed their diabetes or had it under control, and their blood sugar levels returned to normal values. Those who were overweight also lost a significant amount of weight. Out of the five participants with type 2 diabetes, four were able to now function without the medication, and one stopped taking 19 medications. None of them needed insulin anymore. The person with type 1 diabetes was able to reduce his insulin from 20 units down to 5, and noted a drastic improvement in his diabetic condition.

What You Can Do

Even if you are not a raw food enthusiast, we have to admit that food does seem to have a big potential to transform the person’s diabetic condition. Taking insulin and mainstream medication might not be the only option anymore. If you have been diagnosed as “pre-diabetic”, you should take it seriously and see it as a wake-up call for a change, and you can refer to my previous article about 7 effective steps to prevent diabetes. And if you already have diabetes, you may want to have a look at these 14 best foods to control type 2 diabetes as well as the top 8 spices and herbs for type 2 diabetes.

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  1. Pat Starkes says:

    Diabetes is on a rampage. More and more people are developing diabetes in astronomical proportions (directly related to obesity). Manage your diabetes and reduce the risk of complications.

    Diabetes in a nutshell:

  2. AHBAAN says:

    Hi,I have type 2 diabetes and my blood level was 100 now after taking black seeds it’s gone down to 41 and am on lower dose of medications,is there anything else I can do to completely reverse the diabetes!

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