How To Make Parsley Tea for Swollen Ankles, Legs and Feet

How To Make Parsley Tea for Swollen Ankles, Legs and Feet
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Parsley looks great as a garnish, so many have forgotten that this beautiful plant can also be used in many other ways. Eating an abundance of parsley has always been equated to health and this herb is believed to protect from various diseases.

Not long ago, parsley tea was frequently used to treat different maladies. It is now being revived as a powerful herbal remedy. One of the conditions parsley can help with is leg edema or swollen legs.


What Is Edema

The term edema refers to the retention of fluids in the body. Sometimes, it can be normal to have a bit of swelling in your legs, for example, after a day spent standing or sitting, or during pregnancy.

However, leg and ankle swelling, also known as peripheral edema, can also signal that there is an underlying issue that might need some attention and treatment. Kidney disease, heart failure, liver disease and certain medications can all result in fluid retention.

Parsley Tea and Leg Swelling

Parsley is a known natural diuretic. It helps the body get rid of excess water and salts by improving kidney function and taking more water from the blood.


A study published in 2002 in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, provided substantial evidence for the use of parsley as a powerful diuretic. The study was done on rats (humans and rats have the same basic physiology). Rats that were offered parsley seed extract to drink produced significantly more urine over a period of 24 hours compared to when they were drinking only water.

Scientists believe that this herb acts in a diuretic way by inhibiting the sodium and potassium ion pumps, influencing the process of osmosis and increasing the flow of urine.

Parsley is rich in potassium. A lot of the chemically produced diuretic drugs lower potassium levels in the body, which is their negative side effect. If you use the simple parsley, you avoid this adverse effect as body’s potassium supply is not depleted.

Parsley is also a powerful antioxidant and I’ve already mentioned it my article about the 9 amazing antioxidants for great health. Parsley is rich in vitamins A and C and is a good source of folic acid, which is one of the top 14 foods and nutrients that protect against cancer development.


Parsley Tea Recipe for Edema (Swollen Legs)

Dr. John R. Christopher, an authority in the field of herbalism, suggests drinking at least two quarts of strong parsley tea per day. The dose can be increased to a cup of tea every hour.

When making your tea, use the fresh light-green leaves, along with roots and seeds (if you can get them).

  1. Chop the leaves and roots
  2. Place approximately ¼ cup of parsley into an infusion basket.
  3. Pour over a cup of boiled water or submerge into a tea pot.
  4. Let it steep for 5 to 7 minutes.
  5. Remove the basket or strain the tea.

You can use honey and lemon to enhance the tea’s flavor (you can also use honey and lemon to transform your health).

Also, don’t forget to combine tea consumption with other techniques for swelling reduction, such as leg elevation. You can also use 10 other natural remedies for edema.

Important note: Before using parsley tea as a diuretic, you might want to consult your doctor, especially if there is an underlying health condition that needs to be considered or if you are pregnant. Parsley tea may stimulate uterine contractions and increase the risk of miscarriage if you have it in large amounts.

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17 Responses to How To Make Parsley Tea for Swollen Ankles, Legs and Feet

  1. Teresa Dykes says:

    Does this work?

    • Emma B says:

      I was told about parsley tea for edema a couple weeks ago and have been drinking it almost daily since then and YES it does work. I could tell a difference within a day or 2. Ive been struggling with a swollen left foot/ankle/leg for the past few years and finally have a normal looking foot again. And the taste is actually refreshing. I have started adding a few mint leaves for a new taste but lemon and honey also sounds good. I just get several sprigs of fresh leaves from my 3 plants that I bought for this reason and throw them in a mug and fill with hot water from my Keurig, cover and let steep 10-30 minutes.

  2. May Pinto says:

    I needed to know the Preparation for Parsley Tea, to treat Swollen Feet & Ankles.

  3. Gina says:

    I use dried parsley leaves in my smoothy. It’s a great detox.

  4. Shayla says:


  5. Darleen says:

    I have capsules of parsley leaf would that be sufficient…….NATURE’S WAY 450 mg…….

    • Jenny Hills says:

      Capsules can be a substitute but I’m not sure about the dosage. This is something you need to discuss with your doctor. For example, in WebMD it is mentioned that “large amounts of parsley leaf might increase blood clotting. Taking parsley along with warfarin might decrease how well warfarin (Coumadin) works to thin the blood”.

  6. Jenny Hills says:

    Hi Bonnie, there are many foods/herbs/supplements that are not recommended for pregnant women or for other people with special medical conditions who take other drugs (due to drug interactions). It is the responsibility of every person to apply caution and consult with a doctor to see if a certain food is suitable for his/her special condition. It is beyond the scope of this website and the information provided here to cover all the possibilities or safety precautions. Read again the disclaimer of this website. It is for general information only and cannot replace the advise of a doctor.

  7. Marcia says:

    How long will it take to reduce my ankle swelling drinking 3 cups a day?

  8. charlotte says:

    Is it ok to drink this tea if you have a kidney disease?

    • Jenny Hills says:

      I’m not really sure as I’m not a doctor so it’s best to ask your doctor if you have any special condition.

  9. Mary Bell says:

    How many cups a day do you recommend as an effective diuretic?

    • Jenny Hills says:

      Hi Mary, as I’ve mentioned in the article, herbalist Dr. John R. Christopher mentioned in his website:”The usual remedy for kidney, bladder, and edema is to make at least two quarts of a strong parsley tea and drink copiously. If the urine is suppressed drink one half to one teacupful, hot, every hour.”
      However, I’ve seen that other herbalists suggest to limit the consumption of parsley tea due to its high level of vitamin K, which can cause issues for anyone taking Warfarin as vitamin K reduces the medication’s effectiveness. I guess the safest thing to do is to always have your doctor’s input on how your existing medications might interact with any herbal remedy you plan to use.

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