Can You Regrow Your Teeth? Technological Breakthrough in Dentistry

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Medical Breakthrough: How You will be able to Regrow Your Teeth

Natural Tooth Repair Method could Revolutionize Dental Treatments

Researchers from the King’s College in London discovered a way to stimulate tooth repair using an Alzheimer’s drug. The medical study “Promotion of natural tooth repair by small molecule GSK3 antagonists” was published in 2017.

This new biological approach could enable your teeth to repair themselves without using cements or fillings.


The researchers used biodegradable collagen sponges to deliver the treatment to the affected tooth. They applied low doses of small molecule glycogen synthase kinase (GSK-3) inhibitors to the tooth. The researchers found that the sponge degraded over time and that new dentine replaced it, leading to complete natural repair.

The lead author of the medical study, Professor Paul Sharpe said: “The simplicity of our approach makes it ideal as a clinical dental product for the natural treatment of large cavities, by providing both pulp protection and restoring dentine.”

For more information about this medical breakthrough for tooth repair contact King’s college directly.

Other Exciting New Technology in Dentistry

Have you ever thought about regrowing new teeth in your mouth and avoid dental implants? Dental implants are a great technology that allows us to fill the void where the tooth was taken out without having to resort to dentures or just live with the new gap, but they come with their own set of drawbacks.

Now, one researcher has made an amazing breakthrough in dental implant technology that is far superior to typical dental implants or dentures, and allows you to regrow new, real teeth in your own mouth.

Before getting into the details of the research, you need to be aware of the potential issues with dental implants.

Potential Problems with Dental Implants

Normal dental implants can be a wonderful way to functionally and aesthetically replace a lost tooth. However, like any sort of implant, there are a variety of factors that cause complications or failure of the treatment.

Here are some of the issues with dental implants:


Dental implants are expensive.
– Dental implants run the risk of being rejected by the body as a foreign object.
– The implant may fail to fuse together properly with the jawbone.
– An infection of the gum and/or the bone around the implant. In many cases the implant must be removed.
– An inexperienced dentist can cause damage to the tissue surrounding the implant, specifically the nerves around the area.

The above issues can mean that a huge investment of both time and cash will result in nothing but disappointment and pain.

How You Will Be Able to Regrow Teeth in your Mouth

Dr. Jeremy Mao, the Edward V. Zegarelli Professor of Dental Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center, spearheaded the research leading to the discovery of this awesome new grow-your-own-tooth technology. Dr. Mao has also mentioned in an interview that “There seems to be no limit to what tissue we can regenerate”

He has created a “scaffolding” for lost teeth that contains the body’s own stem cells, allowing for the regrowth of your own teeth, using your own DNA. This technology is the first of its kind, and offers exciting prospects for the future of dental care.


A research published in the Japanese Science Dental Review discussed various techniques of scaffold design and fabrications and highlighted the recent progress in this exciting area of research. The research paper concluded that the development of customized scaffolds will help the current practice of treatment of tooth tissues and contribute to the science of tissue engineering of teeth. However the researchers highlighted the fact that “teeth tissue engineering is still in its infancy stage and there are a lot of challenges to overcome.”

Teeth Self Heal (Video)

The Benefits of Regrowing your Own Teeth

Rather than going through the lengthy process of tooth extraction and implantation—which can take the better part of a year to fully recover from—this technology allows you to grow your own natural new tooth in only 9 weeks – a fraction of the time it takes for an implant to be placed and accepted by the body as a stand-in for a tooth.

It is also a natural technology, and involves no foreign materials to replace the lost tooth.

Your body’s own stem cells go to the scaffolding and replace the tooth that was lost, and the new tooth merges with the surrounding tissue—it’s that simple, and that natural. This procedure also eliminates the need to regrow the tooth in a Petri dish and results in faster recovery time


When the New Procedure Will be Available

As of 2019, it is not clear how soon the technology will be available but I am going to follow it as this technology can be a game changer in dentistry.

The patent on this new technology is currently pending, and assistance in its implementation as a cost effective treatment in dental clinics is still needed.

For decades, dental implants have been the best available technology for people who want to replace an extracted or lost tooth. Dr. Mao’s research allows for a better, more natural option that involves a shorter recovery time and less chance of rejection and depends on your own body rather than a foreign object.

This is exciting news for anyone who has ever worried about what they’ll do if they lose a tooth!

Please contact Dr. Mao directly, if you are interested to get more details about the current status of this procedure.

Technological Breakthrough in Dentistry

Another technological breakthrough that suppose to be available soon is healing small cavities without drilling!

A Japanese team has developed a groundbreaking cavity-filling method using a paste which is molecularly similar to tooth enamel. The paste bonds with the tooth without the need for drilling, saving the tooth’s owner time and pain. You can read more about this new technology in my article: This Toothpaste Fills Cavities Without Drilling.

However exciting these new technologies are, they are not substitute for good oral hygiene. Brushing daily using a good toothpaste and regular flossing is the best way to keep your mouth free from dental problems and to prevent white marks on your teeth.

You don’t necessarily have to buy commercial toothpaste which may contain toxin potentially linked to cancer, but you can use natural alternatives like this DIY 2 ingredient toothpastes or natural coconut paste and you can even try the Ayurvedic technique of oil pulling.

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90 Responses to Can You Regrow Your Teeth? Technological Breakthrough in Dentistry

  1. sheila unessa lindsay says:

    I lost my top teeth due to fillings back in the day 70’s it never last and had sleepless nights due to toothache. I need this please

  2. Leslie says:

    At one point Ihad nice teeth. I got ill and the Doctors solution was medications. No one told me that the cost would be my teeth. Any medication that has any codine in it erodes your teeth, from the inside out. Other medication help to erode my teeth from the outside in. my teeth didn’t have a chance and NOBODY told me about the consequences of these actions. After I healed my body from fibromyalgia syndrome with herbs, I got hit by a transport truck and the quick easy method was to fill me full of pain meds. Codine also affects hearing loss. It took 4 yrs of research to find the cure for the fibromyalgia syndrome. I know that our bodies were designed to heal ourselves, we just need to give it the right materials to allow it to do so. I just haven’t found that last step. I know without at doubt that regrowing teeth is more than a possibility and I am more than looking forward to regrowing my teeth. I have lost almost half my teeth to medications and what I am worried about is if these medications are doing this to my teeth, what are they doing to the rest of my bone structure. I have tried to wean myself off all this kind of mediation and almost there, but life has set backs and once I am back on track I am more than willing to be a ginea pig for this. That’s how much I believe in this. I wouldn’t do that just for anything. But people judge you by your appearance and unforately judging a book by it’s cover you miss out on the pages in between, but when children look at you as though you are a scary monster, facts are facts and I don’t like going out in public even with false teeth, it’s not the same and forget trying to eat. False teeth are painful, dentist don’t care they don’t have to live with the consequences of them pulling your teeth. They’re just focused on making money. A lot of the time I can’t even eat with my false teeth, they slip around too much. They don’t care otherwise they wouldn’t jump so easily to pulling your teeth, they would have solved this issue years ago. Material that was banded years ago because it was toxic to the human body, they now use to fill our teeth with. We need more natural ways to solidify the foundation of our health because without proper health and proper nutrition nothing else matters. We are only as strong as our weakest link and if our nation strength is eroding because of this, we will crumble literally from the inside out.

    • Peggy says:

      Leslie… would you be willing to share that Fibromyalgia Herbal Remedy? I believe there are thousands who would are waiting for the opportunity to heal themselves of this malady. Thank you and be blessed.

      • MessiahMews says:

        I can tell you how I got rid of mine.

        Look up meningeal compression and fibromyalgia by Paul Whitcomb, DC. When there are ahesions in the meninges, it also causes compression, and the Atlas (C-1) being out also presses on the meninges and brain stem, causing the autonomic nervous system to go into Sympathetic mode. When that happens the autonomic nervous system fires off garbage and rouge impulses which affects the physical structure and every organ in the body. This is the bio-mechanical cause of fibro. Bodywork includes, but not limited to, AtlasProfilax, Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC), Neurologic Relief Centers Technique (NRCT), and Neurocranial Restructuring.

        Also look up Doctor Brice E. Vickery, DC who has a nutritional protocol in place to rebuild the spine, which also contributes to fibromyalgia along with viruses, heavy metals, etc…

        Doctor William Wong has his protealytic enzyme protocol for the hardened fibrin/fibrosis that contributes to fibro. The systemic enzymes has a direct action on eating up the excess fibrin/fibrosis that is present in fibro.

        Elijah Free of Earth Friend Herb Co has an herbal formula that also addresses the hardened fibrin by an indirect (offensive) action, which address a rare potassium deficiency.

        I am not providing links, as the moderator may disallow them, so you will have to look each of these up

      • Shadowsight says:

        I have heard a lot of good things about people who no longer had symptoms of fibromyalgia after they went through a heavy metal detox and added chlorella (please make sure to check it’s organic purity and source. It should be third party tested for contamination.) or Zeolite to their daily processes. If you are going to do a detox, which I highly recommend to everyone, make sure you know the effects you may experience as your body purges the toxins. When adding supplements please check for quality, reviews, and source as well as starting slowly with 1/2 or less of the recommended dose.

    • Natalie says:

      How did you cure your fibromyalgia please!!!.??? Email me hotheadnat at please please ! [email protected]

  3. Michael says:

    This would be amazing…but I promise it will run upwards of $20,000+ per tooth. After all, what else will dentists do to make money if it could be that simple? Implant businesses would go out and there are many levels of that (labs, corporate, and so on). Not likely to happen unless someone releases it as an over the counter option and is affordable. Dentists already charge too much

  4. Allen says:

    I’m 32 years old. I have had 4 complete sets of teeth and I’m on my forth set of teeth now. I have had them removed and a year or so later they come back. But I did notice that all my teeth were very brittle. Easily crack or get cavity’s and the infections every time teeth get loose or crack. I need 14 teeth removed as most are cracked off at the gumbs the infection is literly killing me as it brings hart issues and a weird headache like being drunk at times. Every tooth has pushed out the others and came in crooket or sideways. I even have one in the center of my pallet. I think it has something to do with the radiation from the xrays and penicillin as dentists tell me there was no tooth on the xrays last year. I can’t afford to have the teeth removed as I’m unemployed and I have to be put to sleep for the surgery witch costs alot. Please take care of your teeth
    Having more than your supposed to of something is a sign of you could have been a twin during the development stages of birth

  5. bernel says:

    second chance of getting natural teeth its God give technology ,God created body to repair itself its up to us to discover more how God amazingly created body with very complex intelligence…….

  6. Chilena says:

    I would love to regrow my teeth I’m only 30 no top teeth and I’m teeth less I would love for you guys to help me feel better bout my self please help

  7. Karen M. Roth says:

    I lost all my teeth when I was only 23. My body produced too much calcium and ate the enamel off my teeth . My teeth started crumbling and then I had to have 26 removed all at once. I tried Dentures two times but cannot wear them due to my lower jaw being smaller than my upper jaw and now after being without teeth for 20 years I am suffering bone loss in my lower jaw. They say I have to have my jaw restructured with cow bone since I have Psoriatic Arthritis, Spondylitis, Fibromyalgia.

    I would love all natural cures but we are only getting SSI Benefits and I am still fighting for mine and we literally cannot afford them and my insurance will not pay for them. I may also be suffering from a Tarlov Cyst in my Sacrum but they keep telling me it is Degenerative Disc Disease and that I have a Concentric Bulging Disc in my L4-L5.

    • Tam Johnson, FDN-P says:

      Karen, please seek out the help of a functional medicine practitioner such as an FDN practitioner or naturpathic doctor. You most likely have severe mineral deficiencies which can be corrected with a proper diet and lifestyle. I would surmise that you have autoimmune disease, so your body is reacting to the foods in your diet as well as any body tissues that look the same. Try out the Autoimmune Paleo Diet, just google it.

      Avoid all artificial supplements and all processed sugar, dairy, wheat, gluten, nuts, legumes and nightshades as they all contains substances that prevent your body from absorbing nutrients and damage your gut lining, allowing these problematic substances to get into your blood stream where your immune system attacks them (and then the tissues that look like them). Consume bone broth every single day, 3x a day to replace lost minerals.

      Please take your health very seriously and do whatever you must to heal your body naturally, even if that means moving back in with parents, selling furniture, tv’s etc. Without your body you have nothing, and I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this, but real health is your birthright, and you don’t need cow bone implants, you need real food and nutrients so your body can have the building blocks it needs to repair your bones and tissues. Look up the work of Ramiel Nagel, who is a holistic dentist and his recommendations are second to none, he gives a lot of free content on his website.

      I send you all the love and blessings the Universe has to give you (which is everything).

      • Jim S Smith says:


        Someone who has it right the git-go. Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. If you keep putting in junk, then all you will have for health is trash.

        – Jim S.

    • Ryan says:

      Your body cannot produce too much calcium. Every symptom you listed is directly related to massive calcium and mineral deficiencies. When you are deficient in calcium, your organs will rob your bones and teeth of minerals they need to function, which is why you have high blood-serum calcium levels (which doctors mistake as “too much calcium”).

      Read the Calcium Factor and Dead Doctors Don’t Lie and other books that talk about medical nutrition. You are STARVED OF ESSENTIAL MINERALS. Whoever told you that you have too much calcium hasn’t a clue what they’re talking about.

  8. Dror says:

    I hope that Dr. Mao see here the plight of the people and mine as well. I hope he will make a big step for mankind.

  9. Debra Eunice says:

    I would love to get all of my teeth back can’t eat right not healthy because of no teeth I wear the upper false teeth and the lowers don’t fit please help me my teeth got pulled out when I was 23 and I am 52 now help thank you and God bless

  10. matt c. says:

    I’m 41 and would love to regrow my teeth. I smoke and for years I use to use smokers tooth paste. Which kept my teeth very nice and healthy. When they quit making it years ago. I was at a tragic loss. Nothing else worked. And all my teeth went bad.over the years since. I have had to have them pulled a few at a time.

    A good note for kids who don’t take care of there teeth. Make a list of everything you like eating now. When the dental pain begins later on in life. You will be forced to stop eating 80 to 90% of the food on that list. The pain will be too much or the food will be too difficult to chew with bad teeth. The food I miss the most. Is thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.

    What is it I hate the most about bad teeth. Is how I get treated by others. And how they think of me. And how they look at me. Missing teeth results in a serous change of how one talks.And I always tell them. One day I will have my teeth pulled. And have New ones. And you’ll regret how you treat,see,and think of me. The other part I hate. Is having to working in a lower income bracket in the same position as everyone else in my carrier field.

    • Tina Cutinella says:

      Yes I can relate. I’ve become a recluse. I am blessed with disability income for a different matter but I’m becoming a miserable mean sad person because all of my teeth are broken at the gumline. I don’t go anywhere or socialize anymore and I just self medicate my depression over this issue. I don’t know how my husband can even love me anymore. I finally found a charity called Gulf Coast Outreach that are willing to help me with 20+ extractions and dentures. I guess I will get implants eventually if I can ever afford to do so but please look into this charity. My first appointment is in three days and I am so grateful for the help. God bless all of you.

      • Julie Figueroa says:

        It DOES exist — it just isn’t AVAILABLE to the public because it hasn’t been approved by the FDA.

        Isn’t it strange how they can approve new drugs SO QUICKLY (once their palms are greased) by accepting the manufacturer’s word that they’re perfectly safe – then say “OOPS!” and yank them off the shelves within a year once people start dropping like flies?

        Yet, when something ABSOLUTELY GROUNDBREAKING like this comes along — as safe as a procedure CAN be, and which would make a HUGE difference in people’s health — it will remain wrapped in red tape forever…….

        UNLESS…Big Pharma owned the patent; then, the AMA/ADA would support it, the FDA would rush approval through, and it would be available to all of us.

        Democracy my %&#.

        • And for those of you who still have a beautiful set of white healthy strong teeth please take care of them. says:

          FDA = Fear and Death Administration.
          All part of the terribly corrupt medical industrial complex. The people should have access to all cures as soon as they are discovered. I want to grow new teeth! Is there a list I can get on or something? Thanks to all the loving people here who left encouraging comments and prayers and blessings to all of us who have suffered so terribly losing our teeth.

          And for those of you who still have a beautiful set of white healthy strong teeth please take care of them.

          • MTCali says:

            I call them the Forever Death Association. I like your’s as well.
            Also, the CDC=Creating Death Constantly and WHO=Willfully Hurting Others

            I would live to regrow my teeth. The dental sugeon removed my wisdom teeth years ago and I think it messed up all my other teeth. Like, I have trauma from the event and I had to be put under because I hate dentist. Now, I have cavities as well and trying to heal them at home.

        • zack zwiebel says:

          Can we make a petition to get it APPROVED!??? Is the FDA really getting in the way?? It sounds like scientists CAN regrow teeth. I really need this. I don’t even have disability money. I have dental problems and heart problems. it’s severer yet i still have to work. the pain makes me a mean person. I used to aspire to make the world a better place. these idiots drilled away a huge number of my teeth for crowns i never needed five years ago!!! in pain ever since. I would do anything to regrow my teeth. i don’t want to be a miserable person. I am committed to this. every day.

        • Teethless_17yo says:

          Can we somehow request FDA to approve it then? If so! How? Like if they just want the money then there are millions of people who lost teeth could just collectively throw even a billion dollars if wanted

    • Manga says:

      Same goes here, am still very young at this age of 21 and my teeth are chopped off because of cannabis but i read through an article what makes the teeth really chopped off is not the cannabis but the thing you eat after getting high, like sugar content stuff which washes away the enamel and can cause tooth erosion, really feel bad this is happening but the only way is to get new artificial ones which someone don’t even trust

  11. Giuseppe says:

    8 months with no news. Bad news!

  12. asel says:

    :(( please hurry up :(((((((

  13. amutha says:

    When will come regrow teeth of new technology. Is it no harmful to human body. how much of cost per teeth. Today dentist fees was very expensive. This technique possible to all levels of people

  14. Ash says:

    Please let us know when this is actually gonna happen! Regrowing teeth is the best thing which could happen to humans. Dr. Mao, let this thing become reality and soon we’ll be seeing a revolution!
    Looking forward to positive news…

  15. ASHWINI says:

    There is nothing good than the original teeth. Even I was waiting for that moment plz Dr.mao let us know when it research will come across the world ..

  16. Steven says:

    I hope in future
    Tooth is part of human body and should be covered under our USA health plan and should be regulated just like anything from healthy body.
    What do we get?
    Tooth is extraterrestrial material and is considered not part of our body.
    Worst ……..many damages will arise in life into our body and internal organs and will shorten our lifespan with as much as 30 years or in same cases longer.
    Brushing your mouth will help but nothing will be like a denture and a true doctor investigation and this is when health insurance became a matter of life and death.
    This can go on and on until we die

    • Gnihton Rof Gnitiaw says:

      Why they have chosen to try this using stem cells rather then just attempting to re-activate the existing gene which is already there?

      The only reason I can come to is reactivation would be a much easier and less expensive process in the long run then stem cells, as well as could have been done years ago.

      The gene reactivating and causing someone to grow a third set HAS happened to some rare people on it’s own before. So don’t tell me it’s not possible.

      I’m not planning on outliving my teeth, and have lost any reason to even try to live since I’m decaying and rotting and can’t even eat… with all scams and “red tape” and lies and money grubbing going on in this world I’d be better off dead.

  17. seraphine says:

    hi Jenny pls try and follow up the regrow your own tooth article for us plsssssss I strongly need it now because I lost a tooth two years ago and now am about to loss another one pls help us your articles are always helpful do this for your people pls help us.

  18. WooWood says:

    I have tooth decay and it is closed to the pulp, I visited three dentist and all of them suggested that I removed it soon then later or root canal done. I denied all those suggestion and keep the teeth for two years without any problem. I started to take Vitamin K2 and eat and drink a lot of bone broth, and I also do coconut oil pulling. Dentist now day want $$$ then helping.
    Filling is cheaper

  19. Eric79 says:

    They have had this “technology” since 1996, starting at the University of Alberta and continuing at the University of Iowa.

    It doesn’t work and it will be decades before a viable model overcomes the problem.

  20. Angie M says:

    I lost a tooth from eating a candy bar with nuts in it. The tooth just crumbled and had to be removed. It was a front tooth too a nd the gap there is very embarrassing. I usually cover my mouth with my hands.I smile with my mouth closed. Sometimes when I am talking, I can see people look at it. It really depresses me. I am living on SSI but would love to go back to work, again. But I don’t want to interview looking the way I do. It’s heartbreaking. I feel bad about myself, because of it. A cosmetic dentist will restore my smile, but it’s going to be to the tune of $15,000.

  21. Vincent Nunes says:

    Sounds great!

    Are they performing trials?

  22. Dilrabo says:

    please give some good advise to regrow new tooth in home condition. one dentist took out my one tooth and i would like to regrow it. how can you help me. I would be happy if you help me

    • Jenny Hills says:

      At the moment you cannot do it in home conditions, and I doubt if you will ever be able to do it at home. At the moment it is not even implemented in dental clinics.

  23. dilrabo says:

    Is it really possible regrow natural tooth again if it is true where it is in practise now and how much money is needed thank u beforehand and thank u for your previous answers

    • Liz says:

      The problem is that people now have the opportunity to regrow damaged and missing teeth! All thanks to the HERO Dr. Jeremy Mao at Columbia University. People go threw painful procedures of root canals, implants etc. Mr. Jeremy Mao has invented a way for that to change forever! We want that chance. We are calling out dental companies, associations and stem cell research centers to allow Mr. Jeremy Mao the opportunity to move forward with clinical trials of his work. This work was founded in 2010 and in 2013 clinical trials were supposed to be done so the public can receive this dental procedure. It 2016 and we the people know that the American dental association and Dental companies along with clinical trials centers themselves are trying to stop this doctor’s work and other doctors from allowing his work to reach clinical trials and then to the public. We must demand our opportunity! Yes we can! This will help people all over the nation and across the world! Giving people confidence to be courageous and social and never have to live in depression ever again. Giving people a 3rd chance at a Beautiful valuable real smile. For ourselves, our brothers and sisters, our mother and fathers and our grandparents who all lost teeth and have to live with the artificial crowns or implants let’s stop this and regrow our teeth with stem cell teeth regeneration. We want the clinical trials now for Jeremy Mao and his team’s work! SIGN THIS PETITION SO WE CAN SEE CHANGE!!!!

      • Bea says:

        What happened to this petition ?

      • derek says:

        No doubt i had a front tooth knocked out at age 18 in NJ golden gloves finals ..Since i had a bridge that gave me minor issues from the jump.. But as yrs went on and we developed into a wireless world i started having huge health issues and sensitivities to the wireless

        After having that front bridge come out and instead of getting it cemented right back i n I left it out for a couple months and slowly felt better so much s i decide to not put anything there and ove 18 months my health was really coming back great

        Well feeling like i was back to normal again decide to get something put there well this dentist talked me inyto a cantilever which i really didn’t like the idea of shaving two good teeth down

        BIG MISTAKE it cause huge issues and a feeling of a pinch nerve type feeling all the way down jaw through shoulder and arm..
        I eventually got it outy and had dentist make e temps so i can pop them in and out and leave the out unless im out in public.This has hel;ped alot but the more i wear that bridge the more shoulder and jaw pain

        I also get edema which ironically the two front teeth sit on the kidney meridian ..After so many diff types of materials for bridges i come o the conclusion nothing is compatible but my own real teeth everything else causes issues

        I am so hard trying to see if growing your own teeth back is possible
        I believe the bonding this dentist put on my left front tooth is causing the kidney pain and edema ,since the left front tooth sits on the left kidney meridian.. I just believe we are biological creatures and are not meant to put dead non living foreign objects in our bodies I swear the only thing that will work for me at least is my own real living tooth

  24. Justino says:

    I read in a separate article this was accomplished on mice using an electrical current to stimulate the gum, maybe someone at home is brave enough to try?

  25. Reah says:

    hi im 16 years old and i really want to regrow my teeth because when i was 13 years old we met a “dentist” and i wanted to have braces because i want to straighten my teeth but the “dentist” said that i cant have braces and that the dentist recommend me to have dentures instead, so it means i’ll lost my teeth. im still young back then so i said yes because i dont know anything about teeth and i trusted him that he can help me with my teeth because all my life i’ve been covering my teeth when im laughing because i dont want them to see my teeth and i dont want to be ask or bullied about my teeth. So I hope this could help me, PLEASE. Thankyou. God bless

  26. Apex says:

    Dr Mao’s research work on teeth regrowing will be a blessing for people needing tooth or teeth regrowing. It will be a great benefit to many people in the South Pacific countries who don’t look after their teeth very well over the years and get to lose them. Has there been any trials done on people to prove it successful now? If so, just roll it out within the Pacific to avoid those big US corporations from blocking it for their big fat profits.

  27. Marilyn says:

    Please let me know when you find out more and if it will work for all your teeth

  28. Lynette Masue says:

    I lost most of my top teeth to severe trauma, and now have to wear a denture, which i am not coping with at all, it hurts and makes me want to hurl, do they have clinical trials which one can be part of ?

    • Jenny Hills says:

      Maybe you can contact Columbia University Medical Center – College of Dental Medicine directly for more information.

      • Naavin says:

        i lost my upper front two teeth due to an accident. I would like to recover them naturally too. I have sent an email to dr Mao few weeks back but there was no reply email from him. As far as I know , they have patented it this year and are proceeding to clinical trial. I am just scared that it will be expensive and am also wondering when will it be available to everybody since I am from south east Asia.

        • Jenny Hills says:

          Usually these things take a long time before they are available to the wide public because of lots of bureaucracies etc.

  29. Dariusz Staniszewski says:

    Yes, the FDA may be crucial in patients protections against dangerous unapproved drugs but it also seems to have double standards take for instance the delayed tooth regeneration clinical trials for Dr Jeremy Mao of Columbia University Dental department that’s seems to be due to powerful dental companies manufacturing fake unsustainable dental materials that have health and inconievences to its uses. This is where FDA seems to have a problem and their seem to be powerful people controlling it from the outside. It needs to be examined and investigated well to. Thanks and waiting for response please via my mail [email protected]

  30. Scott Andrews says:

    My tooth is regrowing after my root canal tooth broke off…it’s growing in fine about half way through…I haven’t taken anything or done anything it’s just natural

  31. Mark says:

    Lets stop talking about it and bring it to life. I am tired of hearing studies that are in talk for 10-20 years of talk.. come on already, stop talking about it and bring it to the world. We don’t live forever you know!

  32. debi gattshall says:

    please where can I get this, may I even sign up to be a volunteer to test this on humans instead of them testing rodents–I want my teeth back, some were knocked out by an accident where I used to work that also fractured my jaw, 3 were broken by a horse and some just fell out due to the broken jaw

    • Jenny Hills says:

      As mentioned in the article, the procedure is still not available to the wide public and it is not clear how soon the technology will be available.

  33. Matthew Crone says:

    Neat idea! I have bad teeth that hurt nearly all the time. I didn’t take of them. I have decided once there out. Don’t want anymore grown by or implanted in my mouth. I have serious dental pain on a daily basis. Yes kiddies it sucks to have pain in your mouth every day. So I will be happier with dentures I can take out when not eating. I feel it’s a better option than real teeth that start hurting no matter how well you take care of them.

  34. Diana says:

    I would love to volunteer to be experimented for this procedure. Is there anyway you can get a brochure like the procedure , side effects, cost to educate me about this . I think this is fantastic, that someone is trying to create this . pls let me know what I can do on my side . Thank you. I hope this will be a very successful one .

  35. Patty Ray says:

    About a year ago I started feeling two boney areas on the lower front of my mouth where earlier teeth had been. Now, these two areas are filling up with what looks like teeth and have even broken thru the gum line. Lately I can feel the pointed teeth where the incisor teeth use to be,and ridges are forming on the back of my gun where my molars were earlier. I feel like what a baby feels like when teeth are erupting in their mouth, chewing to make them stop itching!!!! I have not seen a dentist yet about this unusual occure happening in my mouth, but I am planning on doing so very soon. I am hoping that my body is regenerating new teeth because I have had very little success in getting use to wearing my ill fitting dentures. I will feel truly blessed if my Lord has given me a new set of natural teeth. Amen

  36. Kristina Morris says:

    I live in Harlem New York and am 28 years old I’ve had teeth problem form a young age since in elementary school when my wisdom teeth had to come out since then it went down hill form there my mom and dad had no insurance for me and when they tried to apply they kept getting the whole running around saying that they made too much money affordable health insurance and dental insurance for us there are five kids I have had teeth falling out sent then it has affected my life big time with a lack of friends and life I spent all day in my house and the small job I do have is not enough to do anything. I am afraid to even open my mouth or go on job interview I been bullied a lot for it and have been depressed since I have been 15 with no antidepressant medication if this work it could literally change my life and I can being to heal and be happy for the first time in forever.

  37. VICKIE HATLEY says:

    I have had teeth.They do not meet in front and it has always been difficult to eat, I am unable to bite sandwiches or pizza. One of my front upper teeth is pulled up more than the other. Would volunteer for any experimental procedures.

  38. Jim S Smith says:


    Had to have the rest of my teeth surgically removed two years ago, or they would have eventually killed me. If only I knew about the dangers of Fluorides and these commercial toothpastes – and their destruction of our teeth!

    If this takes off, be kind of curious how much our government agencies and the ADA will spend to keep it out of the USA? These organizations don’t give a rat’s about our health, only profitability!

  39. Zack Zwiebel says:

    Help. 8 of my teeth were drilled down by the dentist 5 years ago. I have led a limited life every since. they cause me pain. they fall out. it is a nightmare. i was already having sever chest pain before this started. that never got diagnosed either. the doctors never helped with that. That’s why it is so important that my teeth aren’t also causing pain. i am in pain all the time. i can’t focus on the things i want to do. people still expect me to go out and work a normal minimum wage job. I don’t get money from the government. the chest pain and the tooth pain create like a vortex. I doesn’t matter how much i learn.. i can’t stop it. Sure i can just be positive all the time. but i am living a very different life then the life i had imagined. i was only 25 when then did this to me. it is literally taking the best years of my life. I want to regrow my teeth. even if it is just a partial job. then i could put bonding over it or something. I need this now. I don’t have a future like this. Everything was fine until the dentist did this very excessive operation, it was not needed.. I knew that.. but i had to stop my mom from panicking.. i was stuck with her.. i was pressured into something i knew i didn’t need. I should get a lawyer. I don’t know what to do. They still expect me to make a living.. and they have taken my dreams away. and they made a huge amount of money from it I’m sure.. and they will get more moment every time one of these fake teeth falls out.

    • Gina says:

      Zack,That is horrible what you are going through. For what it’s worth, look up Eat good fats. Have NO carbohydrates, or very, very little. Think about the Keto diet. God bless you.

  40. scott says:

    Zack have you looked into sound therapy? go to youtube and type in “Music to regrow teeth”

    secondly get a small red LED light and shine it into your mouth for twice a day 5 mins at a time.
    this is called “light therapy” Google it for more info.

    I hope you stumble upon something that help’s. 😉

  41. Hunter says:

    It is possible. Why? Because I have regenerated a tooth, and I don’t mean the enamel or dentin or whatever. I mean an ENTIRE tooth (All be it, it’s only 50% in height).

    A few years ago I had to get a tooth in the back of my upper jaw due to it dying and having to be removed, very painful. I got it removed just before getting braces. The dentist and orthodontist said it wouldn’t be much of a problem, giving it is in the back. About two years later I noticed something bone-like coming out of the back of my upper jaw. I was worried because I thought for some reason it was my jaw bone was somehow getting exposed. However, it turned out to be a tooth.

    I’m not sure if it’s just that tooth or all of them. But if it is, then yeah. I have a mutation that allows me to regrow teeth

  42. gummy bear says:

    I’ve got full dentures in the top, i only wear them to go out, no way could i eat with them, i’m still a heart throb but my days of necking loads of women are over alas, i clean them every day but still get denture breath when they’re in, any ideas would be appreciated.

    Good luck my toothless fiends 🙂

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