How To Make Homemade Natural Baby Care Products

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natural baby care products

In this article you will find all natural and easy to make baby care products. Baby’s skin is sensitive, and therefore it’s great if you can make your own baby care products that you know what goes into them. When you use commercial baby care products, you don’t really know what goes onto the baby’s skin. Nowadays, you can also purchase natural baby care products, but they are quite expensive, so it would be far less costly to make your own natural products, and what’s more – they are safe and effective.

Diaper Rash Salve

This salve is also great for skin irritation, cuts and scrapes.


1 part calendula flower
1 part comfrey leaf
1 part comfrey root
1 part St. John’s wort flower
Olive oil
Grated beewax

Steep the herbs in the olive oil in a double boiler and bring to a low simmer. Slowly heat for an hour, while checking frequently to make sure the oil is not overheating and burning the herbs (use very low heat). The lower the heat, the longer the infusion, and the better the oil. Strain the oil through a muslin and squeeze the herbs thoroughly to get every last drop of the plants’ oil. To each cup of warm herbal oil, add 1/4 cup of grated beewax and wait for the beewax to melt until the desired consistency. Pour into a glass jar. Keeps up for several months if stored in a cool place.

Baby’s Herbal Bath

These herbs make a soothing and relaxing bath, also for the parents.


2 parts calendula
2 parts chamomile
2 parts comfrey leaf
1 part lavender
1 part rose petals

Mix the herbs, and place a small handful of the mixture in a cotton bag and place into the baby’s bath’s water. You can use the scented herbal bag as a washcloth.

Herbal Baby Oil

This is a great all-purpose oil and is fantastic to rub or massage the baby after baths.

1 ounce (30g) chamomile
1/2 ounce (15g) comfrey leaf
1/2 ounce (15g) rose peals
1 pint (470ml) apricot or almond oil

Pour the mixture into the top of a double boiler, and slowly warm it over a very low heat for 1 hour. Strain and bottle. You can scent the oil with a few drops of essential oil such as rose, lavender or chamomile. Store at a room temperature.

Herbal Baby Powder

This is a great daily baby powder. You may scent it with essential oil, but make sure it’s not irritating for the baby’s sensitive skin.

2 parts white clay (available in nature stores)
2 part arrowroot powder
1/4 part comfrey root powder
1/4 marshmallow root powder

Mix the ingredients together and place in a container with a shaker top, such as a spice jar.

Now it’s time for mum to take care of herself. Have a look at these homemade natural skin care products that are easy and quick to make:

Homemade Natural Skin Care Products




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2 Responses to How To Make Homemade Natural Baby Care Products

  1. melanie says:

    Could you use essential oils for diaper rash salve & baby oil?

  2. Jenny says:

    In The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, Valerie Ann Worwood recommends the following essential oils for babies:

    For infants, 0-2 months of age: Chamomile (Roman and German), Lavender, Yarrow, Dill
    For babies, 2-6 months of age: The above, plus Mandarin and Neroli.
    For babies, 6-12 months of age: The above plus Calendula, Grapefruit, and Tea Tree. The ratio is 5-6 drops essential oil per ounce of carrier oil.

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