DIY Face Wash For Acne, Pimples And Blackheads

Easy and Effective Homemade Skin Treatment to Stop Skin Breakouts

It happens to all of us. You wake up one morning, or check the mirror in the afternoon, and you’ve started breaking out. You wash, you apply your commercial creams but it just keeps getting worse, and you have no idea why. Here I’m going to share with you an easy recipe for home made skin treatment remedy that contains only 3 ingredients which will help your skin to stop breaking out. You can use this natural skin treatment for acne, pimples and blackheads.

I’ve found the recipe for the homemade skin treatment in the Camp Wander blog. I recommend you to read the full article that also includes 15 uses for witch hazel.

Witch hazel is an all-natural toner and astringent, and is regularly used as an acne treatment. It balances skin’s oil production, helping to clear blackheads naturally.

Two of the ingredients are tea tree essential oil which is known for its natural soothing and cleansing properties, and lavender essential oil. Both essential oils have anti-fungal and anti bacterial properties and are great for skin care.

Another ingredient is Witch Hazel. The leaves and bark of the this plant may be used to produce an astringent which is used medicinally, especially to reduce the inflammation on pimples.

Natural Homemade Skin Treatment to Stop Skin Breakouts, Acne and Pimples

per 1 oz glass spray bottle add:
4 drops tea tree essential oil (also read my article about 75 extraordinary uses for tea tree oil)
4 drops lavender essential oil (also read my article about top 10 uses for lavender essential oil)
Witch Hazel

Add the essential oils to the glass bottle and top off with witch hazel. Apply to the skin with a cotton ball as needed (you don’t need to rinse it off).

Facial Scrub for acne and blackheads

In the video below you can find another facial scrub to get rid of acne and blackheads using these ingredients:

1-2 drops of chamomile essential oil
1-2 few drops of tea tree essential oil
A few teaspoons of sugar
A few teaspoons of witch hazel
1/2 tsp. of 2% salicylic acid spot treatment
Vitamin E oil capsule

Mix all the ingredients and apply to your skin in circular motions.

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16 Responses to DIY Face Wash For Acne, Pimples And Blackheads

  1. Trene plowman says:

    Lovely recipes

  2. Deanna Jackson says:

    Impressive information thank you xxxx

  3. penny Naidoo says:

    Got psorasis on sole of my feet.and it itches terribly. Please can u help. Thanks Penny.

  4. emily says:

    I’m allergic to lavendar, is there an alternative to lavendar oil?

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Emily, I would replace it with either geranium or chamomile essential oils, because they seldom irritate, are light and pleasant and very calming. They have many of the same properties as Lavender for sensitive skin, so they are a good substitute to lavender in case of lavender sensitivity or allergy.

  5. BRUNY says:

    Hi,my daughter is 42, for years she has been treated for adult acne,nothing seems to work or it works for a few months then is back again,she just had a staphylococcus aureus exam done and came out negative,all this makes her drepessed,would the oils help her?

  6. Satira Crawford says:

    How much witch hazel do you use for the homemade skin treatment?

    • Jenny says:

      The recipe talks about 1 oz of witch hazel which is about 30 ml. To that amount you add the essential oils as mentioned in the recipe.

    • Jenny says:

      The recipe talks about 1 oz of witch hazel which is about 30 ml. To this amount you add the essential oils as mentioned in the recipe.

  7. Andy says:

    For the recipe, which type of 30ml witch hazel is required? water, oil, gel or cream? Thanks.

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