7 Effective Ways to Heal Stomach Ulcers Naturally

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treat stomach ulcers naturally

Stomach ulcers are painful open sores that develop on the lining of the stomach and small intestine. A great majority of ulcers are caused primarily by an infection of a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori, or H. pylori for short.

They also develop in response to many factors, including the use of certain medications, as well as lifestyle and dietary factors. The most common symptom of ulcers is burning pain that can be felt anywhere from the top of the sternum all the way down to the navel. Ulcers are treated through changes in lifestyle, medications, antibiotics and surgery, but this article will present you a natural alternative to treat stomach ulcers.

Zinc Carnosine

This form of zinc dissolves in the stomach and adheres to the wound (ulceration) on the stomach lining. Zinc Carnosine helps to heal the wound and repair the tissues and thus improves ulcer symptoms, including heartburn. It is recommended to use it for 8 weeks to see result. Recommended dose is 75 mg daily in divided doses.


Researchers have identified a strain of probiotic bacteria that may be useful in treating ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylori. The regular intake of probiotic microoganisms has been demonstrated to prevent several disorders including diarrhoea and inflammatory bowel disease. Also read my article about 9 reasons to take probiotics.


Our lungs manufacture the amino acid glutamine and also store some of it. Taken as a supplement, glutamine helps to reduce the amount of inflammation caused by an Helicobacter pylori infection.

Aloe Vera juice

Aloe Vera has long been known as a powerfully soothing salve for the skin. Aloe vera juice, when taken internally, can soothe the most irritated stomach conditions, including ulcers. You can also find aloe vera juice at your local health food store. Keep it refrigerated and follow the instructions on the bottle, or go with what your body tells you that it needs.

Deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL) powder

A special extract of licorice known as DGL is a remarkable medicine for peptic ulcers. To protect the lining of your stomach and duodenum take deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL), which has excellent soothing and healing properties. Recommended dose is 200 to 400 mg daily dissolved in 200 ml warm water.

Cabbage juice

Cabbage is one of the most medicinal vegetables you can find. It contains powerful medicinal properties and one of its best known uses is as a natural remedy for stomach ulcers. One quart daily of fresh cabbage juice, taken in divided doses, can be very effective. Start slowly and increase the amount gradually to avoid stomach upset.

Dietary changes

Avoid all coffee and other sources of caffeine as well as alcohol and tobacco. Avoid milk and milk products as well, as they increase acid discharge. Eat smaller amounts of foods more frequently and don’t let your stomach go empty for long periods of time. For prevention, eat foods high in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits and tomatoes, apples, asparagus, berries, broccoli, cabbage, melon, watermelon, cauliflower, kiwi, fortified foods (breads, grains, cereal), dark leafy greens (kale, spinach), peppers (especially red bell peppers) and potatoes. Berries are especially high in vitamin C. You can find easy and nutritious berry recipes in my my e-book The Healing Berry Guide. This e-book will teach you how to transform your health with berries and their amazing health benefits.

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4 Responses to 7 Effective Ways to Heal Stomach Ulcers Naturally

  1. are the now pro-biotics GMO free? I am not that particular that they need to be organic, but they do need to be non-GMO.
    thank you

  2. Shahana emerald Greene says:

    It’s effective

  3. carla stewart says:

    Madrid gum is great too. I am on lots of meds and I got Peptic Defense..awesome..I have read where they have messed it up by changing it. MASTIC GUM IS MY GO TO FOR GETTING RID OF H. PYLORI TOO.

  4. Sunil Arya says:

    Good piece of information..I am having stomach ulcers…..and severe bodyaches for last many years.
    Have slipdisc and cervical also.

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