How to Make Garlic Syrup for Chest Infections

garlic syrup for chest infections

Garlic is known as a powerful remedy and has been used in many herbal medicines. Garlic has a wide ranging and very effective medical properties. It helps to improve the immune system and fights against bacterial and viral infections. The strongly scented oil is largely extracted through the lungs, clearing chest infections and recurring colds. Raw garlic contains allicin which is known to be more powerful antibiotic than penicillin.

This garlic recipe is for sweet and soothing syrup. In the past it was a popular remedy for asthma. It can still be used for this as well as for coughs, hoarseness and other chest complains as garlic fights against infections and helps to clear the phlegm.

Garlic Syrup Recipe for Chest Infections

1 cup (250ml) boiling water
4 oz (125g) garlic, peeled and sliced
1 tablespoon fennel seeds, crushed
1/4 cup (70ml) vinegar
8 oz (250g) sugar

Add the boiling water to the garlic, cover and let stand for 12-24 hours. In a small pan simmer the fennel seeds in the vinegar. Add this to the garlic mixture and stir well. Heat the mixture and simmer until the garlic is soft. Strain through a piece of muslin and press the garlic to extract all the juices. Heat the liquid and gradually add the sugar. Stir constantly to dissolve the sugar, but don’t allow the mixture to boil. Allow the syrup to cool and then pour into sterilized bottles. Store in a cool, dark place. Take up to 3 teaspoons a day when needed.

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47 Responses to How to Make Garlic Syrup for Chest Infections

  1. Aysha Jeewa says:

    fantastic…… after all the storebought cough syryp, this is the best… THANK YOU!

  2. Susan Bland says:

    Love this ,I use lots of garlic,but when i feel a cough or cold coming on I mince one or two cloves of garlic and mix with manuka honey,or any honey will do,eat straight from the spoon.

  3. murdock says:

    Its really true. It works. Thanks 2 garlic

  4. tara says:

    Thx Sophia much!!

  5. Mady says:

    I will try this, but will use cidervinegar and honey, and thus NO reheatig.

  6. Cherry Goode says:

    Did you know that if you put sliced onion on the bottom of your feet, put socks on then wrap a plastic a plastic bag over that and sleep with it in place, by morning it will draw out a cold and/or flu from you. Just make sure you bathe or shower before you face anyone.

  7. Vanessa says:

    Is the fennel necessary?

    • Jenny says:

      I think it is good to add it because it is a natural expectorant that makes an excellent cure for cough, and it is an old-fashioned remedy known to expel mucus builds up. It is a very good antidote for respiratory ailments as it contains substances that help reduce phlegm and bronchial secretions and therefore help to relieve stubborn coughs, colds, respiratory chest congestion, asthma and bronchitis.

  8. Susan says:

    Doesn’t boiling and simmering destroy or weaken the power of garlic fennel and vinegar? I’d use raw honey instead of sugar. Is this possible to make a garlic fennel apple cider vinegar to use for this without the heating, or just a very low simmer and no boiling?

    • Jenny says:

      Garlic eaten raw is the best, however not many people like its strong taste when it is raw, so pouring the boiling water on the garlic is like preparing any herbal infusion. Also the heating is required to dissolve the sugar as in any syrup making recipe. You can use honey instead of sugar, and you can use low simmering.

  9. Rahila says:

    My son 18 year old, he always comlain me sniffing nose, sore nose , that something is irretating in my nose .plz tell me some home treatment for him.

  10. Patty says:

    Can I just swallow a small whole piece?

    • Jenny says:

      If you can tolerate raw garlic, then swallowing garlic cloves is helpful not just for chest infections but for general health, but I’ve read you need to chop or mince it first to release the allicin and swallow without chewing.

  11. Namrata says:

    I wld like to know sugarfree healthy syrups for voice clarity, anti infection. Thanks and regards

  12. Meg says:

    How should this syrup be stored? Refrigerated for best quality? Also, what is the shelf life, refrigerated & unrefrigerated? Is there a difference between swallowing whole-unchewed garlic cloves and minced/chewed? Lastly- Would your body break the whole garlic down and absorb as well as ingesting cut garlic? Thanks!

    • Jenny says:

      Good questions – I will try to answer:
      Storage: sugar and vinegar are natural preservatives so you can keep it in a cool dry place in an airtight container and it will last for a very long time.
      Swallowing whole or minced garlic: I have read that it is better to chop or mince the garlic. This is because the allicin only forms when garlic has been broken in some way or another.I’ve also read that you should avoid chewing the garlic because your saliva contains enzymes that reduces the potency of allicin.So I guess the best way will be to pop the chopped garlic in the back of your mouth and swallow it down with the rest of the food or swallow it down with water, without chewing.

  13. Dottie says:

    Eating a garlic clove once a day everyday would be good for your health? How often is too often or too much?

    • Jenny says:

      This is a very good question. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center the recommended dose for an adult is: “Whole garlic clove (as a food supplement): 2 – 4 grams per day of fresh, minced garlic clove (each clove is approximately 1 gram). Source:

      Livestrong and Webmd websites also mention up to 4 grams a day for a healthy person (in Livestrong website they say that while several cloves of garlic may be safe for some people, they’re not safe for everyone).

  14. mae smith says:

    also i use garlic to remove cyst type rising that occur under skin 1 slice of garlic cover put on infected area cover with a band-aid check after 1 day to make sure its not drawing to deep check daily till you see the core of the cyst rising on the garlic, careful if left on to long will leave a hole where cyst was. also used for abscess place garlic on infected area overnight will draw to head

  15. Pat says:

    Onion syrup is very effective for chest congestion too. Finely chop one onion, stir in an equal amount of sugar and put into a glass jar. Place in refrigerator over night. In the morning strain the liquid and dispose of the solids. Take a spoonful several times in the day to thin mucus and clear bronchial area.

  16. Martine Vee El says:

    Can I make it without the sugar and when the mixture is cold, add raw honey? I know if I heat up the honey it’ll lose it’s healing properties. Thank you beforehand.

  17. Alex says:

    4 Grams is a minimum dose. I know people that eat 8-10 cloves a day and have no adverse side effects… besides smelling horrible lol

  18. Holistic Sage says:

    You can also steep 2 tablespoons of Mullein in this mixture for bronchitis. Or you could add to the mixture a two inch piece of ginger root sliced into coins for a natural antibiotic.

  19. Christina says:

    I would like to try this bc i have a chest cold and very bad cough and phlegm but also have acid reflux…will the garlic make the acid reflux worse?

    • Jenny says:

      Fresh garlic is known to cause heartburn for some people. Because in this recipe the garlic is simmered, it may reduce the potential for heartburn.

  20. Stacey says:

    so how much garlic do you use and being that it is chopped up fine can u also drink some water with that to wash it down i have this cough and a little congestion but the cough is driving me nuts im taking OTC Robittussin Dm and I can’t afford to get into the doctor now just lost my job n cant eveen pay a co pay for a visit so if you can help me with this cold and cough i have i would deeply appreciate it very much just getting a little scared hope it doesnt turn into pneumonnia i feel the thick phlem and it gets me to the point when i cough so much that i want to puke please help me thank you

    • Jenny says:

      In average a clove of garlic can weight up to 5 grams. The recipe talks about 125 grams which is probably around 2 garlic heads. Once you make the syrup, take up to 3 teaspoons of it a day when needed. You can consume the garlic syrup with a glass of water to wash it down.

  21. Jackine says:

    How long do you simmer the fennel seed for? Then do you add both the vinegar and fennel seed to the garlic mixture after the 12-24 hrs, or just the fennel seed?

    • Jenny says:

      You first cover the garlic in boiling water for 12-24 hours. After that time, in a separate pan you simmer the fennel seeds in the vinegar for few minutes. You then add both the vinegar and fennel to the garlic mixture. You then continue according to the recipe.

  22. Carm says:

    I always ingest raw garlic when I feel a cold/flu coming. I chop about 5-8 pegs into small pieces and swallow spoonfuls at a time (with water) as you would with vitamins pills. I usually have something to eat after taking the raw garlic as raw garlic can burn the stomach.

  23. Pixi says:

    Is it okay to have the syrup when pregnant?

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Pixi, I am personally not aware of any ingredient in this syrup that can be harmful for pregnant women, but if you are in doubt, it’s always good to check with your doctor.

  24. Joanne says:

    This is brilliant! Definitely giving it a go! Have three kids that just seem to pass round a cough like they are playing rounders! The youngest may have asthma as well. One question though (I’ve probably missed it written down) but what’s the syrups self life? Cheers again. X

  25. Meluleki sibindi says:

    Is it health to chew raw garlic i feel like it burns my stomach and how to get rid of the bad breath caused by garlic? Thank you.

    • Jenny says:

      What you can do is mince the garlic and swallow it down with a glass of water. To refresh your breath either chew a sugar free mint gum or chew herbs. Parsley or mint leaves are a natural cure for bad breath. Chewing these herbs is especially good if you ate before garlic or onions. These plants seem to reduce the production of gas in your gut and promot better digestion. Also herbs like coriander, ginger, cumin and fennel are helpful and chewing them freshens the breath.

  26. Lisa says:

    My first batch of garlic syrup crystallized before it was finished! I’m now going to make it using honey. But how much honey do I use if we used 250grams of sugar before?

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