Best Natural Weed Killers

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natural weed killers

When summer approaches, my garden starts to fill with many weeds: dandelion, various grasses, oxalis, nettle and many more. I try to pull them out, but it’s a tedious job, and some of the roots are very deep that it’s a struggle to pull them out completely. When we buy and apply commercial weed killers, called also herbicides, the chemicals react with plants, killing some or all of them, depending on the chemical formula.

These weed killers contain harmful chemicals and substances that can cause damage not only to plants, but also to humans and wildlife. Some weed killers if applied near water sources can cause water pollution. When applied in large quantities, the chemicals can even cause poisoning whose symptoms are headaches, nausea, rashes, dizziness and much more.

Due to all these risks, many people choose to use homemade natural weed killers, that are not only simple to make but cheap too. It might take a bit longer to kill the weed, but this is a safe option to your family, pets and the environment.

So if you want to use natural weed killers instead of the commercial ones, I’ve found easy to prepare natural weed killers in the blog “This Garden Is Illegal”. Give them a try and see which one of them works best for you.

To read about the best natural weed killers click here:

Best Natural Weed Killers

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